Domestic Violence Victim Takes One Photo a Day in the Worst Year of Her Life

Domestic Violence Victim Takes One Photo a Day in the Worst Year of Her Life

I don’t know if this video is real or just another propaganda by bullshit feminists and their ilk of lesser men, but let’s assume these were actual pictures taken every day of the year by a real victim of domestic violence. If that’s the case, then:

What we have here is another one of those special women who took great pleasure kicking average guys to the curb, only to turn around and wrap her labia around a wigger’s dick. An average guy with life who would have loved her unconditionally was just not good enough for someone oh so hawt as her. She wanted that pretty faced, rebellious macho guy cause she’s just too good for someone too ordinary.

Other than that, the video is pretty self explanatory – the woman takes a mugshot of herself every day and from the beginning appears happy, but periodically starts looking more and more depressed and then various signs of abuse start showing up which eventually grow to signs of severe beatings.

I tend to lean toward “fugazi” cause these bruises and cuts at times seem to be coming as soon as the previous one healed, but who knows. Also, her eyes tell a story of a conceited bitch, not someone in a desperate emotional state. Bitches these days fabricate rape stories – who’s to tell they don’t fabricate domestic violence stories too? Your average bitch would intentionally bruise herself to ruin a guy’s life, or would ask her wigger friend she’s fucking behind your back to beat her up so she can blame you and milk you out of money. Women simply rock these days…

It would appear the video was either produced by Serbians or Croats. The latter are a bunch of Zio ass faggots.

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155 thoughts on “Domestic Violence Victim Takes One Photo a Day in the Worst Year of Her Life”

      1. My question is .. o.o why stay with a person that still keeps on hurting you..? this isn’t the Middle East where women donot have rights or have a voice -.- yeah being proud of being a women is a good thing and I respect that but sometimes hardcore feminist abuse their freedom of speech and piss a man off so much that the man would wish he was a chick so he can beat the shit out if her. please ladies don’t say that men are all the same because most of us aren’t. !! >.>

        1. Most stay with the men because they don’t realize they can make it by themselves, especially if kids are involved. The man usually makes it so the woman relies on him for everything and isolates her so she has no one to turn to.

          Her thoughts are “I can leave and be out on the streets, or living in a shelter, or I can stay and hey it’s not *that* bad…”

          Check this out

          1. There are over 300 shelters for women ( and women only) . Domestic violence against men is at the same rate, yet men don’t have shelters. Women DO have a choice and they don’t have to rely on men anymore, Its just another way to victimize women and make all men look like evil beings with no rights. Time and time again, women keep sucking the dick of the bad boy who beat them and reject the “boring” guys who would love to treat them like queens. I have no sympathy for women who experience domestic violence. People are getting tired of hearing women complain about their own shitty choices. Grow up

          1. God damn this phone does NOT like this site.. anyway, it wasn’t by a partner, I had nowhere to go and was made to feel I couldnt tell anyone because my family would not believeme. After the police did pretty much sweet FA, I just pissed my perp off moreso and I’d take the brunt of it. I did get out when I turned 18 and lived in a refuge for about 9 months, aad I saw many women come I and then go back, you have to be ‘ready’ to leave and believeyou can mak it without the dickshit.

        2. In relationships like these, women confess that’s it is hard to leave because the abuser pursuades their victim that the victim is hopeless without them. Its sad that there are men like this. To me, they’re complete cowards picking on women like that.

      2. Its all fake..!! I know because I was the guy who put the make-up on her face. I’m heading over to her house right now to punch her in the eye to make it look real.. I did shitty job with the make-up,,even the mole is fake….!!!!!

    1. let me first say, that any guy or girl who knocks their partner about – are nothin than worth-less shit-smears.
      But the bruising,(and even the expressions) looked really fake here.
      If this is a fake, it does countless damage to the plight of abused partners all around the world

    2. I could be wrong, but I’m working close with bruise and dirt makeup in a small short film I’m doing – dude is a genius with makeup. From all of the stuff we see here on BG, this looks a little like makeup. I could be wrong because I doubt there are 4-star makeup artists where she’s from – and why take a pic every single day to prove this point? Was this posted somewhere as it was happening? I dunno. If it’s real, the dude needs his ass beat the hell up.

  1. I’m looking at this and some of these bruise’s and other marks don’t appear natural. The marks on her face seem made up and not something that would occur from being abused. Besides looking fake, how would this woman go to work or be out in public looking like that? From the changes in the background she is not stationary where she would stay away from other people.
    I vote Fugasi !!!

      1. That looked fake as hell.It looked more like a make-up job, and not a very good one at that.
        The way her temple and cheek looked with all the layering of scabs made it look more like a bad case of impetigo or herpes!!!

  2. women who get beaten by their man deserve it, she will leave her violent boyfriend to find another one who will be ever more violent, he must have a very thick golden dick so what she stays with him

    1. My father bit my mom horribly while she was pregnant with me and he hit her in her belly in order to have an abortion; he almost killed her that night and she was hospitalized for several days. She had no place to go until I was born, he repeatedly bit her, after I was born it took her over an year to divorce him and she later met a very nice guy whom she married and who took care of me like a real father and loved us both. Domestic violence is REAL and it affects many women. I volunteer for an organization that provides support to women who have been abused. We lost quite a few of them because they ended up dead. Even if they left the abusive husband/boyfriend he followed them to take revenge and continued to bit them. Some got killed.

  3. so she stays with someone who beats her just so she can take a pic of the resulting beatings? people find pleasure in victimizing themselves to the public, this is a complex form of attention whoring. just how some people act mentally ill while folks like me sit around with a limp dick thanks to the abilify and remeron. see that? Im using self deprecating tactics for attention. anyway i call these people “amandatoddist”: people who have “amanda todd syndrome”

      1. Thank you for asking me Mister Obliterator. I am not too sure about this chic. I can only say that when I got may ass beat that one time my face was more messed up than hers appears to be. Also it looks more like she has boils or something or other. As Sagemoon said a couple up I agree on it looking like layering. So I will say fugazi. If it is true then I feel awful.

        I think I will take your comment as a compliment, unless of course my feet are horribly awful. 😉
        So thank you for the smile hun.

    1. Maybe that was the problem! Men don’t like a woman that can’t make a sandwhich properly! Some bitches be fucking shit up! If you don’t put the right amount of meat to the perfect balance of produce and get those condiments down just right- then what kinda “woman” are you?! That shit is an art and one this Juicy bitch don’t take lightly! The way to a mans heart is through his dick- yes, but a close second is through his mouth! Feed him right and give that shit up on demand and no one gets hurt! 😉

          1. It’s true that old saying, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It doesn’t matter how big and strong a man thinks he is, cook him delicious meals and he turns to jelly.

      1. I always cook my man a sandwhich in the evening. Three or four hours dinner men are hungry, men are always hungry. If were watching a DVD I’ll tell them to pause and I’ll come up with a gourmet sandwich.

  4. Looks like her horns were about to poke out of her head on that last picture. That’s probably why she stopped taking them. The world was about to see her real demon ass. With all the beatings she was supposedly getting, you think one of those blows would have knocked that booger off her face. And yes, I did say BOOGER!

  5. Mark, I am sure you already know that women fabricate domestic violence cases all the time. My friend I met at work eventually told me he was facing a domestic charge after his girl and him got into a fight. He is big as fuck so he could have killed her but he picked her up and put her ass outside HIS house and locked the door. Of course she calls the cops and with no bruises or evidence they arrest him. Eventually the charges are dropped, but since he was on probation in Michigan he had to serve 4 months for getting arrested even tho the charges were completely bogus. That is the law for ya. Bitches be bitches.

  6. Stupid bitch trying to make herself whore attention. I don’t believe her. That is possibly make up on face. I believe women are smart enough to go see police immediately instead of creating pictures. I bet judge, jury, and lawyers would laugh their asses hard as rock if that bitch showed her ridiculous evidence. Lmao

  7. First few bruises looked real to me but by the end where her whole face is smashed in there’s next to no swelling if any at all. I call fake.

    Side note the make up effects would be cool for kids on Halloween or zombie themed parties.

    1. Very well said my friend !
      But I would expect no less….as you have proven yourself highly adept at cutting straight to the heart of the matter at hand with your sharp & witty commentary.

        1. Appreciate your “thank you”…but was just “calling it as I see it”
          I’m still floating around here quietly in the background most days….leaving the commentary to those far more gifted at diving in & making a splash.

  8. I don’t mean to sound insensitive but I don’t feel bad for her. I guess this is a good idea to show other women when she went through that way they don’t have to deal with this. But any woman that stays with a man that beats her deserves every punch she gets.

  9. this thing is fake as hell….and a shitty make up job. does she have bruises or leprosy? i can tell what the director of the fugazi is going for. ill say it again…….terrible make up not even close to real abuse bruises…..

  10. Oh come on!! I can do a better special effects make up than this. I have done theatrical makeup since high School. Mostly gunshot wounds , scars, burns and cuts . Even stage blood was easy to work with. Mediocre bitch needs a real beating.

  11. Fugazi. Nuff Said.

    Even, if this domesitic violence, in this case, was real.
    Men suffer even more damage and on a larger scale by the Anti- manliness system, that the ZOG design to make Men into little boys cheerleading for their favorite football team. And affirmative action for Nigger, spics, and Women who are not even qualified for the job.

    1. @Hawk,
      I understand whar your saying, Mark has put some posts up recently about child welfare authorities. Wev’e seen it in our country were women were put in managerial positions that they just weren’t qualified for and that lead to the death of children. I would never advocate giving a position of authority to a person that didnt’ have the skills, but some of us women can do a job properly. It can be very frustrating for us when can compete shoulder to a man but we get dismissed because were women.

  12. So fake, bad job with the makeup. I don’t get it, as some abused women I have known are not happy unless they are being abused. Anytime they would go with a guy that treated them nice they would try everything to get hit. If he never hit her she would leave him and find someone that would. WTF.

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