Hood Rats Beat Pregnant Girl on New Year’s Day in Camden, New Jersey

Hood Rats Beat Pregnant Girl on New Year's Day in Camden, New Jersey

Incident occurred in Camden, New Jersey. An American Welfare recipient, Obama supporter and future mother to a drug addict and murderer was cornered by a gang of rival chimps from the Philadelphia – Camden area on January 1st, 2016. The girl is pretty defenseless against the onslaught, only screaming, “my baby, my baby.” Don’t know the cause of the beat down, but I am willing to bet it was over something stupid. Something that didn’t warrant the attempted murder of a baby. Call it a hunch.

Mother is in hospital in Camden. No word on the condition of the child.

And mad props to @african-angel.

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    1. prolly, that shit goes down all day everyday!!
      i’m in S.Philly aint that bad here, however…LMAO…any other spot, N.Philly, W.Philly, N.E. Philly, gotta watch ‘ur ass…Camden NJ is just over the bridge about 5-10. I think it was the murder capital a couple yrs back…Shrugs…good times

        1. I agree. Apes are far more graceful. Apes, these cannot imitate.

          You certainly are a different breed of human being @AA. Even though I say some pretty racist shit from time to time, much respect and appreciation for the vids.

        2. Chimps are highly intellectual animals. However they can launch a coordinated attack on neighbouring territories similar to a takeover. They corner the matriarch kill her followed by infanticide and cannibalism of other fellow chimps. The apes here save that for off the camera rituals lol

        1. @Dutch. ….thought you know these niggers better than us in Africa. Can’t undestand that language either.

          It’s your responsibility to interpret what they are saying. You took them away from Africa, strip their identities, taught them your language…… pay back time now. Sit back, relax and enjoy their activities. You reap what you sow.

          1. As much as I love your videos, and more often thank not, classy retorts, this one is not up to party with your intellectual brilliance. AA, every single person alive in america today, is 100% innocent for the sins of their fathers. The only thing we did to the blacks in america, is give them a sense of entitlement. An excuse for their basil behavior. Not acceptable at all, but please. Comparing that to the slave trade, is about as logical as comparing these dolts to animals.

          2. Slavery ended over 150 years ago in America. If you know someone older than that then maybe they are responsible. But guaranteed they didn’t catch the nigs. Nigs were sold by other NIGS.

            imagine john smith the pilgrim chasing down shaka the zulu warrior. It simply didn’t happen that way. Arabs and nigs sold the slaves. Wealthy southern farmers bought the antique farm equipment. My family never had slaves we worked our own farms in the north.

          3. @African Angel,

            Many Chinese were sold into slavery when western businessmen paid Chinese gangsters to supply poor people for labouring jobs in the 1800?s, such as building American railways ect, and yet their modern ancestors don?t act like the first world blacks do. In fact they went from slaves to poorly paid low-skilled workers to well paid high-skilled workers within a hundred years by just working hard and behaving themselves, this despite being just as oppressed as the original black workers were.

            There are many cases like the above such as the Indian Hindus brought to the west for servant roles, The Korean- Americans, Japanese-Americans etc, whites even discriminate against other whites such as the early Irish workers who fled to America to escape famine and were treated like dirt, ghettoised, exploited and paid next to nothing for their work.

            You see the pattern?, every other race worked hard, behaved themselves and struggled through the hardship to become regular, accepted citizens whereas the first world blacks do not.

            Your last part is a bit sad though,

            ?pay back time now. Sit back, relax and enjoy their activities. You reap what you sow.?

            It?s not pay back that they are doing because their actions are negative to their own survival and only serves to further marginalise them.

            First world blacks are also a minority and are hated by every other race that lives in the first world meaning that they are heavily outnumbered and so any ?pay back? they try to give will be extremely short lived.

            You see the point, the best form of pay back they could give would be to behave, work hard and do well in society, thus proving to the world that they are better than what they are made out to be. By behaving like thugs however and hurting, killing each other all the time all they have done is become their very own oppressor.

          4. @AA
            You’re not alone. 99.9% of your American bros and sisters share the same delusional excuses for every ill possessed by them.
            “It’s whitey’s fault”
            Take some fucking accountability and move forward…or…buy a powerball ticket. They both have about the same odds…

          5. For starters @Dutchy is an Aussie. For the rest of the BG people who try to tell any black person the above info and history – you are wasting your time. They’ll never accept it. Anyway, I wonder if AA is a race baiter as she knows we all love gore and even an odd video of this sort – and she knows what kind of comments most of her vids will elicit. Think about it…

          6. Goddamnit @Dutch! I knew that was you who did all of that. Now say you’re sorry to the nice negros and give them back. All of them! LOL

  1. “Muh bubbee… muh bubbee!! Muh futah welfare checks!!” 😆 Geeesh and they say ape doesnt kill ape… They dont care if they’re pregnant or not, its jungle for them.

    I see that the site is still suffering some outages, wich is starting to piss me off… I sincerely wish with all the fibers of my body, my ascended soul and whatever remains of my heart, that the people doing this DDoS die with cancer or a similar slow and painful death, and may their entire families burn inside their homes, having them as the sole witnesses of their agonising deaths, and yet, powerless to help them…

    1. If you ever questioned where your tax money goes…did you see the size of those asses and guts? WTF! Welfare pays way better than my job.
      I guess it’s better to keep them all fat and lazy. They loot less frequently when they’re fed.

        1. lol I hope you weren’t laughing at me

          Oh and @LF quick off topic, I just saw that movie “the land before time” the other day at my little cousins house, I was in the living room and heard one of the cartoon dinosaurs say “little foot” and recalled you saying that you named yourself after a cartoon dinosaur. I quickly told them “rewind this to the beginning, I wanna watch it! lol

          1. Lmao!!! Did you like it? Was it the first movie? I’ve never seen the sequels and there’s probably 20 now but I was obsessed with the first one when I was little because I was in love with dinosaurs. The part with the mom still kills me 🙁

            Oh and don’t worry I wasn’t laughing at you, that eating disorder part cracked me up 🙂

          2. lol not too shabby 🙂 it was the first one, apparently there are two sequels, she has all three but I didn’t get around to watching the other two. I’ll probably watch em the next time I’m there. And oddly I liked dinosaurs to as a kid, I remember I used to have a bunch of dinosaur toys lol

          3. I looked it up and it looks like there’s 14 movies total and at one point a TV series. Most of the movies were straight to DVD though. Talk about overkill…they probably should’ve stuck to 3. Haha me too! I think I still have some of my dinosaur toys stored somewhere, I couldn’t throw them out. The Land Before Time and Jurassic Park were my life when I was younger lol.

          4. Woah 14… What I saw at my lil cousins house was a three disc dvd pack that said I, II and III so I assumed there were only three lol. I don’t really know what happened to my ones, maybe my mum threw em out lol. Oh and I liked jurasic park to, I actually recently saw the new one, it wasn’t too bad

          5. I only remembered there being more because there was a commercial once talking about The Land Before Time 5. I still haven’t seen the newest Jurassic Park, I wanted to but never got around to it. Maybe I’ll see if I can find it online and watch it.

  2. Don’t be pullin that Philly Maternity Cripping up in here biatch them is Camden Coat Hanger Bloods.
    Seriously for the best if the child is never born into such a fucked up life.
    BLM…bwahhaha apparently not even the un-born.

  3. Once again Black Lives do NOT matter to other Blacks. I do like the sheboon who yelled “fuck your baby” as they were beating up the pregnant sow. Nice. Very pro-life. Sigh. Where is an ISIL suicide bomber when you need one?

    1. @Brokeback, let this serve as a reminder that you should touch yourself PRIOR to browsing BG lol

      Anyone ever been in any Asian country? lol. Black people are kinda rare in Asian countries. Plus, I’ve never been to a black community before. Are black women really like that? Or just on specific places? I’m kinda curious. Thank you to anyone who answers in advance.

      1. @Stacie, in answer to your question… YES, they are like that everywhere. Blame it on poor upbringing, lack of education, genetics etc. etc. If you don’t believe me ask anyone or better yet watch The Maury Show sometime. “Nobody am know who da baby daddy am”.

        1. Laquanda has eight different men on the show who could be the daddy, and as each one is ruled out with the dna test, they dance around like they won the fucking lottery. And when they eventually find him, she goes off on a mad one waving her finger to fuck and fixin dat weave bitch.

          1. I like when they run off stage and start flailing all over the floor “the test is wrong Murray” or “I know who da dad be den”

        2. I’ve seen Maury. It bored the living hell out of me but I would say I watched it more than once. Curious, I suppose. Those are some hours that I can never get back. I don’t understand how that classifies as entertainment to some people but hey lol to each his own. I’ve seen different races in that show though – white, hispanic, black so I really can’t draw conclusion from that. Better yet, maybe I should ask someone who lives in a black neighborhood. Would get good insight. Thanks for the tip.

          But yes, you make a point there, @Brokeback. Maybe it’s with social and genetic factors. Maybe with culture and tradition too.

      2. Lucky you… 😕 And here in Portugal its basicly just the “youths” behaving like that, i havent seen much of them adults bipedal-apes behaving like that as of yet, because they are either getting drunk or are in jail, or for the best case scenario, dead. 😆

          1. We’re being bombarded with austerity measures since 2011, unemployment rates are one of the highest in Europe, and so are the taxes, and the minimum wages. We even pay for stupid shit that no other countries tax, and our socialist leftist government was recently elected, wich is the same type of government that led this country to a constant decline since 1975… so i dont know wich one is better at the moment… 😐

          2. Better that or someone shouting ‘allahu akbar!!!’ Before they bomb a mall but I think we both have our points, our countries are wallowing in shit. (that being said, I hope you’re ok, DK) In my side, I think I can attribute it to the stupidity of the nationals and poor governance and widespread poverty and corruption.

      3. @Stacie

        Yes, this is pretty much how they all act. Very few are normal, I work with a few who would never act like this but it’s incredibly rare. They’re all also really loud…I hear them talking sometimes and it sounds like they’re about to fight when they’re actually just having a friendly conversation. And it seems every one of them accepts their kids having many children with multiple different fathers and the fathers are usually deadbeats…it’s almost expected.

        1. Oh. Wow. The stereotypes are true, then? And not just hyped by the media? That is unfortunate, though. Reminds me of the saying, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. So maybe it’s a cultural thing for them?

          1. Yes it is true sadly and I think you’re spot on about it being a cultural thing. But when you’re raised like that you’re not going to know better. Few see things as they are and try to change it, most of them just continue the cycle. The problem is white guilt is very real and people keep making excuses for them or watching what they say/do around them for fear of being called racist. I’ve always said if we want REAL equality then we need to stop giving them everything and make them work for it like everyone else does. I don’t enjoy getting a promotion and then having to talk to HR and justify me getting the job versus a black person, not over everyone else but specifically a black person…how ridiculous is that?

          2. I would have to agree with you on all the points you brought up, LF. Also, so that means black people get prefential treatment then because if they don’t, someone would be called racist? In your workplace, I mean.

            P.S. Sorry about the late reply. Eveytime I try to post a comment, an error message flashes on the screen. So, took me a while to send one.

          3. That’s exactly right. It’s all about quotas and making sure you have enough diversity in your department…sad really. That’s why I can’t stand when you fill out applications for school/work and they ask your race. Why the hell should that matter? If a person is qualified then they should be hired based on that, not on their race, religion ect. It’s so frustrating because it happens all the damn time. If a black person is more deserving of the job than me then that’s absolutely fine but don’t give that person the job because of their skin color. That’s racist too only positive for black people or other minorities which is why they never complain about it.

            Haha I had that problem too. I made a comment last night but it didn’t seem to show up until this morning. I always feel bad when that happens because I don’t want the person to think I didn’t reply to them lol.

        2. @LF & Stacie – LF made the most honest remark of all “They’re all also really loud”. It seems like they (especially the women) think by blowing out your eardrums they’ll dominate every conversation, and they usually do because most of us just can’t take it. I also believe it’s a cultural thing. When they get together they have to yell over each other and the ones that go to church are even worse as far as how loud they are. I’m sure they yell/scream at their kids that way as well, thus continuing the “tradition”.

          1. The yelling and being loud is an Asian thing too. They belong to the much lower class, though. The ‘uneducated’ ones, as we call them or those who live in the slums. Shouting is perfectly acceptable if your neighbor is on the next hill or on another ‘boondock’ hahaha 😀

            Thanks for the tip and answers, guys! I really am not very culturally immersed on different races. It’s nice to know the good and bad sides to cultures and colors.

      4. I live in a predominately black community and they aren’t like that at all. Most of the people here in my neighborhood are college educated (or went into a trade school), no criminal records, own their house, and some even small business owners. Everyone has a mutual respect for one another and wants to be left alone. You see stuff like this because of our current generation that loves to put everything on camera and these blacks do it so frequently that everyone thinks that all blacks are that way. This is the hood, which, like any ghetto is filled with ignorant, violent people. I once lived in a poor rural area which was predominately white and they acted like the same way these she-boons act in this video. This is why so many blacks are desperate to get away from these kind of blacks. Educated and successful (excluding rap stars, I guess) don’t call each other nigga (or speak in Ebonics), sag their pants, or resort to violence. They try to distance themselves from these blacks. But, of course with the media and internet, there is no shortage of stupid ghetto hoodrats willing to post the shit these other stupid hoodrats do, *sigh*.

        1. That’s bull shit mushimushi, I lived in both a very poor white and a poor black hood, and I never see a street fight like this at all, a few one on one fights but when we lived in a nigger hood it is like this all the time, not many nice niggers out there and if they are just put them with other niggers and watch them go all ape on each other. So stop lying.

          1. Your story is anecdotal, but then again, so is mine. If you don’t believe me, then you don’t believe me. I know what I’ve seen and experience and as do you. I’m not on here to change people’s minds or anything just speaking from my own personal experience :/

        2. Oh, I see. So their behavior would depend on their social status then. But I guess that would occur to every other race. Kinda like what happens with Asians too. But there are many types of Asians hahaha I guess many sides are present in every culture and color. Thanks for the response. 😀

  4. She probably stole the last chicken wing to invite such a chimp-out against her.

    Anyhow, I do get sick of the first world blacks blaming poverty and lack of opportunity for their behaviour when many racial groups, including whites, have large amounts of poverty and social injustice within their ranks and yet do not exhibit these kinds of attitudes and behaviour at the rates blacks do.

    It?s not just an American thing either because they behave the same way in Europe too and many other countries.

    They get the same opportunities as every other working class person these days and are helped more via affirmative action schemes yet they still piss it up the wall and have the gall to blame the ?evil white man? for it all.

    They even hate each other, if the interracial dating statistics are anything to go by. They Prefer instead to chase after every other race but their own with the rich black men mostly always marrying white or Latino women.

    They then have the audacity to state ?black lives matter? even though they kill each other in record numbers and refuse to date each other.

    I really do get tired of these first world tar-sloths and their never ending stories.

    1. Well said. I feel the same way. I was insinuating that eating that last chicken wing was ” stealing it” from the other cows.

      What really irks me is seeing these black lives matter parades or gatherings and seeing all these people wasting their time.

      Enough is enough.

    2. I can’t remember if I said this before but i know someone who’s a teacher in a terrible neighborhood with all black students and the school forces her to pass all of her students no matter if they’re failing. So even at a young age they’re taught to expect things and not have to work for anything. After the whole Ferguson thing one company offered tons of jobs to any black person who graduated high school…you think that kind of opportunity would’ve been offered if it was a bunch of white people? Highly doubt it.

      1. @LF – are you kidding? How in the hell do the chimps learn to read and write if they are just passed even if they failing.? Seems that is just a disservice to everyone. Doesn’t even make sense.

        As for giving jobs to any blacks who graduated high school – is the company a surrogate baby / adoption company coz it seems all they are good at is dumping sperm and getting pregnant…..

        1. Hey Dutchy…
          They’re doing the same thing in inner city colleges also. I recently saw a college elective course test and was fucking shocked! The questions beyond inane and not even worthy of middle school…Basically, lets do anything and everything to promote the baboon…sad

        2. It’s definitely a disservice and makes absolutely no sense. All it does is promote more bad behavior. I’m sure they had so many failing kids who didn’t pass tests or even show up to take them and it was making the school look bad so they forced teachers to pass their students. It’s one more thing just given to these people that makes them feel entitled and that’s always a dangerous thing.

  5. It’s shit like this makes me treasure my country and the ratio of natives to foreign imports like these. It might be pissing rain non-stop, but when it eventually does stop and I venture outside, I’m extremely unlikely to see a sight such as this, except of course at the social welfare office. Fuck knows it won’t last forever and the country will eventually be assimilated into a mono-race of humans, but I’ll play no part in it. This world would break your heart if you spent too long thinking.

      1. I’m Irish in Ireland, @Dutchy. It’s early days for immigration here. 99% of immigrants here still have their original accent and not an Irish one. When I was a kid, a non-white person was a novelty, you hardly ever saw them.

  6. Why in God’s name, couldn’t just once, a car full of Aryan men drive by when these situations are occurring, pull out their AK’s or whatever gun(s), (am not a gun aficionado but you get my drift) and just start target shooting?! Pow, pow, pow….

  7. Whats with the person making the video description referring to people as chimps or on some occasions sheboons? Usually in video descriptions of people on video that are black. When you realize that there are bad people in every race, then theres really no need to be a racist. White people can screw you over and just as hard and bad as blacks can and anyone else too. I think that the person posting the descriptions should post a video of him/herself on this website and tell us whats going on. And i think you should show your face. You obviuosly know how to upload videos and type descriptions so lets see if you can post a video of your face

    1. only whites can be accused of racism.

      why does my face make any difference? i am just a man. why give a man so much power over you? I can control your heartbeat and blood pressure from thousands of miles away with some black and white on computer monitor. why allow anyone such power over you? if you don’t like the show, change the channel.

      i am nobody. i am just a man. i will only die and then rot, and 99.999% of the world will never know i even existed at all. so why are you so afraid of me? that you must spend every waking moment and all of your energy on shutting me down?

      i simply talk on the internet. because i am not allowed to talk anywhere else…and i am very tired of late…so tired…

      1. I’m not the least bit surprised. People like that will find any reason to fight it’s so pathetic. I have to agree with someone else who said maybe it would be better if that baby wasn’t born, it’s a shitty world he/she would grow up in.

          1. I can understand that. Sometimes you feel like lurking more than commenting. I’m sure everyone goes through that from time to time.

            Now don’t ever do it again!!!! 😉

          2. @LF and @justice I can relate to that as well depending on the topic. At times when the discussion is around happenings in the middle-east, I admit I don?t have much to contribute. I am content to let my brainiac BG brothers and sisters do the driving.

          3. I agree @BTR sometimes I don’t have all the facts to form my own opinion on something so I’ll just read what others have to say until I’ve done my own research lol.

  8. Somebody needs to bury these bitches up to their weaves with a backhoe “Fuck are they fat and greasy” and throw malt liquor bottles at their heads….at night to keep them quiet we can put KFC buckets over their heads.

    1. Did you notice that once the interloper from Philly broke away and put 10ft between itself and its attackers, the fight was over?
      None of them had any interest in giving chase.

    1. Solution… Good old fashion mass lynching rid the mother earth of these parasites.. They have no place on this earth all they do is pop out little chimps and waste welfare $$ and eat chitterlings and drink kool aid..me I say Skip the lynching..super bonfire with napalm..my bad they don’t need a fire accelerate..they got enough of that Nappy hair grease.I can’t stand Jiggs

  9. Them monkeys are going to need lots of malt liquor to quench the thirst that they are going to have after it’s all said and done.
    The little monkey jumped out of the mom’s womb and started rolling some blunts. He then started pimping most of the bitches in the fight. Glad to see the little monkey taking after his dad, whomever that may be.

  10. Im gald to see that welfare is treatin em good…doesnt look like they missed a meal in a while…and when the hell was the last time you seen a black person with a fkn hockey stick?…I think it was about the same time I seen one with a fkn job!

  11. Stupid fat bitches. Too much fucking KFC, chips and cola. Not enough education or work. Look how fat and ugly those chicks are.
    And WTF kind of circumstance justifies female violence towards a pregnant woman? Sure the unborn child is probably a future benefits claimant and potential druggie, but he or she deserves the benefit of the doubt, coz he/she might grow up to be a rapper instead or sell stationery. These fat chicks are not very good at fighting, they should stick to cooking instead. No wait, I just said they eat too much fast food, they don’t have healthy diets.

  12. This is a great example of social progress – thanks for sharing!
    I’ll use this as campaign material, hopefully this will be enough to turn the tide in Hillary’s favour.

  13. Wow all bullshit aside. When the blacks were freed didn’t the shores get lines with ships to send them back home. Not the fault of society or anyone for that matter that they didn’t go. Also many of the african tribes memebers sold into slavery. Were sold by there own people. Often over debts and war debts. Next why the fuck are you all always complaining. You have your own month,day, and tv channel. You have all caused so much over a flag that it is ridiculous. Be glad you have many opportunities here that you otheriwse would not. If any race or group of people have the right to complain. It’s the native indians of this country. They were truly ripped from there homes. They were given smallpox infected blankets by white man to kill them off. What ones survived they forced into practical exile. Yes they have casinos and what not now. But even then they have it bad. When you want to talk slavery remember. It was Irish,Asian,German, and black that built plantations and railroads. And more than half of the black population can and has recieved restitution for their ancestors. The natives get reservations and it’s their land. So yes to call black people chimps is uncalled for. Don’t degenerate an entire species because the ape actually stays it’s boundries.

  14. Stupid niggers. At least apes have some level of intelligence. Wait until the bitch has given birth to jump her with your pussy ass helicopter punches. Should’ve just had that fucking whale sit on her.

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