Father Beats Guy Who Tried to Seduce His 11 Year Old Daughter

Father Beats Guy Who Tried to Seduce His 11 Year Old Daughter

The 23 year old man in the video was allegedly trying to seduce an 11 year old girl, daughter of the man who beat him till his face swelled up. The guy allegedly approached the girl through WhatsApp, but actually spoke with the girl’s father who pretended to be her.

The two arranged a meeting, but instead of the preteen girl, her father showed up and beat the shit out of the guy.

Of course, this is what the father who beat the guy says. The guy received no due process, so all we have is what the attacker is telling us.

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          1. here @trainwreck :

            FATHER:…this wastrel looking face, look at here, wastrel! Do you still want do something to my daughter?
            FUCKEDUPGUY: Never!
            FATHER: Never? Are you still going to want pictures of my 11-yo daughter?
            FUCKEDUPGUY: No, nevermore! I?ll never speak to her anymore, I?m absolutely sure! If I come to do it again you ought to kill me!
            FATHER: Speak straight, fucker, son of a bitch, got that?
            FATHER: The daughter is mine, did you know that? Why were you asking for naked pictures of her, you fucker? I?m going to wreck you even more so to make sure you understood.
            FATHER(to the other guy): Hold on to that camera!
            FUCKEDUPGUY: (screams ayyy!!!!)


            by the accent I might say they’re from the Center-West region, I don’t know, maybe outbacks of Minas Gerais…

          1. Haha true @atucker. In a few years when boys start showing interest he’s gonna be a maniac….if he’s around to even experience that. He might’ve killed the guy and end up going to jail over it.

    1. Everything I heard in this video says the father was protecting his 11 yr old.The peado says ” ill never do it again” the father was saying “you son of of a bitch,asking for naked photos of my 11 year old daughter,ill give you a hug ok? And smash your face in a bit more” at the end you can hear him giving the peado another beating….

  1. If the story is true the fucker got off light with an ass whipping.
    Had the dad called the cops and he went to prison he would have faced much worse on a daily basis.

  2. A father posing as his own daughter to lure pedophiles and beat the shit out of them? Fuckin bizarre…but good on him for showing that scumbag what for I guess, assuming that the story is true.

    1. Yeah, @Jack Doe…That’s my problem, with this one. I doubt the version…What if the beating dad was a real fucking maniac? What if the girl is more than a teen? And, well, she turned him on…whatever. Just my thought…But the swollen face is a bit old I think, so the girl must be more than 11. Pure maniac to me…both. The daughter mustn’t be much better if she starts that early. Damn…

  3. I think this video will be an evidence later. You could hear the guy screaming at the end. You could also deduce that they’re in the middle of a a field of some sort probably because the father is so pissed of at the guy that he might actually kill him there. The accomplice driver can also be seen at the end receiving the camera. He might be the companero/compadre of the father.
    Now we wait…

          1. He wanted to do the “Horizontal Bop”…but her daddy was like
            “Come to Poppa” still its better than “16 Shells From A 30-06″…”Lock and Load”

  4. Ok so heres the translation:
    Father – …you got a bum’s face. What’s up you bum, you wanted to snatch my daughter, you bastard?
    Pedo – Ohh no, never… never…
    F – Never? And you wanted to take a picture of my 11 year old daugher, you bum?
    P – Never, ill never (didnt understood what he said) here, never…
    F – Never? You sure?
    P – Im sure for my health’s sake, (i didnt understood again) now.
    F – Talk now, in my face, you bastard! You son of a whore! You understood? That was my daugher, you bastard! You knew that was my daugher? And you wanted to take a picture of her naked, you bastard! You wretch! Huh? You understood? Im gonna give you a “horn” (dont ask… i dont know what he ment with that), so that you learn! Im gonna break your face even further, alright!? You son of a whore! Hold here…
    Dude in the car – Alright.
    (screams outside of the car) 😆

    1. Hey DK didn’t you translate this video a long time ago too? I know i saw it a while back. I could have sworn it was you who translated it before a bit. Anyway. I thought the story I read on it was that tge guy died.

    2. I’ll translate the parts where you did not understand, the first part I didn’t understand too, shit lol:

      P ? Im sure for my health?s sake, if I make this again you can kill me now.

      The father did not say “I’m gonna give you a horn”, he said “Vou dar um coro em voc?” or “I’m going to beat you”

      And in the end the guy in the guy said “Enough, let’s go home, enough” 😀

  5. En Argentina es com?n que las adolescentes tengan relaciones sexuales consentidas a muy temprana edad,ya a partir de los 11 o doce a?os.Y los “culpables” casi siempre son mayores de edad.Este muchacho solo tuvo la mala suerte de ser descubierto

  6. He needs to have a glass rod shoved up his urethra, then break it, then pump alcohol in. Simultaneously he needs to be anally raped with a spiked stick. What will we use for lube? You got it! Hand sanatizer! Pedophiles hold a special little locked away place in my heart.

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