Group of Men Abused, Beaten and Whipped by ISIS

Group of Men Abused, Beaten and Whipped by ISIS

ISIS continue on with the same mission they’ve always followed – cooperate with Jews, exterminate Muslims, Christians and other Gentiles. In this video, they are shown abusing a group of Muslim men. The men are beaten, kicked, stomped on and whipped.

The victims I believe are Iraqis. I don’t think there is much light at the end of their tunnel.

Props to Best Gore members Baby14 and Amer the adventurerz for the video:

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  1. IS will beat anyone whom does not accept their god much like what is human nature by a small percentage on every continent. The difference with IS is their desire to either convert or kill their infidels. I will always believe that anyone whom thinks otherwise has no experience beyond propagated bias. I am also quite convinced based on my personal studies that jihadists are no better than David Koresh.

    1. Based on your personal studies? Jihadists are no better than Koresh? You need to keep studying. Jihadists kill ALMOST indiscriminately. David Koresh tricked a bunch of losers into believing he was divine. And told them to prepare to fight against a government attack. They didn’t want to conquer anyone. They didn’t even want to kill anyone. But when the ATF launched its attack. The mass of losers thought it was a fulfillment of Koreshes prophesy. And defended themselves to the death. There’s a world of difference between the two.

      1. There are similarities. Systematic brainwashing of their followers being one. And though one is much larger, both could be classed as sects.
        Koreshi did appear to be the ultimate egotistical, Machiavellian type.
        I find it difficult to grasp how a group of people could be so enamoured with a person such as Koreshi.
        I suppose certain individuals with very low self esteem, could find a predator like him difficult to resist. I’m sure many others would have pissed themselves laughing at his self proclaimed claptrap.

  2. Beating handcuffed guys makes you a real tough guy……..

    Hiding your face whilst beating a hand cuffed guy makes you a coward.

    Give them some land……….let them live their way…… them destroy themselves.


  3. ha ha……….just saw on news that US special forces hit back at ISIS…,….apparently there was hand to hand fighting…….no dead americans, lots of dead bad guys, lap tops taken and a….guess these guys are not that tough when faced by men who are not tied up and are carrying deadly hands…………….lets have some more please……hopefully there will be a raid during the making of one of these videos………..lmmfbao

  4. The things this done to some BG members ISIS gonna ask why don’t it hurt? And then you want to join? ISIS on my soil they won’t get there jollies out of me. Cool vids all this Muslim stuff is coming to a head I think. The Subway owners are Muslims, I’m gonna direct them here…hah hah ha got ya. You my peeps. -951-

  5. would’nt ask right next to you or left “are in with me” take these motherfukers point as you see guy beating other has one rifle just using it as like a cain holding it on almost by the barrel…well I guess easier to say than done and seeing in our perspective how cam was viewed and who knows if there’s other probably has rifles pointing at them not viewed here…but still..”you with me”…we’re going to die anyways!

  6. For all of those that asked: “Why the hell do the victims just kneel down in submission and take it raw?”. Well here’s why. This is a video that shows the process of conditioning the prisoners, having them abandon any hope other than promising a less painful death I assume. The so called “Beatles” within ISIS (those British twats) were very proficient in torture, and loved it.

  7. The Middle East is lost, there is no winning the heart’s and mind’s of these radical Muslim’s! Pull out all US and foreign personnel and let these insane people go at it. As far as the US border, set up land mines and machine gun nest’s just like East Germany did. Better yet, put a bounty on illegals crossing the border, $50 a head…… oops, I mean, $50 for a full illegal, not just the head, don’t want to be like these Muslim crazies!

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