Indian Man Accused by Wife of Beating Her Gets Clubbed by Gang on Street

Indian Man Accused by Wife of Beating Her Gets Clubbed by Gang on Street

In Ahmedabad, state of Gujarat, India, a man was filmed being viciously clubbed by a gang on a public street. According to Times of India, Hardik Bharwad was beaten by his father-in-law assisted by a pack of white knights after his wife Ratan Bharwad whined to her bad daddy that her husband assaulted her. Ratan Bharwad reportedly suffered a miscarriage and had a bruised eye.

Seeing as this happened in India, question should be raised in every sane person’s mind as to the woman’s credibility. Despite being heavily gynocentric, in fact so gynocentric that it’s ranked the second worst in the world, even the Indian cuck courts and white knighting mainstream press acknowledge that the country has gone off the charts with false rape accusations.

It is truly sad to see a country like India get so fucked up by feminism. Take yoga, for example – yoga is a discipline designed and proliferated by men not only as the practice of asanas, but as a holistic worldview, with the greatest yogis in history, such as B.K.S Iyengar, Patanjali, or Krishnamacharya having been men.

However in the recent years, the practice of yoga has been reduced by women into a trendy “sport” aimed at giving the conceited females a means to show off their asses in the name of exercise, sexualizing and thus completely bastardizing and corrupting the original idea of yoga whose centre was on spiritual enlightenment.

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      1. The Romani (also spelled Romany /ˈroʊməni/, /ˈrɒ-/), or Roma, are a traditionally itinerant ethnic group, living mostly in Europe and the Americas and originating from the northern Indian subcontinent, from the Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Sindh regions of modern-day India and Pakistan.

        You’re welcome.

  1. Yuck imagine being in the middle of an Indian mob. Smell of cologne, armpit, bad break and poo from public defecation! No different than Americants smelling like lard or Europeans smelling like cheese and coffee!

  2. when you practice yoga, you are attempting to make a union with brahman. ie asking to be possessed by the hindu supreme demon. i’d avoid that homo shit like the fucking plague. it would also explain why indian men generally act like faggots.

    1. my wife does yoga three times a week… it keeps her fine ass body flexible as fuck and a smile on my face from ear to ear…
      but you can keep running that religious homo bullshit as much as you like.

  3. Let’s get real. This is Gujarat, the 3rd wealthiest state in India, along the Arabian Sea and far away from the potato cam monkey boy suicide district that gets me in the mood for the prime rib special.

    This rich kid got caught roughing up the old lady, her clan got the text, and they arranged a little Quid Pro Quo featuring his SUV and sorry ass.

    Message received, I should think. Otherwise, we’ll see a highly featured entanglement with the local 5:05.

  4. I think he caught the beating bc he broke Indian code by not driving a blue Honda minivan

    Imagine what these packs of Curry Fury could do armed with Louiseville Sluggers or Shinobi swords. The tree limb bullshit is kind of anticlimatic

  5. Put your phone down and fight back you pussy!! I swear she thought she had it bad now then she’s in for a real treat if it was me when I got home. On a side note how do you change a password here? Nothing in the forums.

  6. I seen this video a couple weeks ago. This happened in Gandhinagar Gujarat. The son in law got greedy over dowry money and beat up his wife so bad she had to have several stiches and might lose her eye. The father had just come from seeing his daughter and the aftermath of what her husband did to her and found out they might not be able to save her eye. He got pissed about it (naturally) and got his buddies together for a little whoop ass session and to make sure nothing like this ever happened again. That was the back story on that in accordance to a police report that was with the video. Dated March 21st (?)

    1. Yeah i knew he was a wrong un, personally i think he got off lightly, first for beating his wife, then for lying to her about being straight, that faggot needs to be chucked off a roof

  7. I find it annoying that every time a man gets hurt in any of these videos its preceded by some anti woman, whiney fucking mgtow incel bullshit. Maybe just maybe the males in these videos got what THEY deserved. As for Yoga being defiled by women who are showing off their asses in the yoga studios.what pray tell are the men in the classes doing? Blame Mr. BIKRAM for popularizing it…yeah a MAN baby!
    Martial arts was also a sacred system taught to the monks of old to make them stronger to keep them from falling asleep during meditation. Guess thats all soy boyed out now too huh? Everyone knows women commit crimes and can be violent, but the nasty sexual comments made under videos of naked murdered girls and women points to a much more diseased mindset that so many of you males seem to suffer from.While the world goes on without you, you can sit alone, in your basement, jerking off to unrealistic porn and think you got one up on society and when you’re 50 and all alone and STILL socially inept, it wont be anyones fault but your fucking own. Peace, Faggots.

  8. Just another example of women crying out and no actual evidence of anything being brought forth to corroborate their wolf cries.

    My Cousin while in the Navy was sued by an ex girlfriend for back child support, he had to pay for a lawyer and a paternity test just to find out that the young boy was not his. Did the neighborhood pass around not know that he can do a bit a math he had been deployed for over 3 years and the child was only 14 months old… Unfortunately, that bit of information was not enough to get him out from under the Writ of attachment he had to spend thousands which she was not required to reimburse.

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