Guy Delivers Loud Smack to Mouthy Bitch on New York Subway

Guy Delivers Loud Smack to Mouthy Bitch on New York Subway

This video has it all: A bitch-ass-cocky hoe, a speech-impaired giant, and the best photobomber ever recorded.

Filmed on the New York subway F train, the video shows a mouthy hood rat acting obnoxious and anticipating to get away with it because she’s a woman. She kept pushing the envelope by poking fun at giant’s 8-ball jacket and his speech impediment, and was widely tolerated, but when she overstepped the boundaries with verbal insults and physical assault, the gentle giant who so far put up with her snapped, and delivered a sloppy, humiliatingly loud slap to her mug.

Some liberal twinky faggot then attacked the giant cause he’s such a gentleman with the ladies, nevermind that it was the mouthy bitch who brought it upon herself and deserved every bit of it.

That liberal white-knighting fag should have got knocked the fuck out. There are few things that deserve it more. Made my blood boil more than the skank.

The giant’s name is Jorge Pena. Because he’s a man, he was automatically presumed guilty and was in jail for 4 days before making his $1,000 bail. NYPD dropped charges against him after reviewing the video and determining that he acted in self defence. Not surprisingly, despite the evidence that the woman – Shanique Campbell, assaulted Jorge Pena with her 6-inch stiletto as a weapon, hitting him behind the left ear and on his face, NYPD is in no hurry to press charges against her. Welcome to the female privilege world.

That fucking white knight faggot should be charged with existing.

Props to Best Gore member @Slipovic for the video:

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