Hooded Stereotype Knocks Out Homeless White Woman

Hooded Stereotype Knocks Out Homeless White Woman

Disenfranchised, misunderstood black teen felt the need to throw off the chains of his oppression by slugging a homeless white woman and knocking her out. His or (her?) friends egg the future ex con/ murder victim on and then they have their little shit talking ceremony of half retarded speech this American group of primate are known for. I believe they call it, ebonics?

Nobody does anything. Nobody gives a shit. Cuz Black Lives Matta, Nigga! Let me tell you something; if your ex slave ancestors that you milk for everything they’re worth could see you now, and see what they died for, I think they’d be shedding tears.

Mad props to Best Gore member, YourNextExGirl, for the hookup.

182 thoughts on “Hooded Stereotype Knocks Out Homeless White Woman”

          1. This dirty lard seems to say to the Homeless White Woman

            ” Pull down yuh draws and bend over, skin out gyal, me waan put it in deh ”

            Good to hear he’s been arrested for battery.
            Cops need to hammer him good break his rib cage for him to know never again he
            must dare do that to “the whites”

      1. Why nigger hates when you say nigger @ them? are they not nigger or they want to be another kind of niggers? why it is OK for them to say Nigger and other races say Nigger its just a BIG DEAL NIGGER with them… Black is Black and NIGGERS will always stay NIGGERs!

      2. Hey. My bro’s ,I’m gonna go nigger huttin..this weekend!..anyone who wants to come ,you’re welcome on in..all transport,food,and lodging paid for..by me..if you leave in the. U.K. Please wait for a 24 hour confirmation from your financial institution ? plane tickets mailed to you….hope to see ya’ll. Soon….

        1. I’m just soooo fucking glad we don’t have a nigga problem in Australia. I can go two or three weeks without seeing a nigga.

          I really do feel for the yanks among us – I really don’t think I could cope if I had to look at, listen to and avoid niggas like this mutated DNA sample in the video.

          Just to hear that utter gutter trash lingo, live in real life on a daily basis would drive me insane. Actually, I think I would eventually lose it one day and would end up getting shot by some random nigga, who would not like being asked the hard questions…..because they don’t seem to
          be able to talk, behave or think with any
          logical intentions.

          1. Thanks @ Dutchy. Luckily I live in a part of the US where I see few niggers on the daily. Not so when we go on vacation. The area itself is pretty nig-free but when we leave the Key to go to dinner or shopping they’re everywhere.
            @Chuck – they do breed successfully but many of the babies are addicted to drugs, have fetal alcohol syndrome, born prematurely or just plain don’t make it to adulthood thanks to bad parenting.

          1. @boozer you know love I don’t know who has is the worse me when I’m trying to keep your temper check or the other way around

          2. These white people would never call a black person a nigger to their face unless….it’s a black kid…not a black man you would get knocked out like this unfortunate white woman…

          3. so you agree that you are just dumb, violent animals who can only solve problems with violence…thank you, sir, for proving yourself the very stereotype you claim to hate.

          1. @topher you’re presuming to know an awful fuckin lot about me. Don’t think for one fuckin second that I would roll over and play dead if I found myself in a situation like the blonde in this video did nor that I wouldn’t tell a fucking nigger or an arab what I think of him to his fucking face but if you’d like me to tell you that to your face instead than do feel free to say so

      1. I’m sorry you two., dont no why it bothers me when people instigate name calling, reminds me of kids., I mean I don’t have any black friends butt I like Sports, Comedy, and other things that may include them, however I would Never think to hate on someone becouse of something they were born with. I Agree that fcking little prick and his little fcking weasle friends need their teeth broken.

        1. No need to include me in there hun lol that was just something that popped into my head and though was funny, but I will tell you @boozer will not back down from a nigger of any race or color and has no problem saying exactly what’s on his mind to anybody thus my comment to him its either his temper starting trouble or mine.

          1. Born and raised in Beautiful British Columbia., with not one but two beautiful club houses down the street., so when i saw your avi with the patch I shouldve known better., however I’m much older now and the days of drinkin n fightin are all but a memory., as i think my family would prefer it that way.

        2. No but seriously @xxxtopher. I am from NY and i know how black people are. Ignorant and violent. And loud as fuck. I am not racist . but i just think why are they all like that? Like they angry at life or something. Yes they got good music and good comedy. But they are violent and loud and ignorant as well.

    1. Agreed brother. Shit like this makes my blood fucking boil. If I would have been present for this, I d probably have went to jail for shooting the ignorant niggers. On a side note, I here the immigrant problem is getting awful in Germany…you having to deal with that bullshit at the moment?

      1. @DOS Those sand niggers are a big problem , but you dont have to deal with them yet bc their all in those shitty tents at the time, as soon as they get the ok to leave they will roam the streets, then all hell will break loose..

          1. @DOS Merkel the bitch & all the other so called leaders are the first ones i would love to behead, not to forget all the left wingers who support all this BS calling us who fight against it “NAZI” lol hope they all die! 60% of the German people are waking up, its gonna end evil… to be honest.. I cant wait for it!!

    2. From what I’ve seen around the world American Niggers are the worst type of Nigger.I would’ve loved to have been there at that moment because I know I could’ve knocked that filthy shit skin off of its feet.I would not give this scum time to do a monkey dance and sucker punch with its long dangling ape arms .

      1. Then they probably would have swarmed you. Supposedly, life wasn’t fair to them so we can’t expect they’d be fair to you. And if you even the odds, you know a guns coming out soon. I know a few straight up black dudes who I wouldn’t call nigger because, frankly, they are actually decent human beings. I just feel bad for them when idiots like this keep making them look like an animal species.

  1. What a true piece of shit…yeah..your so gangsta cool beating up an old helpless woman…I bet that lil bitch boy would be nothing but talk if a mother fuckin man was up in his face……..fuck that mother fucker

  2. Everyone sat around watching that hapen should feel ashamed fuking pussys and that scrawny little fucker playing the big man intimating a old woman she was terrified and nobody did anything during or after the event ffs someone needed to get hold of that 6 stone little BITCH boy and knock him the fuck out ohhhhh I so wish someone just stood up and fuking gave him a beating till he out cold fuking pussy ass she old and homeless so life is pretty shit for her and she sits in park and knocked out cold by this scrawny little pussy come and do that to a guy princess see what happens you get your fuking head stamped ps he punches like a BITCH anyway so arghhhhhhhhhh this has pissed me rite off can you tell lol

  3. I did not understand a word those niggers said. It was a load of ooga booga followed by violence against white people.

    The above hypocrisy is what I hate about niggers the most because they pretend to hate whites despite depending upon whites for survival.

    Reading between the lines, niggers merely hate themselves because they need the white man to survive and thus hate the white man because of that superiority they possess.

    It?s no wonder rich niggers always marry and procreate with whites, they know the truth.

    1. Very well said, as always 🙂 I’ve been getting increasingly racist, and sometimes I feel like I’m just turning into an absolute bitch, but then I see things like this and start to realize that maybe it’s reality that’s racist.

  4. I was just talking about this shit the other day. The dude behind the camera’s uncle threatened to “body” my friend who lives in the Bronx for posting on his Facebook that his nephew was a piece of shit for recording and laughing. That’s the guy who uploaded this video on the first place. The kid punching the homeless woman got his ass whooped in jail. This is the one time I’m glad the police beat his ass. During a stripsearch the kid hauled off and tried to assault the cop tryi g to haymaker him too. So his face is fucked

      1. Yeah baby me too. I don’t know why but this whole situation really bothered me badly. The guy behind the camera’s uncle is threatening to “body” people on Facebook because they’re threatening his nephew to which he says naw that ain’t my nephew. Even going as far as to give them a date and a time

          1. Yeah Obli 25. He’s a piece of work. Like I said I’ve been following this because of the woman. I’m really concerned she is still in critical condition

          2. Here’s the truly messed up part and sorry I’m being extremely repetitive about this. I’ve been blogging this elsewhere but now the main focus is he hit a cop not her any longer. Although he’s being charged with both the main focus is he assaulted a cop during his strip search. Tried to haymaker the cop as well…..the guy behind the camera I have thorough info about to. I’ve been investigating this shit hard for a few days now

    1. Whats the latest if anyone may know about her condition as the woman, 45, who had been given a nasty blow has been reported to be still with a brain trauma and in a serious condition
      Is the woman seen to be recuperating .

      1. Last I heard she was still in critical condition. If she dies, hopefully he will get a life sentence. I wish the death penalty to him regardless. But here with the tip toe on eggshells politically correct, tree hugging assholes who fought so diligently to remove the death penalty in most states, he will probably only serve less than ten years. Community service if she survives. It’s a system filled with hypocrisy , self righteous and entitled people

        1. Knowing that this becoming viral, I give it two weeks after sentencing that Al Sharpton and his merry band of feces-throwing cronies come barreling down the street chanting “Justice for Ibn” (what a name, by the way) because the cop (likely white) resorted to using force because that knee-grow wouldn’t stop resisting. And in the end, said cop who actually tried to put this piece of oxygen-stealing excrement away will likely end up getting canned so all of the “protesting” (a.k.a., looting and destroying everything) can sort of stop, and little Ibn walks away scot-free with a whole slew of these lip growths backing him.

          Ugh. This country needs to just purge these shit stains once and for all.

  5. Love to make those goal posts on his uppers a little wider and match the bottoms as well….so many times people treat the homeless like they were invisible….bet she wishes this was one of those times.

  6. I would LOVE to grab this nigger by the throat and slam him to the floor. While talking “smack” to his face. All to the show sub-human that I can insult it and get away with it.

    1. I’m with ya all the way on this one @Shoahshana

      and no mercy we gonna show from both of us.
      We’ll have the ape smashed up and caged if you may like or have him on a leash for a circus where you and me can keep our booty and go partying LOL!

      1. @Blucon

        I’d only walk that thing on an electric leash in case it tries to be uppity and think it deserves rights. Shock its ass every time it tries anything funny.

        1. @Shoahshana
          How about impaling this ape’s ass before leashing him up .We’ll leave him tied up jackarsed and inject some putrids up his smelly butt.

          Before it guessed missed out … I i wanna know if you know why most of these apes though have some cigarettey legs but large manhoods
          with their butt size smaller than a normal teen.

  7. This video infuriated me more than the ISIS ‘tank’ video, in fact that didn’t bother me at all. In the US blacks kill 1,000’s of whites every year. Whites killing blacks? – sweet fuck all, but the media will let you know if there is a white on black killing, probably because it is so unusual! No, I know that is not the real reason, I get so enraged with the one-sided media, making out as if white people are the only racist ones. It happens in Australia too, mainly on the gov. funded ABC TV/radio stations.

  8. Fucking Yard Apes! I’m sure he’s one of those “What I do? or I ain’t did nuttin’ victims”. Like the poor woman didn’t have it bad enough. Now she’s probably got a concussion and a bad case of niggeritis. The worst part of the entire video was the fact that it seems like the lady couldn’t understand a word he was saying.

    1. She’s still in critical condition. I’ve been following this story trying to keep up if she’s OK. The bitch shit about all of it is since he assaulted an officer while being syrip searched that’s now the main focus of his charges OF COURSE. There will be no retribution for this beautiful white woman

        1. @trainwreck Yeah buddy it’s the only way to shave. I hone (sharpen) them and restore the old ones as a side business. Cartridge razors make my skin look like I have chronic poison ivy so I have been using single blade straights and safety razors since before they were “cool” again. I use a straight every other day and my face stays as smooth as a baby’s ass without spending $30 for a 5 pack, or whatever they cost now.

          1. I think it’s fantastic to continue with the original barbery tools. It’s truly an art form. I think razors are ridiculously expensive for men. I get mine from the dollar store. My schick, double blade, 8 pack for a buck. Works for me but I’m a girl. Razor bumps on men are not only unsightly but very painful

    1. Aaaahhhhh Tom you’re right. I like my Louisville though. I got a mean swing too. But I prefer that for protection rather than a knife or gun….just in case it’s used against me…bad experiences. Yes so I’m a bit afraid of knives

  9. I agree that it is pretty sickening that not one person did anything to help. On the other hand I wonder how many more of them were off camera? I’m not defending the people who just sat there I’m just trying to illustrate the point that, depending on where you are, they are like piss ants. You say something to one of them and they start coming out of the goddamn walls. On top of that I don’t think that New Jersey, correct me if I’m wrong, is a stand your ground state. I’m in a fairly rural part of Kentucky and we open carry freely without harassment. I have a concealed carry permit because if I carry in Walmart or a convenient store I won’t be making the Indian folks nervous. I do believe, however, that if one of those other people sitting around there were openly carrying this would have never happened.

      1. That’s no joke. Louisville is a breeding ground for violent mouthy niggers. Just look at Cassius Clay, I used that name instead of Muhammad Ali because he hates his “slave name”, he was by far the most public example of a Louisville nigger. That being said I live on the far west part of the state. I’m closer to Nashville which is getting pretty bad as well.

        1. I’m next to Fort Knox to every now and then we will get a little so I’ll over fro. There but almost everyone open carries here and not much crime ever happens in my area, I’ve heard Nashville is a lost cause now,

      1. I agree. Here’s the sad part….the store that I go to is owned by the coolest Palestinian guy you’d ever meet. He’s from Jerusalem. He’s not like the Indian fuckers half a mile down the road. He actually speaks English. He buys my little girl something every time she walks in the store and knows pretty much everyone who comes in by name. I’d feel guilty about it if the fucking local business owners actually appreciated my business. That is one person who can tell some stories about what’s going on in Isreal.

        1. And you know that’s the “other” thing I don’t get…Palestinian…Arab….Muslim….those are some heavy odds against you in todays America to overcome….yet he came here learned the language opened a business and is invested in the American dream already.
          The Niggs have been here since the beginning and you still can’t understand them when they speak and their behavior and life style choices make them the anti dream team.
          That Palestinian Overcame because he grabbed opportunity by the horns and rode it like a boss. He didn’t offer Bullshit 200 year old excuses he just took care of his business.

    1. Oh yeah he’s tore up. He’s done this multiple times before. The camera dude only uploaded one of the multi videos. I know there’s a large group of people pestering the local police to arrest the guy. We all know his Facebook. Before he took it down which was almost immediately afterwards. People took copies also knowing his Facebook, his already screen name. And his uncle threatening to kill people that accuse his nephew because according to that douche it wasn’t the same guy with the exact bizarre unique name from the same city. Right.

  10. The worst part is all those people around have been conditioned to not start any shit with these hoodrat-types. They should have jumped him and beat him down just like they beat-down white people. #Don’tTakeThatShitNoMore

    1. Well thanks honey for keeping me posted about the woman who needs every little help coming her way and solid support for her to get over the ordeal .
      I even did puke looking at that ugly mother fucking SOB playactor .

      I’m gonna keep her in my prayers.

  11. So many fuckin punk ass racists who hide behind their screens, who would shit a brick when face to face with a real man. You are the reason we still have problems in this world you dumb fucks !!! Not all black’s, Muslims, Jews, hespanic, Chinese or whatever race you think is bad are actually bad. You give the white race a bad name, Go back to your momma’s basement fucktards.
    Rant over.
    PS the guy/girl in this video is actually a fuckin prick/bitch

    1. and yet here you are, doing the same. talking shit, hiding behind your screen. haha

      i live in house. that i pay for with my own hard earned money. i work my ass off, six to seven days a week. i don’t live in a goddamn basement. i live by myself and im not afraid of any black man or any other living human being. at the same time i do not proclaim to be the hardest motherfucker that ever lived, because i am not. we have to speak in this way online because the internet is our last vestige in a politically correct society that is against individual opinion. we will lose our jobs and be subject to fines, harassment and even imprisonment just for stating an opinion. that seems right to you? that we are the slaves in this era? you won. no one can touch “your people”. suppose for example, i travel on occassion to american city and when passing through predominantly black area, i see the same kinds of people acting like dumb, threatening, loud animals, over and over and over, every time i travel there…what conclusion am i supposed to draw about black americans? am i supposed to feel welcome there? is that a place you would feel comfortable living in? you tell me.

      another note is that there is no such thing as racism. at least not in America, Canada and Europe. for the above mentioned reasons. it’s literally illegal to be racist. you blacks want to see racism…you go to Japan. i’m not takling shore leave motherfuckers fucking with whores. i’m talking you live there with your wife and kids. that is a culture, that can be described as racist. there is still hierarchy and class in Japan. Families disown their own for dating outside their race. you’re wife and child will be stared at as if they were anomalies. you will be refused entry to a resturant. and if you are allowed in, they will talk shit about the monkeys in their resturant, right in front of your face. and if you so much as raise your voice about it, you will be arrested.

      Or what about India? Indians are a very racist people as well. only they hide it. they will smile in your face. that’s what you’d prefer? Like the man who sells your “scratch offs” to you. haha

      you black americans have no idea what racism is. at least no one under the age of sixty.

    2. One thing to speed troll all the old post’s with your shit…people who commented 4 years ago might not be waiting around to argue the point that your a douche.
      So glad you stopped by the present.

  12. Your mama didn’t raise you right either punk, I swear kids these days just need their ass beat & people should start stepping in too because I wouldn’t have stood by & not do anything, people just want to stand around & record shit

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