Gang Related Beat Down of Sleeping Man Ends in Retardation

Gang Related Beat Down of Sleeping Man Ends in Retardation

Gang Related Beat Down of Sleeping Man Ends in Retardation

This was allegedly filmed in the good ole state of Texas, although the participants in the video sound Spanish, perhaps Mexican. I don’t know what they’re saying.

The video shows a beat down of a man who seems to be sleeping, or at least resting with his eyes closed, when attacked. Some of the blows, perhaps starting with the very first one, must have done a brain injury, because very quickly his breathing changes and his limbs become stiff, crooked and uncoordinated.

This tremendous beating was apparently gang related. Perhaps due to being a snitch or the owing of drug money. Either way, I say that’s a rude awakening.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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287 thoughts on “Gang Related Beat Down of Sleeping Man Ends in Retardation”

  1. I think all Gang members on this planet should be culled.
    People who belong to gangs are fucking retarded. No money, no prospects, no career because they were too stupid to attend school, which is free.

  2. To everyone whining about that was a cheap shot needs to shut the fuck up n go back to YouTube if you’re gonna be such fuckin cry babies. You don’t know what this fucker did to deserve this. Besides if you wanna sell drugs, do drugs or be in any part of “the game” this is a possibility n you gotta accept that shit when you do dumb shit. I’ve had my ass whooped bad, sucker punched n all. But I used to be an addict that would rob your ass at gun point quick so I deserved that beating 150%. N this is a fucking gore site. Don’t wanna see brutal shit you can always go over to Disneydotcom where I’m sure they’ll have some pussy friendly content for you to watch. God fucking damnit rant over

  3. Seemed to me that the second punch caused the brain damage.
    His fists clenched right after that one.
    That said zero to vegetable in two punches is pretty amazing.
    Makes me wonder if the sleeping guy was known to be a good scrapper so he “had” to hit him while he was sleeping?

  4. I seen on Facebook that he was high on bars his own crew set him up and he is now in the hospital in critical condition with a coma the guy and him had a beef for over a year the guy that did this to him Robbed the victims grandma and the victim pulled a gun out on him then the accuser in the video ran away and about a year later in this video the victims own crew set him up by getting him high on bars and telling A.B seen it on Facebook. Pictures of it too and the name of the accused name is Abraham they called A.B

  5. “6th mother fucker on my list”

    Something, something, “July 4th” something something.

    “West Texas, South Texas” – (area code) used to describe the area.

    All these losers need to be placed on or hung from the other side of Trump’s wall. Deport immediately.

  6. What the fuck are ‘bars’ and how the fuck does a person get high off of whatever that is? Wait, I actually don’t wanna know. Careful what ya ask for.

    Round em’ up, chop their heads off and have their heads and bodies tossed over the wall to the mexican’t side.

  7. A horrible brutal beating the poor man. It’s interesting to see so many comments, reading them is almost therapeutic after watching that. Especially the ones that agree with you.

    At 01:46 it sounds like one of them says ‘This is the second motherfucker who’s been in my..’ can’t understand the word he says then. Possibly some slang word for house or property.

    Were they squatting in some vacant property, the second group to do the the same thing within the space of a few nights? The victims associates were so silent, was it just out pure fear? America is a truly savage country, I hope the beater meets an even worse fate.

  8. Gang members are the biggest pussy faggots of all time,i have zero respect for those foggots little boys,it makes you feel like a man,but actually ur a pussyboy,why don’t you be a man and wake him up to solved your problems and a be a man,in life we all pay the consequences ,karma will come at you one day ,pussy foggots

  9. Dude is a BITCH hitting someone like that when they’re sleeping. If this guy was awake he probably would of beat his pussy ass, that’s why he had to sneak him when he was passed out!! PINCHE PUTO!

  10. That’s what happens when you fuck around with the wrong guys. Never lie, never cheat, never steal and never snitch. People don’t just come into your house and beat the fuck out of you and only you for no reason. The guy even told him in the video that it was the second time he had to do that to him…..meaning this guy has fucked them over before already, he got what he had coming to him I’m sure. When you fuck around with gang shit and screw over gang members this is what you get. Lesson is don’t fuck with the wrong people if your not willing to pay the price.

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