Fourteen Year Old Stereotype Run Over by Car While Fighting

Fourteen Year Old Stereotype Run Over by Car While Fighting

Fourteen year old privileged stereotype DeBreanna Hunter was run over by an unidentified 20 year old woman after an intense street fight outside Cullen Middle School in Houston, state of Texas, USA on Friday, October 6, 2015. The spark of the fight was supposedly over DeBreanna jumping to her friend’s defense while while she was with her ten year old sister on their way to pick up their brother.

At the height of the fight, DeBreanna is run over by a car. And she is actually run the fuck over, too. She suffered a broken pelvis, fractured ribs, liver damage, a broken leg and broken hips, but is in stable condition.

As stated, the driver of the car has not been positively ID’d so I don’t know how they know she’s 20. The passenger in the woman’s car has been positively ID’d but it’s unlikely he or she will be any help.

Reading the story at first, I was ready to give this girl the benefit of the doubt, I truly was. But, then I saw the video and, my god. I really don’t feel sorry for her at all. A fucking animal.

Props to African Angel for the video and story.

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  1. so many times I wanted to do that, especially when they stand in the middle of street yelling on theyre phone and look at you saying “what the hell you looking at” I wish I could just floor the gas pedal and then reverse it.

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  6. “She suffered a broken pelvis, fractured ribs, liver damage, a broken leg and broken hips, but is in stable condition.”

    Damn, I thought that really would finish her off. Ow well, at least she’s in a position where she isn’t able to resist. A little struggle from the legs and lots of squirming would be a bonus.

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