Female Thief Gets Lightly Slapped with Hands and Flip Flops by Guards

Female Thief Gets Lightly Slapped with Hands and Flip Flops by Guards

The supply of pussy passes seems bottomless in Brazil.

At a supermarket in Brazil, a female thief was caught multiple times stealing. Finally, the guards got sick and tired of her coming back and stealing again, and took her to the back where they administered and fairly light punishment by slapping her with hands and flip flops.

A man in her place would have been beaten to death in Brazil, and all it would take for that to happen is someone pointing a finger at him. He wouldn’t even have to be a thief.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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153 thoughts on “Female Thief Gets Lightly Slapped with Hands and Flip Flops by Guards”

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  1. Poor lady. Maybe she steals to feed herself and her family. Why can’t someone give her food and groceries regularly thus allowing her to stop stealing? Or help her find a job? Or help her find a better solution?

    1. Dude, I’m from Brazil and can I guarantee that there are no one in whole country which is thief because of poverty. Robberies (also murders) are almost all linked to drug abuse. Probably she stole the groceries to exchange for crack cocaine.

      1. Friend, I think you’re a little mistaken. That lady there was caught stealing food and it was not to change into drugs. Unfortunately the poverty index here in Brazil is absurd and there are people who steal for it. I agree that if they want things, they go to work, but there are a lot of people who can not get a job, or they can and do not earn enough. There are a lot of bums around here earning a family purse (for example), but there are a lot of people who need them. I had no need to hit you that way, you just had to punish fairly: putting to work and paying what you stole

        1. There is a relatively high unemployment rate at the moment, so not everyone can get a job (around 12%, the official rates). There’s help that the government hands out for people below a certain income bracket, in the form of cash. It’s not much, but it’s enough for you to eat, rice and beans at least.

          1. Unemployment sucks. We also have this problem in rural parts of India so this is why so many come to the city and live in slums (not being able to afford the cost of living). I guess it’s similar in Brazil?

          2. @hindustan It’s the same, although nowadays most people live in cities already (by the mid 60’s we were already a mainly urban country, that is, 50%+ of the population lived in cities), so the phenomenon of urbanization is not as strong as it used to be in decades past (40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s). Here in Sao Paulo we had a strong influx from the northeastern part of the country, 100000 people would arrive on the city coming from there each year during the peak of the influx. The result, around 1980 5% of people lived in slums in the city. After the economic crisis we had in the 80’s combined with the flight of industries from the city (which were moving away to avoid taxes), many of the new arrivals couldn’t get a job. So by the early/mid of 90’s 20% of the city population lived in slums, let alone the overcrowding of the city which created a hellish traffic jam.
            @sidders2 True, there are not a significant number of people in Brazil who are emaciated anymore.

          3. @hindustan
            ”Sao Paulo is very advanced. Then how come there’s so much poverty and crime in Brazil”
            We are a developed city in a poor country. If people are willing to cross oceans to immigrate to other places, just imagine when they can do it without moving out of their own country and have no restraints in terms of paperwork (fuck, nowadays we even have a lot of Bolivians coming to work 16 hours a day in shitty textile factories for a quarter of a minimum wage). Moreover, there are some people who are naturally disenfranchised, despite the fact that they have lived here in the region for a long time, such as some negroes and the like. But as you’ve seen, there are lots of places in Sao Paulo that are as developed as in rich European countries, while others are like shanty towns in Africa (although, I think I am exaggerating, as even our shanty towns look better than those in Africa). Still, murder rates here are quite low in comparison with the other big cities in the country.).
            Brazil is one of the most unequal countries in the world (gini index), like, we have the same number of millionaires as Japan (granted, Brazil has almost double the population of Japan, still it’s an impressive number for Brazil), but we have lots of poor people nonetheless. This, in part, reflects the diverse character of the country, genetically speaking and also is an inheritance of the concentration of wealth characteristic of colonial times, with big plantation owners and the like. I think that both factors play a part.

          4. @undergroundweller

            I see. I can really relate to Brazil in such cases coming from India. We also have similar issues. There are some 111 billionaires here (3rd or 4th most in the world) and on the other side there are people living in complete squalor. But I guess, Brazil doesn’t have the population problem, as it’s about 200 million I think? While India is already 1.34 billion. I was wondering if Brazil is really as large as on the map or is it like Russia or China in which large portions are inhospitable/tundra. As I see that the Amazon covers a big portion of Brazil and I have heard it is inhabited by mostly tribals.

          5. @hindustan Some places in Brazil are sparselly populated, specially the Northern region, which is where the Amazon is located. It has the lowest population density in the country, with some states having a population density of less than 3 per Km2. And yes, there are still some isolated tribes there, and other tribes which are not so isolated. Even the urban populations there have more of an indigenous component in their genetic make up. On the other hand, the Southeastern region, which is where the states of Sao Paulo and Rio are located , is more densely populated, with hundreds of people per square Km2 (around 200 per Km2 in Sao Paulo). Nevertheless, there is still the phenomenon of urbanization, so that for instance, out of the 40 something (I guess 44) million inhabitants in the state of Sao Paulo, more or less half live in the metropolitan zone of Sao Paulo, which has population density in the thousands per Km2. I’d guess Mumbai is similar to Sao Paulo in terms of population density and even absolute numbers, as it also has around 20 million inhabitants in the metropolitan region.

    1. Not all females are like that hun. For example: ME and all the females/males I associate with. I don’t have any room in my life for dishonest women or men. It’s just not worth the energy.

      This C*** deserves what she gets. Personally, I would have dragged her thieving ass outside the front of the store and slapped her silly for all her neighbours to see then forced her to wear a sign around her neck indicating that she was a thief; making her stay outside the store for a week.

      I was caught stealing when I was 11 years old. My father took me back to the store after wondering where I got some bubble gum from. I apologized. My father talked to the store owner to strike up a deal. I had to sweep the parking lot once a week for 2 months on the weekend and couldn’t hang out with my friends on those said weekends. I learned my lesson.

      1. Steph -Dudes on here are kinda obsessed with using sexual shit as punishment. So when a dude shoplifts from Walmart I guess they should sodomize him? I just get fed up sometimes with these people. So fucking stupid and careless about what they say. I’ll be cool another day but today, I’m just sick of it. Sorry, Steph – venting.

        1. Not all of us, I think some of the guys thoughts and comments are grotesque, but like you say, this is a place where people can say that if they want so personally I don’t say anything about it.

          And to be honest, I can gaurentee, most of it would be simply showing off, trolling and trying to ‘one up’ each other.

          1. @dethbyplaster

            I LOVE that guy.

            “And maybe there’s a little guy who lives in there. Remember, we’re creating our own little world, and maybe in our little world there’s a little guy who lives there.” (Bob Ross, though not verbatim)

        2. Hey, vent all you want. I dislike the attitude in here sometimes too however, I accept that everyone has an opinion. We can also categorize the wankers on here also. I wonder how their reaction would be when we point out that they are indeed not as unstained as they think they are.

          1. I like your final point (wankers) @steph. A spirited debate is one thing, but, there are those here who are not able or willing to tolerate some things then subsequently lash out in a very intollerant manner. Then they use words like “all”, “most of” “always” etc… to describe a person/people that they don’t even know. Nobody here is intuitive enough to qualify the worth of any person based on a comment or a handful of comments, but some try. I find that snooty, arrogant mindset far more off putting than any “shock-value” comment that I’ve ever read or composed.

  2. SLAAAPPPPPY!! she won’t be stealing from there again that’s for sure. After coming to this site for a long time I know if she was a man she would’ve had bullet holes in her hands or no hands. So I understand how they do things in Brazil. She will be a lil red in the face. Everyone walks away w lesson learned

    1. They are not shy about shooting the woman either, there is a vid on here somewhere of them shooting a women in the hands or feet for robbery and she has a baby, I think what you are seeing is the difference between stealing from a mall in some where more upscale, and stealing in the favala’s

      1. Absolutely I agree w you. This was def a high class store or market. GOD forbid she did this in a home and got caught. Damn that video is it on here and UP still?? Wanna see it. A lot of the videos don’t exist anylonger cause of that douche company took them down on us. Keep me posted if u have the name of it.

    1. Maybe that’s why she took the pussy pass. A great percentage of men have it ingrained in their minds that it’s wrong to beat women in Brazil through social conditioning. ”Only cowards beat women” the popular saying goes. Moreover, we may say instinct may also play a part as some,or maybe many, men don’t have the instinct to beat women, others perhaps are rougher in their treatment, but I believe that extreme cases such as Ted Bundy and the likes are exceptions.

  3. Pussy Pass: GRANTED

    She got off easy with light slaps. If it would had been a male, especially a dasilva, he would had been discipline with a bat like the make kid at the police station a while back.

    Or like the Hindu on the other video a few days back given the “just beat it” justice.

  4. Funny how she gets away so lightly, is it not???? Was it the fake tears? The fact that she has Tits, a Cunt & is also A CUNT, the real reason why she got-off easily? Or was it the fact that some CUCK, got a hold of her, and this is the only reason why she got Fuck-All as punishment, compared to what would have surely been a Fatal Lynching, if “IT”,,, had a Cock Instead? Fucking Sad Man!

    1. Yessssss. Your homeland is a bunch of badddd mother FUCKERS. If I had to choose an army of savages to fight to the death. Your homeland is where I’m going. I respect that place so much I’ll never step foot on the land ! Women are beyond hot though.

        1. As far as I have seen Indian women are not attractive in general. Maybe upper caste women are, but the majority don’t look that good me. And while I don’t find Brazilian women as attractive as some say, they are certainly better looking than the Indian ones, especially their bodies.

  5. Are you kidding me? Getting slapped around and smacked with flip flops is corporal punishment in Latin American countries. This woman has probably gone through this a thousand times in her lifetime, do you really think it’s gonna make her change her ways?

    Uh, I’m Spanish; I don’t speak a lick of Portuguese, but I can still understand what they are saying. They are asking her, “You gonna steal again?” and she is like “Disculpa” which means something like “forgive me”, over and over and over again. Of course, they also call her a bunch of other not-so-flattering names.

    “She’s my sister.” SLAP “She’s my daughter.” SLAP. “My sister…my daughter!” DOUBLESLAP. “She’s my sister AND my daughter!” (Chinatown)

  6. Pussy pass!!! I could upload a few vids of Jews saving people from burning houses and turn around and claim “see Jews are some of the biggest heroes in the entire world”. Is the Same thing you’re doing, also I used Jews as an example so I could trigger some of the members here.

    1. You white cucks don’t have the balls to do anything to Muslims or other brown people. Because we all know white women secretly enjoy getting the brown and black cocks but cry rape afterwards to hide their shame. It is the popular fetish of every white woman to have a dark skinned invader barge upon the door and rape her left and right and leave his brown/black seed in her. Forcing her to breed the next generation of mixed dark skinned people.

      1. In Canada/USA there are many white women (often large size women) who have children with black men. Less common are Bengali, Pakistani or Indian men with white women. Not a lot of mixed race white/Indian people. That may change in a few generations when Indians become more westernized and are more tolerant of people outside their community.

        1. Yeah, Indians don’t usually mix with others. One of my relatives lives in U.S. but she only married once she found an Indian guy and of the same caste as her! I thought it would be tough to look for a spouse of the same caste/tribe/clan in other parts of the world but there are websites for that too. And most Indians even if they go abroad choose to marry within their caste. There are exceptions though, naturally.

  7. You who stand up for women at every turn, do you know how pathetic you are? Most women whose “honor” you think you’re protecting wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire. My God man, wake the fuck up.

  8. Lol @ 1:02, getting barraged she tries to get mad, but quickly decides against it.
    And as for all these rape comments, BG’s commentary is usually peppered with translations, backstory, explanation of the trauma and spasms etc.
    Then there are obviously the clever jokes and shit, along with off the wall comments i.e. rape.
    People like to say some crazy shit in general that they were thinking, mainly trolling IMHO.
    It is entertaining though. the more ‘out there’ the better. On the interweb everyone is a keyboard commando.

  9. Hahah this video was super fun to watch….I’m still LMFAO!!!
    That shit was brutally hilarious..
    I can just picture her getting slapped the fuck up for at least half an hour.
    I’m downloading this video and I’m gone play it every time I feel the need to crack up.

    BTW she was getting slapped at a rate of approximately 30 Slaps Per Minute. And that includes flip flop slaps.
    77% of total slaps were administered w. the right hand
    18% w. the left hand
    And 5% w. the flip flop of the right foot

  10. Pay attention whow she is crying and pleading like a bitch, even though her penalty is very mild compared to even slight penalties for thieving men in Brazil, like being forced to eat shit or having the fingers smashed with a car door. She is trying to exploit her pussy pass as much as possible.

  11. I would never hit a woman (well, maybe if my life depended on that). I’m an old school gentleman, and will always be like that. It is how I was raised, and I still believe in it. Yes, she should get punished for stealing, that is not what I’m saying. Fines or prison sentence for her. That is what she deserves. Not violence.

  12. Oh my god, I love the way her face just snaps right back super fast after each slap. It looks almost like she’s a malfunctioning robot LOL!

  13. Wow, just WOW!

    She took some tangible things from a company surely making millions every year with insurance against theft and you guys think she should get murdered and raped? wtf is wrong with you people?!

    Drop that hypocritical bullshit just like you have NEVER taken something from someone that didn’t belong to you?!

    What she did was wrong but she definitely doesn’t deserve to get killed or raped!

    This video was hilarious and i was laughing until i started to read the comments.
    You people are f*cking disgusting!

  14. Goddam steal a boos , a dime a dozen . She is damn lucky she was probably shoplifting in a neighborhood where people work for a living. But the ignorant steal a boo doesn’t realize she stands out like a turd in a punch bowl. Just by walking in the supermarket she has a neon sign on her forehead that broadcasts ” I am broke and I am here to steal” .

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