Face Breaking DUI Arrest of Christina West in Tallahassee, Florida

Face Breaking DUI Arrest of Christina West in Tallahassee, Florida

A video has surfaced showing Tallahassee, Florida police officers slamming a 44 year old mother of two onto the hood of a police cruiser and then onto the ground with so much force that she suffered a broken orbital bone in her face, a bloody nose and multiple bruises and other injuries. The video was recorded by a dashboard camera inside a police car.

Christina West was asked to perform a field sobriety test after which she was handcuffed and placed into the back seat of a patrol car. Several minutes later, she was ordered to step out of the police car to take a breathalizer test but as she exited, she begen asking questions about her husband and kids. The officers ordered her to be quiet which lead to a physical struggle. The cops resorted to slamming her head hard against the hood and the ground.

Christina West was charged with DUI and several counts of battery on a law-enforcement officer for the August 10, 2013 incident – typical… cops break your face and not only do you become a victim of an assault, you also charged with assault thanks to falsified reports by the finest.

Prior to her arrest, Christina West had reportedly driven her car off the road and into a home. There is no excuse for her driving drunk, but there definitely is no excuse for the officers to brutalize, manhandle and humiliate the lady like she was a blow up doll. She looks good for a 44 year old though. Hot MILF material.

The Time Magazine once featured a photo of an Afghan woman with battered face on the cover, alleging that the photo proved the brutallity of the Taliban against women. Somehow I don’t think it would go with the agenda if the magazine featured photos of people victimized by the enforcers in the so called free, democratic country.

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  1. Why the hell do you sympathize with that skunk? I wish our cops did that to every fucking drunk we are plagued with in this ass crack between the dolomites in northern Italy. Over here we are slaves to every drug abuser, drunken idiot stalking the streets. Lay a finger upon them and they can suit the shit out of you, when they freak out and lay waste to your bar you are to kindly ask them to get out and wait (usually 20 minutes) until law enforcement arrives, or face the dire consequences of your eventual physical abuse.
    I wish they did that to my girlfriend’s mother when she tried to resist the alcohol test. Way to go, american cops! We miss folks like you!

  2. “Are you a wife beater without a wife. Has beating your own wife become dull and routine? Sign up now for law enforcement! Every day you will come in contact with dozens of women and children who ‘deserve’ a good smacking! You will have the authority to give it to them! Why stop there? We’ll back you up with arms and personnel! Together we can beat anyone down… even men! No education? Even better! The mayor pulls the strings. No thinking required!
    Join today!”

      1. Thank you, Mikey and Rude. I guess the lack of new content brought you this far.
        I tend (to sheep) to go on Tosh.O – like rants for hours on one picture. Her mug shot has so far only inspired about 45 one- liners. The night is young!
        ~ Take it easy.

  3. She don’t want to comply but hey, don’t kill her damn it. It’s a 44 old woman, you don’t need to use such a force. Jesus Christ, where we going? Into Orwellian 1984?

    “Serve and Protect” my ass.

    “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you?ve already said that!”

    No comment of mine at all.

    Admins, can you please unblock me from “Your comment await moderation” thing?
    I think i deserve some trust from time i came on Best Gore.

  4. You can clearly see she kicks at least one of the officers. I agree they used excessive force… but she did, in fact, assault at least one of them. Hopefully she’ll be able to sue for the injuries caused by the excessive force.

  5. I’m not a fan of police excesses, but I’m glad to see a drunk driver get the short end of the stick for once. They usually walk away from crashes without a scratch while their victims suffer life changing injuries.

  6. What an incredibly stupid woman. She is caught driving drunk with three guys in the back seat that she was obviously taking somewhere to have sex with. The cops should have knocked her out cold and shut her the fuck up.

  7. To all the mother fucking statists saying this is what this women deserves I’d like to see you bound and slammed on the concrete for and an infraction of the law. Speeding is against the law it endangers people so by this logic you should be throttled as well. As for abusive power tripping pigs they are everywhere and the supreme court has ruled they have no legal obligation to protect the citizens so basically those crying about people opting out of funding them and not having their services available yeah sounds fucking good to me. Been robbed several times cops don’t do shit, they react to a situation and as stated before their main goal is to feed the prison industrial complex not protect the rights or lives of citizens, in return floods the coffers of those who fund this ridiculous private army. Like how they militarized over the last ten years with federal subsidies? Some with armored vehicles all in the name of continuity of government and keeping the serfdom in check.

  8. Really? Ok she is a drunk 44 yr. Old suburban housewife who was stopped and caught for dui. The cops had no handcuffs small enough for her.
    I am all for women getting beat down and handled equally like us big boys.
    This one is off the planet fucked up!
    She can overcome a drinking habit and be a good wife and mother.
    What does it take to change the cops life? When they back the blue?
    If this is my wife? Drunk. Dumb and Crazy? Yes.
    A cop does this to her? Motherfucker i am going balls out on him.
    They got pissed off at her screaming? Yeah fuckers. She is a middle class soccermom who you know is drunk as hell and no way she could hurt you. She is going to go fucking crazy.
    That is what they do. You assholes arrest men like me when they go off with us!!! You do not get to do what we cant do to them with out us having a fucking court date!
    Fucking punk ass fag cops! Good enough picture for you?

  9. “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”

    Ok admit the fact that you was DUI and take the consequence fare enough,but this looked to me like total overkill, all those police to arrest a girl that looked no bigger that 5’2″ and smash her face to the tarmac.
    Please mister Babylon, don’t play us for fools !

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