Edmonton Man Beat Up by Three Masked Men with Baseball Bats

Edmonton Man Beat Up by Three Masked Men with Baseball Bats

This strikes very close to home for me. Edmonton has long topped charts of the most dangerous cities in Canada and even though crime rates are nowhere near as high as elsewhere in the world, violent attacks have been on a rise and are frighteningly frequent for a country like Canada.

These photos were obtained by Best Gore member dreadhappy who asked her friend – the victim – if he would share them with the community.

The incident happened in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on the night of December 12th 2011. The victim was attacked by three masked men with baseball bats who had broken into his apartment and beat him up senseless. He’s on the long path to healing now, after having several re-constructive surgeries and still has limited vision in his left eye.

The victim suspects that the attackers may have been recruited by his girlfriend with whom he had an argument beforehand, however because the attackers were masked and could not be identified, the police could not make a solid case against her.

Thanks a lot dreadhappy for the pics. We have stooped pretty low if one risks getting beat up like this after an argument with his girlfriend. Brutal… and in my home town :S

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48 thoughts on “Edmonton Man Beat Up by Three Masked Men with Baseball Bats”

  1. poor guy, all I can say is “you’ve come a long way mate, good luck with your continuing healing, a lot of BestGore readers are thinking of your recovery”, truly disgusting to beat someone so badly it takes a couple of YEARS to recover.

  2. there’s 3 sides to every story: hers, his and the cold, hard truth

    i am getting the light, tingling feeling in my stomach that tells me this guy
    is leaving out some parts of the narrative, like
    she hired some people to beat me with baseball bats cause
    1) i beat up the woman to a pulp every night when i get drunk
    2) i once slammed a bottle into her face for not bringing me my breakfast
    on time

    whatever the story, dude’s lucky he didn’t get the kitchen-knife-to-the-dick

    1. Well said theblademan…..But the chances are that if the gf setup the assault instead of going through the proper legal channels she must be a psycho monster bitch…The lesson to be learned is if your going to co-mingle with psychopath bitches , keep an automatic weapon close at hand…

  3. Was GF a psychobitch or did he do something to “deserve” it? Couples argue and split up all the time but it’s not that often that one partner feels so agrieved that they have their ex almost beaten to death. He looks like a kinda OK sort of guy, but some of the worst serial killers were thought of as “nice” by some. Anyway I sorta feel for him – that must have REALLY hurt. It’s the mental scars that will be most difficult to heal. I wish him a full and speedy recovery. If it was the GF I hope she gets whatever she deserves.

  4. You think this is bad try coming to toronto buddy…last week a local barber got his face blown off in broad day light, exucution style by a masked man with a shotgun. right across the street for my house tO ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. It resignates with me because at the age of 13 I was beaten almost to death wit baseball bat by five 20+ year old black men in my hometown of Philadelphia still have the pictures to rremind myself how lucky I was I had 2 brain surgeries and half my skull it metal

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