Evil Woman Brutally Slaps Little Child Square on Face

Evil Woman Brutally Slaps Little Child Square on Face

I don’t know where this video is from, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was from one of top contributing countries to Best Gore.

The video depicts an evil woman slapping a little child square on the face. It would appear that the woman was slapping the child because it was crying, but she seems rather calm and aware during the abuse, so she’d probably beat the child even if it wasn’t crying.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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152 thoughts on “Evil Woman Brutally Slaps Little Child Square on Face”

      1. dumb ass b**** what the f*** you trying to give your kid brain damage who the f*** slaps a baby hell is real and we live in it when there’s a place where defenceless children who can’t defend themselves are being beat smacked all kinds of s*** it’s so f***** I wish I f****** knew these people so I could f*** them up

    1. This reminds me of a similar video where the nanny was slapping and stepping on the baby, well the baby’s father installed a hidden camera and let’s just say he was found not guilty for putting said nanny in a wheelchair for the rest of her life once the judge saw the video!!

    2. Animals like this deserve to die. Helpless, innocent children being brutalized by adults. Did she not realize that hitting it would only make it cry harder? Cuddling would’ve worked wonders to silence the child. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times; mothers do tons more damage to their children than fathers ever could.

    3. dumb ass b**** what the f*** you trying to give your kid brain damage who the f*** slaps a baby hell is real and we live in it when there’s a place where defenceless children who can’t defend themselves are being beat smacked all kinds of s*** it’s so f***** I wish I f****** knew these people so I could f*** them up

  1. Rule number one, avoid the groid. Rule number two, around blacks never relax.

    Call me racist if you will but I cannot ever feel sorry for a nigger family regardless of the circumstances because they are walking, talking crime statistics who leave nothing but victims in their wake.

      1. I don’t think, I know and that is because the evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of it being true.

        Black countries run by black people are almost always considered to be failures when compared to every other race/country on the planet, even North Korea can be viewed as successful when compared to much of Sub-Saharan Africa.

        In fact, it took the presence of whites to even breathe a bit of change into the place because for thousands of years Sub-Saharan Africans merely existed as hunter/gatherers when almost every other race on the planet had already achieved great civilisations(and no, Egypt was not a great, magical black civilisation despite the Afrocentric claims).

        Further to the above we have the black communities all throughout the world, be it in America, Europe, Asia ect wherein every single country they live they cause problems well in excess of what their population count should be causing which is why they are the most hated race on the planet. Even in far-left, liberal countries like Norway and Sweden where black people are not only treated equally but also given preferential treatment as well they still cause problems well in excess of what their population count should be causing and they feature the lowest on academic achievement as well only ever really excelling at sports/athletics.

        No other race fails this badly to fit in and better themselves, not even the Pakistani Muslims(religious differences aside). Both the west and east Asians manage to do it as well and they get the same starting point and treatment as the blacks do(all being minorities and what not) so there is absolutely no excuse for them to be failing as they do wherever they go.

        Contrary to the above, whites, Asians ect almost always manage to fit in, do well and achieve no matter where they choose to live(historical grievances aside). So yes, I think it is safe to say that white people on average are better than blacks.

        1. @empty-soul the so called Roma people, better known as Gypsies in Europe, are the one people rivaling what you mentioned. With the one difference being that no Roma has ever excelled in anything worthwhile, not even sports. For hundreds of years they relied solely on theft as the means of advancing themselves, which goes hand in hand with the art of deception for the purpose of making theft easier or more profitable. And so they deceive the populace by constantly claiming that they are subjected to racism when confronted about theft, turning their victims into bad guys. And thanks to the left leaning elements in society, that notion is enforced by way of official channels.

          1. @happy

            The Roma are different in my opinion in that they choose not to amalgamate on purpose and see themselves as a dispersed but collective self-governing community with their own rules and social codes(a thieves guild if you will).

            This is why I always say that the Roma Gypsies are like a poorer, less educated version of the Jews in that both subscribe to the principle of wealth acquisition via other peoples work. The rich Jewish bankers use the debt plus interest equals profit model whilst the Roma gypsies focus on pick pocketing, burglaries and the like.

            I expect that the Jews of a thousand years ago were much like the Roma of present and overtime were able to acquire and pool enough wealth to move from petty crimes into more advanced models of wealth acquisition which of course increased their influence and social, political standing.

            The blacks however have no such self-governing principles and judging by how many black men abandon their black women in favour of chasing after white ones they do not consider themselves to be a collective either.

            To conclude then, the Roma choose not to amalgamate for ideological reasons whilst the blacks on average cannot amalgamate for genetic reasons.

            I won’t go too much into those genetic reasons because it would take up too much space but if you accept that black people are genetically advantaged when it comes to running and jumping ect(more fast-twitch muscle fibres, greater testosterone levels ect) as evidenced by the fact that athletic racing is dominated by black people so on and so forth then it doesn’t really take a leap in logic to conclude that they are probably disadvantaged in other areas as a result(greater testosterone equalling a reduction in concentration and therefore a slow down in learning abilities, also making them more prone to acts of aggression ect).

          1. Firstly, I never claimed to be a professor and have always stated that I am just a regular average guy.

            Secondary, as everyone knows on here I am an alcoholic and am therefore prone to making spelling and grammar mistakes when drunk.

            Thirdly, I did state that my opinion was formed from actual research and not just pulled out of my ass. That being so the world renowned scientist and “professor” James Watson among others have all stated, evidenced and published far better arguments for the above than the one I put forth and they are most definitely not frauds.

            To conclude then, rather than actually addressing the argument you just got very, very angry instead and picked on my spelling mistakes in some sad attempt at proving me wrong. I expect you must be a liberal, you sound like one.

      2. Here is the PROOF white ppl are the better race you look at all the videos WHITE ppl are never teaching there kids to fight at the age on eight months black ppl take their kids behind the projects and make them fight other kids and behind closed doors this is what they do the them no wonder you blacks are fucked up. I feel sorry for your race. All black from other countries are way worse than America. Watch some of the videos the set ppl on fire just for doing something They do not like get the point

    1. the woman in this video, isnt even black, yet you chose to go on a rant expressing your hatred towards another race. you made several valid points, but the disgusting factor is that its people like you who truely need to keep their comments to themselves. i despise other races but i would never go out of my way to excercise my freedom of speech without first knowing all of the facts.

      1. We all come here to view gore, death and destruction for our own personal reasons. For some it’s philosophical reasons, for others its mere curiosity whilst there are no doubt many who just gets their kicks from this sort of stuff.

        I personally come here to blow off steam, vent and discuss subject matter that would otherwise get me fired from my job and ostracised from my community because in this world of ours one cannot be seen to be of dissenting thought lest they be dealt with in Orwellian fashion.

        I don’t actually mistreat anyone in my day to day life and treat people as they treat me regardless of my personal grievances and opinions my point being then that no one on here can claim the moral high ground because we are all choosing to view material that most of our societies brand disgusting and wrong and I put forth commentary that some found to be disgusting and wrong, full circle.

        Also, if expressing opinions without first knowing all of the facts were a crime most of the world would be in jail. It is called an opinion because you’re stating that what you know and say is from personal perspective only and may not be entirely, the truth.

        You are therefore free to hate me for my opinions just as I am free to state them and that at the end of the day is what freedom of expression is all about. Some may not like it but it is far better than the alternative.

      1. @empty soul I see these comments of yours on here are at least since 2016…. but I find the level of thought and articulation into your points quite intriguing. As racist as they may come off; I’m not really seeing anyone on here putting forth an intelligent counter argument to any of your thoughts regarding black people, I was semi hoping someone would because that would be an interesting debate to read through. I’d challenge your points myself for the sake of playing devil’s advocate, but I feel my perspective is more aligned to a similar viewpoint as your own so I don’t think I’d present all that fun of a debate to you. Obviously individuals of any race or creed can present outlier statistics that do not align with the general statistics of said race or creed…. but when thinking about black people in general it is true that crime statistics in their populations are much higher than they should be. At least I know that is true here in America. Black on black homicide rates for example, are the cause of more black deaths than police shootings….. yet the black lives matter movement doesn’t seem to care about that fact….. and if anyone ever tries to have an honest discussion about these very real and disturbing problems about the black community people simply heckle you and call you a racist…. seemingly to silence any talk about the truth so we can all just remain ignorant about it.

        that being said…. regardless of genetics, all people have the capability to be violent or engage in evil acts…. such as what is displayed in this video being done to that defenseless baby. Very difficult to watch this without feeling profound rage building up…. and wanting to tap into that very violent capability we all share….. to unleash it on this vile excuse for a woman.

    2. I have to disagree with you, endless millions murdered in two world wars by whites, nukes used by whites, financial warfare causing crippling poverty by whites. I think your views are distorted by what your senses are forced to ingest by a mixture of media outlets be it radio, t.v. newspaper or online, face it, you have been suckered into believing bullshit and you don’t even realise it, and that is the true power of the psychology used on us sheep.

      1. Different tribes, peoples and races from all over the world have waged war on each other since time began because conflict is a natural and inevitable state for most living things competing and surviving in a world of limited resources.

        The whites took this mentality globally because they were consuming too much of their own resources at too fast a rate due to white civilisation expanding massively. They however were not the only race to have done this though, the Egyptians, Persians, Arabs, Ottomans etc all did it as well.

        To conclude, war mongering is not limited to whites only and world wars are just regular tribal wars but waged at a larger level due to the size of each competing empire.

        Also, my views are not distorted because I can back up everything I have said with well regarded statistics and facts. I also have eyes and ears and can look around at the world to discern fact from fiction based upon the present vs the past therefore if my views are just bullshit like you say it must be some of the most well-researched, globally backed-up bullshit on the planet.

      2. Sorry but you left out all the shit black ppl do. Murder, theft, selling drugs to their own kids. Blacks are proven to be THE most racist of all races. And they don’t mind telling you they hate you. you can kiss their ass all day long and they will still not like you. SO please stop already.

    3. This is about an innocent baby irrelevant of colour or race… get a grip man!!! don’t make it about race, it’s about an evil bitch of a mother no matter what colour and this evil act is happening all over the world right now in every colour of the rainbow!!

  2. It would be interesting to track the child as it grows up to see what his personality will be like, although with the strength she hits him (and maybe she hits him even stronger off camera), I wonder if the damage would go beyond the emotional also into the physical sphere.

      1. and …………………. your point being …………………??? how does this information defend the actions of this fucked off cunt ? the one filming the all out asault on this totally inocent human being is probebly afraid of the bitch in charge and at least had the courage to document this evil cunt’s actions for later proof …. thank the gods for smart phones

      2. oh fgs!!! why does the ‘slave’ card have to be brought up with every issue??? My love, it wasn’t anyone alive that made ur ancestors slaves and most of us feel as strongly as you do about the horrible act so get over urself cuz this is about the beating of an innocent infant! ok?

  3. There may not have been anyone filming this it might of been a Video camera set up by the Parents, but I will tell you this, if this was my child she did this to and I got home and saw this video, before I call the police I would give that woman such a beating one she will never forget! I would put her ass in the hospital! Oh and she would lose that hand she beat the child with, after I give her a very good beating I would call the Police have her arrested, then i would gladly go to jail for beating her.

    1. @Stars1100 If that was my child, she wouldn’t go to jail. Her body would never be found.

      Anyone like her and every adult who sexually abuses a child- I think they deserve something as bad as being half eaten while still alive. Eaten slowly. To have to watch as they are devoured by an animal. That is what I imagine for her. Starving pigs gnawing away at feet for starters?

      I’ve run out of compassion for shitbags.

    1. yes !! from just out of view …blindsided from behind …suprised the fuck out of the bitch….hey stupid !! just what the actual FOK do you think your’e doing???? ….HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I LIKE IT !!!!! she would be shocked and stuttering for an answer…

          1. So wrong… yet so right.

            I saw a baby
            Cryin’ hard as babe could cry
            What could I do?

            Picked up my camera phone
            And filmed that psycho who
            Beat it black and blue.

            What social media site to use?
            An Instagram feed?
            YouTube is free.
            Damn, this bitch is frightening.

            Then baby said, “Waaaaaaahhh!”

  4. This has to be the most nauseating video I have ever had the misfortune to see in my life! Top 3 for sure. I noticed the camera was moving, HoW tHe FuCk could anybody just quietly film such torture of a helpless innocent INFANT!? They both need to be BEATEN SEVERELY!

  5. Shut up shut shut shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut shut shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut shut shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut shut shut up shut up shut up (insert sound effects here)

  6. none of you should be surprised. although before feminism this probably would not have happened. this is just typical of the sick and warped behaviour that lurks inside our female companions. if there is a chance to see a child suffer, underage sex, or degrading or murdering men they will take that chance. this is the effect that feminism has, it turns a naturally warped instinct to hurt and abuse those smaller in size into a full blown assault on anybody weaker they deem game. and they do this because they know the law is on their side. for me this would be a guillotine charge. no fucking around with lawyers, no quizzing her ‘mental state’, no leniency because one of her exes might have give her a black eye 17 years ago, just get rid of the bitch and do it brutally. and show these abusive vile treasonous creatures that their reign of evil is over.

  7. That stupid bitch slapping the child is probably a child minder (I’m guessing). And the person videoing it, was hopefully gathering criminal evidence against her.

    But what a dumbass bitch! Slapping the baby in the face so nonchalantly and then really wondering why the baby is crying.

    Change its nappy or feed it, or give it a hug, find out what the baby wants. If this retard hasn’t figured out that everything revolves around a baby, then she shouldn’t be in charge of one.

    1. Lmao.

      I guess I am the only person who watched this video and didn’t feel sorry for any of them.

      Clearly this family is cancerous. They should all be killed.

      The child is already tainted and scarred having been through that.

      All three of them should be killed.

      The first commenter was right.

      This IS life.

      I’ve been exposed to so many videos like this that I can’t even empathize.

      Crying about how “wrong” it is in the comments section won’t stop it.

      So why do it?

  8. When the progress of your species hasn’t advanced in thousands of years do to your geographic location you do shit like this. I would imagine this is what the first cave women did when her baby was losing her sleep.

  9. That goddamn ape is lucky it wasn’t my kid she was beating. I would cut her fingers off and shove them up her ass, then cut a slit across her stomach and pull her intestines out and choke her with them and when the bitch is about to die I’d reach in and snatch her heart out and shove it on her mouth.

  10. Whining sniveling brats cannot be tolerated..you must be strong right from birth if you want to join the master race. In the SS children were regularly slapped as a matter of course to toughen them up if they started whining and crying over minor little issues. Look how well they fought in the end even when defeat was inevitable. The Hitler youth movement was the finest finishing school in the world. A little slappy poo won’t hurt the young ones in the long run look how well I turned out 😉

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