Corrupt Deputy Chief of Police Receives Beating from Subordinates

Corrupt Deputy Chief of Police Receives Beating from Subordinates

Antonio Zacarias Arias, Deputy Chief of Police in the city of Villahermosa, state of Tabasco, Mexico was beaten bloody by his own subordinates who alleged he was corrupt. The officers went on strike and aside from deputy, also demanded the resignation of the Police Chief whom they also allege is corrupt.

Good to see whole force standing up to a few corrupters. In places like Canada, if a cop stands up to corruption in the agency, he gets harassed by the whole organization and his life put in ruin.

Must feel darn good to punch the boss who’s been a bitch to you in the face…

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      1. It’s because that guy who got beat used to be an army General and well the police there do NOT want someone like him to be the chief of police…they believe his political beliefs will cloud his better judgements..not just that but if he steps down they get money?? Or better jobs atleast….im not sure I’m going off hearsay..but yeah…

  1. The deputy chief just informed them that the cartel just cut their pay by 30% ….el chapo atleast bribed before the bullet and kept to just drugs instead of extortion, ransom and other means like the other cartels….

  2. I had to watch it again. Actually I’m going to watch it a third time cuz I zoned out thanks to this bomb ass weed I got =). Its good to see something like this. I wish I was there. I wanna kick somebodys ass too. You can’t say he didn’t have it coming.

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