Group of Teens Discipline Internet Troll

**NEW GAME** Boy Trolls Black Shirt Guy on Facebook, Ass Whipped in Real World

**NEW GAME** Boy Trolls Black Shirt Guy on Facebook, Ass Whipped in Real World

In what looks to be a video taken in Bihar, India a group of young Indians (all with the same hair style, known as trash) can be seen getting revenge on a shorter, yet equally dirty, Indian boy who decided to troll the tallest one there on social media, he can be seen pleading with the guy in the black shirt as others whip him with their belts after tying him to a tree. I cannot translate what is being said but I imagine the tree hugger is begging for mercy as he kicks and screams toward the end of the video.

Anyone can hide behind a keyboard but not everyone can twist their arm as far back as this mother fucker.


Special props to Best Gore member Brandi for exposing self as a won-gore-ful talented candidate to win the first and last, Describe that Video Contest. Now enthroned within the rankings of Seraphim; Serenading fractured souls on Earth with the healing tranquility of Best Gore is our mission statement.

Props to Best Gore member @ash8888 for the video:

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      1. I chose it as a handle because it’s about as far removed from what I really am, as you can get,

        Well, on the other hand; I am a bit pudgy. I’m also an obnoxious bastard who breaks every bit of social programming on the planet, and is ‘in your face’ about it.

        Now back to see who’s on the menu tonight.

  1. I thought this was gonna be a homo love-in until the big dude kung fu’ed the little dude’s arm and face. My nut sack is still hiding in my asshole and won’t come out after that arm twist..

    1. That’s foreplay between these indian males.

      Most of these asian indian men if not all, are either bisexual or outright gay and violent, contrary to the hollywood portrayal of gay men being peace loving …. perhaps that’s why they put “L” in front of LGBT to give a false impression that these fags are “soft and weak” just like the women, and use children’s favorite rainbow colors as their logo……these fags, especially indian fags, are using naive women and kids as front men.

      Exterminate these asian india males should be part of national service for every country. Else your kids will never forgive you in future.

      1. so so true. Australia is getting ready to let 30,000 of these filthy peasants into our country. we don’t want or need them. let em stay in india and do their bullshit and fagginess there. they worship and respect cows more than people and human rights. plus ive never met one,male or female, that doesn’t reek of foul body odour.

  2. Here’s a more accurate title for you. ( “**NEW GAME** Black Shirt Adult, And Complete Pussy, Has To Rally A Bunch Of Other Pussies To Beat On A Child Who Made The Complete Pussy Sad By Being Mean On The Internets! )

  3. Facebook Troll Fag twisted up by the Trolls of Telangana:
    Lives to regret his “thumbs up” by getting his arm twisted down and around, up again, back down, to the left and right and… DAMN! Almost snapped like a pinch off a nasty brown loaf.

    1. This is what would happen to most of the pussies on here who act racist and slang that nigger word around. Bunch of tough racist on here but will act like the guy getting beat on when a bunch of niggers fuck em up.

        1. @Honkeykong & @Seraphim Serenata

          You both kill me with your wit, and smarts. How have you been my 2 Favorite B G Brothers?? All Good at work, & play me hopes?? Sorry for not being around as much lately, which is a (blessing i,m sure for s couple of people) lol, as i have been busy with Lawyers, Doctors, and so on, my good brothers. Keep-Up The Incredible work that you’ve been doing as everybody is happy,,, Happy Guys. 🙂

          1. “All work and no play makes SERAPHIM a dull boy.” x’s infinity plus 1. muahaha!! thanks brother, for asking. Trying to keep the Hell fire lit for all the fallen angels cast down to the depths below.

            I know I miss your strong presence! I know even your top nemesis misses you! I hope all is well with you and yours. For a man who has endured so much pain over the years, I never hear you complain. You’d think the trolls on the inter-webs were gutted alive and forced to eat the discarded remains as way to live another second on their God forsaken Land, with all the null and void bitching they spew out their hollowed chest cavities. 🙂 🙂

            You are always here and with your brothers in spirit. Come by and “play” when able to, as not to leave me with idle hands, and start hatefully lashing out at the poor innocent victims seen on some of these videos as form of some compensation to let them know how worthless-null-void they really are. Unless you like that sort of thing 😀 muahahaha! Stay strong, big brother to all on B.G 🙂

          2. Glad to hear that all is good with ya my good brother. 🙂
            As for me,,, i’ll rest when i,m dead, lol. No but i am getting some rest in between all my appointments, and stuff.

            I Am looking forward to my trip to Europe in Late August, or September,where i will get plenty of rest for a month, or two, with plenty of time to chill, and hang-out with Mark. 🙂

    1. The blue shirted guy started to whack him with the leather end, and everyone copied his style. I don’t think it’s an incremental punishment strategy – if there’s a next time, you little troll, you get the working end. These stupid bastards just fucked up a good chance to have at him.

      You’re correct and I’m disappointed, too.

          1. oh ok was they whats his username? i must of missed that ha ha , i dunno if id be kinky enough to eat shit from a real life tramp type guy less hes super cute , theres one here in uk and i feel so so sorry for him hes so cute loves his adorable dog too if i had the courage id offer him a home n his only rent would be to use me as his toilet foot slave arse wipe etc also get him and his dog off of the streets

  4. Hey, as long as shit skins keep it as shit skin on shit skin violence I couldn’t fucking care less. There are too many browns of all shades and they reproduce faster than they can kill each other.

    They should have been swinging the buckle end of the belts at the victim.

  5. At 1.39 the tall, beard-trimmed gay homosexual gang leader (who has been holding the kid’s hand up until this point) stands in front of the kid tied to the tree. Gay gang leader reaches for his own groin as if he is going to get his cock out for the prisoner to suck. Gay gang leader decides that the rest of the gang might change their allegiance if he showed them himself demonstrating oral man-love with the prisoner. He pauses for a moment and you can actually hear him thinking this through while his teeny, throbbing curry-flavoured weiner bones up inside his skintight white jeans.

    Even for a non-gay Scottish guy, this is a slightly erotic moment.

    But a moment none-the-less.

  6. Ah India, ofcourse it has to be that shit hole of a country, i wonder what made the tall guy decide not to shoot this little rat. perhaps the rat only fucked that guy’s step-mother and not his sister, cousin or real mother.

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