Guy Delivers Loud Smack to Mouthy Bitch on New York Subway

Guy Delivers Loud Smack to Mouthy Bitch on New York Subway

This video has it all: A bitch-ass-cocky hoe, a speech-impaired giant, and the best photobomber ever recorded.

Filmed on the New York subway F train, the video shows a mouthy hood rat acting obnoxious and anticipating to get away with it because she’s a woman. She kept pushing the envelope by poking fun at giant’s 8-ball jacket and his speech impediment, and was widely tolerated, but when she overstepped the boundaries with verbal insults and physical assault, the gentle giant who so far put up with her snapped, and delivered a sloppy, humiliatingly loud slap to her mug.

Some liberal twinky faggot then attacked the giant cause he’s such a gentleman with the ladies, nevermind that it was the mouthy bitch who brought it upon herself and deserved every bit of it.

That liberal white-knighting fag should have got knocked the fuck out. There are few things that deserve it more. Made my blood boil more than the skank.

The giant’s name is Jorge Pena. Because he’s a man, he was automatically presumed guilty and was in jail for 4 days before making his $1,000 bail. NYPD dropped charges against him after reviewing the video and determining that he acted in self defence. Not surprisingly, despite the evidence that the woman – Shanique Campbell, assaulted Jorge Pena with her 6-inch stiletto as a weapon, hitting him behind the left ear and on his face, NYPD is in no hurry to press charges against her. Welcome to the female privilege world.

That fucking white knight faggot should be charged with existing.

Props to Best Gore member @Slipovic for the video:

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        1. Dude was smacking more bitches than Patrick Swayze…cleared the car like a boss. Beat those jungle bunnies up and down. I experienced something similar on the redline in LA. It was a packed car and some asshat starts playing his guitar like shit..sang like shit, and had the gall to walk down the ailes trying to get money. Nobody gave him shit so he started to get belligerent. So this one guy told the bum to shut the fuck up to which the guitar guy focused on him which quickly escalated to the point that sane dude snatched his guitar and smashed it on the bums . IInanstead of waiting for the next stop to exit and finish it, the bum asshole pulls out a guy can of pepper spray and unlooaded it. This called for an emergency stop at the next stop and we all scrambled out of the
          train. The guitar

    1. Of course Shanique would have to be her name, I don’t blame the guy for snapping the way he did; she got off lucky because it could have been worse. Too many of these cretins get away with so much shit it’s not even funny. I don’t condone nor advocate violence against women but this bitch provoked the dude and well…you know the rest.

      1. Hey she is black and female, 2 atributes that make her believe that she can get away with anything. Niggers are always complaining that the human race treats them differently and does not give them a chance to assimilate. Well that is because they are more like animals with their behavior so that is why they get treated the way they do.

          1. Interesting.
            You could/would be describing EVERYONE.

            The collective culture, especially the youth- regardless of skin color, are seen as an irrational beastly HERD by the wealthy elite. ALL OF US.
            EVERY. ONE. OF. US.
            We are ALL slaves. Anyone who doesn’t understand this is still asleep.

    2. I’ve never hit a female in all my 37 years…however , had this stupid little cunt with a mouth hit me with a shoe in front of an audience , I’d have smashed her fucking jaw off .
      And the hero with the silly hair ? Believe me his nose and ears would have got spat at him the gormless dickhead , Where was he when the guy doing fuck all wrong was being picked on ? Exactly . They all sat watching while someone with a disability was victimised then became involved when he retaliated . The world is a joke

    3. First of all she’s not black ,she’s a nigger cunt and that guy should’ve punched her in the mouth ,not slapped her and that other lowlife should’ve got his ass beat for not minding his own fucking business!!! Her and her friends clothes didn’t look like they came from Holt Renfrew !!!! Total Fucktards

    4. I’m glad she got smacked. Stupid fucking bitch-that’s what you get when you act like a total fucking cunt and scream and yell in a man’s face. Shut your stupid ass up and sit down. Every screeching howler monkey that is a boisterous, rude, ignorant, female who decides do berate, hit, and taunt their more powerful counterparts-don’t be surprised if you just get the living shit smacked out of you for it. This bitch brought that shit on herself.

  1. What a dumb fucking bitch. I cannot stand people like this. It pisses me off when women run their mouth and want to get physical and as soon as someone touches them, they want to play the victim. No one should ever put their hands on another person. Period.

          1. ***Have you guys seen the vid of the old Vietnam vet that smacks a bigmouth nigger out? Enjoy

            … 🙂 🙂 🙂

            Maybe it was an illusion, but I clearly saw both feet, belong to the black man at all times, during the video…

            Thanks MH!!

        1. So apparently one of them was charged with a felony for using a shoe, lol. But I couldn’t agree more, you don’t get up in someones face like that and expect them to not get mad. That’s why I never take transportation, for all we know Joe Carroll’s following could be on that train! 😀

          1. It’s a city of extremes @Pinch, great in many ways but horrible in many others. Crime isn’t nearly the issue it used to be compared to 20+ years ago, but it takes a video like this and peoples comments to remind me this type of behavior isn’t normal. I’ve been witnessing scenes like the above my entire life. It’s a never let your guard down kind of city, you always have to be on point, and that’s a stressful way to have to live 24/7.

          2. Where in NYC are you from? I know it quite well for someone who has never been there. I have friends out there and also my ex gf had family there.

            Have you been to any other city to compare it too?

            The way you described how you feel living there was the same feeling I had living in London (Black neighbourhoods). Not comparing London to New York as I know full well London pales in comparison to NYC’s crime rates. Just trying to figure out if its a city thing?

          3. I’m in Queens but right on the other side of the river from Manhattan. I’ve only traveled outside the US to Canada, but have traveled to many cities within the US. Many other US cities are similar, but NYC is one of a kind in my opinion. I don’t know what it’s like to not lock a door, take my wallet out in public, thing’s you can do other places without a thought. Funny thing is I’ve never been a victim of a violent crime or had anything stolen from me, but that’s probably because I was raised to never give someone the opportunity to.

          4. Cool, so you are around the Astoria area. I knew a girl from Ozone Park who I met in London. One thing she said that interested me was how NYC is one of the most multicultural cities in the world yet it is probably the most segregated.


            She gave me this link so I could see how segregated the neighborhoods are. Its interesting how the Italian and Irish neighborhoods are almsot gone when you consider the impact they had on the city. I think there is only one Irish neighborhood left… Woodlawn, Bronx, right?

          5. It’s both of those things, multicultural and segregated. Every 10 square block section poses a new set of hazards and challenges. Roll your windows up in Spanish neighborhoods because they love opening up fire hydrants, drive with eyes in the back of your head in the Chinese neighborhoods because they’ll fucking kill you, don’t park your car in black neighborhoods because, you know, black people. Woodlawn is still mostly Irish, it smells like urine because the Irish pee anywhere and everywhere. Take it from someone whose dealt with every culture, race and religion on this planet, we’re all fucked up, it’s just degrees of fuckedupedness.

          6. Oh I didn’t know the Chinese in NYC were a threat. Sounds like they can be just as bad? All I know about the Chinese is that they like to move into the Italian neighbourhoods.

            Haha so no difference in the Irish there and the irish here then 😛

            Whats your ethnic make up, mate?

          7. Driving While Asian is a global threat mate. One of them slammed into me one of my first days behind the wheel so I learned early. Both my parents are Italian immigrants, Sicily to be specific, who came here in their late teens and early 20s. I still have tons of family in the old country and speak the language fluently but I’ve never been. What part of the UK are you in? I’m a casual fan of the EPL and try to catch a Chelsea match on the idiot box when I can.

          8. Haha, ah yeah the DWA… how could I forget. Thats cool so did you grow up in an Italian neighbourhood? If you did I image its a black neighborhood now right? Is the (european) Italian culture still strong in NYC? Thats cool you that you speak Italian… must be a rarity with the new italian american generations.

            I am from the North East of England so you would probably know me as Newcastle United haha 😉

  2. When I was on the Chicago train, a (I assume) drunk, black dude stood in front & kept yelling for me to call him a n—–. I assumed that would be his excuse for shooting or hitting me, so I declined, lol. Fuck big cities.

  3. The hood rat. Commonly known as the Negro Maximus, this species originally dwelling from the forests of Africa has made its way across all continents of the world by means of slave labor. As it tries to fit in society’s myriad trends and ways of living it ultimately fails by no fault of its own, only succeeding in fitting at grasping the societal throes of what the most common denominator has to offer. The hood rat likes to attack its prey in large numbers, thus securing a win for the pack at the cost of renouncing all factors of class. It uses verbal taunts as its preffered method of assault which ie for the most part only understood by their own kind. Rapidly increasing in numbers the Negro MaxImus
    is able to find refuge anywhere on the planet, synonimously as observed with any bottom feeder in existence. It is a real threat to our way of living.

      1. WTF ? You French fuq-tard. Have you never heard of the rainforest in the Congo, and quite a few other African countries? Did you never get Tarzan translated in French on TV? Jeez, who is the ignorant fuck…..

        1. She’s an idiot. I don’t care what gender, you hit someone you should expect to get hit back. She hit him with her shoes. And he open hand slapped her, he could have punched her! Hope she learned her lesson.

    1. Too bad she isn’t yet facing charges. I’m going to call the DA’s office and ask why she wasn’t charged. He likely missed work and had been accosted and assaulted by that little thug gang coming from the mall. I don’t think the bitch assumed because she was female that she’d get away with it, I think she’s just that arrogant and entitled PERIOD.

  4. I just tried to copy and paste the link to this in a PRIVATE Facebook message to a friend/page that focuses on types of things like this and my Facebook account was immediately shut down and flagged for “spam activity”
    Does Facebook censor/ban bestgore specifically even in PRIVATE messages where you can exchange nudes and porn?..Is there a way to share bestgore via Facebook?

  5. Absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t hit a women I would just stop her from hitting me, but ladies if you act like a man don’t be surprised if you get treated like one, act like a lady and you will be treated as such.

    1. But when I act like a lady I get slapped on the ass instead…but I guess it’s better then the face. I’ll just act like a crazy person & talk to my self instead…ain’t nobody gonna mess with a crazy person!

      1. Some guys don’t know how to treat women and are rude and disrespectful which is not how you’re supposed to treat a lady, so that’s not your fault it’s theirs. As long as you act like a lady should then you’re doing your part, the rest is on the guy to be a gentlemen. Even if a women does step out of line and decides to act all tough and attack me I would still not hit her but some guys would even though that doesn’t make it right, that’s why I said don’t be surprised if you do get treated like a man for acting like one.

  6. Good people must practice marshal art and to be in good shape for this type of scum.
    The solution is-avoidance and independence from public bus and metro. Having some 50c scooter is great solution for dirty scummy city like New York is. I mean, you can lose your life in second in Land of Greed.

  7. I took the fucking F train from 179th street queens to the world trade center every fucking day for 2 years… A nightmare every day.

    Not only a woman… but a KneeGrow woman… Oh… the humanity! How dare anyone hit them…

    She should of been picked up and thrown inbetween the cars and be turned into Skank Hamburger… And the Fagot… Cut his nuts off, providing he has not done it himself with a dull butter knife…

    What circus…

  8. Im a female myself and i really dont understand these girls, they talk like a guy thats ready to fight they even slap people but then they are suprised when they get slapped the shit out of them. I dont condone guys beating up females but hey if a female thinks she can do all that then she shouldnt be suprised when a guy puts her back in her place.

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