Favela Thief Enters World of Hurt from Beating with Plank

Favela Thief Enters World of Hurt from Beating with Plank

Favela Thief Enters World of Hurt from Beating with Plank

Somewhere in a Brazilian favela, a thief was caught stealing and the populace picked up planks of wood to teach him a lesson. Nothing unusual for Brazil.

From the beginning, even though the beater was not holding back, the thief was taking the blows quite well, but as they kept coming, and more harm was being caused to his muscles and bones, he entered a world of major hurt.

Props to Best Gore member @ino-2 for the video:

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      1. ola amigo sou brasileiro hahaha estou sempre por aqui vendo todos os posts de voces e bom o meu pais é realmente uma merda , mas não são todos os lugares que tem violencia … fiquem longe de São Paulo , Rio de Janeiro , são os piores do meu pais ….

        1. Também sou Brasileiro e acompanho a muito tempo aqui, infelizmente existe violência em todo Brasil, pra mim São Paulo ainda dá pra se viver mas no rio de janeiro é tipo uma guerra eterna entre favelados e polícias corruptos e infelizmente você pode morrer de uma maneira merda como uma bala perdida. O Brasil infelizmente é um país de terceiro mundo e isso nunca vai mudar…

    1. You think its easy to find a job in Brazil do you ? maybe he had no choice. Maybe he has family to feed. They dont have welfare there, or food banks like in USA . You have no back story who are you to judge ?

      1. Maybe, maybe, maybe… maybe he´s just an egoistic rat that doesn´t think about the others? I don´t know. With all these brazilian caught thief beating videos you can just assume how many thiefs there are in Brazil. This shithole is getting worse with every day! Yeah, if I would have to risk to endure incredible pain to feed my family, I´d rather not have a “backstory”.

        1. Thats to much common sense for your average flesh virus. The poor and stupid will always breed. The wealthy love that these idiots keep pumping out impoverish, disadvantaged kids. They either wind up in prison which is essentially free labor for the private prison industrial complex or they wind up in low paid service jobs that make the wealthy lifes much easier. Thats especially why the government incentives irresponsible breeding. Making more slaves for the system.

      2. Then take all your shit out to the ghetto and give it to the first crackheads you see. Validate your self righteous keyboard warrior ignorance and practice what you preach. Or even better. What if someone broke into your house and stole everything. I bet you wouldn’t be singing emphatic meaningless bullshit then.

      1. omg you just reminded me of that 80year old lady that came here said she’s been lurker but it was her birthday so she said hi

        I cant even begin to think what post it was. anyone?

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  1. That Fuckers gonna need A Full-Body Cast once he’s done with him. As for his stolen goods store,, , that he ran out of his place, or more precisely (His Mama’s Basement), lol Yea,,, i think it’ll be Closed for awhile, or at least until his hands have had a chance to heal from the 11 or so Surgeries in each that he will be needing to have, lol.

    So with no Stolen-Stock to sell,,,, why stay open, as i doubt that he will even be able to lift an Old-Lady’s Purse without breaking a finger with what’s left of those hands of his, bwa, ha ha! Dumb-Ass Punk-Ass Motherfucker

    Good on you ya fucking thief, Get A Fucking Job Man like they did in order to purchase nice things that you goof,,, were trying to steel from them 🙁

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    1. a 1 eu nao entendi
      sobre a regra 2 todos nos brasileiros temos da silva no nome só alguns que não colocam
      regra 3 está correta , dependendo do lugar do roubo voce pode morrer , ou perder as mãos ou levar um tiro na mão
      se tiver alguma duvida só me perguntar bro haha

  4. Shit man, that guy that was swinging the wood, he didn’t care about the crime, he just loves inflicting pain.
    A Sociopath if ever I’ve seen one
    The dude had enough after about 3 on each hand
    But this guy had to keep going like the Energizer Bunny
    Karma may get him (or Carmel)

  5. I know most of you know this poem, but I couldn’t help feeling
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    Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.

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    Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery.

    But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;

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  6. Funny how you guys all hate thieves in Brazil. You really think its easy to find a job in Brazil ? And you think they have minimum payment like in USA and CA by law ?
    There is no welfare , food-banks…. You think those kids go sell drugs knowing they can get dismembered like they have other choice ? Have any of you been to Brazil ?
    You have no back story what so ever, But i know for sure if you are hungry and desperate enough you gonna go steal too so think first before you post, Its a 3-ed world country !!

    1. And what about the people he stole from? Unless he robbed billionaire Jewish bankers, he robbed people who struggle every day to stay afloat. They bust their backs to survive and this shit took away what little they had.

    2. não é bem assim amigo , vender drogas aqui no brasil é bastante lucrativo essas pessoas de videos sendo esquartejadas são pessoas envolvidas com as facçoes do meu pais , se voce so vende drogas voce não morre , a nao ser que tenha inimigos jajaja aah e o salario minimo aqui é 998$ reais

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  9. Okay, as a Brazilian, I’m going to show you some facts about Brazil. You say that there are only blacks in Brazil (I am white and this is one of my favorites). Hidden reality: Brazil has more than 92 million white people! In these videos you will only see blacks, because the violent places in Brazil are basically only blacks. They say that there is only poverty and crime! Hidden reality: Brazil also has cities and safe states (I can name several if you want). Just get to know the fucking country and don’t go to dangerous cities or places, which won’t be a problem. I think it’s funny what I see here, you take these violent videos and news where there are only bad things and talk as if it were all fucking Brazil.
    Human stupidity is impressive.
    By: Google translator 🙂

  10. In the book Negroes In Negroland there is a chapter titled Theft as a Fine Art. You see, to the nigger stealing is not a crime. If you get caught that just means you made a mistake and were not smart enough or stealthy enough. They drew lots of their comparisons to the coy and clever hyena who has numerous ways into deceiving their prey.

    The free pdf is online and lol it’s one of the funniest fkin books ever written. Basically a collection of early European explorers writings about their time in Negroland.

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