Gang Related Beat Down of Sleeping Man Ends in Retardation

Gang Related Beat Down of Sleeping Man Ends in Retardation

Gang Related Beat Down of Sleeping Man Ends in Retardation

This was allegedly filmed in the good ole state of Texas, although the participants in the video sound Spanish, perhaps Mexican. I don’t know what they’re saying.

The video shows a beat down of a man who seems to be sleeping, or at least resting with his eyes closed, when attacked. Some of the blows, perhaps starting with the very first one, must have done a brain injury, because very quickly his breathing changes and his limbs become stiff, crooked and uncoordinated.

This tremendous beating was apparently gang related. Perhaps due to being a snitch or the owing of drug money. Either way, I say that’s a rude awakening.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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321 thoughts on “Gang Related Beat Down of Sleeping Man Ends in Retardation”

      1. John Candy, I agree entirely. As a woman, I find ‘men’ like this pussies. Excuse the expression but true. Why in the world would you beat someone senseless that is defenseless? Not a man by any means. Brutal!

          1. I don´t think he was handicapped from the beginning. I think he is knock out from the first punch. The rest is a reaction for all the other hits.

          1. The guy in the back says that is the guy who touched my niece and calls him sick so I’m guessing he molested a little girl and is why they did this to him I say he deserves it and lucky they didn’t just kill him and fair goes out the window for pedos

        1. Its so true. It’s actually really sad that he kept going after clearly fucking the guy up. Wonder if he wanted to kill him or just hurt him? I’m actually curious as to what happen to this guy. Anyone know the story?

        1. The guys next to the victim get up very calmly and give them room.
          It looks like they all know each other, or at least they’re used to this type of situation.
          One person messed up and this is payday , not fight day. They filmed this for a reason. The assailant needs to boost his terror profile

          1. The dude who was on the bed was sleeping with the attacker’s niece that’s y he was whooping his ass nd that explains why the girls was calm because that was their uncles beating him.

          1. @watupbitch
            Agreed brother, as i could not help feeling bad for him also. And if you notice near the middle of the video, that cowardly cunt “Removed A Homemade Shank” that the victim kept close by, and near his head for protection.

            And i,m sure that he did take the time to make this shank, and kept it nearby just for the fuck of it, but did so cause he was threatened with his life on a few occasions leading up to this cowardly act.

            And if that Cowardly Cocksucker would have tried that shit on him while he was awake, that *Big Galoot Fagot* would have most likely have been the one Chilling in the Retard Ward, or, Deep-Chilling on The County Morgue,s Slab instead. And that would have been fine with most of us here i,m sure!

        2. Even if he was a child rapist? What the fuck is wrong with you.. dirty paedophile

          I’d continue for another 20 minutes then cut his dick off and ram it down his retarded throat

          1. @bnhnh

            Da-Fuck is wrong with You Asshole. You Off Your Fuckin Meds Again?
            So Fuck-Off, And Stop Trolling Our Respected Contributing Members.
            Try Contributing/Donating to This Site, Before Attacking Any Members That Do.
            Just cause somebody has a different viewpoint than yourself, it doesn’t give you the right to call any Member a pedophile. Fucking Big-Mouthed Newbies, eh brother @hopingfornemesis they should put their Big-Boy Panties-On, and put their money where their mouth is and donate to this site, instead of needlessly attacking the ones who do.

          2. Exactly. I actually created an account to to reply to this son of a bitch. If he was a child rapist then he did deserve that and much more and anyone who disagrees needs the same

          3. He’s not a fucking gang member or rapist!!! Dumbass here I swear . Man with camera(X) beat him (y)because recently before this the dude who did this to him, tried robbing his GRANDMA!!! So he pulled out a gun, didn’t say nothing wrong (y)he just said I’m not trying kill you or shoot you but if you come back here I will . X came back and had a friend give him 6 bars and he passed out and did this to get even . Do some research before saying shit about people that ain’t close to true. . Dumbass foreal .

        3. Yeah, that dude is demonstrating decorticate and decerebrate posturing. If he lived, brian damage and likely seizure disorder.
          Total pussy move to attack someone like that… unless they are a pedo, rapist, or murderer. Fuck those assholes.

          1. On the bright side though, with all that seizure induced body posturing, he’ll be a hit on the dance floor at the local Y. Even if it is ‘just getting up for a glass of water’.

          2. @kimoice

            13 years old is a suitable age to begin having sex in your mind?
            You, KEK kid, obviously don’t have a daughter. God help her if you do. Why don’t you leave the comments section to the adults?
            Cuck, huh? You run along to Kekistan and pray to your Egyptian frog god… you know…

          1. @polluted
            I Agree with you guys above. Sad cowardly way to sucker punch a sleeping man. If you look closely, In the middle of the beating you can see the goof remove a shank from the victims head area that he had stashed for Cowards just like the one who attacked him. He probably would have got shanked if he tried that he his sleeping opponent was awake. It,s too bad. 🙁

          2. Crikey, imagine not even being able to sleep without getting jumped. Yes i see he removed the shank now. Well he’s know for someone who attacks people while they’re asleep so i reckon it won’t be long before he gets his

        1. @justanormalgu yes but size didn’t seem to matter to the bigger fellow or he wouldn’t have waited till he was asleep. He must have needed that advantage. I wonder how it all started, what was the reason? and who let him in? or was he already in the house, many questions here

      2. doesn’t matter. the main thing is always, someone gets his punishment at any cost. i would do the same with a gypsy. i hope i will get this chance one day to trash a sleeping gypsy or muslim refugee like that.

        1. @evilluminatzionistiwillkill see the tommy Robinson protest was reported as being “violent” because a female cop lost het fooring and went ass over tit. Of course when a muslim kills a load of people with a truck we mustn’t upset the muslim community. Fuck em, i say muslim “refugees” are fair game

      3. @johncandy

        Agreed brother, as nobody should suffer such a fate when helpless, & sleeping.

        The violent blows caused his lateral cortex (the top of the brain stem itself) to suffer major trauma causing instant Grand marl seizures ( a short circuit in the brain stem) to occur. That along with the quick build-up of blood inside his brain must be immediately drained with the quick insertion of a shunt, placed at the bottom back of the head in order to drain he blood releasing the pressure on the brain stem. His blood pressure must also be lowered, by putting him into an induced coma, in order to give the brain a chance to heal, and for the swelling in his cerebral cortex ( the part of the brain just above the stem itself) to go down. Unfortunately for him, help will not arrive in time. And even if it did he will most likely end up being a vegetable if he does miraculously survive. The only thing going for him is his age, cause if he was an old broken dude like me, lol, no way would he pull through.
        Truly sad.

        1. Ventriculostomy goes on the top of the head… otherwise right. There are newer novel approaches where the guy would get a radical craniotomy and wait for the swelling to subside. Manitol helps too.

          1. Thanks for this @xavier
            That is too cool. Isn’t it. I find it simply amazing how quickly things change with medical procedures. Do you have some type of medical background, like a nurse, or a Doctor ???

            When i saw the procedure, and then read about it in the New England Journal Of Medicine, i was totally floored at how drilling a hole in Dad,s head, and inserting a tube inside it could quickly drain the blood, and release pressure. So after seeing my Father Have this emergency shunt put in about 20 years ago i became obsessed. He had suffered a brain Aneurysm, and to add insult to injury, he went down hard smacking his Mellon against a hard tile floor. And The Doctor was super kind to explain the whole procedure to myself step by step.

            Also, a dear friend of mine had epilepsy, and after witnessing him have a few Grand marl seizures, it reminded me of this guy,s screams, and his total loss of muscle control as his arms jammed right up. When my buddy had one,,, fuck brother, it took all of my strength, every ounce of it, in order to keep his hands away from ripping the skin right off whatever body part that he would make contact with. his face, cause if not, he would scratch the shit out of himself. 🙁

            So after he was semi conscious, i would give him dylantin, Phenobarbital, and a 1 mg.
            Tablet of Ativan, depending how twitchy he was. Sometimes he only needed half of one, and off to sleep he went. It,s incredible what you will do for a good friend, or even a complete stranger, when in need, and you never thinking twice about it. But the calm, and inner piece that you oftentimes feel afterwards, seeing your buddy ok, and gently breathing, for myself is truly rewarding, and truly is second to none. 🙂

            Poor guy was always so embarrassed the next day, because oftentimes after he would one i would have to undress him, and give him a bath because he would have bowel movements quite frequently.

            Once after cleaning him all up, and putting on clean underwear then tucking him in to bed, i started hearing some wet farts, and the smell was quite obvious that he had yet another bowel movement. But this time it was the runs big-time, and his whole bed was,,, O.M.G. i can still smell it as we speak,,, His bed was completely covered thru the sheet, and deep into the mattress itself. 🙁

            I was done cleaning it all up, and flipping the mattress by 4 Am. Poor Guy Man,,, God Bless Him.

          2. @xavier

            That is too cool my good B-G Brother, as i have an incredible amount of respect for All Of You Life Saving Professionals as i will explain why below! One May 27th. 2009 My Wife, Our 12 year old Son, & I were returning from The Children,s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, after learning that our Son had an advanced case of Crohn,s disease that would require extensive treatments, and most likely some major Surgery in the near future.

            Devastated by this news, we were on our way home to pick-up a prescription for These Steroid Injections that we had to start giving our Son in his stomach area as soon as we got home. While we waited for his prescription to be filled, i stated feeling extremely sick, with a very sore jaw, and suddenly, I Could Not breathe, and had this unbelievable pain in my shoulder, and pressure in my chest. So much so that i had to hunch over.

            I instantly knew that i was having A Major Heart-Attack. After my son noticed that i was turning a shade of green, he quickly got his Mom,,, my Wife, and after a short, but fast drive to our local Community Hospital. Once at the front dor i walked past the triage desk and informed them with a low, and crackly voice that i was having a heart-attack. The nurse on duty gave me a paper bag to breathe in, informing me that i was probably having a panic attack and that i was most likely hyperventilating.

            But as any good nurse would surely do, she began to take my shirt off and plug me up, and set-up an EEG, or ECG, machine ? not sure which one it was. But once i was plugged-up, and the machine was turned on, i swear that i Saw Her and the other nurse she was talking too “Turn Green Themselves”, lol. Poor Gals, as the machine was starting to Hyperventilate itself, me thinks, lol.

            The next thing i know the whole emergency room became a mad rush while i could hear an employee calling for some doctors thru the intercom while they repeated the words, **Code Blue,,, Code Blue** and Man-o-man i then knew for sure that this was no joke, as i began to shake uncontrollably, but until they gave me 2 shots of Morphine, and i think some Ativan also.

            And not 10 minutes had gone by and i was plugged-up with tons of I.V,s little plungers all over from head to toe, and i was then loaded into an Ambulance sirens blaring, and off to The Ottawa Heart-Institute where a team of Doctors, Heart Surgeons, Nurses, and so on, were all waiting, and ready, for my arrival. The Kemptville hospital insisted on having there top nurse accompany me in the Ambulance with me while she held in her hand the Biggest, Thickest, and Longest Needle that i had ever seen. That Needle scared the crap out of me, more so than the darn heart-attack itself @xavier ,lol.

            And Thanks to the quick actions of The Kemptville Hospital, and their wonderful staff i made it alive to Ottawa for the second phase of what was about to happen next in the fight to save my life. So from the time that i began having symptoms at the Pharmacy in Kemptville, to our local Hospital stabilizing me, then the Ambulance ride to Ottawa a little over one hour, and ten minutes had already passed, or 10 minutes past what many call “The Golden Hour”.

            Then, and just like in the Movies, lol, the Ambulance doors swung open and they rushed into the hospital doors, and jogged down the hall while this Small , and kind little Chinese Surgeon, suddenly appeared jigging beside my gurney,while he desperately tried to keep up with me, and was saying to me that he was my Surgeon, and that all was going to be ok as he was about to perform this life saving procedure on me, and not to worry.

            And the next thing i know,,, Banggg,as the gurney slams through these double doors, and into this operating room where these sets of like 8 super bright lights hovered over The Operating table that they were about to plop me on. Man these light were so bright that they almost momentarily blinded me.

            And then i noticed it,,, like at least 6 to 8 individuals all geared-up from head to toe, along with that nice little Chinese Surgeon. The others were either more doctors? nurses? an anesthesiologists and so on. And while all this was going-on i noticed all these people, or an Audience that were almost right above me in a mezzanine type of second level.

            They had all gathered there to look at this procedure behind a glass Type enclosure, with some dressed in your typical white medical garb to some that were more casually dressed, and much younger *Medical Students Perhaps?* i cannot recall, but i don,t think i cared much about it at this point, lol, as i was already having a very bad day to begin with.

            Next thing you know a nurse pulled my head sideways, and towards her telling me that i was going to feel pressure in my right leg,and to please not move. Let me tell you brother @xavier,, i was freaking-out inside, as i could barely breathe for over an hour by then, but was trying to keep still, and calm.

            Next thing you know, i could feel wetness on my right leg, and caught a glimpse of my blood Squirting-Out like, a good 3 feet or so in the air, but only for a total of about 5 seconds while they worked at first inserting what looked like a long but thin type of hose, or tube into my legs artery, and then inserting inside the tube this long wire mesh type of bendable rod inside it, and up my artery, then up into my heart.

            I Almost passed-out from the terror, of not knowing if i was going to die or not. And all of a sudden i felt super dizzy, nauseated, and was feeling like a was either going to faint, puke, or both, as i was seeing like tunnel vision, and tried to jump-up while panicking. And just then everybody almost in sync yelled-out don,t move,,, and the next thing you know,,, i felt a quick, but very sharp pain in my heart, and seconds later it felt like somebody had pulled a plug from a sink, lol “example” and i was able to take this long, and deep breath of the most beautiful fresh air that i have ever had.

            He then(The Nice Little Chinese Heart Surgeon Yelled-Out,,, I Got It),,,, and i stated to cry as i could breathe again and my stress was instantly gone, while this same Kind Middle Aged looking Nurse who comforted me just smiled and gently rubbed my face. And to this day all i can remember about her was her beautiful piercing blue eyes and seeing her smile through her mask. She was like my little angel on that fateful day . They All Were, as they worked so hard, and quickly to save My Life. 🙂

            So Major Props, & Kudos to You My Good B-G Brother, and Cardiologist @xavier. Because it,s people just like “Yourself”,,, That Truly Are The Unsung Hero,s working so hard to save lives everyday! 🙂

          1. lYUNGHITLERl

            Yea,,, You are so right my Good Man, cause i myself have had, as i am sure you also have had, some bad experiences in the past, while dealing with many of these sick types, that seam to have no soul whatsoever, while they enjoy spending there time, and entire lives just hurting others, especially when it comes to easy pray like the disadvantaged, and the downtrodden.
            Nice to talk to you again bud, as it has been awhile.
            I hope that all is well with You, and Yours. 🙂

          1. @pabloescobar
            Thanks brother.
            But actually i am Not doing so well because i have 3 other blockages to deal with, one is blocked at 70% another at 40%, and the last one is blocked at just over 35%. So if i,m still strong enough after undergoing my Scheduled 12 hour Surgery on the blocked Blood Vessels in my left leg.

            So they will have to cut me from my Crotch, Where my Main blood vessel has swollen up to the “Size of a Garden Hose” and Continue all the way down to my ankle, in order to save my leg, cause my foot is getting numb, with pins, and needles, and it,s also starting to turn blue from the lack of oxygenated blood supply.

            And because of the Numerous, and Serious Work Accidents, That i have unfortunately had during my 30 years of Construction work, the strong pain medications that i have had to take has been taking a toll on my body,s circulation. So my whole circulatory system, my heart included, has been clogging-up, and busting, for many years now.

            This has damaged all of my body,s blood vessels, and limiting the time that i have left before a major Artery Itself Ruptures, And ends up killing Me. And that,s not if my Liver gives out First, because lately blood tests have revealed that my Liver Enzymes have recently risen to critical levels or (at 100).

            So in order to rule-out Liver Cancer, or Anything else, my Doctor scheduled me to Undergo a series of blood work, And an Ultrasound This Wednesday Morning at 9 Am. But I Am sure that it is my Liver (from years of taking these pain medications) that is damaged beyond repair.

            So it will be either my Heart,,, one of my Arteries Rupturing,,, or my Liver that will Take me out, the question is when? So i am currently going through my bucket list, and have Given Myself about 2 Good Years Max before i am to sick, or well enough to travel, and enjoy life with People in my life that mean so much to me.

            I did not want to discuss this until i returned from Visiting a Dear Friend Of Mine Oversees. But Since You Asked i figured that right Now Was As Good As Anytime To Let You,s My B-G Family Know Whats Going-On With My Health.

            All I Ask Of You All, Is That You Please Treat Me As The Same Crazy “The-Dre” As Before,lol. And Please *Do Not Feel Bad, Or Pity Me*, Cause i am at Peace, and All Good With What is to Come. 🙂

          1. I am an illegal Mexican that has, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair,white skin little to no accent and speak fluent Spanish/English . Shit I’ll walk right past you motherfuckers and you ignorant fucks would think Im one of you. Makes me chuckle really.

      4. Cambiar a español
        I am from Mexico and I understood the Spanish part
        The one who sleeps gets a weapon from the one who is hitting the one in black says
        Do not you know who I was? Apparently the other 2 seem that if they know who is
        (If something is misspelled by the Translator)

      1. the majority of mexicans fucking despise and are ashamed of people like them. Open your eyes, youre looking at the scumbags of one race only. You yourself has to deal with inbred hill billies.The scumbags of your kind who deal with drugtrafficking scumbags from my kind. Get it? All race/nationalities have their very own pieces of shit

    1. man, that guy is retarded
      or something.
      look at his hands. they are small and misshappen.
      this guy beating on him is a Class A faggot.
      imagine, you can’t even go one-on-one with a guy with little muppet hands?

  1. Good video! If he was snitch, he deserved it, snitches get stiches. He was crying like a lil nerd whose computer just got virus, why these pussys never stand up for their fucking life. If he rly was innocent then dam… Shitty way to go… Doubt that tho

        1. Nothing to do with it , your snitch comment makes you sound like a retarded nigger animal with the IQ of a dog shit … hope you arive home and find your mom melted like a pizza base you retard

          1. Lol the attempt to hurt my feelings, tells how low ur IQ is… U think I would be on bg if i would get my feelings hurt? U only make my dick itch with that nonsense, also that mommyjoke was lame af, tells u are some teenager jonas brothers fan. I wont even bother to diss ur babymama because im not low on a rathole like u. Get laid, maybe it lightens ur mood ;]

          2. You must be a snitch since you have sympathy for them. No matter what race you are in my book if your rat pussy and can’t do your time your life ain’t worth shit, although code of the streets sounds pretty niggerish btw what the fuck is a pizza base?

  2. Any medical professionals wanna explain to us what the actual fuck is happening to this poor basterd? My theory is the first stomach blow caused body wide cramping and the sudden awakening made him go into sleep paralysis shock similar to when someone throws a bucket of ice water over you when you’re sleeping but 100x worse resulting in this retardation.

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        1. While tyson might be secretly gay, ur ex wife eva told me he left u was because u couldnt get ur dick hard with 1 ball.. Only thing licking ur balls was ur dog blondi. Atleast u were born again as baby now, 2nd chance bitch and dont lose ur balls now. And u better do somerhing with those Isis fags

          1. Oh .. been going to Beastporn sites for inspiration have we?? Typical, of Nordic cunts ..Get a sense of humour or fuck off!!… Go listen to Abba or Roxette or Bjork or some Nordic shite .. Racist fucken pig!!

      1. Ok. I couldn’t find a proper explanation of the action so I will make a guess…
        This fucker rented a room and threatened the house owner with a knife after an argument. House owner had illegals at the house so instead of calling the cops… he called a friend. Now imagine you sleeping in your house with a fucker who threaten to stab you?? I don’t like injustice… but injustice is what we see here everyday. Why people are bitching about this particular CRIME do puzzle me. How is that worse that having your arms chopped of??

    1. He was already seriously brain damaged before the wake up slap. Looks like cerebral hypoxia, basically oxygen starvation to the brain. What used to be called ‘spastic’. Takes a special kind of scumbag to beat fuck out of a person like that. Often people with this type of brain injury retain cognitive function- capable of pointing out a criminal for instance.

    2. Judging by the looks of it, the punches came in so hard and unwarranted, that it actually managed to damage the nerve pathway between the brain and the spinal cord. Considering how the neck flexes whenever he hits left and right (and the uppercuts lol). Notice how his decorticate posture (the one with both arms flexed) changed to a decebrate posture (arms extended) – tells you that he simply got fucked real good. Muscle rigidity is expected whenever an individual goes through these two hence, the victim’s board-like state (being able to hold unto those body/abdominal shots).

      Verdict: high chance of ending up dead due to severe brain damage.

      Hope that sorta helps.

    3. He was asleep when he got knocked unconscious by the first two punches, and his arms/body tensed up in whats medically referred to as the ‘Fencing Response.’ The body shots he took while still unconscious, likely knocked the wind out of him at a minimum. When he started to gain consciousness, his head was still rattled from the brain trauma, and wasnt able to gain his breath while being in such a state of confusion.

      I know this shit because I was there

  3. I can barely unserstand what they say sounds like spanglish maybe the bitch-slapper and the cameraman are “pochos” so that’s why they cant properly speak either spanish or english this is the best translation I can do after watching the video several times.

    – Ay! so good *bitchslaps*
    – *says something in “pocho-nesse”*
    – *inaudible* this is for beign a Fucking prick
    – This Fucker Pulled an “L” on him.

    1. They are Central American filth, every other Spanish speaking country hates them for the basterdization of Spanish on a whole new level. It’s like comparing redneck to proper upper tier Queens English.

      1. I heard somethin’ about July 4th, said this is a sick motha fucka that’s been livin’ in my guest house… Sounds like the perv deserved it. Have fun with those broken ribs and ruptured organs.

      1. i hear you, @ludo. but at the same time, you have to empathize with some who come up in parts of the world where the choices are slim to none. it’s easy for someone who grows up with their needs met from familial to financial to say no. but maybe not so easy for everyone. idk, i try to put myself in other people’s shoes/flip flops and stay humble (when i’m not busy being a judgmental cunt, that is). 😀

    1. fuck that sounds dangerous. Lucky you didn’t break anything. I do feel sorry for this fellow though. Firstly because he’s not a mussie or an african and secondly because that cunt took him completely by surprise. I’d like to see that gangsta fellow shot dead one day and soon

          1. Lol. @scaredforlife
            I don’t even make my own bed.
            I made your mothers bed once after I destroyed her anus and vagina. Ask her about that tonight while she’s making your mac & cheese.

          1. @xavior99 it sure is. As repedative as it is there as those with an awesome sense of humour that keep you on your toes. I have to admit the majority of BG users are amongst the most original I’ve read. Long may it continue.

  4. Mexican foreplay. The rest of the video is of Lucky Sanchez rimming the sleepy one. Then a Mariachi Band strolls in and they all suck each other’s cocks, do bumming and squirt fresh Gay-Mayonnaise on each other’s Tacos and Chimichangas.

  5. Huh…kinda looks like this guy was abusing teenagers, he got caught in the act by either a cop or a relative, and got the snot beaten out of him and filmed for posterity.

    I don’t know how gang related this is, feels more like kid abuse, for the level they’re fucking him up without just plain ol killing him.

  6. Fucking Mexicans man. I wish they all beat each other to death like this. This was a great watch. Sadly not all the Mexicans in the video died but 1 is good enough for me, I guess. Kinda wanted to see more. Oh well! Mexicans and Brazilian parasites are always killing each other on this site.

  7. Imagine that, Mexicans in Texas. Greasy dick suckers! Selling drugs and stealing every goddamn thing in sight, while the senioritos machine gun baby beaners out the guacamole gash 24/7.
    These assholes drive up I-35 from TX to MN with taco munchers flying out the back of their truck like a squadron of jalapeño paratroopers. Wherever they land is where they take root to spawn and spread faster than a greasy burrito fart in an elevator.
    Oh yeah, turn up that fuckin’ mariachi music a little louder. I can barely hear the tuba 19 blocks away you filthy cactus humpers. I think the ice cream truck is coming but it’s only Manuel in his gay Tahoe with his Virgin Mary air freshener and dingleberry headliner. Jesus Christ!!!

  8. Just horrible. He was defenseless and yes I agree, I think some brain damage was done. I noticed his hand and arm as well. I hope he’s still alive, but after the guy started to stomp on his stomach I don’t know…that could have led to some bad internal bleeding. Those women did nothing to help him.

  9. Been in a notorious italian mafia when i was young for 9 years. it is not a joke to get in nor out, however. if you’ve got a beef, you take it out and fight like a man , small or big don’t matter. no knifes no pistols , fist to fist , that’s how we fixed our own domestic issues we had codes and rules in domestic problems .. They aint a gang but bunch of lowlife wannabe gangs ( we used to call )
    We had our own “Constitution of RACON ” which i still keep
    Chapter 6 section 12
    Never to touch a women or kids
    Chapter 6 section 17
    Never hit a man from behind nor in asleep.
    it’s just coward!!
    as far as i remember it was a bit more complicated words within our own slangs but to my eyes,!! they are bunch of fat ass fake wannabe gangs don’t even fallow a simple Rules of RACON .

    We use bitchslap like these suckers from sunrise to sunset. . pfff..

    1. With the decerebrate posturing at the end of the vid, I wasn’t giving this guy a good prognosis. Normally, victims who display such posturing die due to heart failure before help arrives. This is one tough fucker.

      OTH, I hope that baby-faced, sucker-punching cunt gets raped to hell in prison.

  10. Fuck every one of those pussy losers, including the beaten and his bed partners.

    First of all, no ‘tough man’ starts beating any other man while the other man is asleep. If I knew who was involved, lived near that area, I would regulate. Fucking losers. Nobody would even know who I am, they’d just get ninja’d.

  11. That is a Mexican way of getting The Fuck Up, He may have work in the morning and want him to get ready for work, Lucky for him this results in a group beating to get his ass out of bed and get ready for work.

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