Handcuffed Man Dragged Face Down Along the Dirt

Handcuffed Man Dragged Face Down Along the Dirt

Brutal video from Aleppo, Syria shows a handcuffed man being dragged face down along the cement and dirt before being loaded on a truck bed and kicked hard in the face with a steel toe boot. The most insane part of the video is the blood trail the victim leaves behind when the dragging starts.

Props to Best Gore member @drccoco for the video:

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77 thoughts on “Handcuffed Man Dragged Face Down Along the Dirt”

  1. “…my rage, my fury would drive me now to hack your flesh away and eat you raw ? such agonies you have caused me.”

    This is like Hector being dragged around the walls of Troy by Achilles, except it’s almost nothing like it.

      1. I value your worthless opinion Ziznak and I agree that they so not deserve to breathe the same air as Homer.
        But let me say this: ellipses can’t be tossed around like hotcakes. They are special and hold a dear place in the heart of grammar, just as semicolons, colons, my colon, and contractions. They deserve respect, and proper usage of their physical apperance.

        I am guilty of butchering as well Ziznak! It is dying.
        RIP English Language.
        I too, contributed to your downfall. πŸ™

        1. Be sure to catch the November edition where we discuss soliloquies and sonnets, with a bonus blog on the diffences between when you should use a dash vs. an em-dash.

          Sorry, I had to do it. Some of the terms you used I haven’t heard since college. πŸ˜‰

        1. There will always be a person left at the end… well would be awesome having this happening and the last one hangs himself or shoots himself in the head with nigh industructable eyes being in there.

  2. So this is what they do in syria instead of tying tin cans on the “just married” car, have to say, its a lot more interesting.

    @drccoco, thank you for your contributions, you always find a way to support our habit here at BG! <3

          1. @RebelK
            Thank you babe. πŸ˜‰
            And Yes. We were going to wrestle in almond oil in our bikinis to the death. I promise to watch my fingers so they don’t slip anywhere convenient.
            We will not stop until one of us is bring dragged away like this here fella. πŸ™‚ mmmm! So exciting!!

    1. hahahahaha! I missed that the first time around. Maybe its some sort of snackbar training camp, and they grade them like we grade a firefighter. “Okay Achmed, this is your last chance to pass the test before you wash out of the program. You must face-drag the infidel to the beheading truck, and toss him in unassisted, in 30 seconds or less.”

  3. this guys more then half dead at the begining of the video, they must’ve been stomping on his head way before the video was filmed. Why cant they just all visit this snackbar they scream about and stop kiling eachother?

  4. If you watch again, it looked as if one of the murdering **nts was intending to take the guy’s head off with the spade before some-one decided that they wanted to play around with him for a bit longer. I reckon he was still alive , at least, up-until the headkick.

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