Grown Man Forced to Stand and Take Being Slapped by Egyptian Cop in Cairo

Grown Man Forced to Stand and Take Being Slapped by Egyptian Cop in Cairo

At a police station in Cairo, Egypt, a cop was merrily filmed abusing a grown man whose forced to just stand there and take the abuser slapping him repeatedly in the face.

As a reminded to those who are new among us, Egypt is the torture capital of the world, one of the favorite rendition countries where the so called west (ie, the unelected governments of the west), send dissidents to get tortured.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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51 thoughts on “Grown Man Forced to Stand and Take Being Slapped by Egyptian Cop in Cairo”

    1. Yup, it’s not “Best” Gore until you see brains being blown out in HD. Come on ISIS or ISIL or Derka Derks or whatever the fuck you’re called bring back some HD slow motion, up close, shotgun to the head videos, we are getting bored of the constant decapitations.

  1. This is just so very wrong man, and in so many ways. How degraded this poor guy must be feeling to get repeatedly Bitch-slapped in the face, by some Cuck-Copping-Cunt, who himself deserves to be shot in the Face with none other but a Bazooka.

  2. Once upon the time there was a police officer in Egypt……
    Who got shot…….out of nowhere…….
    He didn’t see it coming…….his family is devastated
    What a good man he was…….
    Fuckers always meet their nemesis …….
    Matter of time…..!!!!!

  3. This is only one of the reasons why i am so @happy that yourself, “Brother Mark” have decided to leave the ZOG of Canada Quickly. Because the way things were going for ya, you could have easily been on the very next flight to Cairo, for these sick Jew-Cunts to continue with their twisted torture of you. Cause if Egypt is number one, than Canada must come in somewhere the top 5 for what they have done to you just for speaking truthfully, me thinks!

  4. And that’s supposed to be funny for all joomuricunts who love to show their homosexual “superiority” ten to one (just as jews do).
    The dude took it like a boss, period.
    I’ve been slapped with phone books by cops in the early 80’s, just after Mitterrand’s election for political reasons.
    Took it exactly like this dude. Don’t ask me what side I was on, but obviously very far from these cops and I still hate ziocunts + NWO…

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