Drunken Man Assaults Legless Beggar in China

Drunken Man Assaults Legless Beggar in China

I found this video exceptionally saddening. Most of us do not realize how lucky we are to have gotten this far in our lives without major disability. Others have not been that lucky and were either born with a disability or a misfortune befell upon them at some point and left them helpless.

Worse yet – there are countries out there with weak or nonexistent social support for the disadvantaged so if one loses their legs, they are left with no options but to go out and beg for money.

In the video below, a drunken man is seen assaulting a legless beggar somewhere in China. Another man tries to interfere to prevent the drunk from physically harming the beggar but the drunk still manages to kick the beggar’s basket, spilling collected money onto the street. Random bystanders try to help pick the change up but the drunk returns and tips the legless man on his side, kicking his basket again.

At 0:18 you can see a child pick something up and deliver it back to the beggar. Even that child knew what was the right thing to do. It’s sad that drunken prick with two healthy legs had no understanding for the hardship of the legless man. It was however refreshing to see others helping where the disabled man could not help himself. Especially since it’s in China.

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58 thoughts on “Drunken Man Assaults Legless Beggar in China”

  1. Man i hate that shit, One chop as hard as you can on is throat or ( wind-pipe ) &lights out pal, permanently. Then they can grind him up and have a Steak Tartar feast. Those fucks will eat anything anyways.

  2. I think the only rightful punishment for this asshole, is to knock him out,remove his legs and both thumbs(make it harder to pick up a bottle),write nasty words all over his body in sharpies,roll him into the nearest alley and wait for him to wake up and discover his new reality for himself.
    Now that’s what I call street justice!!!

  3. There’s always two sides to a story. Who knows what the legless man did to provoke the drunk chinaman. Even if the legless man did do something wrong, you have to be better than kick a person who is literally “down” on their luck.

  4. odious bastard countires
    every muslim state
    sub Sahara African countries
    north Korea
    brazil, Colombia

    plenty more but these regions are easily the worst full of unnatural men

  5. here’s an idea, instead of just holding the drunk piece of shit back, you beat his motherfucking ass up one side of the street and down the other, and then empty his pockets and give the legless man his money and find the guys address and loot his shit and give it to the legless guy too. Let him re-earn his shit the scumbag. Whooping a drunk stumble dudes ass would be about as easy as it would be for him to beat on a legless guy do if he likes to start fights with those odds where he is the one in the power position let him experience the same odds on the other side. scumbag cocksucker

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