Flaying of Sicario for CJNG Cartel of Jalisco by Los Viagras of Michoacán

Flaying of Sicario for CJNG Cartel of Jalisco by Los Viagras of Michoacán

Here we go again – another man brutally flayed by a drug cartel in Mexico. In case you missed it (huh?), here’s the previous flaying.

According to the backinfo I got, a Los Viagras cartel of Michoacán, in affiliation with their allies from La Nueva Familia Michoacana (LNFM), captured and tortured a sicario for CJNG (Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación) – one of their main rivals with whom they are in a deadly conflict.

In the video, the sicario has his chest and abdominal area viciously flayed. While the video ends before the victim dies, there is no doubt he could not have survived this. The killers probably ripped out his heart, if for no other reason, than to match the previous flaying, and because Los Viagras and CJNG really don’t like each other right now.

2018 may very well become the goriest year on record.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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341 thoughts on “Flaying of Sicario for CJNG Cartel of Jalisco by Los Viagras of Michoacán”

      1. There is a special place in hell for these sick fucks. I can’t come up with funny comments for shit this twisted. It’s just sick, pure evil. I wish the worst for all.of them.

    1. Said it before but the mods deleted my comment. I want to thank BestGore for bringing out the hatred in my heart. Never have I hated other races as much as I do now. These people live like savages, and die like parasites. I love seeing it, continue to upload please!

      1. Im mexican and I live in Mexico and I do not live like a savage. Most of the people I know do not live like savages and I know people from around the world. I think you are getting it wrong m8. I do not know if you are from USA, but it´s just an example. Imagine that I hate all US people just because they have been the only nation that have detonated two nuclear bombs over thousands of innocent people in Japan back in the 40’s. It would be ridiculous right? Or hate all black people because some commit crimes. I respect all races and enjoy racist jokes somehow but ignorance is the mother of hatred and all the evil in the world. Don´t be stupid. Learn about everything and everyone. I assure you that there is more good than evil in this world. What are you picking?
        Good vibes from Mexico.

        1. I don’t think any of the comments on here should be taken as person attacks guadassi. Most of the time the comments are just people trying to be clever and have a good time I believe. Take it with a grain of salt my friend and keep on goring

          I agree with @seraphim-serenata words of wisdom

        2. I am English. How the fuck can you compare sick, murdering Individuals committing sickening crimes to bombs dropped during warfare? The Japs were the enemy and every last one of them would have fought to the death had Japan been Invaded, Including women and children. The atom bombs prevented the deaths of millions. The Japs are evil bastards. my grandfather was a prisoner, thankfully the war ended two months after he was made a P.O.W, but he was put to work building the Burma railway as the Japs used all prisoners of war as slaves – living skeletons, starving and forced to work while suffering from dysentry, malaria and cholera, given no medicines and only one cup of rotting rice per day, men locked In a tiny box for days on end without water simply because they were too Ill to work. As for bombs, what about the German city of Dresden, full of Women, children and the elderly, 250,000 killed In one night of the “thousand bomber raid” which saw the city destroyed by firestorms – even those In shelters died, the oxygen sucked from their lungs by the raging fires above. To compare the actions of YOUR BRETHREN to the decisions of governments during wartime Is Ignorant In the extreme. You may not be as violent as your brothers but you’re just as Ignorant and sub-human, you uneducated excremental smear. Fuck you and fuck your backward nation of stinking, worthless Pigs.

          1. Here’s an interesting fact for you… Most of the scientists that worked on the invention of the atom bomb were Jewish, and only a very small percentage of them were actually gentiles. Einstein was one of them… Japan wasn’t the enemy, neither was Germany, but the Jews in charge that instigated the fight between these countries. It was even rumored that Hitler himself was a Zionist agent. World War 2 opened the door for the creation of Israel.

            Watch this YouTube video right here… Hitler was a Zionist.


        3. You took that a bit to personal essay….. it’s a blood n guts site fs we’re all here because we have hate in our hearts ! I hate everycunt, white black chinks ( all slant eyes ) Muslims Jews Christians Americans fat people ugly people and especially cripples. So if I offended u…. good go suck a dick

      2. Wow that was fucked up to say. We sit behind a screen watching this shit. Imagine living next door to it, not being able to speak up because the cartel will be at your door ready to kill all your family. That shits not cool to judge all of mexico. We have gangs in the usa, but it doesn’t mean we are all gang related. Ok now I’m done with my emotional ass paragraph

    2. Wow, I take some time off from my favorite reality death site
      and this is what I get
      Absolutely, ruthless and barbaric!!!
      I feel bad for these poor souls
      Its like taking time off from drinking or weed, when you get back to it, it seems to hit you harder!!!

      1. @ryan357

        It is easy to say that until you are in that situation. He is obviously bound by all limbs and really has no way to run or fight back. At the first slice through the lower abdomen they cut a bit to deep and his intestines came out I can’t believe he remained conscious throughout the video. Next time leave the lower abdomen for last you crazy fuckers…

        When yo’ure being held at gun point by a band of most likely extremely ‘amped’ ‘geeked’ whatever you want to call it cartel members your options are truly limited.

      1. I think the guy with the flayed face and chopped hands got the worst of it. His eyes balls appeared to be missing, and torniquettes were carefully applied to his wrists and forearms so that he doesn’t die from blood loss and miss the party.

        1. yeah that one was pretty sick aswell. call me a sick mother fucker but I would have liked to have see the part where they peel his face off and then pluck his eye balls out that would have been sick dude!

      1. You don´t know that, the narcos lower henchmen are individuals of very low IQ and practically with no formal education, it´s pretty common for them to catch the wrong poor bastard and torture him to death.

    1. I was gonna comment but decided not to. Please don’t read any further because you will be wasting your time. I told you not to read further. You just won’t take “no” for an answer; this shows that you can be seduced into doing things that are not in your best interest. Probably explains why you visit Best Gore.

        1. There is nothing Latin about Mexicans. They are not European or White. The only “Latin” about them is that they speak a degenerated version of a Romance language. Latin America is such a stupid name.

          1. Uh it is Latin America. And you’ve obviously never seen white Mexicans!! I have relatives that are white as fuck. one of the parents is brown and the other parent is light skin in the baby comes out light skinned… Genetics is a crazy thing huh

  1. “Pueblo de Jiquilan, Sahuayo y San Pedro Caro Michoacan. Aqui solo existe y existira una verdad, esos pendejos de el Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion. Dejan a la gente esperanzada y creyendo promesas en el aire. Para un ejemplo ahi traen a los vale verga de que son porque para pelar la verga no dan una. Se creen Rambo con una puta pistola mojosa y quieren pelar con nuestra organization a cual es muy grande. Recuerden que los unicos duenos de estas tierras Michoacanas somos nosotros. Asi que ustedes eligen de que lado corren, a todos los que apoyen a esos vale verga de pechos duros esto es lo que les espera se los va a cargar la verga. Tienen 1 semana a todos los hios de puta que no se alinien porque llego la limpia y nuestra lista tiene varios nombres de los que se los cargara la verge iillecola limpia con todo”


    “Village of Jiquilan, Sahuayo and San Pedro Caro Michoacan. Here only exists and there will be a truth, those assholes of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. They leave people hopeful and believe promises in the air. For an example there they bring to the verga vale that they are because to peel the cock they do not give one. They think of themselves as Rambo with a wet fucking gun and they want to fight with our organization, which is very big. Remember that the only owners of these Michoacan lands are us. So you choose which side you run, all those who support those vouchers with hard breasts this is what awaits them is going to load the cock. They have 1 week to all fucking girls who do not join because the clean arrives and our list has several names that will be loaded by the verge iillecola clean with everything”

      1. Hmm… not exactly the most accurate translation tbh.

        Key points in the jumble:

        “esos vale verga de los pechos duros” = cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion
        “limpia” = cleansing incoming, please proceed as suggested => GTFO

    1. UPDATED!

      “MORELIA, Michoacán – El vídeo mas fuerte donde los Viagras le sacan el corazón a El Siri, El alcalde de una comunidad rural en este estado sureño ha sido señalado como aliado de uno de los cárteles más violentos de México.

      El político fue señalado por un sicario del cártel que fue torturado y asesinado por sus rivales, En el pueblo rural de Sahuayo, un grupo de pistoleros del cártel torturaron y descuartizaron a dos rivales cuyos cuerpos fueron arrojados junto a un narco mensaje que amenazaba al alcalde de la ciudad y a sus aliados cercanos. El mensaje le dice al alcalde y a sus aliados que dejen de ayudar al Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) de México.

      Los cuerpos de las víctimas fueron encontrados en la ciudad de Sahuayo, en el estado de Michoacán, donde miembros de la Nueva Familia Michoacana y sus aliados, Los Viagras, continúan librando una feroz guerra por el control territorial contra sus rivales del Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG).

      Si bien uno de los cuerpos desmembrados no ha sido identificado, la otra víctima es un pistolero del cártel y traficante de drogas del CJNG, llamado Federico Avalo Sánchez, conocido con el apodo de El Siri.

      En una serie de fotografías y videos exclusivos obtenidos por elblogdelnarco.com de fuentes policiales mexicanas, El Siri les cuenta a sus captores sobre su participación en el cártel y el nombre de sus aliados.

      El miembro del cártel capturado afirma haber recibido ayuda del alcalde de Sahuayo, Rodrigo Sánchez Zepeda, y sus aliados, Armando Tejeda y Rodrigo Tejeda. El Siri afirma que a través de su posición como funcionario del gobierno, Sánchez Zepeda se les permite operar y llevar a cabo crímenes a nombre del CJNG. La víctima ruega por clemencia mientras que los sicarios le comienzan a cortar el pecho y terminal por desmembrarlo.

      Los nombres del funcionario público y sus aliados también están impresos en una cartulina que dejaron al lado de los cuerpos desmembrados. La cartulina también menciona a un hombre llamado Marco Vinicio; fuentes de la policía revelaron a Breitbart Texas que el mensaje se refiere a un hombre que busca postularse para alcalde en las próximas elecciones.”


      “MORELIA, Michoacán – The strongest video where Viagras take the heart out of El Siri, The mayor of a rural community in this southern state has been identified as an ally of one of the most violent cartels in Mexico.

      The politician was signaled by a cartel hitman who was tortured and killed by his rivals. In the rural town of Sahuayo, a group of cartel gunmen tortured and dismembered two rivals whose bodies were thrown next to a narco message threatening the mayor of the city and its close allies. The message tells the mayor and his allies to stop helping the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) of Mexico.

      The bodies of the victims were found in the city of Sahuayo, in the state of Michoacán, where members of the Nueva Familia Michoacana and their allies, Viagras, continue to wage a fierce war for territorial control against their rivals of the Jalisco Cartel. New Generation (CJNG).

      Although one of the dismembered bodies has not been identified, the other victim is a cartel gunman and CJNG drug dealer, named Federico Avalo Sánchez, known by the nickname El Siri.

      In a series of exclusive photographs and videos obtained by elblogdelnarco . com from Mexican police sources, El Siri tells its captors about its participation in the cartel and the name of its allies.

      The captured cartel member claims to have received help from the mayor of Sahuayo, Rodrigo Sánchez Zepeda, and his allies, Armando Tejeda and Rodrigo Tejeda. Siri states that through his position as a government official, Sánchez Zepeda is allowed to operate and carry out crimes on behalf of the CJNG. The victim begs for clemency while the assassins begin to cut his chest and terminal by dismembering him.

      The names of the public official and his allies are also printed on a piece of cardboard that they left next to the dismembered bodies. The card also mentions a man named Marco Vinicio; Police sources revealed to Breitbart Texas that the message refers to a man seeking to run for mayor in the upcoming elections.”

      Source: https://elblogdelnarco.com/2018/02/19/video-mas-fuerte-donde-los-viagras-le-sacan-corazon-siri-cartel-jalisco-nueva-generacion/

  2. How utterly unoriginal of them, the lack of creativity was causing the poor victim more suffering than the flaying. He probably died of boredom in fact.

    Those cartel boys really need to do some research on medieval execution techniques to improve their repertoire. Perhaps they could do their own cartel version of ‘The Running Man‘ or something.

    1. They should really do a proper flaying some time. They certainly have the time and the space for it. You DON’T cut away the skin when you flay someone, that defeats the whole purpose.

      * You take a very hot tub.
      * You throw a person in there.
      * You leave the person in there for about 10 seconds, that should tenderize the skin.
      * You tie the person to a cross, Jesus style.
      * You cut around the neck, maybe make a little cut downwards.
      * You peel the skin downwards by pulling it. It should come off naturally.

      I hope these dumb cartel fuckers read this and do it properly!

  3. It’s weird how the previous flaying video (kid getting stabbed a lot took it so well compared to this bitch) really made me squirm but this one was like watching a chicken breast getting made into a schnitzel.

  4. The cartels are totally outbrutalizing ISIS this season. It’s a shame that they don’t have the same lighting equipment and quality cameras, not to mention their amazing directing and editing skills.

    I guess that’s what they get for not being supported Israel and the USA.

  5. Not even gonna watch this one.
    I mean dont get me wrong i jerk of to things like that whore getting beheaded and puking shit, but this is just getting pathetic, just nuke the shit out of them. So what if most of the territory of Mexico cant be inhabited by life for a few decades, we’re gonna start rebuilding that place into something that isn’t so retarded like the shit these faggots with the mentality of a 12 year olds are doing.

    1. “i jerk of to things like that whore getting beheaded and puking shit”

      – LOL, that’s hilarious. I can’t jack off to that, but I love those kinds of videos as well.

      “we’re gonna start rebuilding that place into something that isn’t so retarded like the shit these faggots with the mentality of a 12 year olds are doing.”

      – I have yet to meet a 12-year-old that wants to flay people, but you’re right. These people are getting too crazy now. I love you comment though. Everything about it is gold.

      1. if they pulled some dumb whores innards out through her cunt flaps, they could make some squid porn, without all that damn ink fucking it all up. I would possibly jerk off to that with my wife’s approval.

        1. I have never ever heard a shot in Mexico, most of violence (but not all) here is drug dealers killing drug dealers, so the comment of Protocol would be much more accurate, anyway someone is going to insult me now even though he/she have never been on Mexico, some mexican from Acapulco, or some american who thinks that Tijuana is all Mexico, which is ok I guess.

      1. also been to mexico. and more so then than i do now, i used to love mexican women the most. again went to a strip club in tijuana…. just across the border from california.

        mexico is much more civilised than brazil, in my experience.

        but very different.

      1. It’s like these people who live in gated communities. It makes them feel safe. It only makes me want to get into their house, that much more. If I want to get in their house, I’m getting into their Fucking house.

        1. Holy fuck, HK that is my favorite comment for the day so far… and I’ve never attempted to break into anyone’s house, but that would just make it more intriguing. It’s like tellin’ a kid they can’t do something, they just want to do it more, to spite you.

          1. I’m intrigued by this MGTOW thing like what are your reasons is it something that happened during a past relationship or just a general feeling of ‘fuck that shit’… I’d never heard of it before BG… I’d ask about it in the forums but @happy still won’t let me on there

  6. They should have never started doing this shit. Now they are going to go back and forth, back and forth, getting revenge on each other.

    The next time you do cocaine, remember the people who are getting sliced to pieces so you can get high. You should stay away from the shit. Weed is being legalized. Just smoke weed.

    1. The guy starts praying when the flaying begins, then he says “I love you mom” and “mommy!” While his captors keep cutting into his skin. Before the end of the video, he starts crying and gets in fetal position saying “I didn’t kill anybody, please don’t do this to me!”. I wish the video didn’t stop there…

    1. Damn, I’d try everything in my power to make them shoot me. I’d squirm like a worm, insult their mothers and spit at their faces. I mean, you’re going to die anyway but I’d rather get a bullet in my head.

  7. Since when has ever sounded like a cow and begging and crying like a little bitch ever saved someone’s life from these guys? He needs to stop and think over his life choices … and then be ashamed that he has to die at the hands of a gang of druggies selling viagra to 80-year old men so they can fuck their preteen nees.

  8. Motherfuckers, fucking cowards. I´m from Argentina, my country is pretty violent compared to first world but Mexico? C´mon, this are not isolated events, this is a generalized modus operandi of a culture, pieces of shit, degenerates, this lowlifes are just wasting world resources like air, water, food, etc. I would understand if a father with the rest of family did something like this to a rapist of their girls, boys, women, etc. but this scums torture and kill just for power and money, they are beyond recovery, they will never know or appreciate the value of good and honest hard work.

  9. USA has a big problem with latinos, very big, in general the latino culture is… no good, no good at all. Even my country Argentina, while not being nearly as bad as Mexico, is going down (more) quickly, it´s all about culture. With or without Trump build the fucking wall muricans, save your country, save your culture, save what made America great and make it great again.

          1. You’re right… I am a buttplug of sorts(ass-advertised) , butt that’s besides the point. Asstralia’s a former prison colony, the fukn land is dangerous, the fukn animals are dangerous… Should I go on?… Go fetch ya’sef some tucker mate, make it a korta panda!

          2. Correct butt plug, Australia was a prison colony… 200 years ago. Things have changed somewhat over that time.
            Also the land and some of the animals can be dangerous.. But do you know what’s not dangerous??
            Primary schools aren’t dangerous. Neither are high schools, rock concerts, night clubs, walking down the street, entire fucking neighbourhoods, police officers…. Should I go on??
            I did just go fetch some tucker… That wasn’t dangerous either.
            Can you say the same?

          3. Actually, I can say better.. At least I won’t find a fukn funnelweb spider in my bag of tucker, and @xsookiex… At least I won’t be killed by a fukn box-jellyfish(Ha!.. Box) whilst bathing in that sun and surf with said hot girls… Hell, even the platypussies are poisonous. The only good things that came out of Oddstralia, is the Beegees and DocUndy…!

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