Florida Cop Pushes Man Down, Then Slaps the Shit Out of Him

Florida Cop Pushes Man Down, Then Slaps the Shit Out of Him

A Broward County, Florida cop was covertly filmed pushing an old man down, and slapping the shit out of him. During the assault, the cop made himself feel like God by saying things like: “I’ll tell you what to do, and you’re gonna do it! It’s that simple.” The old man was on his way to the bathroom, but was assaulted midway, and subsequently, like an animal, denied the need to pee. But it’s the condescending “relaaaax” that always follows an uncalled for escalation of force by cops that gets favorite.

The man was homeless and wanted to use the terminal’s public bathrooms. That was reportedly the sole reason why he was assaulted. And instead of the cop being immediately fired and charged with assault, the homeless man – 58 year old homeless man Bruce Laclair, was charged with trespassing an unoccupied structure or conveyance.

The Fort Lauderdale cop, whose name has not been released, would have gotten completely away with the assault, if not for the video. But since the the assault was filmed, he will still get away with it, but first he has been put on paid leave (vacation paid-for by the taxpayer) pending investigation.

You’re under arrest for me slapping the shit out of you” – that about sums up the awesomeness of life in a police state. Where a man with all the power, abuses man with none and gets away with it.

Keep in mind that this is also the place where a priest, a pastor and a 90 year old man were arrested and charged for feeding the homeless.


The cop’s name is Victor Ramirez and he was off-duty at the time. He has been suspended with pay. Thanks DaSilvaFlipFlops for the update.

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      1. @Future Days, upon returning to the good ‘ol Gunshine State, civilian killings seemed to have come out of the woodwork; from mentally ill people to homeless ones. Nothing makes me sicker when a CK terrorizes citizens minding their own business because they can.

        The Boca cunts and PBSO are notorious for pulling this kind of behavior, accountability is an absolute joke to them. Of course the Seattle PD are also trigger happy too, it’s too much of an adrenaline rush and it’s like sex to them.

        What opened my eyes towards cops was actually living with one, I was exposed to an eye opening truth and it altered me. There’s also another video of a Broward County cop dragging a mentally ill woman across the floor, nice fucking loser he is.

        The video is at Sure News, here’s the link.


        1. @AriesKillJester

          In my area of Florida, the Flori-Bama area, the culture that makes up the police force is that of the good ol’ boys. Thank god I’m white. Not that THAT matters much, though. I’m not one of them. I don’t have a Southern accent and I am not the kind of scum they expect me to be when I have to interact with them.

          The problem with a lot of the cops that I know is that they only work the job BECAUSE it’s a job. A career that will make them money. They don’t give a damn about the community just so long as it causes them the least amount of trouble as possible. They’re like doctors that hope and pray that people don’t get sick, and feel inconvenienced when people do. They hate their job, but they do it, because it’s all they know. These cops. They get into it because it’s part of their culture. Their grandpa and fathers and uncles were cops, so of course, THEY have to be cops.

          I think that’s part of the problem with these bad cops. They get forced into these jobs, but they really don’t want to be working them. They just do it because they were raised around it and they feel like it’s what they have to do. Instead of, you know, following their heart to finding their real passion in life.

          That’s just one of my theories as to why cops can be such dickheads. They don’t really WANT to be doing it for a living. It was just the easiest “most obvious” career choice in life for them.

    1. To be honest I’m a bit on the fence on this one, the homeless crackhead did seem to try to fight him at first before he got pushed down, and then when the pig tried to get him up the homeless crackhead did reach for his wrist before he got bitch slapped. But yea most cops are total shit.

    2. In Florida wearing a hoody and caring a bag of Skittles is a capital offense so wanting to go pee is a misdemeanor. Cop needs to go back to Cuba there it’s no holds barred, he’d be right at home.

  1. The guy committed the crime of reminding snowbirds that Florida is a real state with real problems. That this place is not just their winter playground. A bum like that could scare away tourist dollars. Can’t have THAT. 🙄

    1. Nail on the head @Future Days, can’t have a poor bloke like this on view, it’s bad for business !

      I’ve visited Ft Lauderdale, no disrespect, but I found the place dull and devoid of any character whatsoever, and the people were false and so damned insincere…. ” have a nice day ” ….. bullshit !

      I get the impression you and your Mrs wouldn’t fit in a place like that, you seem way too down to earth.

      I met some nice folk in Florida, but not in this plastic excuse for a town / city.

      1. Yeah, we tend to avoid the beach. It sucks. It’s all tourists and hotels these days. It used to be just for us locals when I was a kid. That was when it was fun. Now, a day at the beach is…well, no day at the beach. When money becomes the most important objective, the humanity of any given situation just dies.

        1. That is really saad @FD.

          A day at the beach should always be one of the simple and very FREE things in life…….

          ‘Murican cops suck dog’s balls…..

          How’s the way the cop was talking sooo loud as if to justify his behaviour to the crowd of onlookers that this ‘hard arse criminal’ was giving him such a hard time, it’s just they couldn’t hear all the death threats and acts of violence this guy was making – like he had to translate the conversation out aloud for everyone to know his behaviour was really justified.

          Sickening and shocking, same thing I always write for these ‘Murican cop videos. It’s just like a movie script…….

          What the fuck is wrong with people?

  2. FAWK! What an asshole cop. Probably got denied by his wife the night before. Who would blame her if he’s acting like this … Waaaaaa . It’s police like this that give the rest of the force a bad name. I hope the video was made public in the city it happened in and a good suspension without pay would be nice. Shcrap!

    1. The word unprofessional comes to mind among several other choice words. They gotta stop hiring PTSD fuckers straight outta the middle east conflict. There’s a reason that after you leave the military, you get hit up by your local state prison offering you a job. That’s a job perfect for a fucker like this. In prison, when an inmate even pulls away just a little, he’ll get body slammed taxed, and maced. I got that same offer when I got out of the Air Force….threw that shit in the trash right quick because with my anxiety/panic disorder, I’d more than likely Billy club some motherfuckers for screaming to loud

      1. You’re exactly right @Gentle. If the cop knew with certainty that he was being recorded the phone would have smashed and the guy recording would be on the ground next to the homeless guy getting his turn with officer justice.

  3. Okay, admittedly the guy was a homeless drunk but that’s no need to treat him like a dog! These “characters” can be a nuisance but just give him a light hearted kick up the ass and tell him to move on. Hell, maybe throw in a bottle of wine and he’ll do whatever the fuck you want!

    1. Exactly! And what the fuck is so hard about that? Fuck sake. Let the man piss and tell him to move on. I’m sure the homeless guy wasn’t there looking for trouble with the law.
      This video supports my opinion that cops all have low IQ’s and became cops because they couldn’t get into a real college. With all of the scrutiny of their actions lately and knowing that they are likely being recorded, these retarded small dick cops still beat the shit out of civilians just to see if they can get a boner.

      1. Kinda hard to go to the bathroom when you haven’t got a pot to piss in. Imagine not having a home to go to and you’ve gotta take a mean shit or your bladders about to burst. That’s why in certain places downtown, especially in the skid row area. The smell is so bad… like a mix of drugs, shit and piss. And it’s like hitting a wall of stench…one second you’re just walking down the streets Then BAM, you’re punched in the nose by that old familiar stench. Fortunately there’s the public safety guys on their bikes that patrol the better parts of DT. They ticket them for loitering and shoo them back to skid row. It’s a little sad because if they aren’t bothering anyone, they still get kicked out of the nicer sections of DTLA. I think they might be ticketing them because they can’t pay the fines, so eventually they go to jail. The positives in going to jail are ..1) A roof over their heads..2) 3 squares a day….3) a bunk to sleep in…4) access to help get you help…even rehabs!!

  4. Got a point @the white shadow but, its good the he recorded it at least. Id rather of seen more of the bitch on the bench than see whats for dinner for sure.
    And back to the cop. This guy is way over his bounds here obviously and its unfortunate that he gets away with it. I keep telling myself” one day these fuckers are going to do this to the wrong person and its either” lights out ” or “pick up your check” now move along “you’re fired”.
    Or (dreaming here) but, maybe the cop finds himself the homeless guy and has to endure treatment much the same as he’s been serving up. Like i said ,that’s dreaming though.
    The real remedy is to line em up and shoot em all though!

    1. Damn, I didn’t see the update. I was happy to see that it wasn’t a white cop. I saw the story earlier today and actually was going to try to send the link to Acneska, but every time I clicked on the contact link it said I wasn’t logged on.

  5. You’d think by now that cops would be assuming there’s going to be a camera on them all the time, but I dunno…maybe they are just in denial or really stupid.
    This kind of shit has gone on for a LONG time…but thankfully, with the technology we all have in our pockets…I think we may just be seeing the beginnings on an actual end of an era for these punks. We just need everyone out there to be at the ready and to capture this horseshit as it goes on, then get it out to the masses and do it ASAP!!!!

  6. The cop Thought the homeless man was below Society so he didn’t Deserve the proper Respect so he got a Bitch slap instead and a ass Chewing Like the homeless Man was a threat at all stupid Pig any Cop that talks like that is a bitch in my Book.

      1. My experience with cops they don’t respect anyone below themselves especially homeless people. Cops are nobody’s friend and that homeless man didn’t deserve that kind of treatment that’s what I didn’t agree with AND if the cop is going to smack somebody around do it with some dignity and professionalism and not like a little Bitch. If I ran across this cop I would not give him the respect because I don’t find him intimidating enough to be worthy of Respect.

  7. This shit makes me sick. Maybe the guy did tell him to fuck off or something but I get the feeling that this wasn’t the first time he’s had to deal with the local dickhead cops. I’m sure if he had left the cop would have just followed him and slapped him around wherever he finally did stop to piss for indecent exposure or some other bullshit. If not that cop probably one of his other dickhead buddies. I have to give it to the homeless guy, he didn’t fight back he basically just waited quietly for his abuse and stayed calm. I guess the cop was just stressed or abused as a child…..one can only hope so.

  8. Maybe that’s the penalty for pissing on the toilet seat ?
    He has repeat offender “pissing on toilet seats” written all over him.
    Sorry if that’s profiling.
    Nobody wants to use the bathroom after someone who does that. 🙂

  9. That was a fucked up power tripping cop. Fucking Cuban refugees, that’s all they are. He’ll get off. The judge in the end should give him a 200 hours community service helping the homeless. Let him get a dose of humanity again.

  10. Pig police are out of control. Jesus the poor guy just wanted to use the bathroom. the way he slapped the poor guy was total over kill. funny how they can treat poor citizens like this but they bend over backwards for the terrorist immigrants. no doubt the pic will go back to work without any problems the whole world is turning in to a police state. god help us.

  11. Punk … What cocksucker fucking punk low-life
    ..with a badge
    That was totally uncalled for
    What a sick fuck
    ” officer ” is so rude and disrespectful to the guy, what a shame They let punks like that run around
    He should try to pull that shit with a big black shirtless gang banger

    Oh wait, his punk ass would just shoot him dead cause” he knows he could never fight like a man…
    Fucking punk

  12. well cops aren’t above the law but the sad fact is they usually take advantage of the poor, homeless, and most vulnerable people. where i live cops were caught taking people to a park and beating the crap out of them just for begin homeless.

    its not a surprise though most cops go become cops not because they want to make society a safer place but they like having power and the want an exciting career “fighting crime” which usually means beating homeless people and arresting the poor.

  13. “…the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy and the handicapped. ” ~ Hubert H. Humphrey

  14. This is not a sarcastic or rhetorical question:

    If the younger man was “off-duty” wouldn’t that be considered assault, since he has no business protecting an area where he has not been contracted to do so?

    Bullying, at the least. If this was a public bathroom, as long as the older man was not drug dealing or bringing in animals or something, and was going to briefly use the room for the purpose intended, (since public urination or defecation is illegal in the States), how did the younger man know the older man was homeless? My Dad is well off, and dresses more poorly when he is working in the yard.

    Where’s ACLU? (That question was rhetorical.) SF

    1. Imagine if the roles were reversed: White “off-duty” cop vs. Hispanic or black unarmed homeless man.. Or a female…
      I think we’ve all seen the outcome of those scenarios.

      Poor old dude; It just hasn’t been popular to be white and male for the past 40-50 years. In fact, the opposite is true—White men are marginalized, ridiculed, and beaten down in every aspect of our modern society.

  15. The cop was just giving him the right to be knocked down and slapped around for walking in a public place….if the guy had resisted hed have been shot and no charges brought…but he would’ve been punished with a paid vacation while his fellow officers investigated

  16. The cop had a job to enforce anti-loitering laws. Like it or not, an vibrant area will degenerate into a cesspool if the homeless takes it over.

    I see nothing wrong with the minimal use of force. The guy was asked to leave. He later returned and told the cop to fuck off when approached again. What should the cop do? Follow him around and ask him nicely?

  17. Now that cop is a piece of shit. First pushing, then slapping a poor innocent, homeless elderly man. That son of a bitch needs to get fired. So sad. N wtf is up with the pussy filming this shit. What, was he scared??? I wanted to see what was going on, not what he n his bitch were eating n I really didn’t care to see his ugly bitch either. Recording sucked ass.

  18. Cop not being able to separate the professional experience from his personal feelings again. The guys drunk, shock horror he’s being belligerent, well, that’s what drunks do, talk shit. Cop of course takes it’s personal, why the fuck do that? If your walking down the street and a drunk homeless person starts shouting insults at you you don’t take it personally and want to hit them, they’re drunk and probably have some mental health issues, unless they are invading your personal space in a threatening way you won’t give it a another moments thought, you certainly aren’t going to have a freak about it. He’s supposed to be a trained professional not an oversensitive butt hurt big fat baby.

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