Egypt – Protesters Brutally Beaten by Security Forces

Egypt - Protesters Brutally Beaten by Security Forces

The picture of the girl with exposed blue bra after her top was stripped by Egyptian army personnel who unleashed brutal beating upon her and many other protesters has quickly become the new symbol of ongoing Egyptian revolution. Egypt – as is a well known fact to us in the know – is the torture capital of the world. It seems to be the favorite destinations of the US government where they’d send unwanted elements they wish to have tortured.

The inbred lust of Egyptians to inflict pain and suffering upon another has not ceased to be with the ousting of Hosni Mubarak. And so Egyptians continue protesting and the security forces continue beating the living bejeesus out of them.

The video below is to a slow start so fast forward to 0.30 second mark to skip the message in Arabic. Translated it allegedly says the following:

  • Kasr al-Aini events, December 17, 2011
  • To those defending the military council
  • To the oblivious who believe that the army and people are one hand
  • To El-Ganzoury, did you speak the truth?
  • And finally, are those the Earth’s finest soldiers?

Kasr al-Aini mentioned in the first sentence is the name of the street on which the protests are concentrated. El-Ganzoury mentioned in the fourth line is the name of Egypt’s current Prime Minister. There are some pretty severe beatings with batons and stompings taking place throughout the video. Egypt at its finest. Oh, I don’t actually know what the author of the video was trying to imply with the last line of the welcome message when he/she asks: “Are those the Earth’s finest soldiers?” Since when did Egypt have the Earth’s finest soldiers?

Here’s one more video of people beaten by Egyptian military during protests in Cairo. It contains much of the same footage the above video does with some extras. In case YouTube removes it, check this one hosted on LiveLeak:

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31 thoughts on “Egypt – Protesters Brutally Beaten by Security Forces”

  1. WTF kind of language is that fucking arabic? it’s like gook writing or greek. who can make sense of that shit? no wonder they’re savages and animals. please, please just let them kill each other off. some of those protesters will not b protesting again. ya, that’s fer sure!

  2. Eh I’m just waiting for someone to draw attention to this girls tits. Not even really Best Gore material but if there’s tits I guess it’s good enough for us guys. 😛 Not even our violence is tits free anymore.

  3. Some of this was shown on the national news in America. One of those guys kicked her in her breastbone, which could have caused her heart to stop if it had been in a slightly different spot. Thankfully she got lucky and survived. Someone was decent enough to cover her up, too. WTF is it that justifies the military beating people?

      1. The military exists to fight with other countries. Police exist to keep order. I feel sorry for you. You must have been dropped on your head as a baby or something. Its clear you like the idea of beating women. As far as hooking up, I can tell you wouldn’t do it for me.

    1. This is why I trust no military, no police, no government. All they want to do is control whatever they can in an effort to stomp out free thought, which is the only thing they can’t control and in my opinion the reason they try to control everything else. I honestly don’t know why anyone is surprised by this. Why any of those pour buggers protest I’ll never know. A few well placed suicide attacks would eliminate the idiots responsible, as well as many of the soldiers it’s to be hoped, and cause others to listen. that’s my two cents on the issue.

  4. The army and police etc all have the go ahead to basically do what they want and if someone crosses the line they will get punished. I don’t think they would have kicked the fuck out of this girl just for nothing she must have pissed them off.. But a group of men vs 1 girl is a bit much, just one guy should have done it

  5. people want their freedom. They will get beaten or killed for it. Look at the revolutionary war. We fought back and won. But people did die and were beaten. This is the price of freedom. I feel sorry for the protesters but this is how to get freedom. Look at the protesters in Alabama they had water hoses used on them and were beaten. It seems that when you fight for freedom. You have to take what is dished out. When you bake a cake you have to break some eggs.

  6. Apparently little miss blue bra has sparked significant protests from the Egyption women. The military spokesman said that they ‘regret’ what they did. Apparently they were getting their kicks by stripping the women to humiliate them while they were beating them. Considering that the local paper isn’t a big paper, and this made it to the front page, then it has had some impact. Egypt is supposedly friendly towards the US, but I don’t know if this relationship with America will make a difference, though.

  7. this is the same regime of Mubarak because Tantawy is Mubarak the SCAF is humiliating people here that protests against the Corruption they used banned toxic Gases against the protestors here this poor Girl is a doctor she was helping the injured people there and they grabbed her and beat her and as you see she was covering herself so no one look at her Instead of showing respect to her you are talking about her tits by the way she didn’t want to expose her body like other women to talk about her like that she was saving people life there and this is what she got from you humankind please kindly cover her body in the video and enough what happen to her

  8. I hate police but I also hate SOME protester rally. It depends what the cause is. Some are for good and is necessary, but some protest are done because they have nothing better to do than cause shit. Fair is fair, what do you think is gonna happen to you when your throwing rocks or anything you can get your hands on. violent protesters with nothing better to do, deserves it. I don’t know if everyone deserve beatings in this video but I’m sure some did.

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