Evil Thai Witch Chokes Child to Get Back at Her Husband

Evil Thai Witch Chokes Child to Get Back at Her Husband

Evil Thai Witch Chokes Child to Get Back at Her Husband

This happened in Bangkok, Thailand. The boy is a little over a year old.

The boy’s 32-year-old mother choked him by wrapping a string around his neck and suspending him by it to get back at her husband; the boy’s father.

The clip was posted on Facebook by the husband’s mother in hopes that someone could stop the evil witch and save him.

Police, social workers and volunteers rushed to the home and rescued him.

A source said that the Thai version of Child Protective Services were going to be taking the tiny victim from his mother.

The video was sent as a video call by the deranged woman to her husband wherein she demanded he take care of his son.

She says the boy’s only still alive because she allowed him to be, but if he failed to reply to her or come get the toddler, she would kill him because she was going crazy.

Another source (probably a white knight with mandatory white washing) says she abused the child because she suspected her husband was cheating on her.

Regardless, the child is now safe and not in the woman’s home.

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162 thoughts on “Evil Thai Witch Chokes Child to Get Back at Her Husband”

    1. I mistook her for a ladyboy until I enabled audio.

      This is what happens when you pick one up from places like Soi CowBoy (in BKK) or Pattaya offshore and decide to marry them.

      Just while I was waiting for July 18th to see what will happen to this bitch , I must admit the Thai one beats her in lack of conscience

      1. My god… What an ugly bitch!
        Totally unfuckable.
        It is not strange that the poor man has run away from her. The jail is better. Also cross-dressers in jail are more feminine than her.
        We’ll see what happens on July 18th…

    2. Looks like a old Bruce lee movie the lips and the words aren’t in sync lol string the wee gook up, swing him around a bit ! Anywayyyyy bitch don’t b expecting a mother’s day card from wee Ching Chong

          1. it’s every fucking day. just pick your kid up by its fucking ears and shake that little cunt until you hear something crack or you get tired.

          1. Did she actually think by getting pregnant the man would stick around? Silly bitch. This is what they’re like when the honeymoon period is over.

      1. It’s evil without an intelligent thought process. Pure emotion. One day when the boy grows she may even love him and the guilt…. but she may never become a human being. I hope that kid is taken from her but then his life is fucked anyway. A man never really knows the pussy he’s fucking. Bitches hate you more than they love their own kids. Fire blanks or get a vasectomy. Don’t breed. Go MGTOW. By the way where’s my stalker Tom? i haven’t seen him for a while. @hopingfornemesis

  1. WoW You Can See The EVIL in this Bitches Demeanour. The way She talks into the camera., and I don’t even understand Tai. There is absolutely No Doubt in my mind That Bitch was NOT Bluffing., omg thank goodness “The dream is Over.., and you never will forget the day we met, Girl I’m gonna kill you.”

    1. Most people think it’s the male that is the gangsta but most of the time it’s the woman. When the nostril flare up then you know it’s about to be a rerun of your favorite gangsta flick entering your mind.

      1. Yes women are bad, evil, they know now that it’s the girl gangs that fight more than boys and it’s the girls in amongst the boy gangs that cause all the fights. There is something violent about women, it’s a kind of gratuitous violence more than the boys but then we all know that bot gangsta are really just cowards and will only fight when they have the upper hand

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  3. I couldn’t even make it to 30 seconds this got my fucking blood pressure up… Unfuckingbelievable the things women have done to their own offspring. Fucking narcissists. Its a sick world we live in

  4. Using your offspring as martial leverage to keep the vows of matrimony up to snuff is a common derivative stock tactic, nevertheless still a hit below the belt. How low will you go thy wonder. Depreciating and weak fleshings these days don’t want the burden that children fester. For many it requires sacrifice (zapping your own dreams and ambitions and transferring them to your midget mirror image), patience, care, love, paternal instincts which most are not morally in sync.

    With this blatantly obvious display of detestation and pique for her rogue of better half, this vengeful menstruation has shown she’s willing to get her mittens dirty and play hard ball and it’s always the innocent eyes that pay the price.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ~ William Congreve. The Mourning Bride, 1697

    So befitting for this title.

    1. Nicely written. She would have loved the son in a motherly way which is not real love. The hate would have been focused on the man had he been in range. Sadly the boy will suffer for a lot longer.

  5. Someone give me an address and buy me a ticket, I’ll make sure she meets a Bangkok machete across her face. Is it bad that I could maim or kill this bitch and not feel any remorse????

  6. Clearly, she didn’t mean to kill and put a show just to prove a point. I personally think there will be no meaningful damage to the boy since it was very brief and the boy looks like a durable SoB). I hope she won’t regret this moment later on in her life. There’s no turning back after it goes online.

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