Handcuffed Woman Brutally Body Slammed by LAPD in Tujunga

Handcuffed Woman Brutally Body Slammed by LAPD in Tujunga

We could use an officer like that here in Alberta. There are plenty of disrespectful bitches who text on their cell phones while driving. As if floods of Chinese drivers were not bad enough, virtually every single young Caucasian female spends their time driving on the cell phone and would even bitch at you for near running you over due to her own arrogance. Each of them needs a body slam face first on the concrete to wake the fuck up.

34 year old Michelle Jordan was stopped by LAPD because she was using her cell phone while driving. Just as every ignorant bitch who texts and drives, she bitched at the officers for harassing her about the ignorance and unlawfulness of her actions. After a while of arguing and foul language using, Michelle Jordan got off her vehicle but resisted the arrest and was body slammed and handcuffed. Up to this point – props to the officers for treating the bitch to a well deserved face plant and submission.

Where it gets shady is in what happened next. Unfortunately for the officers, everything was recorded on a nearby Del Taco CCTV camera. As Michelle Jordan continued to bitch and whine and swear at the officers, one eventually snapped and body slammed the bitch onto the pavement face first with her hands cuffed behind her back. Bitch ended up all bruised and shit and the officers suspended pending the outcome of the internal investigation.

The surveillance video was obtained exclusively by NBC4. The incident took place on August 21, 2012 near Foothill Boulevard at Saluda in the Tujunga area of Los Angeles. If the officers get fired, we should get the Edmonton police chief to offer them a job here as “white texting and driving bitches handlers”.

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video:

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145 thoughts on “Handcuffed Woman Brutally Body Slammed by LAPD in Tujunga”

      1. I love it how people seem to think that a Police Officer getting a tad lairy with a loud mouthed wanker is ‘Excessive’.

        Such people have never seen true ‘excessive’ violence in their fuckin lives.

        A push. A punch. A kick. None of which are ‘excessive’ in a criminal’s book.

        In order to combat Hard Criminals, we need equally Hard Coppers.

        I live in a Nation where gentle, politically correct, university students/ women/ negroes are replacing the old guard at a frightening rate.

        The result is a collapse in respect for the Police and their ability to Police a community.

        Unless somebody is having their Brains emptied out on a pavement… Only then I will consider Police force ‘excessive’.

        1. You are talking about “Hard Criminals” this was just some woman who just couldn’t shut up; That’s a very big difference. Slamming her face down to the pavement is excessive when it’s totally unnecessary whatever your frame of reference might be.

          Furthermore if you think that you can earn respect through use of unnecessary violence then you might as well be a hooligan.

        2. agree with trooper that police should use these physical measures but this lady was a nurse lol…not the hard charging thugs who actually deserve that kinda treatment. Why should ppl respect the police anymore than any normal government service?

          1. The point of ‘excessive’ force is that they didn’t NEED to use that much force on a her. She is a woman of average height, and he is a man of average height (from what I can tell from the video anyway).

            The first tackle? Yes, she needed that. Second tackle? No, excessive unneeded force was used. He could have easily controlled her with a reasonable use of force.

            He should have pulled her shirt over her head, that would shut her up……maybe.

  1. Seems everyone was wrong on this one. The women is 34 she should know better than acting like that with cops in the US. Also, texting while driving should not be tolerated, she should have felt ashamed of her dangerous stupidity. The cops however, should have stayed calm and slapped a charge of resisting arrest on her, that would have made her think again. I know cops are just humans and get pissied of like everyone but they should have enough training to be able stay calm in what wasn’t a dange

    1. That’s why I voted yes in the poll, they had virtually got her in the police car before the cop lost his cool and threw her down, there was no need to do that at all. She posed no serious threat to them, being cuffed, so they were bang out of order, cop was just being a dick.

        1. I can understand the shit they have deal with, hell who knows that officer may have witnessed a fatality caused by a stupid driver or was having a really bad day, who knows what was going on in his mind, but there is no excuse to beat on anyone who is handcuffed, doesn’t matter what sex they are.

      1. if the LAPD or any police agency in the US tells you to get on the ground, just do it! there is no reasoning with these assholes and they WILL use excessive force if you do not listen to their commands. this lady shouldve just listened, so in my opinion, its not excessive force. then again, even if she wouldve listened, they probably wouldve thrown a knee to her neck for fun.

  2. If it had been a man slammed head first on to the ground for the same reasons we would probably be seeing It from the policeman?s point of view however people in general tend to have a code of chivalry and dislike any act of violence against women.

    If you take the social conditioning out of the equation and any sense of the protector behaviourally trait ingrained in us males then you can see that her actions, driving whilst texting, a precursor to many a road death, and her behaviour after the fact, showing a complete lack of care or consideration for others, then you have to agree that maybe she did deserve to be face planted.

    This is not a sexist statement merely a statement empty of emotion made to show the cause and effect elements of the situation, the police however should not have been swayed by anger and should have just got on with their jobs, jobs they have probably lost now.

      1. Hi happy hooker, Rodney King was a black man being beaten by white cops, therefore the media and the black social groups brought about a much larger public outcry then had it happened to a white man, so that outcry was not purely based on the situation but on social/racial tensions as well.

        That being said, that beating was way over the top, they carried on for a lot longer than necessary, but other people had also been subjected to this type of attack from the police and had not received the same level of public interest.

        My original point however was not about excessive force but rather that the women in question encouraged the police to face plant her because she was being aggressive and insulting to them, obviously the police should not be doing this because they are trained and should know better however I would be firmly on the women?s side had she not behaved in the way she did provoking the police.

        Neither party is innocent in my opinion.

      2. Aaaand have you seen the full Rodney king video, or just the sheep media version with the officers beating the shit out of him? Like the extra twenty minutes of him hiiting, spitting and fighting the cops before handcuffed, high as a fucking kite, not feeling a thing, including multiple tazer attempts to subdue him? Rodney King was no fucking saint and got what he deserved.

  3. Has any one been cuffed? I have many times and they all get off on roughing you up regardless if you need it or not. The problem is pigs think they are untouchable. They are power hungry bullies who get off on abusing their authority. Reminds me of South Park when Cartmen pretends to be a pig “Respect my Authori”!!!!

      1. OOH, ok, now THEY’RE peices of shit and YOU are the victim. Are you going to take another stance FIND and play the role of super-man fighting off evil-doers? Ugh, why is it YOU who has a fucking problem with me. Don’t read my comments if you don’t agree with them. I don’t fucking post on here to get into arguements I don’t even give a shit if you stupid assholes even read what I have to say.

  4. I didn’t see any body slam. They just took her down. I voted “No” on the excessive force question. There is not enough evidence to show brutality. Women can be horrible furies. I do love the ladies, but some can be down right homicidal when you piss them off. Especially the skinny wiry ones. Teeth, nails, knees, feet and elbows. Usually directed directly at the balls. She probably spit, kicked and bit at the officers and that’s probably why they had to put her on the ground. Kind of stupid just for getting a citation.

  5. Daddy’s little precious just finally realized she can’tnthrow a tantrum and treat everyone around her like shit. I love when people complain of poice brutality who have never put themselves in the cops shoes. They are not robots. How long would each of us stand their calmly while some bitch resists arrest, kicks at you, probably spits on you, yells at you, calls you every name undernthe sun…hell most of us get peeved when we get an unhappy customer where we work.

  6. Listen to the police and this wont happen. Don’t hamper them from doing their job. Its simple. She was wrong, resisted and was taken down and THEN STILL continued to fight, swear and resist. She got what she deserved. I agree that there are some police that take it to far as with every profession. However they all would be avoided if people just complied. This bitch knew she was wrong and knows the law. But she feels she is special and has a sense of entitlement. Had she shut up I doubt she would have been slammed. Her actions resulted in what happened.

    1. Agreed @empires…

      Treat people the way you want to be treated – the police just gave back what that twat was handing out.
      I have had 5 police officers to my home over the last 3 weeks (2 separate incidents)… I had absolutely no problem with them as I treated them with respect and received the same back in kind.
      There ARE some good cops out there……

      1. In my few run ins with police I have always been upfront and honest with them and given them respect. I have ALWAYS received the same in return.

        I live in Indianapolis and I have a carry permit, when you get pulled over for speeding or anything it shows that you have a permit and could be armed. It is police procedure here to handcuff an individual while they check your firearms registration and vehicle. In the 3 times this has happened to me (Yes I have a lead foot) I have not once encountered a disrespectful cop. They come up to the window ask to see my hands outside the car, I proceed to say “yes sir, I have a firearm in the center console with a full mag and empty chamber” they ask me to step out and place my hands behind my back. Handcuff me and check the firearm. Every time they walk back with my gun, hand it to me unloaded with the magazine out and tell me “thanks for making that much easier than it could have been” I go on my way.

        It’s simple, its all about respect. You get what you give.

  7. If ANYONE is stupid enough to talk or text on their cell phone while driving this should be the LEAST that happens to them!!!
    Personally I think all talking/texting morons should end up like Porsche girl.
    Get those ignorant, inconsiderate a-holes off the road.

    Interesting poll Mark… yesterday I voted ‘Yes’ – today I voted ‘No’… guess that makes me a contra-dick 😉

  8. She should NOT have been on her cell phone while driving and you should NEVER text and drive. Common sense, I don’t even know why they made that a law. Oh wait, I remember now, its because the human race if rucking MENTALLY HANDICAPPED a majority of the time and most of these humans need to be reminded what common sense is by making a law of it. Just the other day I read on a pizza box: Box is not edible. Alright?

    Oh and POLICE BRUTALITY, even though she was ignorant and clearly jersey shore stupid, I just hate cops.

    1. “I just hate cops”

      Nice! Well lets remove them from the picture and we will see how far you progress in life ok! Then what is going to stop someone bigger and badder than you from taking what they want from you? Who is going to help you find them? Who will help enforce the laws we live by? Its very easy to sit behind a keyboard and critique everything under the sun. But lets be honest at least 80% of the people on here are not capable of self sustaining or even surviving for that matter in a world without cops. Trust me! I have seen the pictures and self photos some of you post. You would not last. Think about it!

      1. @Empires- Who are you to decide who will last and who will not via words on your computer screen?

        And second, so far all the police have done for me is ignore me or fuck me over. If I am to die, death will always find a way around the cops.

        I have thought about it plenty of times, I am tired of giving them a chance when all they do in return is just shoot me down (figuratively speaking)

        @Fiend- Yea, humans can be that stupid, wouldn’t surprise me. Hilarious, but stupid none the less.

        1. What have they done to shoot you down? Were you in a car accident and they refused to help you? Did someone steal your wallet and they didnt give a shit? Again I say there are bad cops, no doubt. But not ALL cops are bad.

          1. I would rather not get into any more personal business between what has happened with me and cops. There have been times when I have needed obvious help and they have done nothing. There was an incident where they totally fucked me and my friend over terribly and emotionally.

            When I say I hate cops, I mean I hate cops. When I say all, I mean that as an estimation because MOST that I have come across have been bad cops.

            I am also stubborn about this topic, so.

    2. LOL at the pizza box Nicole…

      I noticed a while back that Red Bull added a disclaimer to their TV ads saying that Red Bull does not actually give you wings to fly.
      Are people really THAT stupid?!
      Makes me shudder.

      1. Ok, you have a boner for me because this is the second time you wanna talk shit to me you fucking ass licker. No, I wouldnt have resorted to smacking her at all that’s the point stupid. Het lost now.

          1. You tell her, Fiend! sybilline, wtf makes you think someones hot for you just because they post on a thread or disagree with you? Sounds like the gal in the video isn’t the only one with a princess mentality.

      1. Because she was pulled over and slammed into the ground you moron. The police did their job. She broke the law and got pulled over. Normally that would have been the end of it. Her actions from that point on resulted in her treatment. DO NOT RESIST ARREST!

        I dont know where the video is but there used to be a video simular of a little black girl on the front of a patrol car and the dashcam caught the officer being “rough” with her. But in the video you hear the Officer say literally over 30 times to stop resisting before he slams her. So is he wrong to???

  9. Oh My Fucking God, the point is she didn’t fucking hurt anyone. There actually IS a way to drive and text and be safe. You can keep it in your lap and only use it at a red light I do it all the time and I’m not a fucking bitch Ugh! Ha, well, not because of THAT. Anyway, being that she was the only one who got hurt, I’m on her side….BITCH!! OOOOH, she’s such an evil-doer…huh? I am so on her side. One can argue based on hypotheticals all day- well, what if she had struck a mother and child with her car and then spun out of control into a fenced-in yeard full of puppies who all were immediately crushed under her wheels? Tear…drip…drip…drip…

        1. Wow, talk about the pot calling the kettle black…
          Had you bothered to actually READ my comments you would know I agree with that dumb chick being taken down.
          You seem to want to be next – we can only hope.

    1. Your opinion is fine, its your right to have it and it cant be right or wrong because its merely how you feel.

      Im pretty sure she was not pulled over for texting at a red light. The police saw something so they pulled her over then like most “uppity snot nosed girls” she proceeds to bitch and moan and try to tell the police what her rights are and resists arrest. She got what she deserved. Keep your mouth shut and it wont happen. Don’t break the law in the first place and if you do accept the fact that you are wrong and yo got caught.

      It is easy for you to sit and say its not big deal, this or that. But if you got hit by someone texting and driving you would be pissed, if you knew someone who was hurt/killed or just damaged their car you would be pissed. So as of right now this law has no effect on you good or bad.

  10. Apologies to readers as I posted several comments that never appeared.
    If they do, it will appear I have hijacked this thread.
    Again sorry… ignorance and this full Blue Moon is already reeking havoc with me.

    1. Thanks wicked mama…

      As Future Days said on the Impartiality Open Post… if I sound like an asshole about something, it is because I have personal experience with it.
      I almost lost a friend to some bimbo chick too busy talking on her cell phone to pay attention to the traffic signals.
      She went through a red light and totaled my friend’s car (she only had minor injuries but mentally scarred none the less).
      When said bimbo got out of her car she had the audacity to STILL be on her phone.
      Witness’ were heard to yell “OMG, she’s still on her phone.”
      I have no tolerance for idiots like these and people who condone it.

  11. I recall a line from Men in Black. Don’t start nothin, won’t be nothin. To me, it’s not even about the original offense, it’s about how she interracted with the cops once they tried to ticket her. Being female does’t give you an excuse to act like a fucktard towards the police. Act like a bitch, get treated like a bitch. Act like a lady, get treated like a lady. Had she been respectful, polite, and cooperated she would have gotten a ticket at most. Hell, if she was cute and did all that, she may have gotten off with a warning, which is something us guys will never see.

  12. I almost got ran over by this Soccer mom ,in a dodge Caravan earlier . She was on her pho.e talking and looking to the opposite direction of the road,while the pedestrian sign chirped for us to walk. Her van kept slowly creeping in to the zebra lines, so I slapped the hood to startle her and she slammed the brakes ,realizing that there were people crossing . I did the “I’m watching You ” sign . Her face was priceless Haha.

  13. They were (both sides) fuckin stupid assholes period. The cops should know better with every one around these days with fuckin camera,s. And for that mouthy bitch, fuck off, shut up , (stop texting while driving), and maybe, just maybe, he would have let you off with a warning! Morons.

  14. Roughed up by a LAPD cop in a STEROID-fueled rage for driving while fucking with a cell phone, and all happened in a PARKING LOT belonging to a parlor named DEL TACO.
    It scores 8.5/10 in the America Fuck Yea-meter

    1. @Killajamal

      Have a wild B-Day and don’t do anything to get yourself killed….You’ll end up here….

      It’s Friday and a Blue Moon..weird shit can happen.

      And I want my day off.
      Signed…Grim Reaper.

      1. Thanks you guys! Youre all the best! 🙂
        @boatman dont worry. I actually worked all day and then hung out with my family. (Super riveting i know)
        @brokeback im sorry to let you down man. I did no partying today:( im pretty lame and tame.

  15. I would like to see every person who texts while driving brutally beaten and tazed by police. If they want to talk on a cell phone while driving, a blue tooth is in order. Texting while driving should be as serious as drunk driving. I have seen many people here in southern California drifting in and out of lanes and I drive by them only to see them texting. I was almost in a head-on collision with some bitch who went right through the red light when I had a left-turn green arrow, but I saw that she was not slowing down, so I waited. The bitch went right through the intersection and was looking down the whole time as she was texting. These cell phones are causing a lot of problems in society!

  16. That’s LAPD for ya. She is one stupid bitch with entitlement issues. Mouthing off to LAPD is a really poor decision but there needs to be a line. How much force does a cop need with a handcuffed fucktard?

    I learned a long time ago to not fuck with cops, they can be real chickenshit when they want to be. This attitude of mine has saved me from a lot of unnecessary stress, and it gets me out of traffic tickets, too.

  17. Ha! As I was watching this video, I had the TV turned to NBC4 and they were broadcasting this story. The reporter was live at the scene in front of the Del Taco. The bitch has already retained a “police brutality” attorney. She’ll probably get a monetary settlement, her attorney will get a chunk of that, and everybody will go on their merry ways. Police brutality is here to stay, unfortunately. BTW, my last contact with the police was a couple of years ago when I allegedly rolled on a stop sign (called a “California stop”) and was stopped by a Signal Hill cop (when that happened my whole life flashed before me). He asked me for my license and registration, which I gave him, and he let me go without a ticket. Ever since, I make it a point to make a full stop. (Whew!!) Bottom line, as long as you’re courteous and respectful with a cop, there will be less of a chance that you’ll be cuffed and body slammed.

  18. Im in LA and these cops are no joke… I’ve been hassled a number a times for the most basic shit… Dint even mention the jails… The sherriffs got the biggest hard ons for Fucking people up… If you live in LA you know not to fuck with these pigs. Better to just show em. Respect and be on your way.. easier then the other route..she deserves what she got for mouthing off, with her princess mentality… These cops don’t play, well known for beating on mothafuckas..I’ve personally seen it..

  19. I’m on the fence with this one.
    Mainly because I come from the UK and our officers literally have no power to do this to anyone. It gets annoying when you see drunk disorderly people and nothing but scum who have burgled a house with force being gently handcuffed and told to ‘mind their head.’
    I wish British Police were allowed to use a bit more force but then again would I want to live in a place where you get face planted for swearing at an officer?

    I think there were a million and one ways these officers could’ve handled this situation. I watched the video several times to try and see if the woman caused any sudden movements that could’ve made the officer think she was trying to attack or run or cause harm. She was almost in the police car, I don’t know why the officer couldn’t have just roughly pushed her in there instead of using all that effort to swing her about on the ground.

    I don’t think police force is a bad thing at all. I applaud it, but in this certain case I don’t think there was an actual need for it. The cop wasn’t in any danger or in any situation where the woman could’ve been harmful to them.

    I’d rather see someone running from the police after they’ve robbed someone, stolen a car, been violent etc and then getting beat the fuck up. Not silly women who look for any excuse to be the victim anyways. She looked like she was as physically weak as she was mentally.

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