Egypt – Teacher Beats Children with a Stick

Egypt - Teacher Beats Children with a Stick

Egypt is the world’s torture capital for a reason. Disciplining children in a similar manner used to be a common practise in the civilized world too a few decades ago, but the civilized world has moved on. Egyptians on the other hand continue to enjoy inflicting pain and suffering upon another like it’s the middle ages. Years of Islamic brainwash are taking their toll.

From the video it would seem as though the teacher was punishing the children because they messed up their homework or something, but he barely reads what their exercise books say. He just smears his shit on the page and hits them with a stick. These kids look very young, yet many of them take the beating without a wink – you can tell they’ve had this happen to them more than too often. They’ve probably gone through more beatings in their lives than they’ve had meals to eat.

Two millennia ago, Arabs were more advanced than Europeans but with the introduction of Islam into their lives, their progress stopped. They have not contributed jack shit to the mankind since embracing Islam and would still live like it’s the year 600 if they didn’t have oil money to buy technology developed by men from the west. Seeing this video and how they are brainwashed to yield their lives to authority without question makes it pretty clear why it is so:

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91 thoughts on “Egypt – Teacher Beats Children with a Stick”

      1. i’d be next in line. dude just likes beating on children. he doesnt even look to see if their homework is correct. he just likes beating them. i hope a bomb accidently killed this civilian piece of shit.

  1. That stupid prick probably gets on off beating these poor children. I understand a ruler to the hand at most, but this shit is wrong, it seems unwarranted. I’m sure nothing makes you feel like more of a man than hitting kids who probably just made it to elementary school.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. He didn’t seem to care what any of them wrote. He hit them all. One would think if the assignment was reasonable, at least a few would get the questions right, but that was not the case.

      And the one that got it the worst was the girl that cried. I’m guessing the reason he hit her more was *because he got off on her crying*. Sick fuck. Reminds me of that guy in Cali that got caught feeding kids his semen.


    2. Oh Hell no, If my child is misbehaving in class, I will take care of it at home, any other adult other then my partner, lays a finger on my child, or causes them bodily harm, I will skin them the bloody fuck alive.

  2. “I’m bigger than you, I’m cranky and I have a stick and horrid breath….what the fuck are you going to do about it, junior?”
    At least he didn’t yell allah akbar every time he smacked one of those kids.
    However, if he did, it would make good sense why they love to say it ALL the fucking time.

    1. Allah Wakbar means god is great. It’s nothing wrong to say it, in fact it’s very dignifying when a Muslim says it. The fucking terrorists say it because they think they are doing the right thing by killing innocent ppl.

        1. I thought of beating her up. What stopped me was that she wasn’t worth going to jail over. Here in sunny California, a non tenured teacher has a probationary period. So the teacher who is tenured it takes 3 complaints to lose that teachers career. But if the teacher is not tenured and gets a complaint like my daughter’s then they will never be able to teach in that school district again. Because it was in the area of assault, she came very close to being put in jail. An adult that assaults an unrelated minor is a hefty misdameaner (sp), or a felony depending on the severity of the injury. At least that’s how it was 20 years ago, I doubt much has changed, though.

          1. @ to hell with it, thank you very much. I fail to understand where these people get off hurting kids. It seriously pissed me off when I found out about that teacher. She had no business teaching children if she couldn’t keep her hands to herself. At the time the law was that if a teacher had 3 complaints and wasn’t tenured, they wouldn’t be able to teach children again. I had a real hard time maintaining self control.and not going to give her an attitude adjustment. Kids shouldn’t have to be afraid to go to school, and it leaves a lifelong scar on them. Some kids avoid further education because of it even after they become adults.

          1. It used to be like that here, too. But California does live up to its litigation reputation. It costs less to not hit someone else’s kid. I had a teacher in the 3rd grade that got her kicks abusing me and a deaf girl in class. Imo teachers like that should rot in hell.

        1. You know, Mark anwser us this.
          Best Gore is veiwed by folks from all around the world, who use countless languages.
          If they comment, will it filter through a trasnlation software so they can particapate with us, or are they just screwed because they no-a-speaka-engrish?

  3. What a prick! Pick on somebody your own size, asshole! He must get his jollies by doing this because every kid got whacked. Maybe the kid with the biggest father can come to the school and give that asshole a taste of his own medicine and beat the shit out of him, like cripple him for life. I’m not familiar with their laws, but my guess is that the teacher has the authority to do that. Hitting the little girls really pissed me off. No wonder they’re so fucked up as adults. They don’t know anything else but to inflict pain on others whether they deserved it or not. What shitty lives those people have.

  4. At least he doesn’t go for the face. When it’s controlled in a school like this kids take it in their stride. They just accept it as something that happens. Everywhere used to have these kinda rules in place but it is shocking to see. I don’t like how he picked on that little pink one. My mum used to hit me with a wooden spoon C: He was called slappy fish.

  5. This guy needs his ankles nibbling off lolol
    This is a typical video of the “violent circle”
    These kids will probably grow up thinking that violence is “normal” and that will pass on tp their kids ect ect
    Two words – NUKE EM

    1. That is why it has always been so offensive that (America, fuck yha!) always has had such an egotistical way of (looking) like it is trying to saving the world from itself.
      This is what these fuckers do, and Your right, they are doing it, but not fast enough.
      Wipe them out….but then what. More humans with more retarded conduct and issues?
      Wipe US ALL out, and then we would have a TRUE resolution to the problem.

    2. Nuke-em? no way, that would destroy the pyramids and the sphynx etc, that would be acting like the Taliban who blew up the 1000+ yr old Baminyan Buddahs in Afghanistan a couple of years ago! ya know it was radical muslim’s who destroyed the sphynx’s face a few decades back? The ancient Egyptians were NOT Muslim & I dont think they ALL are now?

  6. WTF is wrong with that piece of shit?! Such a little man he has to take it out in little kids? They did nothing wrong and sadly were obviously used to this kind of treatment. I’d like to do to him what he did to those kids but with a fucking cattle prod, watch him cry and dance like he’s making them do. Sick fuck

  7. This is Egypts TV Porn remake ripoff of “Welcome Back Kotter” only it tranlates to “Welcome Back Cocksucker!” with stars Vinnie Bobbapeniso, Arnold Horsecock and GAYbe Kockter. Im not gonna lie, it might be better than the original!

  8. you Americans complain of yelling “child abuse” but yet if you look at American children, they don’t have self control and disrespect adults and behave badly compared to foreign kids…

    American kids need some spanking because most of them are too spoiled from too much pampering.

  9. If you notice the boys did not get hit on their back just on their hands even when they moved back. Does that tell you they prefer the females to stay at home. It is terrible but I remember when the nun’s used a ruler to punish us it hurt like hell. They did not do it as hard as devil teacher but it hurt anyway. Poor kids. That guy needs a little something to chill him out. Maybe after these girls grow up one of them will take him out. Fair is fair.

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