Face Breaking DUI Arrest of Christina West in Tallahassee, Florida

Face Breaking DUI Arrest of Christina West in Tallahassee, Florida

A video has surfaced showing Tallahassee, Florida police officers slamming a 44 year old mother of two onto the hood of a police cruiser and then onto the ground with so much force that she suffered a broken orbital bone in her face, a bloody nose and multiple bruises and other injuries. The video was recorded by a dashboard camera inside a police car.

Christina West was asked to perform a field sobriety test after which she was handcuffed and placed into the back seat of a patrol car. Several minutes later, she was ordered to step out of the police car to take a breathalizer test but as she exited, she begen asking questions about her husband and kids. The officers ordered her to be quiet which lead to a physical struggle. The cops resorted to slamming her head hard against the hood and the ground.

Christina West was charged with DUI and several counts of battery on a law-enforcement officer for the August 10, 2013 incident – typical… cops break your face and not only do you become a victim of an assault, you also charged with assault thanks to falsified reports by the finest.

Prior to her arrest, Christina West had reportedly driven her car off the road and into a home. There is no excuse for her driving drunk, but there definitely is no excuse for the officers to brutalize, manhandle and humiliate the lady like she was a blow up doll. She looks good for a 44 year old though. Hot MILF material.

The Time Magazine once featured a photo of an Afghan woman with battered face on the cover, alleging that the photo proved the brutallity of the Taliban against women. Somehow I don’t think it would go with the agenda if the magazine featured photos of people victimized by the enforcers in the so called free, democratic country.

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          1. I agree with jzilla. I think that it would be interesting if the cop haters out there could opt out of police protection for a decrease in taxes. For example, your car gets stolen, tough shit. You our your kid get assaulted, tough shit. There are good and bad people in every profession. Dish washers, CEOs, Police, and Teachers. Hopefully they will all get what they deserve, but not always. Hating any group of people on the actions of a few is just plain juvenile. My personal rule is not to make judgement on anyone until I know them.

      1. A drunk driver who crashed into a house gets physically manhandled by the police when refusing to comply with their tests. I see nothing wrong here. All you retarded nerds are going off like the police are randomly beating people up like thugs for no reason whatsoever. Every single one of these stupid anti-police videos are of people whom, either by their non-conformity or wit, deserve everything they got. The police are normal human beings rest assured, who risk their lives to uphold the law. They don’t get paid a fortune, and many get shot and stabbed in their line of work. Fuck you all!

          1. They can, that’s the point actually. They don’t use all of their force, exactly not inflict any serious damage. When she is face down on the car, you can see that her resist arrest by moving her body in a fast twitch like motion, making her body and the relatively small force the officers inflict to go down.

            Though I do agree that in these kind of situations, where the person why are trying to arrest is drunk, you should be more gentle, because chances are they will not comply as a sober person will.

        1. Seriously @Lecter? The police never “randomly beat up people like thugs for no reason”?? Get that cops dick out of your mouth for a second to actually look up countless cases of former officers who have CONFESSED to have done what you just claimed they never do. I get this feeling you’re also probably a “she was asking for it” rapist defender.

        2. No FUCK YOU. Those test were not necesarry as she was already being arrested and should have been taken to the police station. She was talking but already handcuffed and not physical in any way.

          Its not up to the police to serve punishment to people for stuff they did, thats what courts are for. The moment a cop tries to do punishment on field he is no more than a mere civilian, and any assault against a person should be viewed by both authorities and internal affairs as such.

          Yes cops die, so do criminals, such is the world we live in, no small part of which is caused by said cops.

          1. That bitch didn’t even get what she deserves. Drink and and look like her (if your lucky). If she would of crashed into my home drunk she would be looking a lot worse

            She’s lucky they didn’t take away her kids and send her to mexico, handcuffed with a “I fuck cartels mothers” tattoo on her head.

            Cops do abuse their powers yes. Cops do take it above and beyond. As hard as this is to say: The cops are for the good guys here.

            Drunk bitch that crashes into a house with 2 kids at home that she doesn’t even know who’s taking care of .. well… um… she got lucky with only an ass beating and shitting in her pants.

            Stinky ass , busted up face, nasty ass, shit pants ass, ugly bitch.

      2. If you don’t like white people, then why are you living in a country built by white Europeans? There are ticket sales to whatever country your race originates from. You can go anywhere on earth for 2000 dollars. Why don’t you save up some money and leave. You probably realize that you’re from a race of morons and would be living in a third world shithole with the rest of your idiot race. So, if you want to live in a white nation, then shut the fuck up idiot.

    1. They were a bit excessive by slamming her face in to the car, but whenever you try to resist you are essentially giving cops the authority to do whatever they need to do.

      Don’t drive drunk. Don’t hit people’s houses with your car.

      I think some of you people are missing the point about personal responsibility.

      Being a cop means dealing with people like this or worse….

    2. you know what this bitch was acting like a dumb ass i got arrested once and cops dint do anything to me when you cooperate nothing happens to you. americans should get a fucking dictator so they appreciate the freedom that they have. there country’s full of corruption like Mexico where police kill and disappear people and your americans bitch about police brutality? that bitch was drunk and she CHOOSE to act like a piece of garbage with the cops hoping to go free and she got what she deserve!

    3. Cops do this kind of shit everyday in this country because their allowed to get away with it. Like it really takes all these guys to handle one women. I mean really! Stupid ass cops were nerds in school that got their asses kicked everyday and grew up to become cops because that’s the only way that they can have any power. Take the badge off and one on one these guys are nothing. That’s how it’s always been and how it will always be. Cops suck!

  1. That man wearing the halloween costume that calls himself a cop got angry and then threw her to the ground in anger. Here you have two strong men who already had her under control on the hood of the car. The face slam is assault and I hope she sues them. That guy is an abusive piece of shit. I little lady like that who has her hands cuffed behind her back. Maybe someone should do that to his wife/sister/mother and see how he likes it. Ten grown men need to get together and beat the living shit out of him for doing that.

    1. the mindless assholes on here saying she deserved it are no better than the cops who did it, so its OK to use extreme force on a small hand cuffed defenseless female who OK deserved to be arrested for what she done drinking and driving is fucked up and she should be sentence for that, but Honestly you so called small “minority”men out there that berate her and call her a whore are pathetic. she was surrounded by fat 200lb + policemen slammed on the car with force then slammed to the ground with enough force to break bones in her face. god forbid if it were your grandma.mother,sister you would sing a different tune then. these so called police men are not doing their jobs they are breaking the laws that were put there to protect us and then using loopholes to give us false charges to make their action seem legitimate praise the lord for cameras for they speak the real truth …….Amen

  2. Been there, done that with the Queensland (Australia) Police. I hit one Cop protecting my friend and the other cop belted the living shit outa me…I got done for assulting two Cops and I counter Sued…I lost because He was protecting His Fellow Officer..WTF? Never laid a Hand on the Second Cunt, and I was protecting my Mate..22 years later I still have so much trouble with my nose, as it was broken at the time……Go Fucking Figure…..

  3. what the fuck been going on to my fav web site?? i just got out of prison… again… ! and seems i missed all the shit, thats gone down. hope mark can sort the situation out! i going do everything i can on my side of the pond for him. i got much love for this site…b.g for ever!! when the law hits , it hits fucking hard.. just like this sexy milf has found out!! fucking cops !!

      1. Hi there, @wiveswithknives. Good question, it is the main thing that you think of, when locked up! And to answer you, I got pissed. Made my way to my pad, to sort my cash out. It’s not anything special, but getting my freedom back is priceless!!!

  4. It’s fucking sickening what police men can get away with. Being a man in this situation is awful, but being a woman is possibly ten times more terrifying, considering we know we may not be as capable of self-defense. For any person to have to endure this is straight bullshit, especially since a civilian’s word against an officer’s usually doesn’t mean anything. Humanity seems to be in a contest against itself for the prize of being the most depraved and pathetically violent species in existence. I think we’re winning. ;|

  5. Hi BG members! Its been awhile but I see the bullshit still stinking up my planet. Wtf did I just see? 4 MEN against a drunk tiny handcuffed woman? You can’t handle THAT its time for a career change. No excuses for DUI..but that was ridiculous. Hope she sues the fuck outta him…she grabbed my balls… huh? No likey the ladies there fagbot? Id be wearing them as earrings…

    1. It seemed as though the cunt that threw her about, was teaching the other cunt what to do. Also he’d already said to the other cop (“she’ll refuse the sample of breath”) she was just trying to find out about her kids. ect. Yes i know she could of caused an accident, or even worse killed a child. But know need to smash her fucking face to the floor, police are real nobs. “ACAB”

          1. I feel kinda unloyal that didnt stayed on this crazy mega comment page to the last, always believing things would turn back to normal again. You guys are the adorable ones.

  6. OK that was just a tad bit over the top!
    She definitely was a super annoying drunk but these dudes are supposed to be trained to deal with this shit…buddy lost his temper and slammed a hand cuffed, 100lb woman face first onto the trunk of a car and then the concrete…totally fucked up!

          1. Yea I remember. I was born in Hollister. Though I don’t share the same mentality as those folks. Maryland changed all that. This place sucks as well.

    1. It was way over the top. Yeah, she deserved something for drinking and driving, to be arrested, charged, have to pay lawyers fees, get a criminal record which is bad enough when you go apply for jobs. But she did not deserve to be face slammed into the pavement but that big bad tough guy.

  7. Daaaavvvviiiddddd Daaaavvvviiiddddd Daaaavvvviiiddddd Daaaavvvviiiddddd Daaaavvvviiiddddd Daaaavvvviiiddddd Daaaavvvviiiddddd bring me toiletttttt paperrrrrrrrrrr
    I love the photo up top shes got the bitch im not gonna tell you again now make me a fuckin sammich face

  8. the average iq of a police officer is lower than average .
    a police officer usually has no outstanding credentials.
    a police officer usually has commited crime himself in the past.
    a police officer scores very low on problem solving and strategy based tests.
    ALL of the above are true and from a verified source and there are more than that i just used a few examples. these are the people that are ‘hired’ to serve and protect ,they are the dregs of society and are suddenly thrust into power because of a badge . when you look at an enforcer of the law you can almost gaurantee that yu are smarter ,more resolute and dignified and will be able to assess the situation better than the police officer . and these poeple are paid for it. terrible.

  9. Drunk drivers who crash into people’s homes don’t deserve your sympathy. Selfish cunt had the nerve to bring up her own kids when she could have killed someone else’s. Had she got that ass whoopin’ thirty years earlier, she may have actually become a human being.

    1. Well, that’s the difference between civilization and savage violence. We have laws and a court and a system of punishment for people who break laws. As a civilized society, we have agreed that violence is wrong, and we arrest violent people and they have to go before a judge. Should we just start becoming violent with every citizen who breaks a law? If you get caught speeding, should your face be punched in? We have jails, we can lock people in them which is much more civilized and humane than brutal savage violence. This video was ugly. Some time in jail could have taught her a lesson. No violence needed at all. We either live in a society that’s civilized, or a lawless barbarian society.

      1. Hahahaha I remember that @Obli. Just like I’m sure there’s gonna be a few “she got what she deserved” people on here. It’s those people that give the police more power to commit brutal acts against common people and get away with it. Yes she definately deserved something for driving drunk, but I’m sure the thousands of $ in fines, suspensions, jail time, etc. would have been good enough without s savage beating. That’s just my opinion though.

      1. Maybe grab a 12 guage, shove it up her ass and blow that shit right out of her mouth? Fucking bullies doing what bullies do best, totally over the top, reality is just one of those cops could have restrained her without using that kind of violence.

      2. She wasn’t just talking. She clearly made moves that police are taught to protect themselves from. If she would of just shut up, went down to the station, and took her arrest (which she deserved) like an adult, her face wouldn’t be broke. She brought it on herself. Yeah, some cops are power tripping assholes, but from what this video shows they had every right to drop her ass.

        1. I know what you’re saying believe me, but. I’m just going with what I know has been done before. It’d not hard to be standing in close quarters with 2 people and make it look like one is “trying” to do something. And sure it’s definately possible that she did make a move, BUT, she’s small & restrained so no move she could’ve even possibly have made should warrant that intense punishment. You can’t possibly think that they were using self-defense because they thought their lives were in danger? (P.S.I mean this all in a healthy debate way cause you know you’re my Buffalo buddy 馃槈 )

  10. i pay the tax, so i will drive drunk if i feel like it. many great videos come from drunks behind the wheel. this video is no exception.

    she could have been hog tied easily. they assaulted her in a brutal way and justice would be served well, with a good head stomping for all involved.

  11. Watching that makes me looooooove cop killers. I think for now on I will cheer to a video of a cop being murdered or tortured.

    9 out of 10 cops should die. If you are a cop, going to be a cop, or am thinking about being a cop, take a gun and shoot yourself in the brain.

    Men who like to beat women are cops at heart.

      1. Those cops were instigating the fuck out of her. Saying they didn’t care what she was saying. They could have tried to calm her down and answer her questions a little better. They were just amped up and ready for a fight. They probably chased her, which pissed them off, and they needed to release all that frustration from the chase.

  12. @Mikey you made a fine point- the $600+ DUI classes, the suspension of her license, insurance spike, massive hangover, thousands in court fines, attorney fees, restitutions, jail trauma, & few other things that slip my mind as I slip into sleep Would & more than suffice… She could’ve killed somebody-blah,blah-point is She Didn’t hurt a fly.. & didn’t deserve to have her orbital socket broken.

  13. Let me get this right. Had she been dragged out of her car and lynched by a bunch of brazilians, that’s cool. But a cop bangs her face on the floor and everyone is pissed? I dislike many cops, but I also dislike a bitch that drives her car into someone’s fucking house. I would have liked her getting shot in the head, then again I wouldn’t mind that treatment done to everyone.

  14. these united states are not brazil or africa, most of the lynching done in those countries are done to (accused) rapists, child molesters, & thieves, I’d much rather someone crash a car into my house when I’m not home than steal from me (I’d let ol’ christina here rape me till my dick fell off 馃檪 @spank- shot in the head? That’ll really help society- why don’t you lead by example :)*

  15. Milf? Really? Cocks don’t have a conscience, but my eyes never lie. I’d let that strobe light ho walk on. As far as the beating she received, it was avoidable, but clearly wrong on the so called servants of the peace is concerned. Don’t resist in those situations and let your lawyer do the talking. That’s what they’re for. To protect you from situations like this where cops are involved. Not the cops because they’re only concern is to back each others play and pile as may charges they can get on you. They are basically a legal gang. All she had to do is stay silent. The utmost of golden rules when ever dealing with the police under all circumstances anytime and everywhere. She failed utterly. She took matters into her own hands and screwed herself. But be that as it may, everyone involved was guilty of something here. No one was innocent.

    1. I hate drunk drivers, and she no doubt should’ve been arrested. But.. You shouldn’t have to watch every single word you say to a dumbass cop to keep from getting the shit beat out of you. They could’ve easily detained her without doing THAT to her.

      What do I know, though. I’m biased because i just don’t like cops. I’m sure there are decent ones somewhere in the world, though.

      Now.. Go buy me some red bull, Rudey? 馃槈

  16. “She kinda tried to grab my balls” or something like that the cop said in the end made me laugh. As for the beating: her screaming and whining was very annoying, but she didn’t deserve the way those cops behaved and treated her.

    1. She’s obviously a habitual ball grabber, grabbing and squeezing male testicles like their oranges on sale in the supermarket. I’ll be forever grateful for the half dozen brave men who risked their lives to rid us of that menace.

  17. The picture of that bitch’s beat up face gave me a semi-chub. She seems like one of those special assholes who thinks she is permitted to lecture police when she is being arrested. Isn’t she special. Now please excuse me while I take care of something in the bathroom.

  18. This Is the kind of shit that makes me hate police!! They didn’t need to fuck her up like that when all she was trying to do is talk to them about where her children were going! Fucking cops couldn’t wait to fuck her up! There was no need for them to break her face, there was three against one! I hope she sues there asses!!!!

  19. This all started with her getting drunk, driving, and then crashing into somebody’s house. She obviously resisted, and screamed, etc. Don’t drink and drive, this will never happen to you. Of course the cops were rough, but she started it all. I hope she sued for abuse, but doubt she would win based on all the facts.

  20. I agree she was wrong with getting the DUI in the first place but they didn’t have to break her face! They had control over her there was 3 of them against a small girl, n her hands were behind her back!! They didn’t have to use that much force!! That was just fucked up n has me mad!

  21. Okay people, i hate cops just as much as any of you, but let’s…face…it; this drunk bitch was asking for it. I’ll say right off the bat that I have a special disliking for drunk drivers, and the mere fact that this white trash abortion was driving that fucked up justifies any beating in my humble opinion:)

    That aside, it seems obvious to me that her squirming and generally acting a dumb drunk cunt is what led to her slamming on to the concrete. Looks a lot like the cops were trying to hold her cunt ass against the hood of the car, and as she squirmed and squirmed like the slimy little cunt worm she is, she fell and they likewise fell on her. I really don’t think it was intentional on the cops part.

    And don’t any of you kid yourself. This bitch aint have the money to sue anybody.


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