Full Video of Blood-Soaked Jew Thugs Assaulting Peaceful Protesters

Full Video of Blood-Soaked Jew Thugs Assaulting Peaceful Protesters

If there is one religious group that defeats even Muslims in sheer piece of shitness, it’s the Jews. For two thousand years everybody who came in any form of contact with Jews hated those racist pigs and it’s pretty clear why. Jews today are no less blood soaked as they ever were.

Just as once native American Indians were being exterminated and their lands swallowed, so are Palestinians systematically exterminated and their land swallowed by blood soaked Jews. Unfortunately, unlike with native Americans today, I don’t think Jew thugs want any trace whatsoever of the Palestinians to be left after their genocide.

The worst thing is – it’s the Palestinians who are oppressed, maimed, raped and displaced yet if they dare stand up for themselves, they are instantly labelled terrorists.

The short version of the video of blood thirsty Jew thug striking peaceful Danish protester in the face with his rifle has shun a bit of light on true nature of real Jews. The small dicked Israeli soldier was identified as Shalom Eisner, the assaulted protester as Andreas Ias of Denmark, though this is allegedly not his real name, but rather a moniker assigned to him after the attack. Below is the full version of the video with events leading to the assault as well as some footage of what was going on later (by Palestinian TV). You can see Jew thugs throwing bicycles of peaceful protesters in the ditch. Better view of the actual assault is below this video:

Close-up view video of the assault on Danish protester Andreas Ias by Zionist thug Shalom Eisner:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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97 thoughts on “Full Video of Blood-Soaked Jew Thugs Assaulting Peaceful Protesters”

        1. Exactly!
          The Jews (in Israel, anyway) complain that they are being prosecuted.
          Unless you’re a blind sympathizer on a count of the holocaust, etc, you should know that Israelis are very cruel to anyone do does not believe the same as them.
          And they wonder why some people hate them?
          Hitler was a monster, I will admit. But the way the current-day Israelis are treating anyone who is different is appalling.
          LIVE AND FUCKING LET LIVE. God damn it’s not that fucking hard.

        2. TOTALLY AGREE !! no wonder this worlds is coming to an end, coz of this hatred !! these people has created so much EVIL, that there’s hardly any place for PURE hearted people. That is why we have so many losts lifes, coz of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados, thats the only way to bring us altogether… can’t believe so many people hate each other coz of religion.. I HATE MUSLIMS myself now, coz looking at what they believe in and what they do.

          They pray continously, and they LEARN SHIT !!! Which god tells them to kill… god creates us, and muslims say god tells them to kill… Bunch of uneducated pricks !! US should make a HUGE BOMB, and blast all countries who are still fighting. to create a better LOVING WORLD !!

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      Cool Shit!

      So at the drive through window I order my 1 burger, tell her about the coupon, and up on the screen pops up $4.08!

      “BITCH, I told You I had a coupon”

      “No sir, that’s the price for 1 (of our peice of shit) whoppers”

      “Keep it then, burger-jews!” was my reply at the speakerbox as i drove the fuck outa there.

      I wish i was technologicly bitchin, because I would LOVE to take that faggot Burger King, king, and shrink his little cron down to a itty-bitty one, and stick it on the back of his head and name it BURGER-JEW and make stickers….post ’em places…..

      Turns out this protest with get me a rifle-butt to the face by a said-such burger-jew…. it’d be worth it

      1. It seems like bikes are the only means of transportation in that halfway decent dirt-hole of a country. And they were speaking English!

        STOP HITTING HIM! I almost fell off my chair! hahahahahaha

  1. I don’t hate jews, to be honest i try and stay away from religion as one way or another it always causes problems, because all religions have their faults and most if not all have started wars, yes even the Christains, which in all honesty were more blood thirsty and genecidal than the muslims of today.

    That said over 6 million Jews died in the haulocaust, yet they really could have saved themselves. It only took 2-3 armed Nazi soldiers to march 600 jews into the gas chamber… It just makes you think, 3 soldiers vs 600 people, and not one of them decided to overpower the guards or try and sacrifice themselves to save everyone else, just goes to show they would rather talk the long slow walk to die, rather than try and fight to save everyone else..

        1. What 3 Arab armies? Was that when Israel was false flagging like it’s no ones business and were strafing the USS Liberty ship? And nasser has zero intentions of launching any war!?? Fuck me I can’t stamd kike boot lickers

          1. “chuckle” give trooper a map of europe so he can check out what happened with Prussia: nowadays it is a Russian exclave, populated by russians, and the proud ex prussian capital (Koenigsburg) where Inmanuel Kant was born and teached is now Kaliningrad, named in honor of a Stalinist boot-licker named Kalinin….They even blew up the traditional symbol of Prussian power, the Koenisgburg Castle and built this apalling piece of soviet crap-rchitecture:
            Anyway, my statement was about ideology, not war records

  2. When Tulio was a kid, if you said something criticizing or offending a jew (even if it was insignificant) you were automatically labelled by ‘liberals’ (that’s how you call retarded middle and upper class ‘progressive’ individuals in the US, right?) as a nazi, child-eating discriminating monster . But in the last decades, an interesting phenomenom took place: the muslims seem to have wrestled the “political correctness” scepter from the hands of the jews, thanks to factors like the brutality of the israeli army, the massive inmigration of breeder towelheads to the main “liberal” bastions in europe and so on. So now, it’s actually a cool thing to talk s**t about israel, because the jews are no ‘victims’ but opressors in the eyes of the progressive community: they lost their monopoly over ‘politically correctness’ to their worst enemies, just as the US government is always the ‘bad guy’, even when they are against autocrats that fancy hanging people for being gay or that consider women as a tradeable commodity.
    In his personal case, Tulio got accused of being a nazi fag, and 10 years later, of being a pro-sionist lumpen …by the same people… :oP

      1. mesianic religions are all about the same crap; the only difference is the level of retardedness of its followers on a given historical moment.
        Still, judaism is particularily despicable because the other two big mesianic religions (cristianism and islam) are more of less sects that sprouted out from the jew tree.

  3. America will grow tired of their shit one day, then next thing you know..poor little Israel is all by itself surrounded by countries that have governments which have been inserted by the US.
    If America really is “controlled” by the Israelis, they’ll break out of it one day and when they do, they’ll fuck Israel right up.

  4. I’m really worry for you Mark! These zionists have a very powerful lobby in US (AIPAC). Don’t mess with them or you must say goodbye to your site or your life! Seriousely take care.

    1. I know. They probably already have me on their radar. When they come knocking and I see my time was up, at least I’ll die knowing I have not lived a life of a sheep. I’m ready for untimely death. I won’t shed a tear departing the world overgrown with fleshy fungus.

      1. @baked, Oh please! you are getting confused with Australia! I thought Canada was cold? I’ve NEVER even seen snow, there IS some permanent snow up a mountain on the East side of Oz! Anyway its Australia that has beautiful beaches, yes we wear shorts & thongs (flip flops) AND our total population is only about 28 million! You honestly can’t beat our living conditions (I’ve heard Canada is great but Australia is WARM!)

  5. I recently read a book regarding “sex lives of great dictators”, and apparently, Mr. Hitler preferred to be kicked with steel-toed boots, and pissed on.. yet no actual intercourse. (by the way- Happy Birthday, Adolf).

  6. he lost a ball in the war, just like fellow dictator Franco…ah, those half-balled right wingers…but Adolf did not developed that typical castrati high pitched voice, nor did he added up weight like El Caudillo …perhaps it had to do with his vegetarian diet…

      1. Franco also took on painting when old, by advice of his doctor as an ‘anti-stress therapy’….. his paintings suck bigtime, but in Spain some guy managed to earn a little fortune selling false ‘Franco’s paintings’ to collectors….

  7. What strikes me is that the Jews (and their religion) have been around for at least 4000 years or more and all the while there has been many kingdoms/governments that have tried to exterminate them throughout history yet none have ever succeeded.
    Kinda reminds me of the cockroach or bedbug. You can go all out trying to exterminate them and just when you think you have thoroughly annihilated them all you come to find out that what you have just annihilated was only the tip of the iceberg.

  8. When was the last time a protest actually ended in peace. To me there is nl such thing as apeaceful protest. Only visions come to mind are that of your 5 yr old brother with his finger super close to your face chanting “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you”. Little basterd makes me wanna go ballistic on him and eat his broken legs for lunch.

  9. I feel like i need to contribute something.
    Im attending what you can roughly translate to a Folk High School, here in Denmark. The concept is pretty much a laid back school, age restriction is not a thing (17 and upwards), where you live for half a year, where you can take special classes ranging from singing to theoligy. It is very commen over here in the land of the vikings.
    The special thing about this one school, is, that it’s international. And we have 2 palestinian guys here, Muhammad and Issa (Issa means Jesus, lol).
    Well, Muhammad works as a radio reporter, back in palestine. And the stories i’ve heard about life over there is quite… Unnerving to say the least. One of them involving a group of kids, who has to go near a jewish camp every day to go to school, and every day they are assaulted by jews throwing rocks and shooting their rifles in the near vicinity of them. That’s his life. Army men everywhere, harrasment, a shitty life overall.
    But, if you have the necessary money… It’s a different story. Issa, comes from a somewhat wealthy family. He lives in such luxury, that suits the life of a celebrity. The only catch? 2-3 times a year, the police raids his giant house. Confiscating all kinds of drugs and shit. It’s funny, that even over there, money can protect you against pretty much anything.
    Meh. Just felt like sharing a little insight in the life of “normal” citizens over there. It must be tough.

  10. There’s an old adage:

    “If you want the respect of the man holding the gun, bring a gun yourself and leave your fucking bicycles at home.”

    Regardless of whether or not you feel you are in the right, why pick a fight with a group of armed men who are completely capable of killing you? Perhaps these spoiled white kids were counting on someone stepping in and saving them from an ass whoopin’ at the last second; though it’s more likely that their rich parents gave them a false sense of security by not spanking them as children, or perhaps by spanking them, gave them a persecution complex that manifests itself through these masochistic impulses. Knowing what by now is common knowledge about how things are done in that part of the world, they must have expected to be beaten by provoking the guards, so they will take said beating without sympathy.

    Here’s a tip for next time: when diplomacy fails, start tagging headshots, but do not think that your cameras and guilt tactics will protect you from harm.

  11. Ah!The fake hebrews are at it again.I can’t wait until these filthy amaleks get nuked in order to cleanse the land of their filthy ass.All the evil that has wrought in this world as a direct result of these fake ass pieces of shit claiming someone else’s heritage.Now you see all this legislation being passed because these bastards realize that people are starting to wake up and see them for who and what they really are.Nasty cave monkey Scum!!!

    1. as i see your a mussilum i woudl be more worried about france as of this year france takes a vote to lable islam a cult and outlaw it they will be the first in a string of europian countries that will outlaw islam as a cult….

  12. You must mean Aboriginal Americans Mark. As the word “native” is defined(properly) as ‘a person born in a specified place’. I am a Native American because I was born in America… though I am not an Aboriginal American because my ancestors did not inhabit or exist in America during its earliest times. American Indians and those whom advocate the misnomer by erroneously laying claim to both terms is supremely disrespectful(as far as words go). It’s the difference between I and many others who were born here(and for the most part raised) and those who not only born, but(for the most part) spent their entire lives living in a different culture. It’s these little things that make the big things. I am a Native American.

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