Group of Chinese Immigrants Brawl in Manchester Chinatown

Group of Chinese Immigrants Brawl in Manchester Chinatown

A feud between Chinese Triads lead to a brawl at George Street in Manchester’s Chinatown and resulted in sentencing of five men. Up to 30 Chinese immigrants battled one another with fists and knives after two factions crossed paths at a karaoke bar called K2. Manchester Crown Court heard that members of the Wo Shing Wo gang bullied young men whom they suspected were linked to Liverpool’s K14 Triad gang.

Four of the men who fought on the Wo Shing Wo side were found guilty of violent disorder. They were:

  • Yik Fung Ng – 24 year old student of Lawnhurst Avenue in Wythenshawe, sentenced to eight months in jail
  • Hiu Nelson Yeung – 25 year old hairdresser of Addenbrook Road in Cheetham, sentenced to six month in jail sentence, suspended for 18 months, with 120 hours unpaid work
  • Chiu Yuen Li – 38 year old of Mosley Common Road in Worsley, sentenced to six months in jail
  • Siu Hung Yeung – 23 year old graduate of Brailsford Road in Fallowfield, sentenced to five months in jail

One man who claims to have fought back the bullies was found guilty of violent disorder and possession of a bladed article:

  • Michael Chuong – 29 year old of Park Road South in Prenton, Merseyside, sentenced to three years in jail after knifing two men

Best Gore member Roamer who hooked me up with the video added a few comments:

Wo Shing Wo don’t really make people become ‘members’. It’s part scam, part protection racket. Those who are stupid enough to believe the ‘membership fee’ actually makes them a member fall for the scam aspect. Those a bit brighter realise they’ll be lynched if they don’t pay up, they get stung by the protection element.

The result is thirty fuckers battling with knives in the middle of the street. Be in no doubt, some of them will have guns. But just having a gun will automatically get you a minimum of five years in prison and having it with intent can get a life sentence, so the guns are saved for only careful executions. Imagine the chaos of 30 responsible gun owners opening up instead of this knife battle.

The brawl happened in June 2010, sentencing was finalized today. Thanks a lot for the video, Roamer:

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42 thoughts on “Group of Chinese Immigrants Brawl in Manchester Chinatown”

  1. That’s funny…a hairdresser gang member. I don’t understand what he was suspended from for 18 months though… Giving permanents? Too bad about the guy with the knife getting two years. Sounds to me like he was just defending himself.

  2. God dammit, not even the East-Asians, too?

    Well – At least they stick with their own.

    I’d rather have a ton of East-Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc.) than a bunch of Muslims (Regardless of Race or Ethnicity) or Blacks (African, Caribbean etc.) in my Country.

    Swear to god, the Veterinarian Hospital I used to take my dog to has no White males working there. They are all Middle-Easterners with one Hispanic. White Females are secretaries (Isn’t this analogous of the problem overall? The illustration of how traitorous our women have become.)

    Needless to say, I stopped going there when I found out. Silenced does not support discrimination.

      1. I’m currently trying to learn Chinese (It’s not easy at all), because the lady I’m with is Chinese and she’s talked about moving back there.

        I’ve already lost one great relationship to this (Korean woman moved back to Korea, and I couldn’t go due to language, job and schooling issues).

        Plus – China is probably going to be the next ‘super’ nation.

        I think it’s pretty sad I’d rather move to China than some place in Europe due to the massive out of control immigration of Africans/Muslims.

        And no, it’s not lost on me that I’d be doing the same thing.

  3. Group fighting are very popular in China. While I was in high school back there, every day there are at least thirty boys from other school or somewhere else waiting outside the gate of our school for boys they want to beat up in our school.
    I’ve seen many of fights like this, and had gang friends back there. They were all having knife wounds here and there around their body in a period of few weeks.
    Look for Xinjiang riots few years ago, that’s why Chinese government do not allow firearms for its people. You need to educate people for two or three generations before they become reasonable enough in carrying firearms.

  4. That could have been a whole lot worse. Seems that as it was a night out they weren’t ‘tooled’ up. Carrying a knive can mean an immediete prison sentence and there is always the chance that a young man will be stopped and searched by the police in ‘hotspots’. In London’s china town they have been known to do firearm hits on people in pubs filled with tourists in the middle of the day.

  5. I live in British Columbia and in Vancouver is the largest Chinese Community and the largest Chinatown in North America!.In my misbehaving youth I was into selling Drugs and other smaller scale of Organized Crime and dealt with Chinese Gangs!There’s one thing about them,they’re usually don’t bother other Ethnicity of ppl and usually fight and kill each other!Unlike Jamaican,Columbian an other nationality Gangs!

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