Fellow in Slipknot T-Shirt Received Street Justice for Stealing

Fellow in Slipknot T-Shirt Received Street Justice for Stealing

I don’t know where this video is from, but it could be a Spanish speaking Latin American country. Perhaps if someone recognizes the accent, then we could get an idea of location.

The fellow wearing the Slipknot t-shirt was allegedly caught stealing and quickly received street justice. The beating itself was not caught on video, only the aftermath, but it looks like the would be thief took a blow or two to the fact and it ripped his upper lip up. He’s bleeding profusely from the face and acts dazzled and confused.

Hopefully he learned his lesson and will try his best to earn an honest living, instead of focusing on stealing from those who do. He looks to be a healthy, able bodied man. There should be no excuse for him to not try to put his strength toward earning honest money.

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    1. First of all,this guy is lucky ! Usually the perpetrator gets beaten to within an inch of his life and the locals are beating them with lumber and hurling boulders at them ! This guy can still scream like a bitch ! In a foreign country they still dish out good old fashioned justice !! In North America this fucker would rip some hard working blue collared person off, m..a..y..b..e get arrested , probably go free and go rip off some other person ! If we handled it like these people do, scumbags would think twice ! Thumbs up to them.

          1. If he got his ass beat for stealing that Slipknot t-shirt then it was totally worth it, Slipknot fucking rules. Rock on Juan!

  1. They forgot to finish him off… What a disappointment!
    There’s a sad video here in Best Gore about an innocent young man in Honduras that gets beat to death for been wrongfully accused of a raping a girl. Sad video. Made me sick watching it knowing he was innocent the whole time.

      1. Fucking cruel world… Ya know, its by watching stuff like this (executions, stonnings, etc, gore, in general) that makes me real thankful for having been born in Portugal.

        No matter how shitty the economy might be, there is nothing like living in a peaceful nation, where people don’t behave like neanderthals and kill each other for nothing.

  2. This is without a doubt coming from the Dominican Republic based on the accent and specific words that only Dominicans use..hes lucky he doesn’t have a few machete cuts on him, there must be a shortage of machetes in that part of town.

  3. Weird for me to say, being on this site regularly (obviously I see a lot of this happen), but I actually feel bad for the victim here, simply because that guy is standing on his back. His face is all bloodied up, he’s clearly in pain, surrounded by people who haven’t taken the best liking to him and now he only wants help, but that twat just seems to be unnecessarily standing on his back. It’s not like he’s gonna get up and run, he’s just making shit harder for the guy (probably trying to show to others that he’s ‘got control of the thief’) but, I can get REALLY irritated over little things like that (e.g. when someone locks your arms from behind with theirs and pushes on your neck so you’ve only got control of your lower half.. I actually want to cave their face in.) and I know that would be annoying me just as much as the bust lip I’d have.

    Thought I’d say:)

    1. They should be as hard on him as they can. The more uncomfortable the experience the better. It’s negative reinforcement. The next time he thinks about stealing all those bad memories and fear will come rushing back and he”ll think twice. They’re doing him a favor. He’ll now associate stealing with pain and unpleasentness.

      1. I agree that in this case it might work, however in the USA when the cops try those techniques on guilty (or even not guilty) people, it’s more of a power play and doesn’t seem to have much effect on the guilty, and the effect it has on the innocent is usually more of an increased hatred for those assholes we wish actually were there to “serve and protect” as they try to pretend to be to those who live in lala land.

  4. The reference of what happens when you’re caught stealing is well known. Generally the people of the area know who is guilty and what they have done previously in their miserable life….I don’t feel sorry for this piece of work and the people of the town don’t either. You can’t be kind to someone who takes kindness as a weakness.

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