Favela Justice System – Woman Brutally Beaten with 2×4 by Drug Trafficker

Favela Justice System - Woman Brutally Beaten with 2x4 by Drug Trafficker

Video from Cidade Alta de Cordovil – one of the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, shows a local drug trafficker beating the living shit out of a woman with a 2×4 plank of wood. The 20 year old woman reportedly attacked the trafficker’s wife.

Favelas have their own justice system which operates outside of the state. Often times the condemned is killed, or expelled from the community. Their punishment serves as warning to others.

92 thoughts on “Favela Justice System – Woman Brutally Beaten with 2×4 by Drug Trafficker”

      1. Never ever met a guy who was good at beating a chick…..being as good at beating other guys..never heard of it either…..my brother ” rocky” wouldn’t stay in the corner at the first blow…..haha…..Easy to beat a woman…..for a grown man….

        1. I’m stating the obvious, but he really beat the shit out of her. If it was because she abused his kid, I still don’t think he should have done her like that, I mightve roughed her up a bit, but hitting females really isn’t in my Playbook. Better to let her cell mates do the beating

          1. its my understanding supper wasn’t on the table and she burnt the what ever the fuck they eat, but seriously no excuse that dude needs a major ass whipping with a steel pipe, its never ok to hit a woman

      1. then there was the video where about 5 Mexicans took turns beating the ever loving shiy out of I think it was ajudges or prosecuters brother also had electrodes wired to his nuts they never hit him the head so he wouldn’t pass out but by far worse beating I have ever seen on bg and they all did a liitle dance before taking turns beating this poor guy I know they had to have broken every bone in his body 20 times over, that one is hard to watch

  1. Admin get your shit straight.. This has nothing to do with drugs, this is the woman that beat the shit out of a baby she was taking care of.. And this is the baby’s father that’s beating her with the 2-4

  2. I don’t believe in beating women. Unless she hit first. Or if she harmed a baby. If this is the babysitter we saw who kicked a baby, stood on it and threw it, then this bitch needs more of the same.

  3. i really do not know from where you get your stories!
    this was not in Brazil.. it was somewhere in the damn Africa!
    this woman is a baby sitter and she was beaten the shit out of her because she, in earlier video had beaten the man’s child and treated the child more bad as she got revenged.
    please try to make better stories if you gonna make your own media on here.

  4. If this was the woman that beat that poor child in Africa… I’d have fucking killed her slowly. She wouldn’t have gotten off as easily as this had it been my child. As they say: “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

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