Egyptian Torture – Young Girl Lashed to a Pole and Left Hanging

Egyptian Torture - Young Girl Lashed to a Pole and Left Hanging

A look at 21st century Egypt is like going back to the 16th century and watching an inquisition in real time. Egyptian state police to this day utilizes the notion that every person has a point of breaking and if they are subjected to enough torture, they will eventually confess to whatever the police want them to confess to.

Of course, being the torture capital of the world, the Egyptians don’t restrict themselves to merely torturing males. On the contrary – since torturers themselves are mostly males, having a female to torture must have a very attractive ring to these Muslims.

Girl in the video below was accused by a cop of having murdered someone. So they lashed her to a pole and left her hanging, knowing that sooner or later she would admit to being a murderer.

Maybe she was a murderer, and maybe she made a fatal mistake of rejecting advances of a male she hadn’t realized was with the Egyptian state police and that’s how her murder charges came about. All they needed was to have this young girl to confess and bam… Why bother launching an investigation to figure out who the real murder was if you can simply torture someone into confession and bust your nut at the same time?

Torture of a young girl by the Egyptian state police is our “old gore classic” video for today:


Here’s slightly longer version of the same video with a few accompanying captions. The girl confessed to murder because of pain this torture method imposed upon her and wanted to be released asap. In tears and begging for mercy, the torturer doesn’t appear inclined to end her suffering. But this is Egypt, they are the torture capital of the world for a reason:

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    why not do the water drip torture its painless and in some cases it drives the accused insane.

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