Guy Takes Beating from a Pair of Trannies in a Hotel Room

Guy Takes Beating from a Pair of Trannies in a Hotel Room

I don’t know much about what is going on in this video, but what’s apparent is that a guy got into a fight with a pair of trannies and lost. Trannies take hormones to grow tits and long hair, but they still have the strength of men.

The incident appears to have taken place in a hotel room and the trannies are not wearing many clothes, which makes me think some form of sexual congress was part of the happening.

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      1. Transsexuals are not supposed to attract gay men. Gay men like masculine men. Have that clear first before feeling unsecure of your masculinity. Transsexuals seek straight men’s attention, that’s why they feminize themselves.

  1. Probably didn’t want to pay for whatever they all just got finished doing. Prostitutes don’t give a fuck about good customer service and refunds. You pay and get out. Ask hung like a mouse. He knows.

          1. I don’t want children of my own, and I’m not raising anyone elses. Her son has a father that he has a relationship with and is old enough to understand what role I play in his mother’s life. I’m her boyfriend. I’m not a father figure.

          1. @boozer
            aww thanks xx….
            I wish I was only 20!

            lol im not really a cougar…I didn’t do the pursuing…so what does that make me? prey I guess!
            errmm and I wasn’t that bad…no teenagers for me…well not yet anyways ๐Ÿ˜€

            anyways how did we get on this topic?

  2. He should of rendered them both helpless with double atomic titty twisters followed by a double barrel ball bashing with his knees. You so rarely get to use both on the same person.

  3. wow…..that was intense…..
    I don’t get why they didn’t haul off and punch the dude…all that slapping was rather pointless….im surprised they didn’t start pulling his hair….
    hmmm…maybe that’s what female hormones do to you….make one slappy…

  4. British men, rugbly players etc have always found it amusing to dress up as women. There are some classics on you tube of cage fighters who decided to dress up as women on a Saturday night out. Some idiots decided to fuck with them and they just got floored. Fucking hysterical.

    1. I know of one such bloke. He his built like a brick shit house but likes nothing more than dressing in women’s dresses , especially when panto season arrives, he’s in his frigging element then, fucking dip shit.

  5. they sound like dudes and they’re built like dudes(no hips, wide shoulders). i can see mistaken identity with one. but two? naw, this closet faggot just got his cover blown all over the interweb. and they’re laughing their asses off.

        1. Oh not so bad mate thanks, been in a better mood than a couple of weeks ago, the weather is helping … sun is clinging on.

          I’m sure you must be feeling better about things , that was some good news you had last week bud. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Talking of trannies, there’s one local who sits in his garden with fuck all on, I kid you not, and get this, he’s an ex paratrooper ! Talk about were shit, but each to their own I suppose.

          1. O man. A paratrooper. iI wonder if he does practice jumps on dicks.Its a sick sick world we livein brobrother. Yeah it was definitely good news when I heardthejudge say those magical wordsof freedom. good to hear your doingdoing well

    1. Hell, i kinda understand that poor sucker anyways, but going full retard and going for trannies or turning into a faggot is not the way to go.

      I on the other hand just gave up trying, women are all the same, and sluts anyaways. I can live with just fapping. ๐Ÿ˜†

  6. Hormones seem to do the job, those are DEFINITE woman punches from black hair tranny.
    And You just know nasty Red hair tranny has like a 10 inch cock don’t you? Life’s not fair…

  7. The Vibrator

    Up on the shelf it is hands snaking down.
    It is pliable brown it is oiled french and soft.
    It is as if you, breathing heavy last left it.
    It is as clean as the rain coming down.
    There it is, like no two bridges ever are.
    Home work that never gets done.
    Always there when you need it.
    Suple it is and it’s dance made up of your differant sounds.
    You sleep more soundly, love is surrounded by need.
    Inside the cocoon where it is, there he can never come.
    Worries float lightly away, each new wave is full blown.
    The thing about him always being hot and heavy
    And falling asleep without any mess neatly always full.

    Is It Poetry

    1. Annoying

      There he is
      with his words upon words
      in short sentences
      with no rhyme or reason
      Words! WORDS!
      must make the madness cease
      why does he torment me
      I bet he enjoys scrabble
      Words! WORDS!
      Annoying cluster of words


    2. omg… He cant b serious lol, @iip, you want REAL poetry? Here i’ll show you a real masterpiece!(just dont steal it as your own plz)

      -A disturbance in the inner temple of tranquility-

      a dormant aura within,so peacefull yet so fragile. The long lost peices of the puzzle lurk in the shadows of our being. Inside it dwells,alone,in peace,unstirred by the outside. Waiting for its calling,waiting for a sign that the road ahead is safe and clear. So that noone can take its fragile innocence and disrupt what is ,was and always will be the works of divinity. But every now and then a frigid disturbance disrupts the iner temple of tranquility. The echoes of past memories and shattered dreams haunt the hallways of my mind, and like a residual haunting it plays its mournfull dirge over and over again until it gets buried with yet another long,sleepless night filled with regrets and unanswerable questions that gnaws and chews at the mind. how long can we survive this eternal iner torment? It takes its toll on you then leaves you there, Alone and cold in a world where answers lead to more questions. Blindfolded and scared,i pick up the peices of a shattered dream, Until i catch a glare at myself in a mirror…is this me? This tired and weary old man?! A cold silence chills my flesh and bones as i look into his eyes yet behind his mask there seems to be something aching for release It seems to inhabit his old scorned vessel and wishes to break free. I approach the mirror,slowly, my heart beats faster and my mind races as i am close enough to hear the faint whispers of the innocent soul insidei am taken off guard by the images in the old man`s eyes Images of a time where the sky still held wonders and misteries A time when the wind blew and carried our laughters and prayers to the angels. A time when the purity of innocence was still intact, Where we roamed free with no impure thoughts in our minds. back when the birds sang and the butterfiles flew. Unlike now,bound by hate and enslaved by regrets. our butterflies dont fly away,they just stand there and wither away with the scorn of time.

      Unlike ? Comment ? Share

          1. @zen suffering..

            No.. it does’nt.. just that i have to google up some of the words.. im not that good in english..

            Hmm.. not really..

      1. There once was a woman from Regina, who never had a cock in her vagina.
        She was a fat and ugly beast of a chick, who I would’nt fuck with someone else’s dick.
        One day she got fed up with being alone, she wanted a man who would give her the bone.
        Determined she was to find herself a mate, she wanted an orgasm without having to masterbate.
        So she went out to a bar and met a guy named Ted, she took him home and they ended up in bed.
        Ten years later they’re still together and that’s the end of my story, it’s not happy or sad nor is it gory.
        I made it up so I did’nt even know’em, my whole point was to show you how to write a fucking poem.

        1. Awww thx i dont have a lot of texts (i dont like the word “poem” its too soft for the kind of stuff i write about. Like this one is about a heavy drug addiction and having to live with the mess we’v left behind and all the guilt… I write about mental problems too, more precisely paranoia wich i suffer heavily from, so much that i usually dont do drugs with other people, just by myself… One needs to be pretty fucked up or a hell of a mess for me to even want to do drugs with him/her…i also write about very touchy shit too, provocative shit that only soulless freaks can relate to… if that lol

        1. @brokeback thanks bro, yours was hilarious tho lol nice one…
          I write a lot but im the type only keeps like 3 pieces of writing out of 20 lol, im strick with art, it has to hurt, it has to have made me feel something, has to feel unclean and like im treading somewhere where i shouldnt, especially like when it feels like it just reopened an old wound and i get this lump in my throat.

  8. shameful to get your ass beat by a couple of faggots.. transtesticles have mental issues.. i would have boiled some hot water threw it on them and then i would love to see them try that shit with 3rd degree burns.. faggots like these are worse than niggers

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