Disgusting Prick POV Films Himself Terrorizing and Beating Children in Philippines

Disgusting Prick POV Films Himself Terrorizing and Beating Children in Philippines

This happened at Batamilong Purok 5, in the City of General Santos, the Philippines. I don’t know the backstory, nor do I understand what is being said in the video, but to me it looks like some disgusting prick is terrorizing and beating children in some really poor neighborhood, while POV filming the abuse.

Whether he thought this was funny, or thought the children deserved the beating, it certainly looks like the kids were absolutely terrified, especially the little boy who took most of the abuse.

Props to Best Gore member @KneeGrow7 for the video:

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137 thoughts on “Disgusting Prick POV Films Himself Terrorizing and Beating Children in Philippines”

    1. Why he hit the littlest one? Notice the brother moving towards his sister’s so they can take some of the beating. What a big brother, you could tell the oldest girl was more used to getting the brunt of the beatings. Asians hate their female offspring often killing them so they can raise enough sons to care for them when they get old. Imagine this fuckers kid’s will kill him Long before then. “The Hate is Burning in their Eyes, when they are older Evil Will Rise!!!”

      1. I think you kinda painted the brother in a bad manner. All of them are victims. And all of them are under the age of 10. I think the brother was just trying to get away from the threat and stay close to the family he loves.

        1. True.. Obviously he was scared and just trying to maintain the difference from the abuser.. People here don’t care about anything.. They think they know what the real world is like.. But No.. They can watch the video here and write their meaningless thoughts here to prove the world is gone to Shit.. They just say things here but won’t do anything to make world a better place to live.. Spreading love is old-school.. No fun in that, ryt? Everyone is a hater here.. Just read but don’t mind.. Believe what is good and right.. Remember the principals u learned throughout your life.. Stay blessed..

      2. I seen this one on the news. The father was beating and filming his children because he thinks his OFW wife was cheating on him and sent it afterwards to her. The authorities got the girls but the suspect fled with his son.

    2. I wish I could take those kids and give them real love and a real family yeah as far as the dad or whoever he needs to be curb checked that little boy was f****** terrified what the hell who likes to terrify children damn I don’t care what the kid did he don’t deserve that

    3. I wish I could take those kids and give them real love and a real family yeah as far as the dad or whoever he needs to be curb checked that little boy was f****** terrified what the hell who likes to terrify children damn I don’t care what the kid did he don’t deserve that

    1. Yeah this person beating kids for no reason makes me want to come thru camera and beat his ass then get those kids to a good home, but at least he wasn’t afraid to share so we actually know what goes on in the world!!

  1. What a complete fucking cunt…
    Poor little bastards taking all that abuse.. I hope someone kills this bastard sooner than later.. what a wicked fucked up world we live in..

    I’m sorry but I get emotional where kids are concerned……

    1. Had me worried. Thought I was the only one on the beating parent’s side for a minute.

      Kids are just evil, vicious, sadistic, hypocrite adults in miniature. Wouldn’t watch let alone enjoy this if it was innocent animals.

      Let the beatings continue for OUR entertainment.

      1. That all depends how the child is raised.
        All the kids I grew up with in were all horrible rotten lil shits, but they didn’t have any real parents and everyone around that area was a drug attic. So they just copied what they seen, or repeated what ever sick shit was said to them. That was the norm for them.
        Once I left and got around kids younger and older than me that had real parental figures in there life that were not fucked up themselves, I soon changed my outlook on children and on life. Realizing that not everyone is evil, I began to love kids as opposed to hate them.
        Those people and children I met were the sweetest people in the world. I can now understand and relate to there situations better. (of the miss treated and neglected children that is)
        I also have a better grasp on psychology and sociology and how it effects people and young minds from this experience.

        Everyone turns out how they are due to how they are raised and what they grow up around. Some can think for themselves and change for the better while others can not, and that is sad.

        I hope your outlook changes as well, and things improve for you.

  2. Maybe when they are done killing the local dealers and users they could take time out and visit the segment of population that would hurt a child….would like to see that notion go global.

  3. It’s not much of a beating, we used to get worse, it won’t do them any good and it won’t make them good or better people but they’ll survive. At least the girls be able to become whores and send dad lot’s of money now they have stockholm syndrome.

  4. What if the killed a cow or some shit serious for doing something they had already been warned about? He didnt punch them in the face…as far as getting a whipping…i remember being scared as fuck before i got one and even during it…it looks severe because the kids are screaming…but then again who knows what the kids did and perhaps they did something very costly and it doesnt look like they are very wealthy…obviously the baby couldnt have done too much knowingly…maybe he found out the kids werent his…or that they knew about his wife getting boinked LMAO…maybe they told the neighbors that their dad gets drunk and fucks the dog at night

    1. john singleton mosby True. Truth is we don’t know what it’s like to grow up in a village in the middle of a jungle, like maybe you have to beat them to stop the little fuckers mucking about and wandering off a cliff or into the river. By the time you try to persuade them that walking off is dangerous it’s too late. We have no concept of the dangers of growing up in nature anymore that we see this with western eyes. I could be wrong but it’s just a thought.

        1. john singleton mosby this language is hard to translate because it’s a kind of mix of many dialects, that’s why we need to make the fuckers speak only english, that’s why we get ripped off by foreigners, try google translating any tagalog of philipine, it comes out weird and fucked up

  5. Looking at the little boy, this vid just reminds me that you’re never really safe when in possession of flip-flops. I would have dropped them instantly thus increasing the chances of the beating ending.

    1. Prince Cock and Balls Fuckin hell, and this coming from the person who wanted to kill me because i enjoyed watching a chink bitch get pushed onto the train tracks, you changed your tune

  6. Guys, this is indeed in the Philippines. The story behind this is that the man caught his wife fucking another guy abroad. She left him. As a revenge, he did this to the poor lads. I can’t find any relatable article link at the moment but this is the story behind this. I read it on Facebook (from a credible source).

    1. Might be true…might not be true…if its true kids didnt deserve this…but life isnt fair…as both the kids n dad found out…gonna be tough being poor raising 3 kids that your wife left you with to go off with another man…what else can be said

          1. they’re born to be sold in the philipines, but if you buy or marry one don’t go all blue pill on her because she’ll kill you and take everything you got

          2. Filipino women are no joke when comes to money. I’ve honestly seen it firsthand about 8 times and they will clean you out. I rarely say shit like that. But I totally witnessed the demise of a distant male cousin who married a Filipino lady thinking she’d be better than a Western woman. Holy hell, she took him for everything and her daughters and sisters are the same way. Maybe just one bad family.

          3. itsplaster No it’s not just one bad family, western men make the same old mistake over and over again, they think because the woman is poor they can buy her and own her, they try take a shortcut to her mind and it will always fail. It’s the same as those men who hold food out for a bear thinking the food is enough and the bear won’t maul them to death and eat them, the gifts alone aren’t enough, all you are when you think you can buy a woman is an atm machine and she will dry you out

    2. Yes it was filmed in The Philippines, Although I am Not an expert at the language, I was trying to figure out what he was saying.. My Ex Husband is Filipino and Boy could he talk FAST, especially when angry. So He was the kids’ father?

      1. EatenBackToLife Uggh! You actually married one? Poor girl, i’m glad you’re out of it now, i hope it was a bad enough experience to teach you a lesson. That’s how we learn.

    3. fake news. the mother was not cheating. it was only very unlucky for the father that he videotaped how he dicipeline his children. maybe he was ignorant and uneducated that their is a law wherein he can be prosecuted when using those methods. even in schools, before ph law republic act 7610 was enacted, teachers can whip the pupils, my dad even told me before that he experience being thrown out with blackboard chalks or blackboard earaser from his teacher for being noisy in class. that’s why when RA 7610 had became into law, many parents and teachers are now afraid to dicipline there childs and pupils in a harsh way. they cant even slap their own child’s butt because they are afraid it might be misinterpreted as childabuse. especially that we have modern technologies, i saw once on our national television about a teacher who was videotaped by a student. in the video, the teacher lost her temper inside the classroom and she slapped her student face. maybe accidentally, because he was on the peak if her anger. now, the teacher was prosecuted with the new law RA 7619. the teacher was removed from the school, they terminated her professional license si that she can no longer practice her profession, they even remove her benefits, no more pension for her eventhough she has been working as a public school teacher for many years.. just because of that incident, the video and the new law she became scarred for life. because of that RA 7610, chidren today became worst, they are not diciplined, they know how to lie and answer back their parents when they are being scolded because thet knew they are protected by laws. as this video, there are far more worst than this, there are far more worst than this. i too, i admit i have been whipped as a child, and im grateful with that.

      i thank my parents for making me experience a whip in my ass, for that, i have been diciplined and became a what i am today. i remember not to skip my class and to study my lessons at school because im afraid my mom would whip me whenever i skip class. when compared to those other children today here in the philippines who had never been diciplined or whipped on their asses, they are those children whom you see at the internet shops, bars and billiard halls while their class is going on

      1. @footrugist

        Different places, different ways. But that video of beating was too much!

        I got alot of scolding and a million and one ass spanking, even kneeling on mung beans before when I was a brat but not like that. I’d say, yeah, close but NOT like that! I never turned black and blue, just red. Anyways, I ABSOLUTELY agree with you that some laws are pure stupidities. My youngest son, whose only 5 years old at the time when that “spanking, pinching, and the likes are child-abuse” became so popular, not once, he said to me “Go ahead, spank me, I’ll sue you!” Five years old! And we claim that we’re a Christian country but we can’t obey God’s commandment to discipline our children because we’re not allowed to by our government? “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” Spank the child, yes! But DO NOT beat them like this asshole’s doing in the video. That’s torture! He’s hitting them anywhere, even on the head. (Did you saw the other video where he tied the little girl?) And what worries me is, last night’s (or was it the other night?), this asshole and the boy is now nowhere to be found. The daughters are safe, according to the news. But where’s the boy? I hope he’s safe and well, too.

        And like you, I, too, am very grateful that my parents did what they thought was right for me- they did not spared the rod. Maybe I should had deserved more. 😀

  7. Assuming the wife was guilty of cheating, can’t the man take the high road here? Two wrongs don’t make a right. Philippines has a matriarchal system, so if he doesn’t want to present his case in court or raise the children, at least leave them alone. Send them to a relative or something. This how he wants to be remembered?
    Some of the attitudes here lately are so ……. “unevolved”. Busy fitting square pegs in round holes. The marvelous inventions of MANkind are crashing and we are headed towards the dark ages. “Might makes right “ . Sharpen your stone headed spears and prepare the atlatl!
    Movie “Idiocracy” was prophetic……

    1. your’e right. there are far more worst. i too, experience worst than this. i remember once, my mother got so angry coz i don’t want to go to school. what she did was she got the broomstick and used it to whip my ass. from now on then, i always have to convince my self to go to school because i’m afraid she might broomstick my ass again hek!hek!

  8. saw the local news about this. the siblings were rescued by DSWD in partnership with the koronadal local police. the little boy is in the hands of the family’s relative. the 2 girls are being caredby the DSWD. there were no bruises found on the children maybe the video was a little bit older after it was uploaded to the social media or maybe the beating was not that hard to inflict bruises. the father is being prosecuted in relation to RA 7610. the mother is still in abroad. the news about her having an affair is fake (haven’t heared any of it on the news) i have the photos of the 2 girls being cared by dswd just after being rescued but there is no options on bestgore on how i can attached it with to this post. btw, the faces of the 2 children were covered with clothes to censor their faces.

  9. No no no no fuck this shit!!! The evil fuck is not dishing out normal punishment for misbehaving because if this dickless scum fuck was he would not be recording the abuse on video!! He was doing this for pure pleasure to listen and see over and over again the fear in these babies eyes!! There lives are already so fucked up living in this run down shack and the last thing they need is to try and survive in this world with a piece of shit like this always near!!

  10. Had to watch this video without sound. I had to go through shit like this when I was a kid, and no kid that young should ever have to be terrorized like this. There’s no reason you can give me that would justify this; and there are more constructive ways to discipline your children than to go tearing around like a bull in a china shop.

    Next time, pick on someone your own fucking size.

    “And NOW you can leave.” (Lara Anderton, Minority Report)

  11. Unfortunately this is normal in the Philippines… getting beaten with a slipper or a belt was huge part of my childhood. Also, it sounds a lot worse than it really is. Tagalog is the equivalent of humans speaking like ducks. The guy was saying “come here you little bastard, it’s too early for this shit, I woke up and you’re causing trouble…come here you little shit”

    Normal there… not so much in Canada.

      1. that’s why their are so many undiciplined children in canada. they answer back their parents with cursed words while calling them with their first name when being scolded. childrens nowadays they’re becoming stoneheaded because they are not being diciplined with the oldways and they knew they are protected by laws

  12. Information Update on the back story:

    These poor children are his kids. His wife is a OFW (Over seas fipina worker). She is a babysitter / cleaner for a wealthy family in Kuwait. It is believed that she is staying with a male (who is her boss) and her husband (the man abusing their children) does this out of revenge / jealousy. He then posted it on facebook to piss her off and wait for a reaction. Horrible bastard.

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