Crazy Laundromat Brawl Between Ghetto Dwellers

Crazy Laundromat Brawl Between Ghetto Dwellers

My shit was in there first, bitch!

It started as a cat fight between two hood rats but soon descended into an all out brawl involving a whole bunch of ghetto dwellers in a laundromat. Very little of what is happening makes sense – these people are just generally loud and misbehaved. And all of them are fat – food stamps must buy a lot of munchies in ‘Murica.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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225 thoughts on “Crazy Laundromat Brawl Between Ghetto Dwellers”

  1. Yeah I never understand how they get so fucking fat, I guess being severely uneducated and fucking stupid adds to their poor diet. I eat like a bastard, and I’m not fat at all, but I don’t have a food stamps card and I go to college.

    1. Yea you are a young male obviously your body processes calories better than a woman. Plus poor people in murica have the shittiest options when it comes to food. If you lucky you got a decent bodega in your neighborhood. If not it’s Mcdonalds and KFC

      1. Our food is shitty, but if you can read or count calories you can….fuck it never mind, they won’t get it. I’ve worked at a grocery store and seen what those fucktards buy with their foodstamps. Sometimes it blew my mind just to see them have the strength to push their pudding filled asses along with their 1 ton shit filled shopping carts. You ever seen a shopping cart filled with chicken nuggets and pizza rolls? It sounds delicious but its a death sentence.

        1. I eat fast foods daily cause of my job. but i also lift weights 3 days week ( 5X5) . I still struggled to get to 175 pounds, was 130 pounds 1.5 years ago. I try to it 3500 calories everyday just to maintain my weight, i don’t understand how hard it can be to lose weight. Just get off your ass, and eat less calories than your body needs. It takes time, but so does gaining weight or muscle.

          1. I think you do have a point. It’s calories in vs calories out, and of course what you’re eating too! However, I do not think everyone loses or gains the same. Geneticshave play a role too. I can eat less than my 115 pound Sister who lives off soda and I don’t even drink the stuff and it’s much harder for me to lose weight and easier for me to gain. I don’t always think skinnierpeople are always healthiereither. My same sister shows her poor food choices in other ways. I drink tons of water and eat lots of veggies, Im shorter than her and weigh more but I have beautifulskin she is dealing with horrible acne! So I just think body types are so different and that losing weight just isn’t simple for everyone. If it were, I’d weigh a lot less! Lol

          2. sadly society has succumbed to the disease of couch- patatoism .
            People eat shit and don’t move enough. Health awareness is hard to come by in environments plagued by poverty and ignorance, unfortunately.

          3. @juicy
            A lot of people don’t realize this but weight training is also best way to lose weight. The more lean muscle you have to more calories and fat you burn and higher your metabolism gets. Women don’t do it because they don’t want to bulk up but do light weight with a lot of reps quickly in explosive movements and don’t cheat on the negative with long range of motion and you won’t bulk up you will get long lean tone muscle. For some that don’t have much to lose you may gain some weight but won’t look like it its only because muscle weighs more than fat. Even isometrics with light weight work well and super sets also. @bannoura if you wanna gain weight good rule of thumb is try to get a gram of protein per lb of body weight per day and do heavy weight its tough for me even on 6000 calories a day with just regular food because i weigh a lot more than you so protein shakes help a lot if you cant get the protien you want from eating creatine to retain water to help transfer protein more efficient helps as well and tons of water another thing you may wanna do is try to get up once throughout the night and get a snack high protein maybe a bar or tuna sandwich when you go into rem sleep a lot of protein can be wasted while sleeping. Never half ass the negative always control the weight and try to shock muscle group every 2 weeks or so by changing motions grips or even doing different lifts for awhile not shocking muscle will get used to it and gains will slow a ton. That’s why when you first start lifting again after being off awhile you get gains so quickly from shocking the muscle. A lot of people hit that wall and that’s what stops them they give up. I usually do 2 weeks at a time bulking up heavy weight less reps then 2 weeks lighter with more reps to Lean it out if you guys see this hope it helps out

        2. Oh i agree i love when im in line buying healthy fresh produce and spend like 25 bucks for 3 days worth of food and the some dumb ass is buying bullshit processed food that last one day for 35 bucks. I hear you this is a failed state that we have in murica im not denying it.

      2. That is not true. If you go to any “hood” you see fruit carts on every other block and little markets with fresh produce. People just don’t choose the better options and end up being fat, pathetic people blaming mcdonalds for adding more cellulite to their asses.

          1. I rarely see a fat person who is not cramming something into their mouth; on the street, in the car etc.

            They also tend to be the people that always have a dessert plate.

            Fat people just love buffets.

            Juicy et al; it is basically calories in / calories out, some metabolic (leptin) signalling may not work correctly in small sub-groups as there are families that are all fat; this does not, however, explain why the proportion of the population becoming obese / morbidly obese is increasing. There are a multitude of other co-factors at work.

            COI: thesis on body mass index and training; ~ 100’000 initial entries to the study but I didn’t bother to public ally publish as it didn’t provide very much information over what had already been found.

          2. @hardcheese-yes, the calories in vs out makes sense and I agree that there’s some fatties out there totally due to food choices and marketing of kids foods are horrendous! It’s no surprise American children arte super obese. I’m very carb sensitive. If I cut them pretty low, I usually lose weight doing nothing at all! Trying to rid gluten but sometimes I just can’t. Lol. Wheat and all that crap is crap too! It’s hard to find real wheat anywhere around here. Most of our grains aren’t the same as back in the day. I do agree that some people stock up on straight shit foods though..

        1. True, nobody pushes you tu go to McDonalds or KFC. Lazy people prefer to eat fast food instead of cooking/preparing their meals. If you’re a nigger, eating junk food saves you lots of time that will be wisely used in destroying other’s property, like a car, by an example.

    2. You got 2 types of blacks, Ghetto genetics, and Slave genetics, you can tell black guys with slave genetics cause they are natural buff, eat fried chicken all day and stay huge, and ghetto genetics, basicly fat bodies eating candy and what ever junk they can buy off their food stamps, both are equally worthless.

    1. That is a major downfall for their race.

      If you are black and you are reading this, and you get all worked up over stupid shit, kill yourself the fastest way possible. Do your race a favor.

  2. If the Terminator was a ghetto cyborg he would have said ?give me your clothes, your boots and your spicy chicken, now?.

    The ghetto blacks don?t actually have a reason for their casual use of violence, they pretend that a reason exists merely to hasten the confrontation for in my experience the ghetto blacks have a strong propensity towards violence, it is an urge in the same way as sexual pleasure or hunger is an urge and it must be satisfied.

    What we end up with then is ridiculous fighting scenarios based upon, to the non ghetto warrior, the silliest of reasons.

    I cannot view those in this footage as human for they resemble non that I have ever seen, beasts would be a better word.

    I don?t have any experience with rednecks, the ghetto whites as it were, do they behave in a similar beast like way?.

    1. Yea in murica everyone in the hood is either violent or they never come out of there apts/ houses. You gotta be tough to make it in these shitholes in this country. Even rednecks who come from poor areas in america are pretty violent they just as quick to hit you with a shovel then bury you in the woods as the hood dudes are to blast or gank you.

      1. So, what you’re both saying is that, if I see one of these non-human ghetto creatures trying get “all up in my shit” I should disable it or eliminate it completely in preemptive self defence before it reverts to its primal instincts and goes “ape”.

    2. I don’t think its nearly as bad, in a certain aspect anyways. See I live in a redneck state and rednecks might be socially fucked up, but most of them are very mechanically inclined or know a trade very well, I’ve never ran into a hardcore redneck who didn’t know how to work.

      My sister married this redneck who got out of prison for murder and its like a tv show over at their house with all his friends. One time on the 4th of July at his trailer (go figure) him and his buddies all go so mad at each other they started pelting each other with rocks. And I mean full force, there was a lot of screaming. I couldn’t help but to laugh my ass off.

      Ps, redneck chicks are stupid as shit and easy. And a good time for them is like shooting guns, cleaning, sucking dick, and getting high. Overall I can deal with rednecks. They know how to party. I mean come on, 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, shotguns, and meth, whats not to like.

      1. Thanks Fapple,

        It would seem then that the rednecks have their own kind of society going, a bit like the Irish Gypsy types, but tend to work instead of stealing and whereas they have relaxed rules of behaviour they still have order and support and/or punish each other to maintain that order.

        To conclude, they are a bit retarded but not an out of control pack of animals like the ghetto blacks.

        I do like the idea of redneck chicks that are stupid as shit and easy, I can see myself smoking some good stuff with them and enjoying their company.

          1. I apologise rebelk but I am not from America and therefore do not know what a redneck is, I would like to ask then, for my own notes, what exactly is a redneck?.

          2. white trash are essentially the retarded white niggers…
            rednecks however are true blue americans. avid hunters and fishermen, fond of beer and guns and often very patriotic. the blue collar, salt of the earth type.

          3. Thanks guys, thanks Obliterator,

            So essentially the redneck is a derogatory name for those who care about their race and those who want to protect their culture, whilst the white trash are of course those who behave in a disgusting, criminal manner.

            A lot of American culture is unknown to me and it is with people like yourselves that I can acquire a greater knowledge of world affairs, thank you once again.

          1. Actually lol there are such things as white mixed with black. For example, my father is welsh,Irish,French and English . My mother is black and Mexican. So even though I’m mostly white,I am mixed with Mexican and black. Anyways, I don’t believe in calling people white trash or spics or the n-word or derogatory names, BUT!! its shit like in this video that makes me want to laugh when hood people get pissed that their called ghetto and shit. Then they want to know why they’re portrayed badly in movies and on tv and in society,period. I’m from whack ass ,shit hole san Antonio ,Texas and I assure you there’s many like these dumbasses here in this city. From Hispanic to black, they act just like this if not worse (depending on what side.of town and shit hole in the wall bar,they’re at). It makes me sick everytime I see these hood pos with food stamp cards with their village of children who are running around the ducking store like they were raised in barn and have no manners, and I shit you not you see these same chicks at the clubs (not that I go,but I have friends who do) with new outfits and $200 pair.of shoes and stuff. Deadbeat dads who roll round in escalades with those stupid looking 24′ rims on them. This city is backwards and fucked. Granted there are some such as myself who work hard for everything I have,educated and such,but the rest is a fucking lost cause. And we have the highest obesity rate in Texas and in top five in the united states. Not I though
            -_- my ass knows put the fkng tacos down and run four miles lol. It’s disappointing,in this city. Nobody appreciates museums;they tag everything thinking that is what art is. People want to leach off the goverment and not work but want be at the club every fucking weekend and pop out more kids for us to take care of. Nobody wants to go to college, they all want to go beauty school (aka sharpie queens learning new “I may be dark brown as fuck but I’m going to bleach my hair blonde because I believe it looks good” [eeeeh! Fail!!] ). People would rather swarm tacos trucks and mickey d’s than atleast try to walk and run and take care.of themselves. I can’t wait to blow this popsicle stand
            -_- I have never liked this city. It’s worse than what I’ve even described to you.

  3. After this they all made up and cleaned their bloody clothes together in one machine. But then things took a turn for the worse when there was only one dryer available. To be continued…

  4. Just throw in a basketball, purple kool aid, welfare check, watermelon, job application form, a few 40’s of malt liquor, or a bucket of chicken. Any of those items should diffuse the problem rather quickly.

      1. What’s the difference between the old nigger sow and an elephant?

        Usually about 20 lbs.

        Did you hear about Evil Kneivel’s cousin, Ku Klux Knieval?

        He tried to jump over 50 niggers with a Steamroller.

        1. An avid golfer walks into his favorate course and asks for the usual.Hi tom says the clerk,hows it goin fred,hey tom we got these new jonny 5 robots in and there half price,they carry your clubs,and you simply stand on the platform and its a cart as well,And they have some artificial intelligence chip or some shit so they give you pointers on your game! ..Alrite and off fred goes and plays hands down the best 9 holes of golf in his life….next weekand? fred asks tom… “tommy boy get me one of those robots”,. “we had to get rid of them tom” , “why” asks fred. “Well the sun was glaring off the chrome of the robots and blinding folks making thier stroke” fred asks “well shit just spry paint them black” Tom says “well we tried that…Then they started calling in sick and one of them got caught stealing”

          1. Being of pure Spanish or Portuguese ancestry, or any other European nation, doesn’t by itself make an individual pure enough to be accepted as white, all Europe has had non Europid infiltration, but especially has the South, There are millions of fully native southern Europeans whose phenotype (and thus genotype) would belong in the mid east or northern Africa, are busquet,xavi and fabregas white man because they are of “pure” Spanish Decent?

  5. I hate fucking nigger coon they always complain about slavery bullshit. Slavery was a blessing for them, they had free housing, free foods, and all that for menial labor. In retrospect they get to live in the most prosperous country in the world. If there ancestors hadn’t been enslaved they would be cannibalizing in the fucking congo

  6. The fuckign savage coon and there grostesque animalbalistic gesticulating savage behavior. fucking niggers got no inhibition all they fucking do rape and murder. No rapes no apes. Fuck all these fucking savage nigger rape apes. They all need to go back to apefricoon.

        1. Thanks @ES, thought it was just me. I love a good rant as much as the next guy, but multiple rants on the same subject should be consolidated into one epic megarant when possible. That’s just the way I roll.

      1. They got that position in college/uni despite having lower GPA than a White, because the College/Uni had to meet their ‘racial’ quota. Which means, Blacks. Asians don’t need help getting into College and Uni, for example.

        That nice neighborhood with a Beamer is nonexistent. When Blacks move in, standard of living drops, housing prices drop, Whites leave and the place turns into a gutter.

        Well, that’s how it usually shakes out.

        1. Its not just the GPA curve. They also enjoy financial incentives such as grants, sponsorships and private funding not available to white students. I was even told by my financial aid worker that there was nothing more she could do for me because I was white. Nice eh?

          1. When I was in school, it was discover that the average high school nigger was borderline retarded- so the implemented the fucking ‘Bell Curve’ so Tyrone and Lakisha could bees gud students n sheeit.

            what a fucking joke…….

      1. Blacks are more likely to commit crime than any other race/ethnic group. When it’s just violent crime, they are far, far more likely to commit a violent offence than any other race/ethnic group.

        1. Mmhhh so what you are saying blacks are most likely to be involved in violent activities? What about the thousands of Years of bloodthirsty imperialistic Anglo Saxon behavior? The white man is the real beast if you ask me. Savages purely savages.

          1. Yes. In the US, Blacks are more likely to commit violent acts than any other race/ethnical group, including Hispanics.

            And of course we are, el-grizzly, of course we are. Just another brainwashed, anti-White lemming hating Whites for no other reason than he’s been told to.

            Everything bad in the world is the fault of whites, amirite?

          2. Thats only because back when the English and the Vikings were pillaging and killing, the Niggers were still picking ticks and fleas from each others heads and swinging from trees. They are just evolving from apes at a much slower rate.

          3. It’s no use. I’ve gone in circles with people like el-grizzly. They know nothing of history, only what they are taught in school.

            And what they are taught in school basically amounts to ‘Whites are evil. Blame Whites for everything’.

            I can even type his/her argument almost word for word, it’s the same nonsense regurgitated over and over.

            The know nothing of the history of China, The Middle-East, Africa, Europe etc. All they know is – Whites are bad, mmmkay?

          4. @el grizzly,

            I agree with everybody else, I have travelled around the world but it is with the black and Arab communities that you find the most barbaric behaviour.

            I can only assume that they are not evolved enough yet as a species, they are still very much primitive in their mindset.

            The conclusion is that they should not be allowed to amalgamate with us, my only concern is that our governments and business leaders are corrupt and evil as well, it does throw a spanner in the works, we really need to sort our own shit out.

          1. I love how people like to say that others know nothing of history, only that what they are taught in school and so forth and what they learn is somehow brainwashing them…..Lmao, well unless you were actually present at the time of the event in question then you yourself would also not know the exact “goings on” so you to would have to grasp an understanding through some medium, so it can also be said that you too are being brainwashed. But proud people never admit wrong.

    1. Don’t forget that the Zionists are the people who are behind most of the evil acts committed. The Negroes are just their pawns (particularly Black Panthers committing White genocide in South Africa), as are self-hating White scum, feminists, and Mexican drug cartels.

  7. I was once stabbed by a fucking nigglet a while ago and many other enriching experiences. I am a rational person not all niggers are bad but most niggers are fucking bad and i hate all fucking niggers that misbehave

    1. Most human are bad. I think it’s not restrited to a colour.. maybe to a social condition.

      One of my best mates is black.. he is a very worthy person. But he wasn’t raised in a Favela (I’m from Brazil)

  8. I just had a bad day i was fired from my first day of my job because of a fucking faggot nigger I work 3rd shift at Wal-Mart and there’s this flamboyant, effiminate chris tucker like gay black guy who’s constantly harassing people and making sexual remarks to them. So tonight I lost it, after he kept bugging me every time I walked by, flipped him off a few times I finally spat on his shoe, and then he pushed me at my neck then grabbed my crotch then pushed me back knocking down a bunch of people in the line and on the ground still grabing on my crotch and i kicked him with both of my legs where pushing the fucking nig on the food produce section and and knocking it all down. Then security came and got fired. Im pretty much at my breaking point cause niggers are holding me back.

  9. The North American pavement ape, when confronted with intelligent debate, becomes easily confused and results to inciting violence.

    These violent traits are genetic in nature, part of the ‘tribal’ nature, and should be expected. Precautions should be taken when dealing with this species.

    Decoys such as watermelon, ribs, and most effective….KFC original recipe fried chicken will work in your favor to temporarily distract them. IF you must enter their territory, plant at least one piece and one piece only nearer to the more dominant males that are hanging around each other, and exhibiting mating rituals to the female sheboons that will surely be loitering around nearby.

    Caution should be used when traveling, these animals travel in packs and, like coyotes, they use subversion, sneak attacks and attack in numbers. Lone male species are more docile when approached from the front and tend to avoid physical contact. Firearms usually subdue the lot of them and allow for expedient travel from their territory.

    Other know repellents known to work in defense of contact with this species is as follows:
    1) Warrants, Subpoenas, any official looking court documents.
    2) Books. ( DO NOT CARRY PORN MAGS)
    3) Employment Applications.
    4) Walking with a lone baby niglet- the adult males will RUN from this aberration .

    The best defense is to avoid all contact with this group and leave them to their own devices.

    1. Not that I like using the term ‘Nigger’, just because it devalues any discussion about this subject, but I concur.

      There are a number of raids going on in Toronto targeting, basically, Black gangs.

      Here’s a few of their weapons:

      Yeah. They cause problems wherever they go. I don’t find them humorous, or ignorant. I find them simply violent and incompatible.

      The fact they are in my Country, and behaving exactly like American Blacks doesn’t exactly help the impression.

      1. @The_Faster_Gun,

        Please keep up the comments, sometimes our comments take a while to materialise, it’s unavoidable at times but it most definitely is not censorship, just a slow server, but I find your comments entertaining so please keep up the usual.

          1. Haha, I made one on an earlier post that was rather long, and it didn’t post it. It happens sometimes, replies just get lost. Somehow.

          1. Why are blacks chicks so god damn loud?Why?I was on a bus the other day minding my own,and all of a sudden I heard it.Lol anybody on that bus couldn’t help but to hear.No matter where they gather it the same.Do they want everyone and their mom to hear?Ugh.

  10. Playboy magazine reportedly offered Sarah Palin $4,000,000 to pose nude in an upcoming issue.
    Michelle Obama was offered $50 by National Geographic

    In other news… we all remember when KFC offered a “Hillary” meal, consisting of two small breasts and two large thighs.
    Now KFC is offering the “Obama Cabinet Bucket.” It consists of nothing but left wings and chicken sh**.

  11. Goddammit! all the fucking KKKlowns seemed to unleash their frustrations on this particular thread, all the comments refer to the nigga race with despective adjectives almost as vulgar, primitive and low level as the same chimps in the video, aren´t the honkeys “supposed” to be mentally superior?, well….
    video is funny tho´

    1. Honkies? Come on. That’s such a lame racial slur. So is cracker.

      Lets think of something better. Something with more pizzazz.

      Well, since we are the most diverse race on the planet, just call us Changelings.

      You don’t know if we’ll have Blonde hair, Black hair, Brown hair, Mixed Hair, or hell, even red hair. We might even have no hair! Might even have some of them ice blue eyes, might be we have them dark eyes, maybe we got green, or perhaps gray. Might be we’re pale as snow, might be we’re dark as a permeant suntan.

      Changelings. I like it. From now on, White people are changelings.

      I think that’s why yall hate is. You all look the same. We diversified!

    1. To communicate with the North American pavement ape, one usually has to act like, or mimic, the North American pavement ape.
      When one encounters such a scene, as in the video above, they should realize that they have probably ventured into a danger zone and take immediate steps to move to safey.

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