Guy Caught Stealing in Brazilian Favela Clubbed with Nail Covered Piece of Wood

Guy Caught Stealing in Brazilian Favela Clubbed with Nail Covered Piece of Wood

Guy Caught Stealing in Brazilian Favela Clubbed with Nail Covered Piece of Wood

That backstory I got says that a thief was caught stealing in a favela somewhere in the state of Bahia in Brazil, and his captors decided to dish out street justice by way of a nail covered club.

The video ends before any conclusion could be drawn, so I don’t know if he was left to steal another day, or beaten till he couldn’t pee standing up. Or worse.

Props to Best Gore member @zebool for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. @Guns
        That Fucking auto correct, or whatever it’s called, lol. It changed the word Shit-Stain to the word Shintoist, which i have no clue what this word means. But at least i know now that it has to do with some type of religion, thanks ta you B G Bro. 😉

          1. I see so many comments on the net from people complaining about auto-correct. Ummm, how about turning it off?

          2. I can’t spell for shit so I need autocorrect. It helps if you read what you just typed before you go ahead and post it though.

          1. @Guns
            Thanks brother as i appreciate this info. 🙂

            And Actually No i was not aware that they took it down. But i must say that i am not surprised whatsoever as they (The Disgusting Jews) have spent Billions just in the last 5 or so years employing Jewish University Students, & The like to hunt down, and close these Flat-Earth Truth Sites because too much truth is getting-out.

            And now because of it much of their *Cash-Cow* Globe-Earth Theory Bullshit Is loosing it’s grip on their followers once they check it out for themselves, and see that it has all been a major lie of Global Proportions, Pun-Intended, lol. 😉

            So brother ask yourself why they would bother spending/wasting all this time, and money in order to shut down something that has no truth to it, instead of just ridiculing them as they have simply been doing forever.

            It’s because there is just too many people the world over (Over 1 Billion Now Actually) that now know that along with all The Proven, Repeated, and Calculated Facts that keep on surfacing on a daily basis, That Our Beautiful Mother Earth is Indeed Not Spinning, Flat, & Dome/Firmament Covered.

            And because of all of these new, and innovative high tech gadgets like super-zoom camera’s that now have the ability to turn off the fish-eye, or wide angle lenses on them, you can see that all is flat, and still.

            In Closing,,,
            Guns, if you ever have any questions that you would like to ask me regarding This Flat-Earth Truth,,, please feel free to ask me, as i would be happy to share all of my 10 + years of knowledge studying this mind-blowing truth.
            So Take Care B G Brother,
            and again, Thanks-Man. 🙂

          2. @thedre

            Yeah, his first channel MrE got taken down. You can see all the reuploads of MrE on the channel of the video I linked. He made videos through a second channel as late as December but it was taken down again. Look for “Transpocalypse Now” on Bitchute. You will find all his videos. Interesting stuff. Some I agree with but not all. His most convincing was the Doppelganger (Kavanagh/Ford) video. He also implied Holocaust denial and we know that once you do that, you are done for. Even David Icke is afraid to go there because then he will get banned from everywhere, internet or otherwise. But I’m sure deep down Icke too knows about the truth of the “Holocaust”.

        1. @Guns
          I Am happy that you are no coward and admit that even though you do not agree with everything (as i did exactly the same) in the beginning of my journey to find/discover the ultimate truth. Intelligent Young Man You truly are you are for checking-it out for yourself as you are now seeing that there is more to this Flat-Earth Proven Truth than most will admit out of fear of being ridiculed.

          *You Fucking Rock Brother* And one thing is for sure, and that is that You,,, You B G Brother Are *(No Fucking Sheeple My Good Man)* but instead you are your very own Free Thinking Individual who will go far in life with your being unafraid to be an open-minded & exploratory Person who wants the truth while remaining 100% unbiased while doing-so. Cause it is the only road to the truth, and the satisfaction of knowing that you investigated this on your own. Cause i have always told everyone to Not Take My Word for it but check it out for yourself. 🙂

          Now With All that being said,,,
          Here is a couple of really cool documentaries that i would just love you to check-out. But Again,,, only watch-it if you wish.

          1. Yeah, I’ll check those vids out. I don’t believe in most things 100% but I’m always open to exploring other ideas and interpretations. One problem is I can’t post in BG forums for whatever reason where a lot of the more interesting discussions take place. @thedre

      2. excuse me? just because the world says “oh this country is christian” doesn’t mean that 100% of the people in there are christian. Most of the people that are gangsters there have lost their hope in god a long time ago because they lost in the game we call life, so you better get your facts straight before opening your trap again.

    1. Its like beating a woman for monkey branching she gonna do it again unless you throw acid on her face. This is just doing a zumba aerobic work out. he just gonna do it again. What happen to the good old days where they grabbed a machete and chopped their hands off? These 3rd world countries are getting softer every year.

      1. I Know, and agree with you brother.
        And i believe it is because of the two factors listed below.
        #1- This Is A Pussy-Whipped Country that hands-out Pussy Passes, Like they hand out back stage passes at A Rolling Stones Concert.
        #2- White Knighting has because the craze in that shit hole, so much in fact that it makes every Women’s cunt small like shit holes.

          1. @smokinguns
            New members are always moderated from the forums and activity pages. I believe this started a few years back when there was problems with people trying to poach members, or maybe another reason that I can’t remember now. Sometimes it takes a while, but I don’t think it’s a set time.

          2. @smokinguns
            It is as illegalsmile says.
            But Because we are older members,we didnt have to go through this. Therefore, I can only repeat what some other newer members have said regarding – and this is, that to receive full “verification” of your account [thereby giving you friending and forum creating access] you will need to contact site admin or owner, and ask him/them to fully verify your account
            Again, because i havent done this, i can only guess that this is done through the “contact” tab at the top of the page, or by contacting mark by email at [email protected]

            I know someone who says they has done this, and [if they are still around] might be able to help.
            It is this member:
            So best of luck getting your account full verified Guns

          3. Appreciate all the input and yeah, I have already contacted Mark and told him about the issues. At first I wasn’t even able to comment.

          4. @smokinguns
            In that case Guns, i hope mark soon verifies your account.
            Please let us know when this happens. Because I am sure that many people are in the same situation, and you yourself could then be of help to those folk regarding this process…. and it would be useful to be able to link these people to you

    2. Lo and behold Bro @thedre its good to see ya back showing up after short and long hiatus ; but you are so very synonymous to the BG that at times when you ain’t around the thread appears hollow factually.

      … and now who else but the favela pests could have thought of the new innovative ways of meting out justice with something embedded with nails
      Its appears that the street justice must uphold against all such crimes as seeking real justice in a lawless land must be so damn difficult.

      1. @blucon
        Hey,,, it’s my brother blucon. 🙂
        Nice to see you my man, sand thanks for you warm, and kind words, as always.
        Yes,,, they are getting nailed all over over there. And not by the cops either, lol.
        Take care sir. 🙂

    3. Hahah you fucking retard. You think white people are any better? Stealing from and fucking over all the other races in US? Do you fucking think? Read a non biased history source and you’ll see noone follows those 10 commandments cause god doesn’t exist dipshit

      1. @qazkqazk ,, lol, or A.K.A. @DuodenumofDeath

        Because you are grossly mistaken when you state that “We White’s” are the ones that are Responsible for screwing over all the other races. Because it is A Fact That It Is *The White Jewish-Scumbags* That are, and have been forever screwing (Us All) including The Good, Civilized, & White Christian Race.

        And Secondly,,,
        Because you need help with your anger problem. It is plainly obvious when we can see you calling Good Honest People names, and attacking them for no reason, when you Negroids/Hemorrhoids are known to have the Largest Number of Rapists,,, Thieves,,, Murderers,,, Drug-Dealers,,, And Child Molesters the World Over. So I Can Understand why you live your life full of Utter-Anger, And Disgust in yourselves,but it’s not our Problem if you’s choose to live your lives like Savage Neanderthals.

        And Thirdly,,,
        Because of your uneducated false comment saying that us White’s are fucking you over you make your whole Race Look Pretty Fucking Stupid. And by spreading these falsehoods to your Boys In The Hood, the violent acts you’s commit against good, well-educated, good Christian Race Will Never End.

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        So You should be the one that gets nailed with a thousand 12 inch spikes by your own race for being so fucking stupid and making them all look bad! **I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU NEGROID**

          1. @DuodenumofDeath
            Well that explains even more, why you are so Incredibly Fucking Stupid. You Small Dick’ed,,, Noodle-Slurping,,, Nose-Picking,,, Coronavirus-Speading Freak Ya, lol !

          1. @Flying Dutchman
            I Would try, but brother,,,, i would not have a clue hoe ta do so, or even know where ta start dude lol. 😉 So be a good Best-Gore Brother, and help me out will ya? You can start by telling me where you started-out, lol. 😉

      1. @trainsarecool
        Yes that is smart my friend (to Not Steal from anyone) unless it’s A Jewish store, or person, as you are in effect only taking back what was stolen from you, and your Forefathers for decades.

        But stealing from A Favela,,, Now that is an automatic death sentence if caught, so i suggest that you only steal from Da-Dirty-Jews-Themselves,or the Companies/Corporations/Stores That they might own, which is 3/4 ers of the worlds.

    4. So I’m wondering, what’s everyone’s first thoughts on this? I’m fairly new and I’m not sure if you all are just Uber desensitized to this kind of thing, but that’s pretty fucking brutal if you ask me.

      1. @Brenden
        Well you hit the nail right on the head when saying that we have all become desensitized by all the gore, cause over time you will also end up being the same as us. Completely Desensitized.
        And that does not mean that one becomes A Cold-Hearted Individual, But instead i would say the opposite can be said.

        With this being said is that many react differently when seeing gore. Some will laugh, and hard, and many will ridicule the poor dying, or dead individual as a natural response to seeing something so incredibly sad and unfortunate, as most of these people and
        Myself Included just joke around as a way to make it easier to bare while my heart breaks inside.

        So stick around Brendon, and after awhile you will see that we are all (for the most part) just a good bunch of pretty normal salt of the earth individuals.

        So Cheers Bro,
        And have a nice day,
        Andre. 🙂

      1. I steeeeeal* weather predictions from punk sAss tawny phiiiL !!
        Two days early.
        Lucky lady in Maine,
        Will have mucho rain &
        an early end to Winter snow,…. with warm spring temps in early march.
        Not SO’ for fat Farmers
        in lower Canada, we’re stuck with eight more weeks of Cccold winter
        and ice until April.

        You could maybe even start germinating some of your Mary Ja’Wanna* semillas
        Indoors, for a jump on transplant to your grow patch in March ?

          1. @firstinline
            Yes Dutch,
            Groundhog day is tomorrow Sunday February 2nd.
            I wont be watching the
            L.eague (soupRbowl)*
            But am looking forward to seeing Bill Murray’s groundhog day themed commercial that will air during the broadcast.
            I think it may have already been leaked to you tube??
            Does anyone you know actually watch the
            Down unda
            In Oz.*??

          2. I heard the game was coming up as I just happened to watch 5 mins of ‘Ellen’ that plays here at 2 in the morning (I couldn’t sleep). She said she has done a tv commercial with her wife Portia for SB ?? I think Portia is HAF +++ and would like to see it – maybe on YouTube afterward. But no, I’m not aware of Super Bowl being televised here. We don’t hear much about it and don’t know the teams etc. Maybe if you had a Apple TV or Fox or something you could watch it at some ridiculous time in the morning (but then I’d miss Ellen ! Please believe me when I say I’m joking!!)……

          3. PS. I didn’t realise Ground Hog Day was actually a thing?? How do they know where to find the lil beaver ?What, no, it’s not real is it? I’ll have to research it now……..
            I’m back – oh shit that’s hilarious!

  1. I gotta say that’s one thing in these third world shit splats I agree with street justice, public executions. I wish we could do that in the states-I think that would deter a lot of these monkeys from acting on their animalistic impulses. Imagine if they didn’t do that, there would apes swinging around doing whatever they want raping,robbing, looting, killing

  2. Fuck yeah, now this is what I call punishment for judges to dish out…. none of ur suspended sentence or community service shit….. instead a good 5 minute experience with a plank of wood, several rusty nails and a good, deceiving arm swing

    Least then the thieving little bastard will think twice next time about nicking my milk from me front door

  3. quite a deterrent.

    but go for the feet. so many nerve endings.
    the knee-caps, although SO inviting, have very little, just like your elbows. pinch them hard and see? it doesn’t hurt.

    I laughed a lot to that retard screaming like a fucking faggot

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