Hizbul Mujahedeen Torture Police Informants in Kashmir

Hizbul Mujahedeen Torture Police Informants in Kashmir

We’ve seen Indian army nonchalantly executing everything that looks suspicious in and around Kashmir, now here’s the other part of the equation that keeps the vicious circle of endless killings and torture unbroken.

The video shows Kashmiri terrorists known as Hizbul Mujahedeen torturing alleged police informants. They start by cutting their hair off, which may not seem like much of torture, but when you are held against your will and your captors disfigure you for their own enjoyment, that constitutes strong psychological torture that can have devastating impact on the victims.

The terrorists then proceed to beat the captives and subject them to water torture.

Props to Best Gore member @hindustan for the video:

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96 thoughts on “Hizbul Mujahedeen Torture Police Informants in Kashmir”

  1. Death to snitches ! I just see a bad haircut and few hits with a stick and you call that torture ?? Torture with water is joke lol it’s torture when you keep their heads in for at least 1minute

    1. I 110% agree! These 2 twats more than likely were involved in illegal activities and got caught, which isn’t a bad thing but to turn on another who was also doing probably the same illegal activities you were caught doing, and telling the police about it so you can save your ass is a grave matter which hopefully will end your life.
      In any country as this video shows, you snitch, you should die.
      Snitches are a dying breed!

      1. I don’t understand the mentality of always wishing death on people who report a crime. There’s been a guy trying to kill me since he intervened in a fight and end up getting hurt, then the police took me away because I was telling them to not just sit and watch while an assault was going on. I didn’t ask him to get into the fight and it was his choice to do so. And reporting a crime to the relevant authorities shouldn’t be punishable by death, that’s just criminal intimidation and a form of terrorism. If you’re going to do something illegal, YOU take full responsibility for being caught, not other people you’ve dragged into the mess.

    2. if we didn’t have snitches, who would wayward criminals beat on when reminded that they chose a fucked up path to carry on in the first place? If they didn’t have snitches to blame, they might just settle on putting holes in someone’s little girl to relieve their stress over their criminal shortcomings.

      Plus, snitches help weed out a good amount of those shitty dealers with bunk product and a tendency to rip people off

      1. Agreed, as if we should in any manner support piece of shit drug dealers that ruin the lives of little kids and their families for the sake of $10 drug deals. Fuck them, all drug dealers should be taken out unless they’re selling what they advertise. Doesn’t cost them much extra to sell quality.

    3. Guards in private US prisons have been recorded doing far worse…just revealed on TV…..they killed this poor guy….same with Milwakee ..Sheriff….the Black Trumpster killed three prisoners who had not been convicted of a crime.

      1. Yeah I live in Brewtown and the Sheriffs name is David Clark. Hes our black Police chief and he hates the BLM movement. It reminds me of the blind Black Grand Wizard of the KKK skit.

        @voicesofavillain, if there weren’t snitches, the 1%ers of the world would still have the rest of the .999%ers to fuck with. No need to pick on old ladys and children.
        Snitches will be dealt with accordingly.

    4. That’s why they are “Terrorists” in a group of a bunch of fuckin’ losers and drop-outs that hated the winners in life. They are all pussies. Just kill the snitch with a bullet to the head you damn softies.

    1. @atle
      Hezbulla militia is affiliated to Shia Iran. Hisbul Mujahedeen is based on Salafism , affiliated to Pakistan .Their aim is islamic states everywhere and kill everything that is not a Muslim even if it is a tortoise. Hisbul Mujahedeen is banned by most countries including Pakistan (even though in paper under the pressure from UN) its brother organizations are Jaish-e-mohammad and Lashkar-e-thaiba (which is behind 2008 Mumbai terror attack which killed 200 innocent
      Including 28 foreigners . all these groups comes under the umbrella of ISI ,Pakistan.

  2. And to think that all the time that i was purchasing these fine, Nepalese Temple-Ball,,, Nepalese Fingers,,, Kashmir ,,, And Kabul,,, varieties of Hash, as a younger man in the late 80’s, that i was also supporting these torturing bastards while Smoking-It ??? I still would have done it anyways, lol, as their Hash truly was, second to none. He, he, he.

  3. they are having their nervous system cut to pieces. that is extreme torture and the damage is felt for at least 3 years. these sand niggers have done their research. that was horrific. very hard to watch indeed.

    1. True This is. I am 1/3 Algonquin Indian, and have researched this topic as a young man.

      “Hair Is An Extension Of The Nervous System” – Why Native …
      Native Americans keep their hair long. Is this just a personal choice or are there added benefits to keeping hair long instead of cutting it. … smooth phrases used to enroll new recruits, some of these Native American trackers … They could no longer access a ‘sixth sense’, their ‘intuition’ no longer was reliable, they could not …

      The U.S. did Multiple Studies with the Indians during the Vietnam War, and their findings were quite amazing to say the least! Are you Native American, or partly so @svarg26 ??
      I ask this because i am intrigued at how you knew this, when very little people know this.

          1. @Hopingfornemesis

            No bro,,, No joking,,, Not this time my Man, lol.

            I Have been saying this for Years, & Years Now Brother, and way before you were a member, my good man. The Fact Tat I Have Both Algonquin Indian, and French is something that i have never tried to hide, or keep from you,s because i was embarrassed to be part Indian which is something that i am actually very proud to be.

            My Great, Great Grandfather, married A Pure Native Algonquin Indian From Maniwaki Quebec, who then moved to another Indian Reserve in Ontario, but this time in Ontario called Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation
            The Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation, formerly known as the Golden Lake First Nation, are an Algonquin First Nation in Ontario, Canada. Their territory is located in the former township of South Algona in the Ottawa Valley on Golden Lake.
            Renfrew County a mere 1 1/2 hour West of Ottawa. My brother Denis With his hair 3/4 down his back looks much more Indian/Native than my other 3 brothers, lives 10 minutes fro the reserve. So I Guess You Could Call, Or Refer To Us as “Metis” which is Part Means that You Are Part French, & Part Native Indian 🙂

  4. True Story —–>

    A few years ago I went to a New Barbers shop in my town. After getting my haircut, the barber asked me “anything on” ? Which basically means, gel, hair products etc.
    I was that pissed at his work my reply was…….
    Yes mate a pair of knickers, because I look a cunt !!!

          1. @soorenho I think Kashmir is nothing more than byproduct, whether inhaled or swallowed, of some truly stellar dope . not synthetic trick of today that induces need to facefuck a pillar

    1. Fuck the haircuts! I like Kashmir as much as any straight guy probably should, but, I wanna see this goddamn sweater that these people have been fighting over for so long.

  5. These are Indian army men giving light punishment to kashmiri youths most probably caught in stone-pelting on forces or some other minor offences. They aren’t militants because SOP followed by militants for rats would be a bullet to the head, not cutting their hair or a beating them with sticks.

  6. some of you fucking idiots have no clue huh ? they are not ‘snitches’ they are people who reported these mujahadeen scum to the indian army… and now those terrorists are torturing him.. im just glad they didnt do that crazy fucked up brazilian or mexican torture..
    Indians are not that violent

          1. No. @Rahul was saying that Indians are not as violent as Brazilians or Mexicans. From the little that I’ve seen here on BG regarding Indian torture methods I’d say that’s a true statement.

          2. what I meant to say was people of ‘indian race’ … this includes people from pakistan , bangladesh , srilanka etc…
            although some paki retards like to think they are descended from some arab race or smething…

  7. Looks like a 5 star salon – Individualised attention. Personalised custom hairstyling. Relaxing and soothing massage followed by a rinse and pat down. Do you think they looked satisfied? No of course they didn’t ~ the ingrates!

  8. The Kashmir shits getting worse..
    But these so called Kashmir people are totally weird, they attack Indian soldiers, rebel against them, stone them etc but during the time of natural disaster, it is Indian government and soldiers who carry out the rescue work and provide food supplies

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