Henchmen of Turkish Mafia Boss Sedat Peker Torture Man for Badmouthing Him on Internet

Henchmen of Turkish Mafia Boss Sedat Peker Torture Man for Badmouthing Him on Internet

In Turkey, a man allegedly badmouthed a Turkish mafia boss Sedat Peker on the internet’s social media, and it pissed Sedat Peker off to the point that he sent his henchmen to find the guy and teach him a lesson. It would appear that they succeeded.

The video shows the guy being tortured by his captors while the group ride in a vehicle down a highway at night. I don’t speak Turkish, but according to the info I got, the henchmen keep shouting at the guy: “Say sorry you son of a bitch!

Props to Best Gore reader Anton for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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71 thoughts on “Henchmen of Turkish Mafia Boss Sedat Peker Torture Man for Badmouthing Him on Internet”

      1. Third world?
        Guess the “First World” are the western countries who plundered and raped “Third”?

        Terms like “Civilization” or “Third World” are lame and lost in translation..
        -“Fist World” is far from civilized and all they have was stolen from what they call “Third World”.

      2. You are so fucked now. I have access to this group thanks to my contacts. I will request a meeting with the boss himself and let him know about this insult you have dared to utter. We will be waiting for a dead man’s shoes which you will be wearing when it is time for you to be enjoying your “Last World” car ride.

    1. Got that right……!!!!
      There’s got to be some money and stinky pussies and dirty asses behind all that shit…… garanteed..!!!!
      Gotta watch your mouth tho……
      Words can come back and bite your ass….!!!!!

    2. this guy offend a Mafia Boss on Facebook.

      beaters: go on exuse, we record it, speak, get your hand out, you hand down, we dont hit you, he lies, ok ok, go on. Speak loud, speak loouuud,

      bloody guy: i love you boss, big brother

      beaters: who tells you to offend him, you son of a bitch you know the boss ? why you offend him ? You fucking fag, you know our boss ? , we fuck your mother, you son of a bitch, speak, speak, excuse to the boss. We fuck the ear of your mother , you son of a bitch. Excuse to him , excuse.

      bloody guy: excuse me boss, iam the greatest fag, when i dont kiss your hand

      beaters: Who are you mother fucker to kiss our boss hand ? you son of a bitch, you think a son of a bitch can touch the hand of our boss ? You son of a bitch or boss fucks your mother.

      The Mafia Boss Sedat Peker is the Brother of a former famous turkish Singer Hakan Peker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag2Mz1urtM8

      Here in the video he talks about this Video. He says he got nothing to do with it. It was not his man, it all is a plan against him. Personally iam sure that he says the trought. He is not an idiot to allow this thinks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6nxlAilAiU

    1. Dude there is 4 on to 1 probably best to try and figure out how to stay alive if you knock one of them dudes out it will be the end of you Turks are unforgiving and not to be fucked with especially those involved in crime…..

    2. From that comment I can tell you’re a pussy. There’s no way in hell you’d have a chance of fighting back in a moving vehicle with 4 guys beating the shit out of you, you’re a real tough guy in real life aren’t you.

    1. Unfortunately I can’t. My laptop was damaged by water that flooded the house. I’m on emergency measures. There may not be many, if any, new posts for a while. I have been recommending BG members to look for an alternative hangout since I first got a bit of internet following Maria.

        1. They banned my account a long time ago. I think it was back in 2011 (golden age of Best Gore). Opening an account with a financial institution is always a laborious process that requires a lot of proving your identity. I wouldn’t get far trying to start a new account. They’d ban it right away.

      1. @srbijabgd I agree. I made a comment the other day regarding a sports event on YouTube . One person replied with insults for no reason other to get me riled up. Didn’t work, but would love the option to see if they’ll do it in person. Lots of cowards safely behind closed doors typing words they’d never use face to face.

    1. If I was dude getting beat I would’ve been like “the more you spill my blood the more tuberculosis you get motherfuckrs”
      Fuck repeating what they tell you to, if you gone talk, talk TB.
      Even if it’s not the case, just to fuck with their heads.

  1. Allright, Sedat Peker is a very dangerous Mafia Leader in Turkey , and he has close ties with high ranking politicians, He had a similar video torturing a guy who committed pedophile to a young girl. back in 2000 if i’m not mistaken, HE DON’T SELL DRUGS NOR LETS ANYONE SELL IN HIS TURF” he makes money from Underground Casinos and Protections. he has ties in the states asia and latin america . he actually is considered a good mafia guy. but don’t fuck with him. he will find you ! if he wants.

    1. i confirm, 2 guys were asking him , Who do fuck are you ? who the fuck are you to call names to REIS (BOSS)
      -Don’t you know he finds anyone?
      -Didn’t you think we’d find you?
      -We are gonna film you and put you on the world
      -Say i’m sorry Say i’m sorry
      -Say i’m sorry mother fucker , say i’m sorry motherfucker
      (Background) -Allright it’s enough!

      They let him go !

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