Huge Brawl Breaks Out During Football Match in Brazil, Unlucky Guy Gets Brutally Stomped

Huge Brawl Breaks Out During Football Match in Brazil, Unlucky Guy Gets Brutally Stomped

Huge brawl broke out between fans of Vasco and Atlético Paranaense during a football match in Arena Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil. 16 minutes into the first half, the match was interrupted by violence that affected large part of the stands. Since there was no military police inside the stadium, only private security hired by Atlético Paranaense who organized the game, violence quickly to grew out of control.

Three hooligans were arrested, four were taken to a hospital in Joinville where they were listed in serious condition. The video shows one guy getting brutally stomped after he was rendered unconscious. I’m surprised he did not die. Police used rubber bullets to disperse rioters.

One more video of the same brawl – much of the footage is the same:

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  1. i thought i would find myself enraged at the sight of the subhuman brazilians. however, i found myself wanting to join in and break skulls.
    on a related not: in my brazil, those police would be firing live rounds into the crowd. these things only understand violence and death and that is what would be delivered.

    1. At first I disagreed, but now that I’ve thought about it you’re right. The only think to get through to their fucking primitive brains would be some hot lead. Even then they’d still resist, but at least we’d have some brain spillage for the website! Fucking faggots.

      1. Shit I wait till the last few weeks to do xmas shopping. Fuck Black Friday and all those mindless freaks stampeding for a goddamn Furby or IPod or any other senseless fad that will probably die out by next season. I am definitely a wolf among sheep. I also consider myself to be Polish, so as to separate myself from these morons I am unwillingly surrounded by.

  2. As ole Rodney King had said…”Can’t we all just get along”
    Fuck no…These boys love their football and their teams.
    I wonder which side were the sore losers…the game had only been played one quarter or so.
    Then again it may not have been the score that set em off.
    Could be these brawlers have history…

    1. @killthe-kids-in-the-stands
      and king’s freedom words bounce off from his black hair mountain like a goddamn fucking antenne

      ..somewhere’s mike tyson sits from home watching the match. and broods. “all them fucking ears,
      ….. and soooooo little time”

    1. @hung like a Brick mouse.
      ..thats why scholar’s on her way now in Booger to pick ya up and treat ya like the KING you are!
      — ‘s taking you to one hot fucking night of chess matches at seniors alzheimer communitity center.
      *where their flying Ds epend undies full of shit wont kill us either

          1. @hung like a dead trapped mouse.
            you’d been safer staying in soccer stand in undies made of hotdogs and fries while shit-farting cold beer
            *scholar takes her pointy tongue, licks her razor fuckn sharp three teeth

  3. Rival sport teams, social identity, religion, any of these and many more are often used as an excuse to hurt each other because it is easier to blame the inanimate than to face the truth that people just aren’t very nice to each other, that they quite enjoy hurting and controlling each other because it feels good to stand over others.

    Murder, a bit of what nature requires from us, taken to the extreme.
    Rape, a bit of what nature requires from us, taken to the extreme.

    In a world where the natural order is to survive and pass on our DNA it doesn’t really matter how we go about it, nature certainly doesn’t care, however, most creatures go around in groups because it affords greater protection and therefore a better chance of survival and humanity took that one step further and created morality, societies and law but order is only one small step away from anarchy and it is when people get together in large numbers, such as in sporting events, that they feel the most powerful and some will choose to revel in that power and others will restrain themselves.

    My conclusion, next time some rap loving, no talent, queen of the bling dickhead tells you “don’t hate the player, hate the game” shove a mini cactus up their ass and make sure to hate both the player and the fucking game.

    1. EmptySoul, I come here to not think about politics and just marvel at life and death, yet you consistently make me mull thoughts in my head about the world that takes or lives just as long as the thought of the guy in white getting lifted up just far enough to get a REEEALLY good stomping angle, for this I commend you, for quite some time your comments and a few more of the people that were actually around when we were honestly wondering what to call ourselves as frequenters of this site, bring me back to the broader angle on the basest of brutalities we find here.

      1. @CorpusDelecti,

        When the roses smell nice we sometimes find that our attention gets diverted to the instant pleasure that exists in the here and now, be it the attractive woman on the train, the salivating aroma of freshly cooked food or the guy in white getting his head stamped on by vicious bastards.

        The key to understanding and in effect influencing our surroundings is to admire by breaking it down into segments, analyse everything, analyse what it is that we enjoy and why we enjoy it, analyse why it came to be, what makes up this thing that we enjoy and eventually you will understand what makes the object of your attention work in it’s entirely.

        If you get good at the above you will become almost psychic in that by knowing why something is the way that it is you can predict what will happen next with an high level of accuracy and this means that you can also influence happenings as well, in effect it is what our own governments do to us all the time and why we always fall for it.

        Sadly however, get too good at analysing and understanding and you will find very little enjoyment in life, ignorance is bliss after all.

        1. @emptysoul I picture you living in a mansion sitting in a chair wearing your robe, slippers and smoking a cigarette in one of those cigarette holders while sipping on an expensive glass of whisky. You’re like Bruce Wayne in batman, change your avatar to batman.

          1. @TheProtocolsOfZion,

            Oddly enough I do, in the late evenings, sit around in my chair whilst wearing a robe and slippers and smoking the odd cannabis joint except it is cheap Rioja, preferably aged in oak for at least a year, that I drink and not expensive whisky, the reason being that I go through a bottle a day and would be homeless by now if I drank the good stuff.

  4. The only reason these guys show up at a game is because it facilitates, unwillingly, this kind of violence. A couple of hundred of like minded flip flop wearing wannabe brawlers taking an opportunity to meet in an enclosed area with a loud and vibrant atmosphere, and kick the bollox out of each other. It’s the same the world over, just in “developed” countries the authorities would have this stopped before it really got going. They should just meet up in a field and do it there, instead of hurting the club by receiving fines and sanctions and other shite.

  5. This one is getting a lot of coverage because it happened inside the stadium during the game, but outside the stadiums brawls like this happen almost every single game. Those ‘organized supporters’ are in it for the fighting more than for the football.

        1. I’m not in north America.
          I’m a life long footie fan and have been in the old wembly stadium when it all kicked off. That. Stadium. Had rat like tunnels and that’s when its really scary coz you can’t get away ( I was 7 @the time) Millwall was one of the worst, they used a ” millwall brick” which was a newspaper folded in such a way that could deliver suprising damage.
          It’s more family friendly now .

          1. Sorry bud, I also grew up calling it football in Egypt until I moved to Canada and they fucked up my English….now I watch “American Football” and call real football soccer

  6. I found the running in the stands very enjoyable…they all start running one way….then they all turn around and run the other way….hmmm…much like most sports…

    btw I would love to see these guys take on the effin whackbars…..could sell tickets to that…’grab the fawker by his beard’ (in their native tongue of course)

    1. @Quezalcoatle.
      if meshicoooooo holds onto that ball and avoids aerial, playing like they did in olympics they gonna tear brazil a fucking new arse to cry into and stuff their thongs
      *scholar wants mexican underdogs to BRING IT, BIT IT, KILL IT, AND SHIT IT OUT WITH CHAMPAGNE LATER!

  7. I’m all for team spirit, and a good rivalry, but this is ridiculous. When fans act like this, they’re not only making themselves look bad, they’re making their team and the rest of the fanbase look bad, too. I see it all the time in comments between fans of rival American teams. “Yankees fans this…” “Dodgers fans that…”

  8. Never understood the concept of beating up fans of the opposing team. You’re there to watch a match and support your team.. completely blows my mind as to why they can’t even stand in the same stands together without a riot kicking off. Seriously though, why do these people have so much hate for each other? To me, it’s absolute bullshit. Need to get a grip.

    1. they just use the sport as reason to their dumbass nonsense violence, most all that “fans” kind dont have a regular work, or responsabilities, and the bad part is, the clubs support that kind of trash, as the club managers need political support to stay as club managers, so they give money to that stupidfucks to travel and fight without punishment

    1. Hooligans are cool, they always know what there are fighting for. I once was just like that, those wher the good old days, but not my thing anymore. Now i just drink my booze and jerk of!! LOL and hang around at BG. :mrgreen:

  9. il tell you when someone is a hard cunt … when they geta beating off lots of fellas and they get to their feet and still run off . those are the guys that one on one they would fuckin tear you apart cos they have a different pain threshold. and for the first guy he looks like one of those larger than evarge cunts who normally bullys evey body so fuck him he got outnumbered and im sure it was his turn

  10. What the fuck is it with soccer fans?!?! Or sorry, “football” fans. Jesus Christ… You can’t get drunk and eat greasy food while yelling your fool head off at a team thinking it will make some sort of difference like fans of other sports? Don’t get me wrong, I gotta have my daily gore fix, but this kind of shit really rattles my cage. I’m not into team sports to begin with, fun to play, but watching some games makes me want to drop battery acid. And do you really think that if you yell at the team and tuck your pathetic excuse for a dick into your pants a certain way while your homo lover recites the national anthem, it’s gonna make one damn stitch of a difference?! Ah… gotta love Best Gore rants…

  11. It would be nice if they turn all whites against colored?

    “Joke” aside, this is far from simple fan fight.
    This is war.

    And in general, “sport” is dead anyway. They fix almost any relevant match. Only money in game.

  12. Aaah . This takes me back to the early 90’s England . There are many unwritten rules of football firms / fans….. (we are not all hooligans) that must be obeyed ! Stamping on somebodys head for example is just disgusting and wrong . Anybody is “Fair game” until they go down . This was just brutal and extremely uncalled for .

  13. This is what we, the humans, do everyday; everywhere ? and there’s no stop to it in sight. We are either too bored to our mundane lives or, then, we just can’t do any better as a species. This is all that we have left ? a will to shake up things and try and feel to be alive ? at any cost.

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