Guy Enjoys His Drink As Large Group of Gangsters Enters Restaurant and Starts Attacking Patrons

Guy Enjoys His Drink As Large Group of Gangsters Enters Restaurant and Starts Attacking Patrons

Russia is so unpredictable, most of the time you just don’t know if you should laugh your ass off, or scratch your head in disbelief.

This video, filmed by a CCTV camera inside a restaurant, shows a large group of about 35 masked gangsters enter the establishment and start stirring shit by attacking the patrons. In the midst of all the commotion, a guy calmly continues sitting behind the table, sipping on his drink without giving the slightest fuck.

Props to Best Gore member Dicktator for the video:

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          1. I guess nobody noticed the “Thug Life” couple in the very background.. That would be my girl and I anytime. Once it is all over i would say to my girl “Okay we need to get the fuck out of here now!!”

    1. Nahh hes 3 drinks in and glowing just enuff to “see what happens” hes got balls and probably wins more than hed expect. Hes the kind of guy who WALKS thru a gunfight and nobody shoots at him. This dude is fucking lucky!! And knows it lol

      1. Besides its russia do you really think that dude is thier leader lol. Early 20s 150 – 170 lbs no major military experience. middle class. Hes ballsy ill give him that but is it enuff to to run a crew of russian men. Hed hafta be fucking wealthy or just plain fucking phsychotic and this dude is level. Besides his suprise was in his body language. Watch the shoulders.

    2. He wasn’t the ring leader. He was just a Russian fella who knew to keep himself cool, calm and collected. He knew that the group wasn’t after him. I mean, look at him…. he doesn’t look like he could hurt a fly, and his calm demeanor suggests that of a calm, quiet law-abiding citizen who simply stays out of trouble.

      He knew that there was absolutely no interest of the group in him, so he just chose to sit it out, knowing that the event would likely play itself out and be done and over with, literally, before he finished his beer- – which appears to have been exactly the case.

      Or, he may simply have been too drunk to understand the ramifications of what was going on around him, and may have figured out that he may have been too drunk to a) respond, b) put up a good fight, or c) run.

      1. I don’t care if I’ve knew they were not after him or not. We all know that fuckers that do things like this and charge into a place have no thought about bystanders getting fucked yo in the mix. These people kill everyone in the bar/nightclubs all the time, just as collateral damage or because they don’t give a fuck. So for him to sit there because he knew they were not after him is just stupid. Must hv been drunk… Otherwise he’s a retard

  1. White thugs again!
    “Before cameras and cellphones whites did all the crimes but never did the time”. With the increase of public cameras and cell phone recordings this is not the case anymore. Crime rates per race has started to show a shift of blame from only blacks and latinos committing crimes to a more even distribution to include whites. I was shocked when I found three white males in my neighborhood are on the online sex offenders registry “spooning” someone’s underage child. Ok I will be fair in my judgement…blacks do their weed and/orcrack, latinos do their weed, drug trafficking, and gang banging, and whites do their crack, weed, heroin, cocaine or meth along with raping underage kids.

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    1. That was truly a load of ignorant bullshit to spew, crime isn’t divided into races! It’s quite laughable you even believe that shit. I recall a few years ago reading bout a mother and father selling their daughter to a “black” pedophile. I’m certain there are pedophiles in each and every race.

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        2. @Pinch, a statistical mistake on my part caused primarily by my mind picturing British Parliament when hearing the word paedophile, which is understandable considering their background on the subject but still very much an error on my part.

          1. *** a statistical mistake on my part caused primarily by my mind picturing British Parliament when hearing the word paedophile, which is understandable considering their background on the subject

            πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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      1. ***Yeah, that?s why the other guy got up just befor the masked men stormed in.

        …yeah but unfortunately, that guy with the “nuclear bowels,” can kiss his ass goodbye, about getting a date with that cute gal in the red blouse πŸ™‚

  2. Seems like these thugs had targeted someone who probably carried some valuable items. From look of things, the area of interest was that people seated in that corner and they had absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the patrons.

    But why the hell in the midst of that fracas can someone relax his ass and ooze his coffee comfortably?

  3. Almost seems fake by his lack of reaction, but I’m not sure that many people would take time out of their day to make a video that I would assume doesn’t make any sort of profit. BTW, that lady in red seemed a bit off her rocker(drinking?), perfect time to try to “talk” to her, not the fat one though

  4. Hmmm I think the owner of the restaurant refused to be extorted by the local mob and this is one of many consequences to come unless he pays up.

    I’m on expert on these things… I’ve seen Goodfellas.

  5. That dude is obviously blind. Poor guy doesn’t even kno what’s going on. If the recording was a little longer you might have seen him walk out with his trusty walking stick. I mean his cane πŸ™‚

  6. Lol at the gun threatening internet guy. Like he is the only guy in the world with a weapon and a bulletproof girlfriend. I find most people who resort to threatening someone with a gun, online in a comment section, are the same people who would use a gun instead of fighting someone since they are pussies.

  7. Not gangsters but football related. It happened in Kazan. The group are “Rubin Ultras” supporters of football club Rubin and they attacked Rubin officials who were sitting at lunch. The reason is club decided to change logo and fans wanted the old one to stay. The same day other incidents happened like burning the vehicles belonging to the club. And the cool guy is one of the fans sitting there as the scout to call his friends when the target is inside and get into action.

  8. Grammar! Tsk, tsk. Guy Enjoys His Drink As Large Group of Gangsters Enters (NO ‘s’…group is sinular even though it sounds plural) so ENTER ) Restaurant and Starts (same as above)Attacking Patrons. To clarify the grammar: Guy Enjoys His Drink As Large Group of Gangster Enter Restaurant and Start Attacking Patrons. Brought to you by: Marian the Grammarian aka CrapOnACracker BOOYA

  9. Down at the local when I was chilln.
    The bar went nuts with so much villain
    A punchn n scrappn and fisties all out
    The beer tastes too good to care all about
    Piss off ya thugs so I can finish my drink
    and get bloody drunk is all I can think

  10. I’ve known a man like that. He was a bartender and whenever a fight broke out, he was legally unable to step in because he had mastered this martial arts form that litterally made him a lethal weapon. So he could only sit there and do nothing.

    Perhaps this is the same case?

    Or maybe the dude just literally has no more fucks to give.

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