Five Arabs Attack and Knock Out Lone White Man in Holland

Five Arabs Attack and Knock Out Lone White Man in Holland

Along with Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Panama, Sweden and the United States of America, Holland is one of top 13 most Zionism fucked countries in the world. With Zios having complete grip on the country, Holland is being safely disintegrated from within with out of control immigration from incompatible countries while the populace is being systematically brainwashed to believe that multiculturalism is beneficial to them. What a crock of shit.

Video below shows precisely why out of control multiculturalism is destructive yet this is naught but the tip of the iceberg. In the video, a group of Arab men picks on a lone which Dutch guy and attacks him. As he attempts to stand up for himself, other Arabs join in for an easy kick and overwhelm the fellow, knocking him out.

The attack starts with a filthy Arab sucker punching the minding his own business Dutch fellow. Realizing that the Dutch fellow is alone and he has a whole pack of apes with him, the Arab prances around to mock the opponent. Notice that none of the cowardly Arabs bad the balls to face the man and only attacked him when he turn his back on them.

It’s time to quit beating about the bush and realize that we have the Jew to thank for this. The disease they’ve created and propagated will not go away until the source of it is cut clean off. You can target Arabs all you want – more will come and will continue coming. To stop the cancer from spreading, the original tumor must be removed. Time for political correctness has passed. The seed of Satan must go! Everybody be prepared for it’s just a question of time.


Best Gore member Grindelwald provided translation of the video:

This happened in Klappeijstraat, the place to go out in Oosterhout (Netherlands). The boy with the white shirt is the victim Now watch the boy behind him. The first punch is a fact. One of the boys gives the other a signal that it begins. The boy is surrounded by the gang and then it goes bad. He is getting severe punches to his head and that’s not the end of it. Punches come down on him like rain.

The boy tries to defend himself, but there’s too much violence for one man. He is receiving punches from all directions and watch closely now (from 0:40). He has been knocked out yet they continue to punch him in the head. That is the end. The boy tries to get up, but he is knocked-out. A lot of people have seen this. Where you there? Call the number now.

(the video is taken from a Dutch television show which aims to catch criminals by broadcasting security camera footage and providing the number of the local police.)

Thank you to Grindelwald for the translation and props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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111 thoughts on “Five Arabs Attack and Knock Out Lone White Man in Holland”

        1. smelly maybe, but this smell is aphrodisiac for some, and ugly certainly not, if you take 10 black guys, you can be sure at least 7 out of them will be handsome, if you take 10 arabs, at least 5 of them will be, and if you take 10 whites, well, if 2 of them are already just average looking it will be already fine

    1. Fuck and when I went to Paris I was surprised to see some parts looked like a third world country. So many immigrants just taking over block by block. What the hell..

      1. Videos like this only serves reminds us of what kind of future we are facing.

        When the time of revolution comes, we will get our chance to make the streets and gutters overflow with the blood and brains of our enemies.

    2. I lived with French people in Lyon for a summer and their eldest son told me that Arabs are ruining his country. 5 years later I ended up in Marseille with my then girlfriend and she got harassed by old Arab perverts and young people looking for a fight. Like France pity it’s fucked by immigration

    3. I wish i was there, i would kick the living shit out these fucking monkeys. And yes our gouvernement
      is fucking blind on this matter. They Always ask us to stay calm and understanding. Fuck den heag (capitol city).

      1. Your Government isn’t blind to the problem, Mirror. No more than the English, French, German (Who just busted up an Islamic terror plot by homemade Islamists), Belgian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Canadian, American etc. Governments are.

        These people flooding our Countries is happening by design. The purpose is to weaken Whites, rob us of our identities, our Countries, our land, our voices and eventually, our life.

        Massive Immigration is one part of a planned White genocide.

        Seriously, check out the demographics. The White demographic is dropping in every Country on the globe where we have a demographic. Last I checked, our birth-rate is not capable of replacing our dying, so our actually numbers are also dwindling. While everyone else has population growth, massive in some races (Africans for example) Whites are having population regression – and it’s not slowing.

        The Muslims, Africans etc. filth spreading into your Country, making you a minority in your own cities, and eventually your entire Country, is not something that simply ‘escapes’ notice.

        It’s something that happens with the express knowledge of your Government and elected officials.

        Sometime in the future, whether near or far, there is going to be a ‘conversation’ of sorts starting up within the White community worldwide – and it’s going to be whether we wish to continue living around the Liberal Leftist in our midst, who believe in self-genocidal practices (Like massive non-White immigration, Race-mixing and so on) that have made it possible for our Countries and land to be taken from us. At some point a line in the sand has to be drawn somewhere.

        Unfortunately, by that point we’ll probably be a people in the last savage fits of extinction.

        When you think of the damage being done to our people at every level, it is without a doubt planned – Massive immigration, Heavily promoted race-mixing propaganda, Family units eroded to nothingness, Our women raised to be devoid of values, morals and character, existing as little more than race-mixing cum-dumps (vulgar, but appropriate) due to massive promotion of failed ‘idols’ like Miley Cyrus, rapidly declining birthrates via destruction of the family unit/pursuit of feminist ideals, etc.

  1. I remember when I lived in Germany there were so many Turks and all they were known for was causing trouble. Pisses me off that some immigrants don’t know their place.

        1. Truthfully – if we had another way to procreate without their help – I wouldn’t care one iota. White Women have fallen so far and so fast, they can easily be called the worst of the Females, even worse than Black women.

          Oh well – They support the kind of stuff you see in this video by supporting the Governments bringing them over en masse – so when they get raped, or turn into prostitutes, my heart rings cold and uncaring.

          1. I’d say out of 100 people in general 85-95 are garbage.

            But anyway, everyone involved in this video is male so..? Why are you seemingly blaming women for the immigration problem?

          2. Because they overwhelmingly support the Politicians who are for massive immigration.

            They are always against any kind of immigration reform that restricts immigration flow, and they never support groups that are against massive immigration.

            Basically – the vast majority of White females adhere to the philosophy of Leftism – the very same philosophy that has caused the issue you see in this video (Four imported Arabs attacking a Native Dutch man in his own Country) to sprout up in the vast majority of White Nations everywhere.

            They are some of the very first to yell and scream racism (among other things) whenever you speak out against it, and they betray their own men (White) at every turn, including race-mixing and breeding with non-White males at astronomical levels, thereby further lowering our birthrates, and allowing us to become minorities in our own Countries, living at the mercy of those of would see us harmed in some form or another.


          3. I’m not even sure you are White, Jezabel. You give off a Hispanic vibe to me, but it is hard to tell with a small image.

            And I like the Women of my people just fine – It’s not my fault the vast majority of them have turned into something completely disgusting.

          4. Love that scapegoat logic. On behalf of all Caucasian females I apologize for those of us who fall in love with someone outside of our race. I apologize for supporting our (male) politicians and for not supporting anti immigration groups (skinheads?)

            What makes a woman “white” anyway, just curious. She has to be European by blood or what?

          5. So you considering anti-immigration groups skinheads, or in otherwords, Nazi’s.

            I don’t think I need to continue at this point – point proven, I think.

            As far as what makes a woman White.. I would imagine her mother and father.

          6. Also – White females voting for Leftism White Male politicians means what?

            As America showed – You don’t vote on skin-color unless it’s a non-White running against a White, then you’ll vote for the non-White almost exclusively.


          7. You think I’m white cause I have light skin? By blood I’m not European so I’m just wondering what it means to be “white” to you. You just have to look white?

          8. When you say ‘European Blood’, what does this mean? That your Ancestors don’t originate in Europe?

            There are White people in Turkey, Chile and other South American Countries, Brazil etc.

          9. no matter where they come from as long as they look white they are white? So as soon as a woman gets a thick tan she suddenly becomes less like shit? How does someone’s appearance relate to their political views too? There is definitely no biological evidence to support a correlation.

        2. Err, you can tell the difference between a White female with a tan, and an Indian woman with naturally darker skin-tone. Facial features, hair texture, and so on. I admit the line becomes a bit more murky with some Latina women. Some look like Amerindians, some look White.

          And most of those in South America can trace their lineage back to Europe.

          Japanese Women, for example can have extremely White skin – doesn’t make them White. I have no idea why people get so obsessed with skin-color. Are Sri Lankan’s the same as Africans? Of course not. Can you tell the difference between a Sri Lankan, and an African? Of course you can.

          Regarding your second question – It has nothing to do with biology. It has everything to do with brainwashing/culture. For whatever reason, most White Women tend to vote toward the Leftism philosophy, which is, as I already stated, the prime philosophy that has allowed what you see in this video (Non-White Males beating Lone White Male in Lone White males Country) to fester. It’s their philosophy that supports Multiculturalism/Diversity with a glee, and punishes any who oppose it. Why White Women are for it? Well – I have theories. They are more susceptible to brainwashing/social-engineering (We see Men fall prey to this as well), they are prime targets for it and so on and so forth.

          Again – take yourself for example. You come to this site frequently, I would assume. You should understand a-bit about the dangers of Leftism ideology and Multiculturalism and what it is doing in our Countries – but already you labeled anyone against it as ‘skinheads’, automatically branding them as Nazi’s, White Supremacists, and Racists.

          Yet – you bemoan the amount of immigrants in Paris, Germany and so forth. It’s not adding up.

          1. you should be happy that the black guys date and fuck your ugly fat white women in your White Nation countries, when you see a handsome black guy he’s always with an ugly big chick that no one of you would even fuck

          2. Ok Silenced you win! Now I realize that white woman are to blame for the immigration problems. Thanks, bye.

          3. Not the sole reason – no. A big part of the reason – yes.

            I’d place it like this:

            Leftism Politicians


            Brainwashed/Socially-Engineered White Females

            Brainwashed/Socially Engineered White Males.

            Reason why is simple – The massive immigration seems to come mainly from the Left side of the political spectrum – but the other-side (Right) seems either too powerless, or too careless to stop it.

            White Males have resistance setup against it in-terms of Political parties, Protest Groups etc. – we vote against it and voice our opinions against it at our own peril.

            White Females however, don’t seem to resist it at all, but rather support it en masse. Vote in the politicians who support it, scream at those who don’t want it and so forth.

            (I didn’t include any outside forces)

    1. Mama, that is true. I got into an argument with a black chic once, but it ended up me I a fight.with.about 7 Hispanic females. I knew that if I fell or got knocked out at any point I was going to get messed up. So, I took one of the chics and held onto her with my left hand while punching with my right. A couple of black men broke it up, I am glad I did it that way or else I would have a video on here showing my failure. 😉

      1. Wow @J3Z,Have you got balls under that skirt??? LOL The only time I ever got into a fight with some girl she jumped me from behind and I was so scared I started swinging wildly in every direction and eventually made contact with her face and gave her a fat lip and it started to bleed and I was so surprised by what I had done that I just stood there staring at her lip and then she realized she was bleeding and backed off so I started acting all big and bad like I meant to do it and she ran away and never bothered me again(thank God)!

      1. yea that’s what I tell the pro boat people fucktards…go walk around punchbowl at night amongst many other suburbs and see how fucking peacefull and non racist these pricks are.they have turned once working class suburbs into filthy dangerous ghettos.there are no serious white gangs in aust but there are middle eastern gangs in every capital city and their less that 2% of the population.fuck me how big does the writing on the wall have to be???

        1. For what? You are thinking about this wrong if I follow your train of thought.

          Your Government and Politicians know this issue intimately. They know the issues certain groups of immigrants belong to the same race (African) or same Religion (Muslim) bring.

          It’s your failure if you think they care.

          There is an agenda here. How else can you explain all our Countries, from Canada and the USA, to England, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and so on and so forth all experiencing the same issues with the same type of people at around the same time?

          1. Hi Silenced :

            I registered here after being a lurker just to tell you I agree with 99.9 % of what you post, and I think you are a good communicator too.
            But, one thing about we women—women follow men. When White men start to really lead again; women will follow. But as long as White men particpate in these anti-White systems, we, as a people, will continue to drift.
            I think a lot are waking up though and BESTGORE is a great site 🙂
            I hope you guys check out

        2. Same here in England there is small pockets in the northwest that are actually no go area’s for whites…You go in to one of them places late at night you get 1000 Pakis Descending on you. You can tell which area’s in the day time because they live in squalor and filth and just dump rubbish in the street like old mattresses in the garden. And the smell of curry dulls your senses.

      2. Filthy,cowardly members of the religion of peace,attack when the back is turnd….what men of reknown are these….well friends its time to form a neighbourhood group of concerned citizens!!!….bait them with a small white guy walking the street,then as the jackels appear to show their manliness they are met with the sword of damocles,including pigs blood to bath them so they are fit to stand before their prophet of the one true god.

        Black-Jack Pershing had this trouble in the philapines during the moro uprising many years ago,he just ensured his soldiers bullets had been dipped in pig blood before inserting in their goat-fucking,syhilitic,wife beating smelly muslim bodies,the uprising stopped quickly,i think it would be a winner,we could have bacon-grenades for them as well….problem solved!!!….then get the askenazi jews behind the zionist movement and deal with them properly 🙂 🙂

    1. It’ll spread into your locale soon enough.

      These Muslims are more dangerous than Africans – Africans lack the intelligence or drive to become anything more than a physical terror – easily put down once line becomes crossed. However, Africans offer another problem that is unique to them – Our women (White) seem to be in love with them, willing to sacrifice their own men, family and race to appease them.

      The Arabs, have the smarts, but they also have the violent nature inherent to Africans, only for them it’s bred into them as a rite of passage through their Religion (Islam) rather than through their nature (Africans).

      Like in America – with it’s entire cities uninhabitable by Whites, European cities will befall a similar fate, for you have not only the issue with these Muslims, you also face an invasion from Africa, as well.

      Not unlike my own homeland in Canada.

      You ask what you can do? Alone? Nothing. Move. Keep moving, from town to town every 5 or so years, to keep ahead of the spread of the infection. But it’ll catch up. These parasites go where we go. They follow at our heels. For some, it’s the inability to achieve anything of their own, and always needing us to babysit them (Africans) for Muslims – it’s a conquest driven and flamed by their insidious Religion.

      Or abandoned your Country and migrate into the Far East, if at all possible.

      Short of that.. well, nothing. Not for awhile, anyway. Generations, as it were.

      The Trojan Horse – your Government, Politicians, and Brainwashed, traitorous Population – have pulled down the draw bridge, thrown open the gates to your Country, and invited all to pillage and plunder.

      Short of wiping out your entire Government and Political class, and draining life from large swaths of your Population (Some can be saved, some cannot) – which you would need a mighty number to have an effect – there is not you can do.

      Unfortunately – it will fall to the generations after us – for we will be either dead, or graybeards by the time any real chance of change or civil disobedience resonates constantly within the lands of our Ancestors.

      By which point – mayhaps it will be too late for some Countries in Europe, as it was before. Maybe this time it’s not the regions of Albania, Bosnia or Thrace – it’s Sweden, England and Norway.

      1. Well, that the white women fall for the “blacks” is no problem. Mixed race or religion either. The problem is that people can’t behave these days. It’s not a moslim problem. It’s a fleshly virus problem. Mankind is doomed to destroy itself. I’m a ginger, maybe it is our fault… (*_^)

        1. I agree @DW, people cannot behave themselves these days. It is undeniable that there has been a significant decline in respect towards each other over the last 1 – 1 1/2 decade, even women and the elderly are being treated like shit. It’s common to ignore traffic rules/courtesy and even worse , good manners have been completely forgotten by the majority. People insult each other like dorks , aggression is always close, you can expect to be attacked verbally/physically for the smallest thing. If you are still polite, you?re being laughed at or taken advantage of. In the past decade the mentality here has changed so much. FV have become so hard. I do not know what is the cause of this.

          Dutch say about themselves ?Netherlands, arsehole lands? and they don?t mean it as a joke. Many Dutch have become lame, thick, arrogant bastards.
          I SO wanna leave this place!!

    1. That dude was not fighting. He merely gave resistance, a person with an ability to fight would know to keep his back guarded and puts his fists in front of him. Best way to avoid this situation is to be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Carry a knife always helps too.

      1. Easy to say “an ability to fight” fuck me there’s five of them. Unless your actually trained for years it’s very hard to put up against five people. I have had three and the wall behind me only hurt the back of my head, it did not protect me. I 1000000000% agree with the defensive weapon though.

  2. 2 days ago I got to hear from my sister that her boyfriend’s older brother had been assaulted by a group of blacks in the subway station. He managed to throw in one punch at them, but they jumped him like the monkeys they are, and got away with his wallet. // ”Sweden”

  3. Not the muslims nor the niggers, main scum of this world are arabs, I lived among them for a long time. I live in a muslim country now and I can stand this, I even can say I am happy here, I can drink my beer and hang out with a chick w/o problem… but I lived the worst days of my life when I had to live in Arab countries. I always claim 4 arabs makes 1 man, if they are <3 or =3 they wont fight with you, if they are 4 or more find a wall to lean your back. If I was present @ the scene above, I would gladly defend this Dutch chicken, I dont understand why he does not at least try to punch one of them.

  4. Unfortunately, these people are like an uncontrollable virus to Western civilization. Their strong presence in any community marks the decay of a community. If they were forced to remain within the boundaries of Middle East, they would have succumbed to their natural order of killing each other.

  5. I live in Amsterdam… and can tell you all: the filthy muslims ARE the problem! Like someone said earlier: the operate only in groups, damn cowards. They always get the ‘weaker’ people, even the old seniors are not safe. I truly hate the left wing politicians who’ve created this multicultural shit, I curse them all. You know? If I openly critize about muslims… I’ll be jailed for it. I’ll use TOR to ‘bring’ my words to several Dutch forums. Yes, I’m a right wing extremist, yes.

    For me: I’m a long trained martial artist (Setia Hati & Harimau), specialized in weapons, which I carry everywhere I go. Afraid? No. But if a situation arises like this video… I’ll cut them in pieces, I swear. But the funny thing… even when they are in groups…. they never offend me. It looks like these scumbacks have a sort of ‘sense’ about who, or not, to get.

    No to shock some of you, I know… I know… these filthy muslims deserve death, am I’m happy to deliver it. And… even the woman and children! I’m not kidding…. kill the woman and children, to prevent spawning.

    DIE muslim filth, DIE!

    “Vuile vieze kanker marokkanen, ik hoop dat ze allemaal sterven, dompel hun babys in kokend water, snij de kelen van de hoeren moeders door! Smerig kanker volk!” — A rant in Dutch.

    1. You shouldn’t target Muslims. I know the frustration and anger seethes, but it would do nothing but turn you into a propaganda tool to use against others.

      The main target for any violent uprising should be your Government, both local and national.

      And attacking either group (Governmental/Political, or Muslims) by yourself or even in a small group would change nothing – it would only serve to make the chains around our necks and wrists ever tighter.

      Now is the time for endurance, the hardest challenge of all: Controlling your frustration, anger, hatred, disgust and not letting it consume you – and waiting as your numbers grow.

      And grow they will – it’s natural. This is not an imagined problem, it’s a real and repugnant issue, one of reality that will serve as a stark awakening, more so than any words could ever hope to achieve alone.

      1. Been there one weekend, and I remember me and my friend stayed at a hotel that was next to a bar (I think it was a bar) and when we looked though the window, it had ONLY black people in it. We thought this was kinda strange but did not really give it much thought, but when my friend asked a black man who was smoking outside this bar for a light, the man responded with “Dont you understand? No one likes your kind around here!” Then he gave my friend a look filled with disgust and walked away. Later that evening, some arab started raging at us because we had apparantly made too much noise outside some hostell he was staying in, then he told us he would get his friends and kill us. Never had these situations in Norway….yet.

  6. Here are some official numbers regarding the population in Holland’s 4 biggest cities.

    1. Amsterdam.
    (Nicknamed Mokum, a Yiddish word.)
    Number of inhabitants: 790.000 .
    In 2007 , 177 different nationalities lived in A’dam, which is a worldwide record.
    Current percentage of indigenous people: 49,7 %
    Current percentage of allochthone people: 50,3 % ,
    Of the latter, 9,1 % is moroccan
    5,3 % is turkish
    8,8 % is Surinam
    1,5 % is antillian.
    Religion: The two major religions are Christianity ( 17 %) and Islam (14 %).
    The A’dam Buro for Research & Statistics expect Islam to be the main religion in Amsterdam in a few years’ time due to turkish & moroccan population growth.

    2. Rotterdam.
    Number of inhabitants: 617,3000 +.
    47,7 % of non-Dutch origin.
    13% are muslim.
    Mayor of Rotterdam is Ahmed Aboutaleb, a moroccan muslim.

    3. The Hague.
    (Inhabitants: 500.000 +.)
    Indigenous people: 49,5 %
    Western allochthones : 15,9 %
    turks: 7,6 %
    moroccans: 5,6 %
    surinam: 9,4 %
    antillians: 2,5 %
    miscellanious non-western: 15,9 %.

    4. Utrecht.
    (Inhabitants : 316,280 +.)
    32 % of inhabitants are of non- Dutch origin, of which 22 % are non-Western. Of these, moroccans ( 9 %) are the biggest group.

  7. Hmm. I wonder what the reporter is saying. Probably lies about how the apes were assaulted by the Dutch man or some Zio shit like that. Mark is 100% right. This needs to be put to a stop. Zionism is the world #1 source of evil. right next to Islam.

  8. If any non muslim wanted to move to a Country that is ruled by sharia law we would be forced to assimilate to there way of life,or be faced with jail or death.
    When Muslims move to the west they want to destroy the people and culture that made it into a first world nation.

    1. Exactly, and those pita bread chomping faggots could not even throw a descent kick or punch. they should stick to making donairs. Oh, & by the way you should be a model, you are so beautiful its crazy. 🙂

  9. The city of Deerborn, MI. it is starting to get like this. lots of arabs and few whites. i lived in Flint for a number of years too and it really bad too but with blacks! 20 years before i moved there my entire family lived in Flint and at the time the ONLY “force” that was slowing if not completely stopping the progression of blacks and other “non-whites” were the Aryan Brotherhood! for 50 years white nationalists left the city of flint in good condition. it was not until after the police cracked down on the Brotherhood that flint started to go to hell. it has happened to a lot of towns and cities crossed the country

  10. Last Summer, I went to Paris to visit family. We walked past a whole bunch of crappy neighborhoods, and my little niece must have looked at one of these ape funny because he went off on her. I decked him right in the jaw. Everybody was flabbergasted. I suppose that they were just used to the harassment. The Paris of yesteryear is far gone.

  11. Despite the fact that Holland is a nice country, the people that life here are absolutly retarded. Then my friends ask me why i’m racist. I tell them, look at what’s happening to our country. We’re being overrun by spasticated black people, turkish people…I’m glad I live in the nothern part of Holland where there’s less foreigner people, still ALOT though !

  12. I live there, and I go there a lot. It happens all the time, every week a Dutch guy gets beaten up by a group (otherwise they can’t win) of Turks or Maroccans. And that’s only in my town…

  13. im from rotterdam holland, nd believe me marrocs nd turks are the biggest a-holes, they will ask a passing by girl to fuck, if she says no she gets knuckle sandwich, and because there are so many of them at 1 time and the chance for people walking by to help you is basicly zero, she has no choice to walk further.

    never show your fear to these dogs

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