Girl Fist Fight Ends with Shovel to the Head

Girl Fist Fight Ends with Shovel to the Head

Girl Fist Fight Ends with Shovel to the Head

Two skanky girls had themselves a backyard fistfight that was actually pretty decent. The girl in black received a few hard flows square to the face, but retained her composure. The pink top girl hurt her hand punching the other one in the face.

The fight came to a swift resolution after the girl in black picked up a shovel and hit the pink top girl in the head with it from behind. The outcome wasn’t quite as epic as this one, but it still resulted in the most precious moment of the video – the mouthy girl breaking out into tears.

Props to Best Gore member @theportuguesedude for the video:

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        1. Yeah. I saw it first on Tosh.0 on Comedy Central and later it was on the Dr Phil Show. The kid that recorded the video and uploaded made like $700 and and realized what he wanted to do for a career when he grows up. Haha.

          1. How did I not come across this video earlier? If would of ran a lot faster if someone picked up a shovel. The sound of that shovel hitting her face, so lovely.

    1. All funny till people start spitting shit all over their keyboards…you’ve ruined 2 of mine so far you funny bastard…so tone it down a notch !!!

          1. This is nothing new. I can remember back to a lot of Mike Tyson fights that were PPV and never got past the 1st round. At least a Tyson fight always had a K.O.

        1. You guys really just need to wait 45 minutes after the fight to get it for free think of the beer and weed you two could have bought with it and all you would have been out is the download bandwidth and the time wasted watching that fight. Seriously it sucked. Crooked game racked with corruption it is dying a slow death and it isn’t pretty to watch.
          MMA stole me away from being a Boxing fan about 8yrs ago.
          These were the last two that had never fought while I was still a fan…

        1. You’re on to something! That’s exactly right.
          If I signed on to fight either one of them and was guaranteed anything more than what I spend on a mortgage payment each month I’d do it. Hell, I wouldn’t even train. Just show up, get hit, get paid and leave.

          1. Lol i would to, if they were offering me 1mill to fight either one of them i would let him jab me one time, fall, and “go to sleep”.

  1. If they just settled their score by having a bake-off of cupcakes or had a makeup contest, none of this would have happened. – dumb bitches. Girl in pink would have had it though if she just continued to lay into the twat.

    1. Probably over some toothless Meth mouth who wants to steal her away to the trailerpark….where peoples houses have wheels on them.
      Red Necks White Sox and Blue Ribbon Beer.
      When they save enough empties up they can move out of his grandparents trailer and build their own. 🙂

    1. Your home is a box. Your car is a box on wheels. You drive to work in it. You drive home in it. You sit in your home, staring into a box. It erodes your soul, while the box that is your body inevitably withers… then dies. Whereupon it is placed in the ultimate box, to slowly decompose.

    1. Part of the backstory here is that one girl lured the other girl to her house under the guise of looking at a litter of puppies.
      When the pre-fight trash talk includes puppies you can bet it’s not gonna be a good fight.

      1. Well she’s no southern belle that’s for sure. That description is basically verbatim what she told me when we first met. And honestly I wouldn’t want it any other way, she’s pretty unique in her own right and that’s what I love about her. She never pretends to be something she isn’t, what you see is what you get.

  2. Their next fight will be sponsored by Home Depot. Pre-fight demo of a new line of gardening implements.
    Sign up to win the original shovel autographed by both girls.

  3. Girl in pink is lucky she got caught with the flat part of the shovel and not the edge. I don’t think the girl in black grasped the magnitude of her actions. Once she swung the shovel, it was no longer a backyard brawl in the eyes of the law, but felony assault with a deadly. Can’t really claim self defense as she chased pink down and blasted her as she was trying to get away. Girl in pink could have had the last laugh if she took this video to the police.

      1. A good scrap is in a lot of young men’s blood. It does?dissipate as the years pass mind you. Then when looking back, one wonders what all the fuss was about.
        I put it down to testosterone.

    1. All those hormones flying around plus the old green eyed monster, makes for a firecracker of a female. Throw in rag week and it’s absolute mayhem. Yeah, I know where you’re coming from @Trepaneringsritualen.

  4. aw sometimes i look at old posts and remember the old members and wonder what happened to them remember fondly our brief online friendships. golden years of bestgore for me where between 2011 and 2013 its still good but back then i was on religiously everyday and the banter was more intense and i miss our leader. obli is similar though in his views and i like that hes quite a tough no shit kind of person thats what mark was like. i love all of you sob’s.

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