Hood Rats Brawl at Zara Store in Philadelphia

Hood Rats Brawl at Zara Store in Philadelphia

A group of hood rats got into a fight with each other in the isles of Zara store in the Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square. The brawl looked like warm up for the Jerry Springer Show.

This shouldn’t come as surprise to anyone who’s familiar with situation in Philadelphia.

Props to Best Gore member SrbijaBgd for the video:

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    1. Lol they probably don’t have her size there either but she’ll squeeze herself into them anyway. That’s a thing I’ve noticed a lot lately, people around here do not get the proper sizes and are spilling out of everything.

      1. Lol. You’re right. There’s a difference between being a size “fo” and cramming your fat ass into a size “fo”.
        That big silverback had those pant screaming for mercy.

    2. Anyone ever go to downtown Philly and look at the shit going on? Two blocks South of Liberty Hall it’s full blown hoodville-big giant indoor mall their has dozens of armed security guards just to keep the peace. Not a place to go on Vacation-stayaway! for your own safety.

  1. Negroes behaving like negroes. I’m not surprised at all.

    And I wanna thank Obli for making that tribute to the F?hrer. I loved seeing all the butthurt there.

    And yes, he was the most lied about man in history. He was the only man who reached a position of power and retained the tenacity to face world jewry and come in defense of white people, not only German, but all whites. He was forced into a unwanted war by the jews, and if you can’t question the version the victors told you, then you are just a pawn, like they want you to be.

    Heil Hitler, and heil to all whites world wide! This is a great day.

    1. Yeah, you gotta love the “will you stop recording?” I guess the public should only record things when it involves a white cop in uniform doing something dumb….but if it’s black on black crime….please……stop recording!

  2. It?s not quite Ali vs. Foreman but it was a rumble in the jungle.

    I do have to wonder what they were fighting for though, it couldn?t have just been over an article of clothing surly considering that the store appears to have plenty of available stock.

    1. Yea but some people don’t know how to behave. With normal people in a shop if two women reach for the same item the women will smile and one will say ‘Don’t worry there’s another one here, I’ll take that one’. Some people though, oh no, a simple thing like that is immediately enough to start a fight because neither will let go, even if there are hundreds of the items.

      1. Lady: ” I want something to go with this dress.”
        Al: ” A bubling cauldron?”
        Lady: ” You’ve got a lot of nerve.”
        Al: ” I need it to get this close to your feet.”

        and my favorite:

        Fat Lady: ” I want my money back. I’ve worn these shoes only once
        and they split at the sides.”
        Al: ” Let me explain. Just like an elevator, there’s a 2 ton
        weight limit. How about I just nail the soles to the
        bottom of your feet to give you added traction while
        you’re pulling the ice wagon.”

        by Al Bundy the All American legend.

  3. I was bruised and battered, I couldn’t tell what I felt.
    I was unrecognizable to myself.
    Saw my reflection in a window and didn’t know my own face.
    Oh sister are you gonna leave me wastin’ away
    in a store in Philadelphia.

    La, la, la, la…
    La, la, la, la…
    La, la, la, la…
    La, la, la, la…

    1. And the best part is most have jobs at the DMV or social security office or tsa where you have to deal with their bullshit of doing a mediocre job at the expense of your time and patience.

    1. A white boy and white girl were battling it out on here in a parking lot just yesterday, you must of just got here. Or maybe you just need to stop smoking all that wacky tobbacky. Happy Stoner Day anyway!

  4. The situation in Philly? I live here and yeah its not great i understand what you mean by that but they focus on their own kind around here. Blk on blk crime and a cop here an there gets killed. But its a great sports city and a lot of good spots around here still! I wouldnt want it any other way. But yeah i kno whats going on tho.

  5. I feel like I have stumbled upon some sort of nigger week here on Best Gore, kinda like shark week. but with fat black bitches squabbling over petty shit. Great to see you good people exercising your freedom of speech and right to hate, as long as it is based on behaviour I have I have no problems.

  6. Just two things that amazed me from this video. First there’s no black dude comin in the shot to yell “worldstarhiphop” and second is that I’m surprise that fatso negra modelo is not wearing a thong to show in the melee.

  7. lets me think of the baboons here in south africa (banana republic) fighting over a half rotten mango! and they will kill you for that! it shows us modern man how evolution left those ape people behind!!

  8. But…but…They’re not even fighting. They’re discussing…their way of discussing…I swear, it’s not even loud. Everything’s fine here 😀 only strange thing is: they’re in Zara…wow, isn’t this shop a little too classy? Whatever…
    Big mama just got stuck in the undersized pink shirt (how the hell did she manage to stick herself in this top in the first place? I must admit: I’m surprised here…), and her daughter is trying to take it off of her…lol

  9. time these hoodrats are sent back to africa and the sandniggers back to the desert left there the rest the world can get on in peace ….. and you want to know why the cops shoot as many as they can got to keep the numbers down some how ..

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