Dad Wallops Son After Leaving Home Without Permission

Dad Wallops Son After Leaving Home Without Permission

Indian Father gives fatherly love with slight beating with shoe; I’m surprised it wasn’t a flip-flop. The son did not obey his father’s wishes and left home without asking first.

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      1. But fathers here in the US do not seem to have a problem being deprived of this right…

        Yet we go around the world claiming we’re the shining “star of human rights”. Damn! we don’t even have the right to criticize or question libtards. And in fact the human rights we advocate and promote around the world are “libtard rights” (LGBTQ rights to infect others, Women Empowerment / AKA Feminism rights to shit on men, etc)…

        We’re sick as fuck and no one is ready to man-up and take the fuckin bull by the fuckin horn!!

        1. trump seems to be doing a good job at this…

          ppl can say fuck the police all they want but the truth is The Law matters more to man and non libtards than ppl think… its about the truth and not believing shit that isnt true that never wins when it comes face to face with the truth… the fantasy of a gangsters paradise would never work, women would get their slave boy cucks to kill each other and women would just become even more retarded than they already are… humans need the truth, and theres more to The Law than just the police , its the whole origins and foundations of civilisation. and retarded feminists and liberals are trying to take over and forget that man made civilisation… its important.

          fuck it if i were american id be a gun owner, a supporter of the NRA and all of that… feminism taking over is pure fantasy, it will never happen. they dont know why it cant happen either, they just unknowingly are baiting to be slapped in the face with the truth… they are fucking clueless.

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            what i was trying to say is The Law is the way of the world, The Truth… police are neccessary, but like i said and was trying to emphasize theres more to the planets law than just the police, its about exercising your right to tell the truth and not be taken over by wrong beliefs in shit that isnt true…

          2. @mattjack666

            “ppl can say fuck the police all they want but the truth is The Law matters more to man and non libtards than ppl think… its about the truth and not believing shit that isnt true that never wins when it comes face to face with the truth…

            …and retarded feminists and liberals are trying to take over and forget that man made civilisation… its important”

            I wish this was true but last time I checked feminists and libtards already took over the system. That’s why if a woman accuses you of something, anything (DV, sexual misconduct, etc) YOU ARE GUILTY until proven innocent. You need to look no further than the Christine Blasey Ford drama to understand this. Truth does not matter here anymore and pussy-pass has stronger value than evidence in each individual case. Currently, at least in North America, law-enforcement and the whole legal system is here to serve libtard values which are now well ingrained in “western values”… and our politicians (including republicans) are not ashamed to say it publicly.

            Well, If you think of libtards as a small group of black people, muslims and illegal immigrants then it would be fair to say you have a strong point about the police… BUT libtardism is more widespread than that… It’s the politicians, the capitalists, the religious leaders, the media, the celebrities… These entities with millions of followers on social media are helping to establish and promote libtardism NWO and there is no stopping them. Just a few days ago, a libtard feminist named Taylor Swift posted on social media “breaking silence in favour of democrats” in the wake of the Kavanaugh appointment. Her comment got millions of likes. Imagine if many of her fans / followers were previously undecided or even commonsense right-wingers who just happened to be her fans? Imagine how many people have been influenced to flip to libtardism just because of these worshipped idiots AKA feminist celebs. And…

            Q: Why does the law not prohibit celebs from making their political views public?
            A: The so called LAW is all in favour of libtardism and the NWO.

            In fact libtards never wish for a gangster paradise… They can’t handle a pro-testosterone society (AKA “patriachy”). They’re addicted to fictimhood politics and that works for them. The police, legal system and protective services among other institutions perceived as here to serve us are, in this regard, nothing but tools at their (libtards’) disposal

          1. .. The funniest thing I found about that Bush vs. Iraqi sandal incident is how not one Secret Service agent jumped in to shield him.. Lol… I said to myself, if the guy had had a gun… He could’ve Bushd a cap in Georgie’s ass… And if he would’ve died with that shit eating grin, I would’ve lost it and puked with laughter… To this very day…!

  1. Lol being India there is no social security and your well being in your old age is determined by your treatment of your kids when they were younger. Now if my old man would beat me like in front of my homies my father would die a very shitty death because he will be very lonely

  2. Quick call child protection!. NO! That’s what white liberal faggots shout. Good on you father for disciplining your child. This is what’s fucked up with white laws, you’re not allowed to discipline your child anymore & this is why we have mouthy little chavy cunts running around thinking they’re hard with no respect.

    1. @ gorefest71
      White laws? Mother fucker there isn’t a White man for miles there! Stfu with your racism towards the best race walking on this fucking globe. Shouldn’t you be swinging in the trees?

    1. Yes. Beat the little bastards. Not just white chav cunts but all nationalities should learn from this. Sadly not everyone has the luxury of witnessing how an offspring should be punished when they show no respect towards their parents/elders.

      1. You’re right man. This kids need to be beaten every time they behave like demons until they return into normal behavior.
        I remember The Sopranos series and countless western movies where they just present teens as disgusting liberal scums who speaks with parents without respect.

        I know one story from older friend…
        He said that his grandpa in 1987, on TV saw some sitcom and there was Pilot.
        For first time in his life, kid in show disrespectfully behaved to his parents and goes without punishment. Grandpa stand right after that scene, turned TV off said: “Television going out of this house!” and television really goes out. He sell it.
        He knew that this “box” will destroy youth. Even then.

      1. Yes I rule Flipflopistan and all nearby -Stan countries like Goregustsistan, Havenukistan, Redneckistan etc free of evil capitalism and only Glorious Communism forged by The Mighty Hand of Stalin himself.

    1. An Indian buddy of mine who lives in Spain illegally says between having to live in a slum and leading a life of poverty and flip flops being called untouchables or dalits as they call them by their own countrymen many choose death. Though he does say a lot die cuse they walk by the tracks since that’s where the toilets are at or a form of road rather than get robbed walking the slum sidewalks.

  3. Good, old school parenting. I got my ass beat by my dad on numerous occasion when I was young, foolish & running with a bad crowd, and deserved the beatdowns, every time. I hold zero resentments about it to this day.

          1. You are right. Many Aust aboriginal babes are hot. ..even the unmixed ones. Beautiful white even teeth flashing a smile,clear skin,heaps of big hair ,pert tits,dark liquid eyes ,straight noses and juicy arse.

            However ,like most Aboriginal peoples they go to fat and alcoholism quickly and easily partly because their Dna is not made for refined carbs and alcohol. They had no experience of it till two hundred years ago. By the way they reckon they are world’s still living ethnicity .at very least eight to ten and most likely fifty to five hundred thousand years old.

            **Takes off Bwana BobHope’s white pith helmet**

          1. Do nothing?! … Dude, I’d totally kick yer black ass! .. Along with the other crackr racists here .. You fuks would probably have to sign a peace accord with each other to fuk with me… I’m an Aryan superman, which makes me somewhat of a demi-God.. You see..?

  4. Kids need a nice beating to keep them in line.

    If not, they end living at the basement of their parent’s house and on the streets protesting or occupy wall street camps while the rest of the country is at work trying to make ends meet. In this case, the Indian boy might end up in a Occupy Punjab or Brethma Kavanaughiska protest.

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