Delaware Cop Kicks Compliant Man in the Face, Breaks His Jaw

Delaware Cop Kicks Compliant Man in the Face, Breaks His Jaw

A Dover, Delaware cop was filmed on police cruiser dashcam kicking a compliant man in the face when he was on his knees, with his hands on the ground to comply with the officers’ orders. The kick was delivered with full force, knocked the victim unconscious, and broke his jaw.

The incident happened in August of 2013. Finally, after much work by the awesome ACLU advocating on behalf of Latif Dickerson – the victim, officer Thomas Webster of the Dover Police Department was indicted.

Latif Dickerson’s only crime was that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But in a police state, cops don’t care. They shoot first, ask questions later.

In 2014, the case was brought before a grand jury, but the cop was not indicted. I simply don’t understand how a jury can watch a video like that and not indict the abuser. Luckily, good people insisted on justice and kept the pressure on the Attorney General’s office, until the case was taken before a second jury, who charged the abuser with second degree assault.

Get this – the Dover Fraternal Order of Police made a statement that they still stand by the abuser and his family. WTF:

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 15 takes great pride in protecting and serving the Dover community and does not take that responsibility lightly. We continue to support Thomas Webster and his family, but understand why his actions were outside of department policy. The Dover Police Department took appropriate administrative action upon completion of its investigation. A grand jury failed to indict Webster in March of 2014. The United States Attorneyโ€™s Office decided that Webster did not violate the subjectโ€™s civil rights. The decision by the Delaware Attorney Generalโ€™s Office to take the case before a second grand jury over a year after the initial grand jury presentment, without new evidence is puzzling. However, we will allow the justice system to work appropriately. We will not have any further comment at this time.

A truly sad thing is – he will walk. The sole fact that the other cop, who did not turn him in, has never been charged tells you just how badly entrenched the police state system is within the society. Either way, the bully cannot be sued directly. At the end of the day, it’s the innocent taxpayers who foot the bill for a criminal with a badge.

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  1. This is why we all hate ,and will never trust the police ,of all kinds.We just call on them when we have no choice but to call.This officer is one of the worst I’ve seen,this video is so fucked up to me.I am glad it posted for all to see,and maybe the officer can take alook too. Bicth ass bicth

  2. Was he actually wearing a yellow shirt? It looks like a white wife beater to me. And he didn’t appear to be running either. No resistance, nothing. Cop needs to get kicked in the head by a horse

    1. yes i think we all need to know that just for future reference…..

      i just read somewhere about bogus cops stopping people in their cars.The real cops say that if you are suspicious you should dial 911 and confirm the cop is a cop………..

      i dont think so………..i think some smart mofo should design an app for the phone that calls people with camear phones near by to come and video what is going on///……then ill dial 911

      1. The FOP threatened to kill his wife and children in front of him if he didn’t play ball. As a result, he kept his mouth shut and retired with a full pension. The silence is deafening.

  3. The police abuse videos are more interesting, gory and terrorizing to watch than all the Jihadi videos lately. There are just as many of them and at least the police videos are not edited.
    So I suppose some thanks to the police is in order.
    Fuck you very much.

  4. Clearly excessive force. For all the ideas here on dealing with him, the worst will be what he actually faces.

    That will be years behind bars in high secrity, violent offender prison…

    His life is going to be hell.

  5. The cops behavior shouldn’t tolerated, people, does no one remember the power of the pen? Keep writing to your newspapers and news stations, your governors and senators, police chiefs. Bombard them with letters everyday so they have to take notice.

        1. ?ewestomper? ? go back to you Twitter, Twatter, Jewbook, Hollywood & TV, you dupe.

          At least she has a brain, you muppet. ? I corrected your grammatical errors there. Pretty nice ? you had only two (2!). Keep up the good work. Ass-breath!

    1. Well @mama, i guess the UN took notice of the brutality and shamed the US – BUT only in terms of racist police brutality towards the poor innocent, blameless, oppressed, “good boy” niggers. Apparently all other races deserve brutality and death by cops. ๐Ÿ™

      1. @ilmg…
        Agreed! The neo-libtard MSM and jew hollywood is brainwashing the shit out of each new generation to worship the baboon and blame the white man for everything!
        Whites getting murdered by baboons and brutalized by police gets one paragraph on page 17 or the newspaper and ignored on tv…how is writing letters going to fix that…if only it could.

        1. Well people in public office want to get re-elected for a start. There are many countries where continued and public behavior as seen above simply wouldn’t be tolerated, it would be usefull to understand what the differences between those countries are.

  6. Coppers in the US would get on really well with Brussels Eurocrats. Both lilly liver’d, sanctimonious, cowardly liars. They really ought to have a mass gang bang.
    By the way. That statement from the cop’s hierarchical toss pot gaffers, is downright pathetic. Never read such garbage in my natural.

      1. ?Fritz20? ? we all are. Or do you consider yourself (assuming that you’re white) to be on the same level with the mudfaces? We are NOT the same; we are NOT equal ? that fucking Zionistic bullshit (like ?feminism? and all other crap, too) they WANT us to believe! We are born unequal, we die unequal ? you like it or not. I like it. I don’t want us even to be ?equal?. Just thinking of me and my kind being ?equal? to the monkeys? No!

  7. This is getting beyond crazy. Just last night, a buddy and i were at a local gas station, eating in his car, 2 state troopers rolled up, (same car). Well, he has a nice Cadillac, that kinda would remind some of a “gangster” ride. Those assholes literally were looking for a problem, the minute they got out of there car, they eyeballed the hell out of us, literally to epic proportions, just looking for an excuse to harass us. Needless to say we didn’t give them one. Wait what am i talking about, they didn’t need one. They left us alone, after what ended up being about a 3 minute stare down. Why they did it, is anyones guess.

    1. They are jealous and have a chip on their shoulders because they “risk their lives” and drive Chevy Impalas and other pieces of shit, and of course it’s assumed by them that you don’t risk your life, and you were in a Caddy. It’s as simple as that. Be glad your friend didn’t have illegal window tint on his ride. If they couldn’t see into the car, you would have been harassed or worse.

      1. This was the first time I’ve experienced the police state first hand, in all it’s glory. I spent most of my adult life living on base. Now that im a civilian, im starting to see what all the fuss is about. That was exactly my assumption tho, that they were envious or jealous. It was like they were saying, give me an excuse to fuck you up. Kinda made me sick to my stomach.

  8. “didn’t violate his civil rights”
    What a crock of shit. Imagine what would happen if you did that to a cop and it was caught on camera. Hopefully someone kicks the fuck out of him on his day off, leave the cunt with a life-long limp. An injury that would induce retirement would be fitting. But then the prick would probably get a nice juicy pension. Is there anyrhing to be said for a civilian task-force that straightens out these cunt cops?

    1. I think there’s a lot to be said about that, but it’s obviously easier said than done.
      With the whole damned thing is so corrupt, so far gone, it is going to take one huge sea change, across the board, to change things for the better.
      Massively difficult task as these pricks are indoctrinated to the hilt, they believe they are in the right.

      1. Yeah its wishful thinking really. At the very least, the family of the cop should take a long hard look at him and tell him how it is. But that’s assuming they’re good people. If i hurt someone needlessly like that my family would let me have it. And they’d be right. Oh what a world.

        1. That’s the one mate, they need to be made to feel ashamed of their actions, like you say, by those close to them.
          But my guess is their families have no real clue of the reality of their abuses at work.
          The old, what’s done within the ranks stays within the ranks mentality. And that, alas, is one tough nut to crack.

    1. this is system problem, the police knows that if he does this, he has paid days off, salary without taxes and will not be in jail, so they do, and they are doing, sorry for my English

  9. This all boils down to consequences. There are virtually NO consequences to law breaking by US police. The worst thing that may happen is that evidence can be thrown out of a trial if obtained illegally. But the beat down, confiscated property, loss of time and money, damaged reputation, etc…. that’s all for free. Police can pretty much do anything they want with ZERO consequences to them personally.

    And without consequences, human nature will simply kick in. This sort of behavior is to be expected.

    1. Damn pigs…Power crazy bastards.I have always wanted to visit america and would love to still do so but only for a little break you understand… Fuck living there if that is what the the pigs are doing to their fellow countrymen on a daily basis.The lack of being able to stop the fuckers from beating down any citizen they want to is what would freak me out the most.Scary stuff indeed.

  10. well there has been two types of abuse……… one the guy just gets shot, but in a lot of these videos the cops are mano on mano…… that was the scenario i was depicting.
    saying that………if a ninja naster was defending himself against the cop and another cop turned up , then that would be a different story.

    a few years back i was doing a job near a NYPD out door shooting range.It was interested to hear that every few minits or so there would be about 10 cops unloading every round..

    why did they empty the gun?

    why does it take bout 10 cops to empty every gun?

    that was what we heard all day long…….there was no variation, it was almost as if they are trained……..and are training to unload the gun.

    I made some enquiries and found out that the NYPD are apparently told to unload the clip, reload, and continue shooting.

    we as citizens dont stand a fuckin chance.

  11. Damn I didn’t take the advertising seriously and now I’m upset ๐Ÿ™ lol I saw this one a few days ago it must be really painful cause cops shoes/boots has steel toe cap, hehe imagine the sound ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Throughout history agents of the government, including police, have never served and protected the public. That is a false statement that was coined to deceive people into believing in the legitimacy of these thugs. Police have always been armed mercenaries and gangsters of the government and do the bidding of the political elite in oppressing the masses. In the past, they were used by the political elite to extort money from the peasants and instill fear in them so they obey and stay in their place as peasants and serfs. Read a history book. The truth of the matter is that we do not need armed government thugs and gangsters? aka police. The citizenry vastly outnumbers these cretins and if the citizenry and working class coalesced together against the police parasite class they could end their rein of terror. The people wield the real power, not the outnumbered state thugs.

    I don’t understand the people who say we should obey the police… the police are merely an extension of the corrupt and criminal tyrannical political class that starts wars overseas and ruins everything they touch. By obeying the police you are giving legitimacy to the subhuman cretins in Washington D.C, and you are essentially saying that the scummiest kinds of sociopathic humans are to make slaves out of the rest of us.

  13. People that wear badges,are just that…people. No matter what profession,or oaths taken,people are capable of these things. Cops rape&kill,just like any other criminal. Preists molest children,like any other pedophile&mothers kill their infants,etc,ad nauseaum. All this video proves,is that there are both good&bad people&it has nothing to do with profession,or calling,or whatever. It’s human nature,both bad&good. Primal urges…

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