Guyana Police Beating People Protesting Illegal Mining in Marudi Mountain

Guyana Police Beating People Protesting Illegal Mining in Marudi Mountain

Several indigenous people, including a mother and a child were beaten by a policemen while protesting illegal mining in the Marudi Mountain area, Southern Rupununi, Guyana. Native Indians complain that not only have mining concessions been granted for areas on ancestral lands, but also that mining near their homes pollutes rivers and scares away wildlife they depend on for survival. Money over indigenous population – same story, different place.

The Indians protested by blocking the trail with their bodies to prevent mining machinery from entering the area. They can count themselves lucky that the miners were not Jews. Had they been, they would have run over by the indigenous people the same way they do in the Palestine.

In the video, you can see a power tripping policeman with a gun using a tree branch to beat a group of people laid on the ground. From what I understand, at least three men tried to protect a mother and her child from the beating by shielding them with their bodies. This is the real dive to shield the girlfriend, not some made up shit from a fucking movie theater. But you will only see the real deal among people who have not yet abandoned the community spirit for greed.

First the original video of the beating in high definition:

And a news report on the beating:

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34 thoughts on “Guyana Police Beating People Protesting Illegal Mining in Marudi Mountain”

    1. These mining firms do sales all over the world not just western origin these mining company s don’t care for mother Earth at all and there just for gold and diamonds it’s vary sad see what doing to natives Americans there thank god for breve souls helping out natives American s there looks like one them is a soldier of the country too

  1. I think they should consider themselves lucky that he didn’t use the machete on them and instead used it to make himself a stick.

    For those who missed that look in the background for about 10 seconds before he brings the stick over …. The machete looked rather sharp with how easily he cut the twigs and what not off of it

  2. why was Wesley Snipes in Guyana beating people? he had that Nino Brown look going from New Jack City. how is that nigger gibberish considered a language? who has HD camera in that shithole? why were the cops dickless and not start blasting? they were posers.

    1. Hey bitch, that’s my shithole you’re talking about. Your ignorance is astounding. Can you even find Guyana on a map? You clearly don’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about. And our dialect is just another variation of the English language. You idiots up in the West speak another, but you’re either just so ignorant that you believe you speak the gold standard of English, or you’re just too plain stupid to realize you speak a dialect. And contrary to what you may believe, our police aren’t trigger happy softies that start blasting as soon as they get nervous. That shit doesn’t happen in Guyana – seen it happen in America though. Our police are corrupt as shit, and have power issues, but that’s nothing new to you. That happens everywhere and is not an isolated issue. And everyone has a goddamn phone there, and everyone of those goddamn phones has a camera. You think just because they’re dressed comfortably they’re dirt poor right? God, I’m done.

      1. wow dude. we say crap about every country. There’s no need for butthurt just because its your country’s turn. We make fun of the US all the time you don’t see me going on rants. AND I’m in the military haha.

        p.s. I live in the US and I know its in Venezuela.

      2. @sheo. you’re more than welcome to your shithole country and that nigger gibberish sounded like no English I’ve ever heard and what was Wesley snipes doing beating people up? that niggas supposed to be in prison for tax evasion.

        1. German has to be the ugliest dialect of all. Especially from a women’s mouth. Russian is pretty ugly too even though I got mad love for my Russkie and Ukrainian homies in Sacramento tho…Dumbass crackaz don’t even know Latin and Greek(English/Spanish derived from) we’re both derived from the Phoenician(Afro-asiatic)

      3. Take it easy sheogorath, mr mouse was just stating the facts, im surprised a third world poopit even has the intraweb, even more surprised you can turn on a computer let alone afford one. Or id the US give you a free one.

  3. I love how you can hear the cameraman calling him both a ‘scunt’ (obvious explanation there), and ‘bano’, in the same sentence, considering ‘bano’, basically means ‘buddy’.

  4. Woohoo! My country is on Best Gore! This is a most auspicious occasion!

    However, this video is pretty weak. The mining isn’t illegal, else the police wouldn’t be escorting the group. They would have to have all the right papers to even cut down some trees, much less go mining. The ones blocking the road are the people engaged in illegal activity. And I suppose you can’t understand what the crowd is saying. They’re screaming death threats at the policeman. I must say, he dealt with the situation in a very minimal manner. He verbally told them to move out of the way many times, before he tries to pull them off the road. Then he goes for a machete – but not to cut the offenders, but to cut a stick from a branch. Now you see the big guns, and you saw the machete – the fact that he went for a thin piece of stick shows just how lenient he was being. Pepper spray looks more humane, but I assure you those people who got whipped are sincerely grateful that they got off with just that. Rubber bullets are also another option, with scars and hurts like hell. Police was just trying to do his job, and the protesters are approaching the situation all wrong. They’re blocking the path of the wee men going off to another day of tedious work, who are struggling to earn a decent wage, instead of bothering the people at the top who actually have the power to do something. I expect they hope that the miners will all turn around and get themselves fired for failing to do their jobs. And they’re angry at the police for trying to do his. The crowd is the one at fault here, this is nothing more than propaganda.

    1. Hey man, nice to see a fellow Caricom man. I live in Suriname myself. Btw what i know of the ‘legal’ mining companies here is that they indeed DO pollute the water and destroy wildlife and that there is no compensation for the locals, also sometimes permits are given but later have to be reversed again since they were acquired via corrupt channels.

      Btw why is there such bad journalism all the time, you need the full story from BOTH sides in order to form a proper opinion. I can understand people protesting but i also understand a policeman trying to remove people. It’s just not so simple as, hey he’s being people oooooh. Like you said he could have used pepperspray or other means.

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