Father Beats His Three Little Daughters with Whip

Father Beats His Three Little Daughters with Whip

Father Beats His Three Little Daughters with Whip

I got next to no backinfo on this, but apparently the video is from China. Perhaps our Chinese friends can chip in and confirm if that’s really the case.

The video shows a man, allegedly a father, brutally beating his three little daughters with something he folded up to act as a whip. Someone (mother?) is participating in the beatings by videotaping the whole thing from the same room.

Poor kids, but the oldest one got the worst of it. I find it unjustifiable to beat pre-teen kids with full force of a grown adult.

Props to Best Gore member @zebool for the video:

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214 thoughts on “Father Beats His Three Little Daughters with Whip”

  1. If the children survive some years, then the trauma will still be there and I can already tell that the daughters surely know how to use a kitchen knife properly. Fuck this persona he gonna die in sleep with many stabs from these little 3.

          1. Dude, children can be cruel hard core if you give them full freedom and spoils them.
            Women on the other head can fck with other man if you show weakness. They start nagging like hell and then, they go to phase 2: Talking behind your back, being grossly passive aggressive and so on.

            You be mangina and white knight if you want and you will be used to the last €$.

          2. Discipline is needed in children and we are far to soft on our kids these days. But she about 6 yrs old! What’s the worst she could of done? Spilt her milk ?? There is a line you do not cross. A smack on the bum is one thing but beating your kids like that is just inexcusable. I hope they slit his throat in his sleep.

    1. i had the same as a kid but a lot worst ..the pain hurts at first then adrenaline kicks in.the terrible part is you dont know when its comming..it disturbs the soul and 45 years later i suffer from sudden loud noise. ptsd i think .the one girl in the white dress got me,she attempted to plea and then demonstrate her shock and dismay to no avail then hid behind the table leg..lobbing heads off no prob ,executions ,fighting ,murder,no problem ,thats humanity for you..but kids is streching it to far..give me that man ill show him pain,eternal deep and prolong it…if he lived next to me he would get one in the dome by proxy..the wife needs rubbing out also..cute kids ,demonic parents..bad bad bad..pls show respect for them.

      1. same here, I was a lot more scared of my mother’s punishment than my father’s. He was away most of the time on a ship (Navy) so my mother whipped the four of us with anything she could get her hands on (broke many a hairbrush and broomstick). When my father did punish us, he’s make us go and get his belt and bring it to him so he could whip us…. always hated the trip getting it a lot more than the whipping itself…. I learned very early to get a wider belt, the thin ones back in those days had NO wind resistance and left worse whelps. All of us kids grew up and went in the military right after high school (except my older sister – got married between junior and senior to get away from my parents)….. I have to admit, we all grew up fast after leaving home and not one of us went back to live with my parents after leaving (most likely they wouldn’t have let us anyway). Never could stop laughing at my little brother running circles around my mother as she held his hand, him screaming as she attempted to “spank” him with whatever was at hand (and most of the time wore her out before she made the first contact)… :-/

        1. thanks for sharing that what most dont ..we got it with bamboo chimney sweep sticks.they are a metre long with brass screw fitmants so they can fit together..you could bend a bamboo stick it wont snap..the dogs chain was used on special days across my back ,legs.after a good innings you body goes numb,the arms dead for half hour..today i dont respond well to threats,iv been to the ultimate training centre..home,bloody,home…thanks.

      2. Same my mother always beat on me and my siblings from the oldest (me) to the youngest (minus my two infant siblings) who is now 3 years old. My mom would use anything as long as she didn’t have to hit us with her hands. She would toss us into walls, walk on top of us and even choke us. Even though she beat my second oldest sister too, my mother never hit her too hard because that’s who she favors. My mother beat me and my now 5 year old brother the worst because I’m and oldest and she doesn’t like my father and for my brother, because she never wanted a boy.
        I’m no longer in an environment like that. I’m living with some other family members who care for me and my siblings to which I am thankful for.

      3. I feel sorry for you cunts who had such awful childhoods. My mother was a beautiful buxom blonde, a real Aryan beauty. My father was dark and handsome with light brown skin and black hair. They were very loving to me and my siblings. We had the best childhood ever and we’ve all grown up to be super intelligent and successful in everything we do.
        Anyway fuck you and i hope you’re having flashbacks to your terrible beatings and awful childhoods right now.

        1. Let me guess, your parents were nice to you, but i deeply feel like you’re getting spanked everyday or being bullied at school when you were 6 years old :D, and hey even better, i guess cuz your mom is a blonde cunt, you’re fat, a fat brown guy, who’s getting nagged every day by his mates, hitting him and abusing him. Hey how about these flashsbacks 😉 ? good hein ! oh how good must’ve felt remembering these, or prob you saw your mother cheat i dunno what you went through, but it’s far worse than parents abuse i can tell, hey fag, go to a psy, you’re mentally ill, or you know what ! don’t please, so you suffer until you die, that thought makes me happy <3

          1. seems like you hit the nail on the head,poor fatboy slim bet he sits down to urinate.there seems to be some deep rooted trauma during his childhood .his disparaging remarks are his ego booster,regardless of who ,or why,or how,his default mode is to be fake and go with the narrative of his fellow fatboy keyboard warriors..got picked on for sure,bad sex life,insecure,overweight,the dr prescribes a bottle of jack d ,500ml tramadol,44 magnum with hollow points ,put one in the temple.the pain will cease .

      4. Me too. My dad used to hold me down and tickle me. If I asked for the chocolate bar in the fridge instead of eating the peas on my plate he’d send me to my room to go play Twisted Metal on my nintendo 64. It was pure torture at times. I would just cry myself to sleep as a kid. I’m just numb to it. Still, the thoughts of being tickled traumatized me real bad to the point of severe ptsd.

        1. Haha tickling, that was great fun, my mum tickled me a lot. She was such a beautiful, fun woman of good strong Aryan stock. I think some of the Members here are seriously jealous of anyone who had a happy childhood.

      5. @drstrangeglove
        I had it bad too. My parents used to make me strip naked and bend over the bed and beat me with a belt up until I was 17 and moved out. I had welts up and down the back of my body and it would be hard to sit at school the next day. I use to get beat for the smallest things like not cleaning the bathtub to my mom’s standards or not having the entire house cleaned from top to bottom (not being dramatic just facts) by the time they got home from going to yard sales. I got thrown into walls by my throat, got hot with whatever my mom could grab…. It was brutal. It stays with you for life. A lot of it was bc I was adopted and they hated my biological mother. I never treated my kids like that.

    2. @goreaddict117 (Kube)
      Nothing is gonna traumatized these little dolls. In an African culture, some of us grew up to some brutal beatings by parents beyond what is being seen in the video. We were taught through the beatings to respect and fear our parents as we regard them as our only God, our creator and not the fiction god of the bible and quran.

      1. You respect your parents but that’s about all.
        It really taught you to do things sneakily behind everyone’s back to avoid the punishment or better still it taught you to migrate to the west where you don’t get punished for stealing and begging.

  2. Update Bestgore 2040: Chinese father of three girls found beaten, stabbed, eyes plucked out, balls cut off, burned, dismembered and beheaded. Along with his wife. Authorities believe it to be the result of some sort of family dispute.

  3. This is proof that some people just should never have kids. Yes, kids are a major pain in the ass and do stupid and annoying things. We all know this, and those of us who cannot deal with the nonsense should not procreate.

    As it is, I think these kids may grow up like the Menendez brothers – waiting for the right opportunity to reign justice down on these disgraces to the gene pool. My hope would be that they would not murder their parents though. That would be a short-lived retribution, and these special parents may deserve something more enduring.

  4. This is just awful, I had to turn it off
    You notice the emotional abuse is just as devastating to the child as the physical pain
    Those girls are gonna be fuck’d up as young women, and the guy’s they date won’t know
    Unless they are lemons (Yellow on yellow?)
    It is so obvious that this guy was getting off on causing terror and brutality, what he
    was doing had nothing to do with ‘educating’ the kids, he was just digging his own
    power trip
    Probably hates his job
    We all do
    So he takes it out on these 2 innocent little slant-eye monkey faced moles
    It’s too sad
    Poor little yellow, rice-munching slut-faces ..

      1. Not true… I grew up daughter of a heavily damaged Korean War vet and was literally thrown through walls and bounced off the sidewalk…. I do not, and have not ever, laid a finger on my kids for that exact reason. There are too many instances where emotions can get out of control and it’s a very fine line between a spanking and too much force… fuck that shit. No child should ever have to grow up in constant paralyzing fear like I did.

        And lo and behold, my kids aren’t spoiled heathens either *gasp*

        Spare the rod, spare your child becoming a psycho basket case in adulthood. Seriously.

      2. Not true… I grew up daughter of a heavily damaged Korean War vet and was literally thrown through walls and bounced off the sidewalk…. I do not, and have not ever, laid a finger on my kids for that exact reason. There are too many instances where emotions can get out of control and it’s a very fine line between a spanking and too much force… fuck that shit. No child should ever have to grow up in constant paralyzing fear like I did.

        And lo and behold, my kids aren’t spoiled heathens either *gasp*

        Spare the rod, spare your child becoming a psycho basket case in adulthood. Seriously.

        1. Totally agree just because you experienced trauma as a kid doesn’t mean you are going to turn out defective as well. Some people that experience that trauma turn out to defend future victims and help them.

  5. BEYOND THE GRAVE by bad jonny
    (Inspired by: Beyond the Sea)

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    “Butt-fucked your first shy girlfriend
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    “You both popped your Ecstacy
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    While Doctor Phil beats off his cock
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    If I could speak to you from beyond the grave:
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  6. Its all relative I suppose, although I am against violence to children as a matter of course. However lets say your children come home after being indoctrinated by libtards and they start spouting SJW LGBT+++, and forever counting, sickening shit at you and they also start hating you and their own race and curse you and themselves for being what you are and for not being “woke” enough. What’s more, they start wanting to date and fuck niggers to “stick it to the man” and “rebel”.

    Wouldn’t you take the fucking belt to them?, I know I would. I would do it with gusto knowing full well that should they not learn they will end up like every other snowflake libtard SJW. Dead and with a Darwinism award to go with it.

    Sometimes parental punishment is the lesser evil. Its all a matter of context in that regard then.

      1. I’m not sure that’s true. Plenty of wise nigger hating men who raised their kids with love and never hit them have seen their daughters succumb to perversion and choose nigger dick in later years only to end up beaten and dead at the hands of Tyrone. They have also seen their well raised children turn on them for voting the “wrong” way after being indoctrinated via university/college into the libtard mindset.

        I would never hit small children like in the footage but if teenage children do the above they do in my opinion deserve some hard love and discipline.

        Imagine your daughter bringing home a nigger boyfriend and coming home woke. Fuck. Nightmare fuel.

          1. No. It is not justified at that age. My point however was about parental guidance in general. Adult children need to be dealt with in adult ways otherwise they won’t learn and vise versa. Small children need to be dealt with in child like ways. Discipline need not always involve physical beatings then. It should be a last resort in fact with the emphasis always on education and learning regardless of tactic.

        1. Excellent points, Empty soul. Behind every nigger-loving white girl is a weak father who never physically punished her. In this case, the father may have been a bit overzealous, as he was obviously angry, but I see nothing wrong with a father using corporal punishment to discipline his children, even if they’re young. That’s his responsibility as a parent. He was always aiming to strike their buttocks, he wasn’t trying to injure them in any way. He did nothing wrong.

          If it was in fact the mother who was filming this though, I do take issue with that. The mother should’ve only been there afterward to comfort her daughters and explain to them what they did wrong and why they were punished. Her role is to be nurturing, not punitive.

        1. poz ,i did raise the flag of truce..but you dont learn ..im going to sort you proper ,boy.the glove are off ..you still think rockets cant go to space due to lack of oxygen..get the fuck out of here boy ..low iq ..inbred trailer trash ,jerry springer fan..

          1. You just started commenting a week ago. Did you just create an account? Are you here to try an discredit me fuck head? Good luck with that troll boy. Where are you? In Tel Aviv? Eat a big dick troll bitch.

  7. My guess is that those small girls broke something or caused their father some kind of loss.
    Looking at where they live, it looks like a high-rise 1-bed flat, there isn’t much furniture there, there’s a shoe rack, and a gas cylinder. It’s a poor family obviously, so whatever they’ve broken or lost has affected their Dad immensely.

    I’d really like to know what those girls did to earn such a pasting. And why the mum thinks it’s ok to film it all.

    1. I wondered that too. He seems unreasonably angry at aimed most of his wrath at the eldest one… she and the younger two could have wandered outside their allowed area, etc…. seems to me she was the ringleader of whatever offense these girls committed…. and I couldn’t even watch it after ten seconds… shit’s sick and turns my stomach, young child like that. For shame, on adults who do this sick shit to kids

      1. well thanks,least you got your line drawn in the sand ..dont follow the sheepshites..these fake, limp dick ,bald,pot belly,swarthy,heathen…bisexual,libtard,mother fuckers..inbred retard trailer trash redneck,jerry springer fans..swizzle you on it proper.

        1. I got the opposite impression. I wouldn’t call them well-to-do but they had bottled water with dispenser, couple jugs on deck and that is a lot of shoes! I have 3 pair. Work, boots and sneakers (almost 2 thankski) and girls had cute dresses. Mom needs to put down camera and pick up a broom. Place is mess

          1. Would you shut the hell up strange love. Are you here to try to stir up shit with everyone? I can tell, you won’t be here very long. You see, we’re all friends around here. Keep acting like an asshole jerk off.

        1. ok dre ,your a cool dude ,i dont want to cross the sword of intellect with you..fair play,well said ..ill reset ..by the way i love to blaze the green grass over here in england..so im lighting one up as a peace treaty..i will not break it.my word is my bond..respect guys ok.poz. cap.despy ,dre.

  8. I got it the same way as a kid. I can honestly say if I ever saw this being done now as an adult by another adult to a small child, I would beat that person to within an inch of their life. There is no excuse/reason for this. That guy is a total piece of shit and so is the person just filming this and not doing anything about it. Hope karma is swift and painfully horrible for both of them. Wish some of those drug cartels would get hold of them and take care of them, fuckers!

  9. i got beat far worse than this. i have to admit it’s pretty terrible to see it happen to others, even if to yourself it isn’t a big deal. i believe in discipline, but this type of shit is just wrong. wire hangers fucking hurt when they hit bone! almost makes you wish you were a kid now-a-days, those fatties can probably take a good beating like it ain’t no thang.

      1. been there and you’re right, it’s sad. me and my sister used to try to protect each other and distract my mom when she beat us. it would only lead to being beat harder or longer, but what, you going to watch your sibling getting beat and not at least try? luckily we didn’t have call phones back then, could you even imagine your parents not only wrecking your ass, but taping it and posting it for all to see? poor girls. 🙁

  10. Oh. Shit like this happens a lot and are often posted on Facebook. Just recently I saw a group if policemen saving a tied up kid on a scooter for apparently not wanting to go home. His arms and legs are tied up and he was lied across the foot rest area, with head and legs protruding to the sides as his mother rides the bike.

    The other one I saw is a little boy around 9 tied and hung up by his legs as his father beat the shit out of him with a stick or paddle.

    I’m not certain if the boy is the same in both videos(cuz as you know they, especially kids, all look the same) but if he is then I’m sure his life will be interesting in the future. Honestly I think he’s a killer in the making thanks to parents like that.

  11. I had my mind blown when I found out getting your ass smacked across the room is not normal. Whats worse is that others who also had this realization suddenly act like new profound victims of child abuse just because they got spanked by daddy.

    1. Wow did not see this coming:

      Sichuan accent, the three little girls stole the money from the house or something. At the end of the video, the father asked the three little girls if they remembered the lesson this time.

      What would little kids steal money for? I bet it was the mom



  12. Just Seeing them In pain is Honestly the worst, For Starters, They’re Kids.
    What’d they Even do to Deserve that?
    Poor Girls moved around in Hopes that He’d Stop but He kept Going.
    Shameful Father.
    I Hope the Best for these Girls. And I Hope that they Can just Let this Go sooner in their Lives.
    What a Stronzo.
    Like if You’re gonna Have kids, Treat them Right for Crying out loud, Show them the Correct way to behave not beat em till they scream which could Cause trauma for em.

  13. Is it weird I been nurturing my load for sometime now enough to know it would be a daughter, looking for a mommy, none yet but if there any takers in here let’s have BG hookup see if you pass my physical exam. I know sounds serial kill-like but she’s gonna have half your DNA to so no fatties and nuns we here are a set not long for this world. So come on. -951-

  14. After reading some comments I realized this is probably what bg viewer have in common.
    It is the pain of childhood. I am happy not being a witness to this kind of misbehavior, I am not sure what I would do. I guess something without discussion.
    I often realize that if someone is forcing or hurting someone else I jump into the middle and make the situation 10 times worser, because I start being the aggressor. I guess this is what I wished as child. Most often the original aggressor stop being aggressive because he feels that I would love to real fight. And then I am the ashole.
    But if I didn’t do that I always thinking why I didn’t help.

  15. So many manginas on here. That pain those 3 little ones are getting now will last a few days but is nothing to what they will do to their husbands in the future that they will mentally torture the man the rest of his life if they don’t get discplined at young age. You dumb asses crying about beatings my dad beat me with a spike belt. Instead of being a snow flake it turned me into a bamf. I wasn’t allowed to cry. He said if you cry I will hit you harder. Kids deserved to be beat when they disobey. THats only thing that works to straighten them out. Part of why america is biggest debtor nation in history of the world is from all the debt we have because kids are spoiled. And the females are spoiled the worst. Then they grow up and get married to a man to spend all his money until hes bankrupt. tHen they jump to the next guy. Proof is all there 50% divorce rate. They might of changed of their dad beat them with a wire hanger once in awhile to realize you can’t have things your way.

    You guys think he wants to beat his daughter? Hes definitely not happy beating them hes not laughed or amuzed by it. I am pretty sure he has to work the next day to feed those 3 assholes. Hes not a snow flake that will let any woman of any age feel shes above him. That day those 3 little ones realized they better know their place and thats below a man. But go ahead be manginas I am pretty sure most of you are broke working the rest of your life for woman that were never disciplined like this. YOu guys make jokes about men tortured on here likes its funny. But if its a female you all cry about and in realization the real torture is what a woman does to a mans mind.

    1. sounds like the only action you’ve gotten was way back when … fond childhood memories of your uncle playing games with you in the bedroom. maybe you should think about suicide, rather than ruefully glaring at young girls being abused, probably the same way you were as a child. rethink your choices and be a decent fucking human.

  16. Chinese men are pussies. I’d see a fight on the streets coming home from work at 9pm, 1 guy vs. 1 and girlfriends in the middle trying to stop both guys and take the pussy pushes from the other guy (the women have bigger balls than the men). One guy Wechats his 12 friends and they all suddenly show up within 9 minutes to fight the one guy. That type of pussy-ass stuff is seriously gay. This happened in the real China BTW, not L.A. The end fight of 12 against one was less than impressive as well.

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