Haitian Man Tied to a Post and Beaten for Burning Dominican Flag

Haitian Man Tied to a Post and Beaten for Burning Dominican Flag

A secretly filmed video shows a group of Dominicans, including women, beating a Haitian man whom they had tied to a post. The Haitian, they allege, had burned a Dominican flag – an act which outraged the locals.

Tensions between Dominican Republic and Haiti go a long way back. DR also deals with out of control influx of Haitian immigrants who often bring a lot of crime with them, although many just seek a chance at a better life and are willing to work hard at it.

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  1. They come for a chance at a better life and are willing to work hard for it.
    Sounds very familiar. Sounds like something one of the many Leftist Politicians might say when discussing eastern European migrants, who bypass several countries on their way to the UK.
    Fact is, if there was No welfare to be had, the number of those migrants would decrease massively in no time. And when I say welfare, I mean working tax credits among other perks too.
    Burning a Flag of the nation which you have entered as a foreigner, is bang out of order. No wonder the natives were pissed off.

    1. Agreed. It pisses me off no end when I see Muslims or Eastern Europeans burning the Union flag or my beloved St George but nothing is done about it by the pigs however if I showed a picture of their paedophile some arse would try to burn my house down!

  2. @Ate,

    ?although many just seek a chance at a better life and are willing to work hard at it?.

    In order to survive one must separate logic from emotion at times.

    I fully appreciate that many economic migrants only wish to better themselves via hard work. It breaks my fucking heart at times to understand this fact so very much and to be able to put myself in their position and understand where they are coming from.

    However, just take a good hard look at Calais, France and the migrant boats arriving at the shores of Italy.

    Because of the mass exodus of populations from poorer countries entering the richer countries wage levels have been driven down across the board and unemployment throughout the first world is far higher than it has ever been before.

    The above increases welfare expenditure, the rising population count increases the burden on state infrastructure. Crime goes up, it?s harder to get a doctor?s appointment, harder to find school places etc, taxes get raised to combat this, lower wages and lack of employment lowers consumerism which lowers GDP which lowers borrowing which lowers job creation so on and so forth.

    The above micro-economic effect ripples throughout the world because we live in a global economy these days and this will surly cause civil wars to take place sooner or later because people around the world are happy to accept liberal societal change so long as it is in their favour otherwise they become rightwing and more extreme in their views and actions.

    My conclusion, being far too rightwing or leftwing in your views is suicidal and causes hatred, anger and violence in the long run.

    Logic first and then emotion is the best process to follow.

  3. Happens everywhere people migrate to other countries and want to bring their culture with them when obviously if their culture was so great they would stay in their own lands to soak it up.

  4. Just a regular day in that cesspit known as the dominican republic. What’s the difference between dominicans and a squirt of jizz? At least with the jizz, one may become human.

    I’d take a shit on the dominican flag.

  5. The Dominicans here in PA claim they hate racists people but they can be nationalistic and beat the crap out of illegals in their shithole part of the island back home. They can come to America in droves and demand to take over and speak Spanish and wave the DR flag but god forbid we white Americans do that. I bet if a Dominican girl dated a Haitian man there would be outrage yet Dominicans come here and date white women and expect no backlash in return. And Dominicans and Haitians are both black, maybe not as much as the Haitians but they are black.

  6. Yea the chick with the blindfold she’s whipped some ass before that’s for damn sure and the guy in the red shirt , he brought gloves . Ain’t no sense in busting up your hands taking out the trash .

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