Flip Flop Man Beaten with Stick by Traffickers in Favela

Flip Flop Man Beaten with Stick by Traffickers in Favela

In a Brazilian favela, a man got beaten with a stick by traffickers for reasons known to them.

He must have done something that irritated the favela gang lords, or was a pointed a finger at by a favela soccer mama. Either way, he got viciously clubbed, and you can tell his hands and arms got pretty fucked up.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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46 thoughts on “Flip Flop Man Beaten with Stick by Traffickers in Favela”

  1. He got the beating not that he deserved, but the one that he needed. It is times like these that watching a good beating can make you look at the world and say “wow, that’s really what I needed for a Saturday afternoon”. A good beating always puts a bright smile on my face. Thanks Bestgore, I really needed to see some scumbag from a shitty part of the planet (brazil), get his ass handed to him.

    1. Oddly enough you are quite right. Getting beaten to a pulp is no fun at all, however, watching someone else get beaten to a pulp is quite the stress reliever.

      I guess there is nothing quite like an opposite extreme to emphasise the stupidity of worrying about the little things in life.

      As a drunk for example, I would much rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

    2. @ the vulva eater. How do you even know he actually deserved it? All traffickers are shitscum that should be eradicated from the planet, and I don’t really care if they have no other way to make money.

      For all you know, this guy could just have been an informer or grass (a good guy in my books).

  2. See in the real world the stronger always prays and victimizes the weaker onlyyy if the weak is weak and stupid like this idiot on the ground receiving the clubbing.
    Hopefully he didn’t got killed so that he could look back at his timeline and wonder what if he would had off this bastard hitting him at one point in the past when or after they started associating.

  3. There are two bones of the lower arm, the radius and the ulna. It looks like the ulna is fractured but the radius is not, that’s why his arm didn’t go floppy like they guys we’ve seen on the Brazilian prison vids.
    Fuck him anyway. He should have fought back.

  4. Now here lies a problem with this guy as his flip-flops are blood stained and there is no way with those fractured hands he’s gonna be able to wash and wear them any time soon.
    They all are a bunch of bastards .
    For them day’s entertainment begins and ends by beating each others asses black and blue.

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